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Greek Pantheon - Priests - Gods

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Worshiper’s Organization

There are two kinds of organization in this pantheon: vertical (by level of priest) and horizontal (area controlled by each church).

Vertical organization

The vertical organization allows anyone who is so inclined to be a member of the church. The basic active member is call a “Lay Member” and the only restriction is to be an active member of the church, not just worship a Greek Deity. Any sworn Lay Member who wishes to advance in the traditional manner can become an “Acolyte”. This position provides the training to become a first level priest of a certain god. Upon the completion of training, and passing a test proving the ability to cast first level clerical spells, the Acolyte is promoted to “Priest” If a Lay Member can cast mage type spells, and wishes to participate in church functions, they can become a “Deacon”. Similarly , if a character is a ranger and wishes to participate they can become a “Servitor”. Neither of these two types of members can ascend the clerical ladder, but can participate in the horizontal control of areas.

After the character has become a Priest they must be assigned to a particular church, for example “Treldar, Priest of the town of Commtiz”. If the character is an adventurer, and wishes more freedom, they can apply for a posting as an “at large” Priest. This assigns them to a specific person (i.e. The Bishop of Malopis). This should not be confused with the horizontal grouping of “At Large” which is in control of a wandering area.

The next true test of advancement for a character is the promotion to “Archbishop”. To receive this promotion the character must pass a test proving the ability to cast a fifth level clerical spell.

The vertical rungs of the Greek ladder are:

Level/Spell LevelTitle
non spell castingLay Member or Acolyte
mage spellsDeacon or Servitor
(or the Vicar General)
14/7High Priest

There is only one Prelate per Prime Material Plane, selected by the High Priests of that world. Many Campaign Areas will have their own High Priest (the High Priest of the Small Kingdoms, the High Priest of the Island Kingdoms), but not all areas must have one. The Terraguard area has three High Priests: one East, one West, and one North. The Vicar General is in charge of the Warriors of Athena a paladin order based in Wingstone? and has the equivalent rank of a Cardinal.

A Cardinal is in charge of a See (the See of Wingstone?, the See of Orts). These normally contain several Archbishoprics.

Archbishops are normally in charge of countries and or several Bishoprics.

A Bishop may be one small country or a larger country may be made up of several Bishoprics.

Abbots are in charge of Vocations. For example the Abbot of Weapon Smithing, the Abbot of the Harvest. The highest ranking Abbot in each High Priest’s area is the Senior Abbot of…

One main note on promotions. Spell use is not the main avenue of promotion in the Greek Church. While most higher ranking members of the clergy will recognize and promote a character who has reached higher level, or increased ability in spell casting; they will also promote based on political expediency or favoritism. The levels listed for each ranking are the equivalent experience point award given to NPCs who achieve those levels. Therefore a character could easily have the rank of Friar, and have better spell casting ability then the Bishop in charge. The main stabilizing force in promotions is the test at Archbishop.

The Priests of the Pantheon is a group of Cardinals and higher who chose the new Prelate in their area, and form church policy. Each Deity has their own “church”. These are where the High Priest of that deity resides (the Church of Delrayus).

Horizontal organization

The Greek church is organized by political boundaries where practical, allowing it to become the “official” religion of many of the countries in Terraguard, as well as the world at large. There is much jockeying for political positions that provide control over large groups of worshipers. This is shown in the wide variety of deities represented in each group of Archbishops controlled by relatively few High Priests and Cardinals. The following breakdowns include the deity worshiped by the highest ranking priest if known.

The current Prelate resides in Delrayus (1-76), she worships Zeus.

  • High Priest of the North (CA 1)
    • See of Terraguard (principality only)
      • 14 Archbishoprics
        • 6 outside of city
        • 3 for inside of outer wall
        • 1 for inside The Bastion
        • 1 for inside Paupers End
        • 1 for inside Kronars End
        • 1 for inside west shield
        • 1 for inside east shield
          • 3 Bishoprics each for those inside the city walls
  • High Priest of the West (CA 1)
    • See of Tracia
    (controls countries 7,11,69,70,71,72,73,74,75,91+)
    • See of Antal
    (controls countries 6,12,13,14,19,22,28+) Svort (1-12) has only large temple to Tyche
    • See of Pilnt
    (controls countries 15,18,99+)
    • See of Wingstone? (seat in town of Wingstone?, holder traditionally a Cardinal of Athena. See traditionally doesn’t have many if any Deacons, but does encourage Servitors. Current Cardinal is female, as is another Cardinal in the See that is currently on At Large status.
      • 9 Archbishoprics
        • Invergarry (81,82,83,93) worshiper of Hades
          • 4 Bishoprics (Hecate worshiped in this area)
        Invergarry (81) worshiper of Hades
        Gheome (82) worshiper of Ares
        Finnalt (83) worshiper of Poseidon
        Malopis (93) worshiper of Hephaestus
        Zeus (1-94/4-)
        Zeus (1-94/12-)
        Gaea (1-94/2-)
        Gaea (1-94/6-)
        Hera (1-94/1-)
        Hera (1-94/11-)
        Athena (1-94/3-)
        Dionysus (1-94/5-)
        Pan (1-94/14-)
        Asclepius (1-94/8-)
        Ares (1-94/13-)
        Apollo (1-94/15-)
        Nike (1-94/9-)
        Hermes (1-94/7-)
        Hephaestus (1-94/10-)
        • Wingstone? (24) worshiper of Athena
          • 7 Bishoprics, one of Poseidon
        • Ballzton (23)
          • 12 Bishoprics
        • Sickledown (46,50,51,52,53,55,62,63) worshiper of Hermes
          • 11 Bishoprics, two in 55, two in 62, two in 63, rest have one
        • Voson (16,17) worshiper of Hephaestus
          • 3 Bishoprics (formerly 5)
        • 3 Archbishops At Large in charge of ministering to Greek followers in non-Greek areas
        For the North (Norse area) worshiper of Zeus
        Of the Trees (Celtic area) worshiper of Artemis
        For the Trade Route (Kayugan area, only in Terraguard not beyond) worshiper of Hermes
  • High Priest of the East (CA 1)
    • See of Orts
      (controls countries 96,96+)
  • High Priest of the Kingdoms (CA 2)
    • based in Loosend Cathedral is second largest church in city
      • 2 Cardinals
        1 traveling/adventuring priest
        2 abbots traveling with
        1 (Athena) working for High Priest
        4 abbots travel to minister
  • High Priest of the South (CA 3) located in Brandorn, worshiper of Aphrodite (18 appearance, 14 leadership, now 18 years old)
This area is seen as a dumping ground for higher level people in low level slots (able to cast 5th level spells but only a Friar)
  • See of Bozawa (now based in Brandorn) worshiper of Hermes, male recently “promoted” and moved here (the middle of nowhere) because of a failure to the church, and drop in followers Secretary is an Archbishop of Ares
    • 2 Archbishoprics
      • Archbishop of Dimholt, worshiper of Apollo, male
    Bishop of Wolfspack, worshiper of Artemis, female
    Bishop of Bozawa, worshiper of Demeter (strong willed, action oriented, male)
    • Archbishop At Large, worshiper of Ares, male
    Bishop of ???, worshiper of Ares
    Bishop of ???, worshiper of Hermes
  • See of Varn (Hades)
    • 2 Archbishoprics (Hephaestus, Aphrodite)
  • See of Kal (Rhea)
    • 3 Archbishoprics
      • Archbishop At Large (Dionysus)

Warriors of Athena

The Warriors of Athena are an order of Paladins that are based in Wingstone?. They are lead by the Vicar General who is the equivalent of a Cardinal. The code of the Warriors is:

  • All Paladins must be chaste & celibate
  • Fealty to Athena (not the Vicar General)
  • Courtesy, Honesty, Valor, Honor
  • Follow the edicts of Athena
  • Must renounce all family edicts

The Vicar General is selected by all of the Cardinals in Terraguard and must posses or be:

  • Lawful Good
  • Must worship Athena
  • May be Male or Female
  • Does not have to be a Paladin (does not have to follow rules above)
  • Must be a warrior or priest, no rangers.

The Warriors of Athena have an “attached” Bishop who answers to the Vicar General, but is assigned by the Cardinals of Athena, joint selection not only the Cardinal of Wingstone?. The official title is “Bishop of Athena, Attached to the Warriors of Athena. The Bishop has a small staff of attendant worshipers of Athena, of various rankings.

Miscellaneous Notes:

Hecate is an original Roman deity that is still worshiped, now as a Greek deity.

All Greek churches make use of the prime numbers in their architecture and design. The Main building is 30 feet high, by 90 feet wide, by 270 feet long. Secondary buildings are 20 feet high, by 40 feet wide, by 80 feet long. Outbuildings are 10 feet high, ten feet wide, and ten feet long. These are based on the first 3 prime numbers, squared and cubed.

All High Priests have at least one Main building and two Secondary buildings.

Dungeon Masters Notes

The Archbishop of Hades in Invergarry has his temple in a cave underneath the Duke of Invergarry’s keep. It is a dark, damp place with an underground river that must be crossed by boat. He keeps only a handful of followers here, his public face being in ceremonies and practicing necromancy spells. His private face is very vengeful for the smallest slight. He likes to try and get other priests into his debt, both financially and otherwise.

AphroditeGreekIntermediate Goddess
ApolloGreekIntermediate God
AresGreekIntermediate God
ArtemisGreekIntermediate Goddess
Asclepius?GreekIntermediate God
AthenaGreekIntermediate Goddess
CronusGreekGreater God
DemeterGreekIntermediate Goddess
DionysusGreekIntermediate God
GaeaGreekGreater Goddess
HadesGreekIntermediate God
HecateGreekIntermediate God
HephaestusGreekIntermediate God
HeraGreekGreater Goddess
HermesGreekIntermediate God
Nike?GreekLesser God
Pan?GreekLesser God
PoseidonGreekLesser God
RheaGreekGreater Goddess
Tyche?GreekLesser Goddess
UranusGreekGreater God
ZeusGreekGreater God


  • Greater God/Goddess
  • Intermediate God/Goddess
  • Lesser God/Goddess (up to 6th level spells)
  • Demi-God/Demi-Goddess (up to 5th level spells)
  • Saints (up to 3rd level spells, essentially Minor Access only)
  • Heroes (imbue with spell ability only)