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Great Swamp

The Great Swamp refers to a wilderness area to the west of Everreach and south of Drillian and Carnak in the Small Kingdoms.

This area is where three of the great rivers of the world flow into creating a swampy morass of slowly moving water and knots of scrub pines and acres of sawgrass. The Rumbling River that flows West from the Great Mountains near Wolfspack and the Velikaya River that flows south past Dryads Lair come together at Rivers Bend. The Chandler Cowles River that flows from the far west and then meets with the other two great rivers to create Lake Peipus. The lake overflows south just east of Rivers Bend through the Baikal River gently draining water away to create the dense marshes and swamps of Drillian leading to and merging into the swamp. Throughout Drillian there are many reclamation projects to attempt to control or tame the flow of water through the swamps. Draining into man made streams and dikes to help redirect the flow are a constant struggle.

Largely populated by Bullywugs, Lizard Men and other humanoid races the only barrier holding them from flooding eastward is the huge escarpment that separates the Great Swamp from the wide open plains of Everreach. One of the intelligent other races that is spread through the swamps is the Yuan-Ti with two very different cultures from the northern group and the southern tribes along the coastline on the edges of the Southwest Jungles?.

In the northern area of the Great Swamp lies the Mist area. This area extends southward from Drillian into the swamps. The undead stalk the land freely here, with Vampire lords in constant battle with the Paladins in Drillian. The Dragonslayers briefly visited this area during the Mist Wars era and in later story arcs during the Phoenix Era and beyond spent considerable time exploring parts of the swamp.