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South Shire

The South Shire encompasses the Woody End stretch of woods and five settlements. This Shire has its Mayors Seat at Stock which is the second largest population center in Gold Hills. Bound on the south by the Big Water {the Chandler Cowles River} and prone to flooding the South Shire is only about half agricultural lands. The Murk Forest on the eastern border contributes to problems that the Sheriff has to deal with coming from the Old Forest and the open rough country that stretches from Bree to Loosend. The Central Mountains loom over the western horizon.

The small village of Scary tucked away on the edge of the Old Forest and Central Mountains can be reached by taking the Old Forest Way from Frogmorton. This is the only place with any mining and the occasional chance to meet one of the dwarven folk. The Wetway Path leads from Stock and winds along the eastern edge of the marshes to reach the small hamlet of Budgeford on the Water. The Long South Road runs through the center of the South Shire after passing through Stock to Frogmorton and then to Bree the last town on the Long South Road leaving Gold Hills as it continues to Loosend.

Towns of South Shire:

  • families
  • Stock - Mayors Seat
    • Puddifoot
    • Frogmorton
      • Bolger
    • Scary
      • Ionswort
      • Diggle
      • Puddifoot
    • Budgeford on the Water
      • Bolger
      • Diggle
      • Goodenough
      • Puddifoot
    • Bree
      • Brockhouse
      • Mugwort
      • Sandheaver
      • Tunnelly
      • Townsend
      • Underhill