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Feb 03 12 - Six Griffons Lodge

[Master] ==== Gaming session started: Fri Feb 03 18:37:19 EST 2012 ====

[Master] I am working on a couple of things here and of course food and drinks. I will be back up in a bit to get started.

[Master] I am away from the keyboard.

[Master] Koorin moved 2'03".

[Master] Viridis Dundragon moved 1'00".

BiBo!!! has joined the game on Fri Feb 03 18:39:07 EST 2012

BiBo!!! is receiving the map Base Map...

BiBo!!! has received the map Base Map.

Guy has joined the game on Fri Feb 03 18:39:41 EST 2012

Guy is receiving the map Base Map...

Guy has received the map Base Map.

[BiBo!!!] okies

[Guy] hmm pizza, D&D, and slipknot can the night get any better

[BiBo!!!] sure. we can turn off the slipknot

[Guy] NEVER!!!!!

[Guy] slipknow is a drummers band and im a drummer at heart

[Guy] slipknot

[Guy] its gonna be a fun night ive been up since 5am and im coming off of being sick so im a little loopy tonight

[BiBo!!!] youre loopy every night :)

[Guy] true but this a different type of loopy

[Guy] ive been up at 5 or 6 the last three days

Lisa has joined the game on Fri Feb 03 18:50:25 EST 2012

Lisa is receiving the map Base Map...

Lisa has received the map Base Map.

[Guy] hey lisa

[Lisa] Hello :)

[Lisa] I guess I should tell you we started a new season of Lords

[Guy] what???

[Lisa] I am sorry

[Lisa] you were not ignored but it is a special season

[Lisa] only past winners are playing

[Lisa] he changed all the rules and made it 10 times harder

[Lisa] I was going to ask you if you wanted to see main emails to see what he might do in the future

[Guy] nah thats all right

[Lisa] was just one of those thing where without warning the email arrives and terms were announced

[Lisa] he made characters for us instead of us all being same age and situations

[Master] I am back at the keyboard.

[Master] we all good?

[Lisa] I bet according to Guy I suck

[Lisa] but other than that...

[BiBo!!!] no no. thats me

[Guy] no its bob and marco that suck lol

[Lisa] lol

[Master] well...

[Lisa] I feel better then

[BiBo!!!] we suck, you blow. thats how it works.

[Guy] although marco sucks more lol

[Lisa] thanks for clarifying :)

[Guy] oh does everybody know we have a celebrity in our midst

[BiBo!!!] lol

[Guy] we have an infamous author here

[BiBo!!!] you mean an unfamous author

[Master] here here

[Lisa] Guy wrote a book?

[Guy] no i mean infamous lol

[Guy] no marco did

[BiBo!!!] yeah, just went on sale yesterday

[Lisa] In Japan?

[Master] digtal or preprinted

[BiBo!!!] or... this morning for you guys

[Guy] today i thought

[Lisa] Congratulations!!

[Lisa] Amazon?

[BiBo!!!] it was last night for me. lol

[BiBo!!!] yeah, its on amazon. or will be very soon. already selling from my store


[BiBo!!!] I know there is a listing on amazon, not sure if you can actually order from it yet

[BiBo!!!] but yeah, you can order from that link there

[Master] very cool

[Master] so ready?

[Guy] yup

[BiBo!!!] yep

[Guy] i ate my pizza and slipknot is still playing

[Master] so you have an easy morning, getting thing ready to move on

[Guy] I am back at the keyboard.

[Sarengar (Guy)] we need to hurry I want to spend the night on the Knarr

[Indigo (Lisa)] Wouldn't you rather sleep at the palazzo?

[Sarengar (Guy)] no i want to sleep on the Knarr near the water

[Indigo (Lisa)] That's where I'm going to sleep. In a soft bed

[Sarengar (Guy)] Im not meant to be this far away from the water

[BiBo!!!] I am back at the keyboard.

[Master] the weather is getting progressvly worse, making you think to delay your travels

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] "Curious. Have you ever sought professional help for this water obsession of your Sarengar? You are in fact, not a fish."

[Sarengar (Guy) (to Master only)] you suck lol

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] ((good news is, you will be near water. bad news is, its falling from the sky))

[Sarengar (Guy)] I never said I was a fish, I said I was meant to be near the water its what Ive lived my whole life doing and being

[Master] so before you decide where you want to setting in for dinner a young man aproaches Sarengar

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] ((I hear that about him.))

Sarengar (Guy) looks at the man "Can I help you?"

[Master] Sir, so glad you are in town. There is a bit of trouble at the Six Griffons's lodge

[Sarengar (Guy)] ((whats the 6 griffons lodge?))

[Master] they could shurly use your help

[Master] (asking him oe me?)

[Sarengar (Guy)] what kind of trouble and wouldnt the guards be of more use?

[Sarengar (Guy)] ((was asking you))

[Master] well it is a bit sensitive

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] "Ah. You should talk to the apothecary for an ointment then."

[Sarengar (Guy)] what do you meanj sensitive?

[Master] It is a lodge set up by an adventure group long ago. You have propably heard of it but not know much else

[Master] Well sir they would not want it getting outm they didn't even tell me, just thought I might know someone

Sarengar (Guy) sighs "I had hoped to be on the knarr soon but I guess you had better take me there"

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Is this a private matter or should we all come?


[Master] just so you see where it's at in the city

[Sarengar (Guy)] somehow I think id be glad of the help

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Well then, to the lodge it is

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] right by the pirate parking lot eh?

Sarengar (Guy) walks over to Llathandryll and whispers "any spells you can think of to control crowds might be useful"

[Sarengar (Guy)] Indigo you and Kooring keep an eye out behind us when we get there

[Master] Storm clouds roll overhead, threating another downpour. The streets are nearly deserted, though it is not yet sundown

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] "I specialize in one on one interactions, but I suppose I can do something. Why? Are you expecting trouble?"

[Sarengar (Guy)] Id rather expect trouple and nbe ready for it than to walk in blind

[Master] as you approach the stately mannor hour, a second story window shatters, raining glass down upon the empty street

[Sarengar (Guy)] ((i hope that made snese to somebody else because i have no clue what i said lol))

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] I assume hour = house

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] mannor = manor

[Master] yes, long day [Sarengar (Guy)] ((i meant what i said i knew what bob said ))

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] oh. I basically tune out ridiculous typos when playing with bob

[Master] (giving you a sec to react or...)

Sarengar (Guy) looks up at the window

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] ((anything other than glass fall through it?))

[Master] obversation?

[Sarengar (Guy)] Sarengar: Observation check: (d20) [1d20=19] 19 - ROLL FAILED against 12!!

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] ((thats not something I have. but assuming that I didnt see a body fly through or a rock or whatever))

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Branwyn: Observation check: (d20) [1d20=8] 8 [MODIFIED (+1)] - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 18!!

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] ((and presumably the glass broke outwards, implying something crashed from inside out))

Branwyn (Lisa) watches shards of glass fall down into the street

[Master] no no, but Branwyn sees a shadowy man size from move back from the window and out of view

[Master] form

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] ((probably a ghost))

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (I could have guessed a shadowy man broke a window)

[Master] (I thought I could copy and paste, but have to type, sorry)

[Master] With a bang that echoes up the street, the manor door slams open

Sarengar (Guy) draws his cutlass

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] "One of your admirers?"

[Master] A wiry man with large glasses pokes his head out the door and looks up and down the street

[Sarengar (Guy)] something tells me the watch should have been called

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] "Well, if ointment is not necessary, sensitive issues usually mean illegal ones."

[Archibald Topp (Master)] Did any of you see a... a ghost up there just now?

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] ((who called it))

[Sarengar (Guy)] A ghost?

[Archibald Topp (Master)] oh dear, the rain is starting bad, please come in

[Sarengar (Guy)] what kind of a ghost breaks glass?

[Archibald Topp (Master)] George, you run home now thank you

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] "A rather angry one apparently."

[Archibald Topp (Master)] ::hold the door open for you::

[Branwyn (Lisa)] ?me hurries in, "Thank you"

Sarengar (Guy) lowers his cutlass but doesnt sheathe it as he walks in

[Archibald Topp (Master)] would you care for a drink, I assume George told you we are in a bit of a urgent need

Sarengar (Guy) walks in and as he passes Branwyn whispers "trust nothing and no one "

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] ::shakes her head and says, "I will stay out here thankyou. I am allergic to ghosts. I break out in screams."::

[Sarengar (Guy)] No thanks, and why couldnt you call the watch?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Some ale would be wonderful if you have it

[Archibald Topp (Master)] They are fine dealing with people and such, but this is somthing I rather not get out to the general public

Indigo (Lisa) looks out door at Koorin, "Don't be silly! Come in out of the rain"

[Archibald Topp (Master)] guards are known to talk

[Archibald Topp (Master)] (and the rain gets a little heaver)

[Sarengar (Guy)] and whos to say we wont talk?

[Archibald Topp (Master)] oh...

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] "He said theres a ghost in there! Living people trying to kill me I can deal with, but a ghost... no way!"

[Archibald Topp (Master)] wekk as adventures as you must be, consider it an adventure code

Indigo (Lisa) sighs, "Fine then stay out there and get sick"

[Sarengar (Guy)] Come on in Koorin if there really is a ghost you can always run back outside

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] "Its bad luck to look for spooks!"

[Indigo (Lisa)] You just killed a ghoul all by yourself. Why would you be afraid of a little ghost?

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] "Oh it is probably some ellaborate hoax held by some sort competitor to discredit this place."

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] "I can touch a ghoul. I cant touch a ghost!"

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] "Its totally different!"

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] "They say that if you get killed by a ghost, you are cursed to be a ghost forever!"

[Archibald Topp (Master)] But let me introduce myself, Arcibald Topp steward of the manor

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] "He probably wants us to be cursed by the ghost." ::points to archibald::

[Archibald Topp (Master)] I will shut the door then if you would not consider it rude?

Sarengar (Guy) walks out picks Koorin up and brings her inside

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Not at all. We'll see you later Koorin

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] ::flails about as sarengar pulls her in:: "No! I dont wanna be a ghost!"

[Sarengar (Guy)] Ill protect you from any ghosts

[Indigo (Lisa)] Awww Leave her out in the rain like a wet rat if she's too scared to come in

[Indigo (Lisa)] She looks like one already

[Sarengar (Guy)] Enough Indigo, theres no reason for her to make herself sick beceause of a little fear

[Indigo (Lisa)] But she would rather be sick. She'll just heal herself anyway

[Archibald Topp (Master)] Just knock if you change your mind

[Archibald Topp (Master)] and he closes the door

Sarengar (Guy) waits til the dood is shut before putting Koorin down

[Sarengar (Guy)] You can stay right here by the door where its drier

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] ::stands very near the door and turns her back to indigo, giving her best pissed off female stance::

[Sarengar (Guy)] Indigo why dont you stay here and guard Koorin

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] ::smirks at koorin and glances at indigo:: "I know that look man. You are in trouble."

[Indigo (Lisa)] But, but I don't need to guard her!

[Archibald Topp (Master)] (while you decide brb)

Indigo (Lisa) looks at Koorin, "Don't know why you're mad at me. This is your fault"

[Sarengar (Guy)] Yes you do, LLathandryll and I will be guarding Branwyn, You will be guarding Koorin

Branwyn (Lisa) laughs, "When do I need a guard?"

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] ::glares at the door, but doesnt say a word to Indigo::

Sarengar (Guy) winks at Branwyn

[Indigo (Lisa)] We're supposed to be brave adventurers and you are making us look bad in front of the steward man

[Indigo (Lisa)] We're not scared of anything

Sarengar (Guy) leans down and whispers to Koorin "I really need you to protect Indigo hes really afraid of the rain and hes trying to not show it"

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] ::shakes her head::

[Archibald Topp (Master)] and a flash of lightning cracks overhead

Sarengar (Guy) whispers "please Koorin for me?"

[Archibald Topp (Master)] realy miss I must close the door

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Anyway, about that drink Archibald?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I would like to hear your story

[Archibald Topp (Master)] he closes the door and leds you into the den

[Master] Dark, rich mahogany outfits this huge room. Weapons of all types crowd the walls from floor to ceiling. A well stocked bar runs along the western wall. Overstuff chairs fill the rest of the rom, arranged in small groups to provide an intimate atmosphere. Crystal chandeliers provide soft lighting. There are a dozen high quality paintings on the eat wall representing the most distinquished deceased lodge members. The majority of the portraits depict Thackerays over the centuries. All of the paintings but one portray humans and the last depicts an old dwarf his unruly blond hair and beard shot through with grey. This portrait is labeled "Gremil Ghent" and is dated 44 RBR (280 years ago).

[Master] a halfling halfling is tending the bar and gets you drinks

[Sarengar (Guy)] Interesting so no members have died since Gremil GHent?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (is that a quarterling?)

[Master] ha, sorry

[Master] middle aged but full halfling

[Master] Archibald Topp moved 17'03".

[Master] Sarengar moved 18'03".

[Master] Indigo moved 15'02".

[Master] Branwyn moved 26'11".

Lisa is receiving the map First Floor...

Lisa has received the map First Floor.

[Master (to GM only)] Fatima moved 83'06".

[Branwyn (Lisa)] This room is quite cozy. It is very nice.

Travis-90802 has joined the game on Fri Feb 03 19:53:33 EST 2012

Travis-90802 is receiving the map Base Map...

[Fatima (Master)] may I get you a drink before I am off for the night?

Travis-90802 has received the map Base Map.

[Travis-90802] sorry i'm late

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] "A drink is always appreciated."

[Travis-90802] were in a bar?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (no worries and hello :) )

[Travis-90802] hi

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (click on your character'

[Fatima (Master)] welcome

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (name to get the new map)

[Koorin (Travis-90802)] ?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (we are in a lounge of a members club or something)

Travis-90802 is now controlling Grevic Rowan

[Master] Heckat moved 15'09".

[Sarengar (Guy)] ((hey travis))

[Grevic Rowan (Travis-90802)] hi

[Grevic Rowan (Travis-90802)] were my guy go?

Guy is receiving the map First Floor...

Guy has received the map First Floor.

Branwyn (Lisa) takes her drink and settles into the nice purple chair

[Master (to GM only)] Fatima moved 76'01".

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Branwyn moved 10'01".

[Master (to GM only)] Dark Creeper moved 1'04".

[Grevic Rowan (Travis-90802)] so after we left of last time we went to town then what

[Master (to GM only)] Dalby Dragfoot moved 79'08".

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] ((we are about to proceed to the scooby doo portion of our adventure. You get to be scrappy.))

[Grevic Rowan (Travis-90802)] so what are we waiting for?

[Grevic Rowan (Travis-90802)] oh

[Dalby Dragfoot (Master)] lloks at group waiting for drink orders

[Grevic Rowan (Travis-90802)] you meant the useless comical relief?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Scotch

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] ((that no one likes. yes))

[Sarengar (Guy)] Nothing for me but maybe some hot tea for our friends by the front door

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (why did you want to kill something Travis?)

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] "A glass of wine will be fine thanks."

[Grevic Rowan (Travis-90802)] no, i was just wonder wth was going on

[Dalby Dragfoot (Master)] ::shruggs:: and hurrilies makes drinks

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] ((We are all wondering the same thing.))

[Grevic Rowan (Travis-90802)] yes, so any elf brew on tap?

[Dalby Dragfoot (Master)] No

[Grevic Rowan (Travis-90802)] or wine

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] "Have you ever HAD elven beer? Its not something people would want to drink."

[Dalby Dragfoot (Master)] ::pour you somthing that looks close::

[Grevic Rowan (Travis-90802)] i'm an elf...

Branwyn (Lisa) laughs

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] "Yes. And so am I. which means you should know better."

[Dalby Dragfoot (Master)] to Topp: "If that will be all..""

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] "Elves do a great many things right. Beer is not one of them."

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Maybe he likes elven beer

[Grevic Rowan (Travis-90802)] i thought that elves would drink wine anyways

[Sarengar (Guy)] but their honey mead is quite good

[Grevic Rowan (Travis-90802)] being foresty and all

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] "I suppose the gods allow for people of all types. Including those who make poor choices in beer consumption."

[Archibald Topp (Master)] ::looks up from the chair he started relaxing into:: fine, go ahead

Travis-90802 is receiving the map First Floor...

Travis-90802 has received the map First Floor.

[Grevic Rowan (Travis-90802)] Grevic Rowan moved 4'09".

[Branwyn (Lisa)] So Archibald how does one become a member here? I am assume there are restrictions?

[Archibald Topp (Master)] the halflig leaves and locks the outside door behind her

[Grevic Rowan (Travis-90802)] it's a trap!

Indigo (Lisa) turns towards the door as he hears the lock click

[Sarengar (Guy)] ((ITs a FRAP lol))

[Archibald Topp (Master)] Most member are decendant of the original adventuring group

[Sarengar (Guy)] was there a reason for the door being locked?

[Master] Time of Day: 06:05 PM. Day 8 Ko ___ de, Ze {Mid Summer} 8th, 339 SKR.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] They must have done very well for themselves.

[Grevic Rowan (Travis-90802)] ackward silence

[Branwyn (Lisa)] No need to worry about a locked door. Doors can be unlocked as quick as they are locked

[Sarengar (Guy)] or they can be taken down

[Grevic Rowan (Travis-90802)] yay i'm part theif

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] "Do you always admit this to people?"

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (lol)

[Grevic Rowan (Travis-90802)] so were wait for something to happen?

[Grevic Rowan (Travis-90802)] not always just on tuesdays

[Archibald Topp (Master)] Let me show you arround as we speak of the history of this grand house

[Sarengar (Guy)] Id much rather hear about this so called ghost

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I would love to see the house but wasn't there some urgent business that needed attention?

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] "Ghosts and history usually go hand in hand."

[Archibald Topp (Master)] Lord Thackery is the owner and head of the lodge

[Grevic Rowan (Travis-90802)] i don't care much for tours of house, maybe an armoury

[Grevic Rowan (Travis-90802)] armory

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (I like armoury)

[Grevic Rowan (Travis-90802)] countinuing on

[Archibald Topp (Master)] I have been chase shadows of late and we are having an exclusive luncheon tomorrow

[Archibald Topp (Master)] I had hoped to have this situation taken care of

[Sarengar (Guy)] What situation?

[Sarengar (Guy)] Youve been scurrying around the topic like a salmon near a bears claw

[Archibald Topp (Master)] well stop the stange thing from happen, you saw the broken window

[Archibald Topp (Master)] we just replaced it this morning

[Archibald Topp (Master)] I hate to say ghost but one might say we have been haunted as of late

[Branwyn (Lisa)] If this lodge is one of great adventurers, why don't they just take care of the problem?

[Archibald Topp (Master)] stanges noises, things out of place

[Grevic Rowan (Travis-90802)] gaint rats

[Grevic Rowan (Travis-90802)] giant rats

[Grevic Rowan (Travis-90802)] A flip of the ol' kLoOge.Coin results in: Heads

[Grevic Rowan (Travis-90802)] opss

[Archibald Topp (Master)] well you see this is more of a gentleman club

[Branwyn (Lisa)] So you are merely tolerating me then I take it?

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] "I see." ::is suddenly happier::

[Archibald Topp (Master)] (as he leds you into the foyer

[Master] This impresive entry room is long and high. Weapons hang on all walls and an anceitn looking breastplate hangs over double doors that stand open, revealing a large dining room. At one end of the foyer is a sweeping staircase that ascends to the second floor. Tucked underneath the staircase is the washroom door.

Sarengar (Guy) sighs "llathandryll not that type of club"

[Grevic Rowan (Travis-90802)] Grevic Rowan moved 20'02".

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] "Says you."

[Grevic Rowan (Travis-90802)] Grevic Rowan moved 6'00".

[Grevic Rowan (Travis-90802)] Grevic Rowan moved 15'10".

[Grevic Rowan (Travis-90802)] Grevic Rowan moved 28'07".

[Grevic Rowan (Travis-90802)] Grevic Rowan moved 49'02".

[Archibald Topp (Master)] no disrespect ment

[Sarengar (Guy)] and Mr Topp if you are haunted why didnt you just get a priest to clense the place?

[Sarengar (Guy)] It would only take an old priest and a young priest

[Grevic Rowan (Travis-90802)] Grevic Rowan moved 40'08".

[Archibald Topp (Master)] if you think that would help, I'd much appreciate, but at this point time is rather pressing

[Sarengar (Guy)] why didnt you do that at the very start of your trouble?

[Archibald Topp (Master)] I am not sure if that is the correct course of action

[Branwyn (Lisa)] And what sort of payment can we receive if we help you?

[Archibald Topp (Master)] I was hopping you would stay the night and find the true cause and deal with it before our luncheon

[Sarengar (Guy)] so you wait until the last minute before coming up with a solution that may not work and in fact might make things worse?

[Archibald Topp (Master)] I can you 100 GP each if you can have it solved by morning, please

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Now Sarengar, how could we possibly make things worse?

[Sarengar (Guy)] If it truly is a ghost we might make it even angrier than it already is

[Grevic Rowan (Travis-90802)] drink all the alcohal [Archibald Topp (Master)] At first I thought it was my mind playing tricks on me

[Sarengar (Guy)] what happened?

[Grevic Rowan (Travis-90802)] ?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] did something happen?

[Grevic Rowan (Travis-90802)] ok lets find the source of the problem

[Archibald Topp (Master)] i do research on the collection of weaponds, the other day I came to find some of the books I laid out in a pile on the floor

[Sarengar (Guy)] weapons?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (no books)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] And the ghost pulled down the books

[Archibald Topp (Master)] (as he lead into the dinning hall)

[Master] A large oak table big enough to seat twenty dominates this room. Large chandeliers hang over the table. Weapons on hooks cover the walls here and a suit of masterwork plate armor rests on a stand in the far corner of the room. In the other corners stand large potted plants.

[Grevic Rowan (Travis-90802)] Grevic Rowan moved 18'00".

[Master] Archibald Topp moved 27'04".

[Grevic Rowan (Travis-90802)] Grevic Rowan moved 17'01".

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Branwyn moved 8'09".

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Indigo moved 15'07".

[Sarengar (Guy)] what happened before all this started?

[Archibald Topp (Master)] I wish it were that easy, I havn't a clue. It has been perferctly quiet for months

[Grevic Rowan (Travis-90802)] any deaths or unuusual actions happen here

[Archibald Topp (Master)] Never here for as long as i have known

[Master (to GM only)] Mrs. Beeke moved 44'07".

[Sarengar (Guy)] anything new been added or taken away before this started?

[Master] A old woman, obviously maid or cook enters, nodds to Topp and starts polishing the table and chairs

[Branwyn (Lisa)] And you have never seen this ghost yourself?

[Archibald Topp (Master)] in the last few months we have aquired a few new weaponds

[Grevic Rowan (Travis-90802)] maybe they're tring to tell you something

[Sarengar (Guy)] like what?

[Archibald Topp (Master)] some i am still researching

[Sarengar (Guy)] what did you get right before all this happened?

[Archibald Topp (Master)] I thought a saw someting, though my eyes are not what they used to be

[Grevic Rowan (Travis-90802)] maybe someone was so attached to they're weapon they are apart of it even after death

[Archibald Topp (Master)] it has been months, but I will show you

Sarengar (Guy) nods at Grevic

[Master] This is a large and functional kitchen. Stoves, sinks and hanging racks of cooking utensils fill the room. A narrow spial stair case in one corner rises to the serving hallway on the second floor. A back door exits the manor and another door leads ot a pantry.

[Sarengar (Guy)] how long has this been going on?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Branwyn moved 31'02".

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Indigo moved 29'03".

[Grevic Rowan (Travis-90802)] Grevic Rowan moved 17'08".

[Archibald Topp (Master)] Well looking back the first strange thing would have been three days ago with the books

[Master] there are even weapod mounted on the walls in here

[Grevic Rowan (Travis-90802)] Take pride in your collection Mr.Topp

[Master] there is a yong girl putting away dishes currently

[Sarengar (Guy)] are any of these items magical?

[Master (to GM only)] Fatima moved 19'01".

[Master] (asking him?)

[Sarengar (Guy)] ((yeah))

[Master] These no, but you will see our pride and joy upstairs

[Sarengar (Guy)] oh

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] "And what is that?"

[Sarengar (Guy)] lets continue then

[Master] there are a few

[Sarengar (Guy)] Sarengar moved 42'00".

[Master] Topp point out the panty and the back door and then lead you up the servants stairs to the second floor

[Grevic Rowan (Travis-90802)] Grevic Rowan moved 19'03".

[Master] do you care what order you walk up stairs?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] no

[Sarengar (Guy)] ill go first

[Grevic Rowan (Travis-90802)] i'm not first

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (indigo and I will follow Sarengar)

[Master] This hallway contains narrow shelves to stack serving trays. Narrow spiral stairs lead down to the kitchen. This is the pagge servants use to bring drinks and other refreshments up to the guests.

Guy is receiving the map Second Floor...

Guy has received the map Second Floor.

[Master] Archibald Topp moved 6'04".

[Sarengar (Guy)] Sarengar moved 8'08".

[Master] Indigo moved 7'04".

[Master] Branwyn moved 5'06".

Lisa is receiving the map Second Floor...

[Master] Koon just hang outside?

Lisa has received the map Second Floor.

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] koon?

[Grevic Rowan (Travis-90802)] Grevic Rowan moved 2'06".

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] yeah, I suppose. She is probably making a sandwich in the kitchen. (the part of shaggy will be played by koorin))

[Master] so she came inside when the bartender left, just want to be clear

[Sarengar (Guy)] ((I carried her inside))

[Master] Topp point to the storage closset, then down the hall to the main stairwell

[Master] Archibald Topp moved 17'06".

[Master] Sarengar moved 15'11".

[Master] Indigo moved 14'03".

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Branwyn moved 13'11".

[Grevic Rowan (Travis-90802)] hurry up computar

Travis-90802 has left the game on Fri Feb 03 20:51:41 EST 2012

[Archibald Topp (Master)] This is the guest room, you are welcome to use it for the night

Travis-90802 has joined the game on Fri Feb 03 20:51:56 EST 2012

[Archibald Topp (Master)] ::he unlocks the door and opens it::

Travis-90802 is receiving the map Second Floor...

[Master] Silks and fine wools titivate this bedroom. The bedroom also contains two large dressers, a soft rug and a bed.

Travis-90802 has received the map Second Floor.

[Travis-90802] got it

[Sarengar (Guy)] so what exactly is thye pride and joy of your collection?

[Archibald Topp (Master)] There is more then one, I only meant to say the more intreting ones are this way

[Archibald Topp (Master)] first

[Master] Archibald Topp moved 10'06".

[Sarengar (Guy)] Sarengar moved 12'02".

[Travis-90802] Grevic Rowan moved 35'08".

[Archibald Topp (Master)] he unlocks this door just to show you

[Master] This bedroom is the essence of opulence. Silk sheets drape a bed large enough to sleep six and exotic rugs cover the floor. The dressers and armories are made of rare woods that give off a pleasant aroma. Servicable weapons and a pair of heavy steel shields adorn the walls. Above the bed hangs a battered old bastard sword, apparently the firs weapon Lord Thackeray ever used in battle.

[Archibald Topp (Master)] This is Lord Thackeray's room

[Archibald Topp (Master)] ::pauses to let you look and then closes the door and locks it::

[Sarengar (Guy)] has anything happened in there?

[Master] Low shelves containing books and scrolls line this wood paneled room. In addition to the ubiquitous weapons several dramatic paintins adorn the walls here. Under a large landscape painting sits an ornate rosewood desk piled with books and papers. A single window with a carved wooden frame decorates the south wall. The books that are here are overwhelmingly martial related including books on weapons, heroes, legends and wars.

[Archibald Topp (Master)] This is the library, where I do most my work

[Sarengar (Guy)] Branwyn this is more your area of expertise

[Archibald Topp (Master)] you mean strange, no

[Archibald Topp (Master)] as to other wise I would not say

[Master (to GM only)] Handout 3 moved 16'11".

[Branwyn (Lisa)] But the library is where he knocked over your books

[Travis-90802] branwyn you might want to make a check of some kind

[Travis-90802] magic maybe

[Archibald Topp (Master)] I research the new items and prepare the displays

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (I am coming off the morning of ghouls and have not recharged spells)

[Archibald Topp (Master)] but the music room is what you all came to see

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (I can do obs)

[Master] he leads you back out the hall to the double doors you passed

[Branwyn (Lisa)] The music room?

[Master] Archibald Topp moved 32'07".

Sarengar (Guy) perks up a bit "Did you say a music room?"

[Master] This grand room is a museum of magical weaponry. The floor is a plush amber colored carpet. In one corner squats an ancient organ well polished and at least as old as the manor house. The large window overlooking the street is broken out.

[Travis-90802] that what i meant out of battle things

[Sarengar (Guy)] Sarengar moved 31'02".

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (phantom of the opera?)

[Travis-90802] Grevic Rowan moved 19'11".

[Sarengar (Guy)] what music do yo uhave around here?

[Master] the organ is built into the wall

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Branwyn moved 18'03".

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Indigo moved 22'00".

[Master (to GM only)] Handout 3 moved 17'05".

[Sarengar (Guy)] Sarengar moved 22'01".

[Travis-90802] can i chck the organ

[Travis-90802] Grevic Rowan moved 23'00".

Sarengar (Guy) heads over and examines the organ and any sheet music

[Travis-90802] i help

[Master] the window is the one that was broken out

[Master] the organ is polished and clean but there is no sheet music

[Sarengar (Guy)] is there no sheet music?

[Travis-90802] nothing hidden?

[Archibald Topp (Master)] we still call it the music room but it is more our disply room for our most prized weapon collection

[Indigo (Lisa)] Look at this! Wish we would have had that ghoul harvester out on the plains

[Sarengar (Guy)] maybe thats part of the problem

Indigo (Lisa) points at the scythe

[Sarengar (Guy)] what good is a music room without music?

[Travis-90802] a lie

[Master] Llathandryll moved 9'06".

Indigo (Lisa) walks over to the short sword and stares longingly at it reading the description

Sarengar (Guy) examines the short sword Soft Kiss a bit closer

[Sarengar (Guy)] I wonder

[Travis-90802] looks at mountain shot with wide eyes

[Indigo (Lisa)] This collection is amazing!

[Archibald Topp (Master)] thank you

[Sarengar (Guy)] Mr Topp this says you found this sword less than 4 blocks from here?

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] :: tries his best not to look bored by the collection. fails ::

Sarengar (Guy) points at Soft Kiss

[Archibald Topp (Master) (to BiBo!!! only)] you ok Koon eating in the dinning room or do you want to be upstairs?

[Master] Llathandryll moved 15'01".

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!) (to Master only)] Sure. she can do that for now. Llath is with everyone else. btw. I just noticed my thing was flashing. it doesnt make noise for me so I dont notice it since I usually keep the map minimized

[Archibald Topp (Master)] Not I but yes

[Archibald Topp (Master) (to BiBo!!! only)] np

[Sarengar (Guy)] I wonder if dreambringer is trying to get his sword back

[Travis-90802] or something like that

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] "He is doing a rather poor job of it."

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] "I wonder if any of these weapons are intelligent?"

[Sarengar (Guy)] he could be after as much as possible

[Indigo (Lisa)] Then why would he break the window and not the case?

[Sarengar (Guy)] or maybe he has a target coming to the luncheon tomorrow

[Sarengar (Guy)] to scare people away from the building

[Travis-90802] or could be a necromancer screwing with you

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] "Necromancers have better uses of their time."

[Travis-90802] or we wants the weapons

[Archibald Topp (Master)] so while the group upstairs is talking and such

[Archibald Topp (Master)] Topp tells with pride what he knows

[Master (to GM only)] Fatima moved 17'09".

[Sarengar (Guy)] think about it you come in after your weapon and you see this collection, there are weapons in this room that would be an asset to an assassin

[Master (to GM only)] Mrs. Beeke moved 17'06".

[Indigo (Lisa)] So... would we have to give the weapon back to him?

[Sarengar (Guy)] the hand crossbow, the bastard sword that looks rusty

[Sarengar (Guy)] i think he might be after a lot more than just his weapon

Indigo (Lisa) mumbles "I hope not"

[Archibald Topp (Master)] Koon is eating in the dinnng hall white the two ladies in the kitchen

[Archibald Topp (Master)] Fatima come out and approaches Koon

Sarengar (Guy) mutters about needing to take a closer look at the other weapons downstairs a little closer

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] ::munches on a sandwich twice the size of her head::

[Master] Just as she s about the speak, you all here a shreik ring through the house

[Travis-90802] ok Mr.topp we will find the problem and eraticate it

[Master] Then a quick thudd

Sarengar (Guy) heads downstairs at a run

[Sarengar (Guy)] Sarengar moved 34'04".

[Master] Koorin clearly makes out it is from the kitcehn

[Master] thoses upstais just know it's from downstairs

[Travis-90802] to the kitchen

Guy is receiving the map First Floor...

Guy has received the map First Floor.

Travis-90802 has left the game on Fri Feb 03 21:20:21 EST 2012

Indigo (Lisa) Indigo and Branwyn follow

Travis-90802 has joined the game on Fri Feb 03 21:20:38 EST 2012

[Indigo (Lisa)] Branwyn moved 15'06".

[Indigo (Lisa)] Branwyn moved 23'06".

[Indigo (Lisa)] Indigo moved 26'10".

Lisa is receiving the map First Floor...

Lisa has received the map First Floor.

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] ::looks about:: "Zoinks! What was that?"

Travis-90802 is receiving the map Second Floor...

Travis-90802 has received the map Second Floor.

[Master (to GM only)] Mrs. Beeke moved 7'09".

[Sarengar (Guy)] Indigo I told you that you needed to watch out for her

[Master (to GM only)] Fatima moved 14'06".

[Master (to GM only)] Fatima targets Sarengar. Distance: 3'03"

[Indigo (Lisa)] Branwyn moved 5'05".

[Master] Koorin moved 18'08".

[Indigo (Lisa)] I can't watch her every minute!

[Sarengar (Guy)] you were the one making fun of her you get to watch out for her

[Indigo (Lisa)] All right!

BiBo!!! is receiving the map First Floor...

Indigo (Lisa) walks into the dining room

[Indigo (Lisa)] Indigo moved 19'01".

Travis-90802 has left the game on Fri Feb 03 21:22:52 EST 2012

BiBo!!! has received the map First Floor.

[Indigo (Lisa)] Koorin! Where are you?

Travis-90802 has joined the game on Fri Feb 03 21:23:10 EST 2012

Indigo (Lisa) looks around

[Sarengar (Guy)] Koorin are you all right?

[Indigo (Lisa)] There you are! What are you screaming about?

Travis-90802 is receiving the map Second Floor...

[Master] By the time the rest of the party returns, they see Mrs Beeke lying with a bloody battle ax lodged in her head

Travis-90802 has received the map Second Floor.

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] "I dont know! I was eating a sandwich and then there was screaming."

[Indigo (Lisa)] (is koorin in kitchen or dining room?)

Sarengar (Guy) sighs "Mr Topp this has become a matter for the watch"

[Master] Fatima is staring with her hands over her mouth

Sarengar (Guy) looks over the axe carefully

[Travis-90802] sorry my computar doesn't want to get the new map

[Sarengar (Guy)] IS this from your collection?

[Master] Time of Day: 06:20 PM. Day 8 Ko ___ de, Ze {Mid Summer} 8th, 339 SKR.

[Master] Archibald Topp moved 2'07".

[Branwyn (Lisa)] The gaurds are idiots! Remember how they handled the pirate queens

[Archibald Topp (Master)] I would agree

[Sarengar (Guy)] yes but this has become more than just a supposed haunting

[Archibald Topp (Master)] but I am not sure if that is one of our axes, there are so many

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] "It was a ghost! It had to be! Who else would have done it?"

[Sarengar (Guy)] examines the weapons in the kitchen carefully

[Travis-90802] why won't this load!!!!

[Indigo (Lisa)] Actually were you here by yourself? You could have done it. Do you have an alibi?

[Sarengar (Guy)] Indigo stop teasing her

Sarengar (Guy) carefully pulls the axe out of the corpse

[Indigo (Lisa)] She won't answer me anyway since she is mad at me

[Master] soory I misspoke, the ax is not in her head, just lying next to it, it is not clear if she is dead yet

[Sarengar (Guy)] do you blame her? you called her a wet rat

[Master] I do not mean to mis lead you

[Indigo (Lisa)] I said she looked like one not that she was one

[Sarengar (Guy)] Koorin can you see if you can help her?

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] (oh... thats sort of a key difference))

[Master] want that roll Guy

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] ::goes to check on the formerly dead but now possibly not dead lady::

[Sarengar (Guy)] what roll?

[Master] observation?

Travis-90802 has left the game on Fri Feb 03 21:31:15 EST 2012

[Sarengar (Guy)] Sarengar: Observation check: (d20) [1d20=11] 11 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 12!!

Travis-90802 has joined the game on Fri Feb 03 21:31:31 EST 2012

[Master] do you have healing Marco?

Travis-90802 is receiving the map Second Floor...

Travis-90802 has received the map Second Floor.

[Master] Sarengar notices a pair of empty hoos on the ceiling

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] ((you mean the proficiency?))

[Master] yes, if you want specific information

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] Koorin: Healing check: (d20) [1d20=5] 5 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 12!!

[Sarengar (Guy) (to Master only)] any chance of getting a closer look at the hooks?

[Travis-90802] i need to get to the first floor not the second!

[Indigo (Lisa)] (was that empty hooks?)

[Indigo (Lisa)] (double click on first floor on left column)

[Sarengar (Guy)] brb

[Travis-90802] isn't there

Travis-90802 is receiving the map First Floor...

Travis-90802 has received the map First Floor.

[Indigo (Lisa)] (yay)

[Indigo (Lisa)] Indigo moved 4'02".

[Master] Koorin sees she is in fact dead but more importantly her mussles are weak and watery as if somthing had drained her strength

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] "This woman was killed by a ghost!"

[Master] //guy the ceiling is 20 feet so...

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] "See? She has been drained. Ghosts do that!"

[Master] sorry Travis, there now

[Grevic Rowan (Travis-90802)] Grevic Rowan moved 3'02".

[Sarengar (Guy)] drained what do you mean?

[Grevic Rowan (Travis-90802)] come out you cowardly ghost! You deserve to die again

[Grevic Rowan (Travis-90802)] killing poor girls like that

[Master] there is some blood on her head as well

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] ::points to the tell tale signs:: "She was clearly drained by something supernatural. It was either a ghost or a necromancers magic."

[Koorin (BiBo!!!)] "Which is about the same thing."

[Archibald Topp (Master)] I do not know what to say

[Sarengar (Guy)] Mr ZTopp what axe was on thye celing?

[Archibald Topp (Master)] perhaspe we should leave her undistured and I will cast speak with dead on her in the morning

[Sarengar (Guy)] that might be too late

[Archibald Topp (Master)] I am unsure of where the ax came from, I do not know for sure

Sarengar (Guy) points to the hooks on the ceiling "What was up there?"

[Archibald Topp (Master)] There are hooks all over the room and house for weaponds. ::looks at Fatima::

[Fatima (Master)] I do not know, I do not remember seeing anything but ....

[Fatima (Master)] I just don't know

Sarengar (Guy) goes int to enext room and examines the hooks and weapons

[Sarengar (Guy)] Sarengar moved 10'11".

[Grevic Rowan (Travis-90802)] is AFK

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Perhaps the rest of the staff should not stay here tonight

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I would hate to have anything else happen to them

[Fatima (Master) (to Guy only)] leaving the ax in the kitchen?

[Sarengar (Guy) (to Master only)] still carrying it

[Archibald Topp (Master)] I was just about to say I should walk Fatima home

[Archibald Topp (Master)] I am not sure what more help I can be tonight

[Branwyn (Lisa)] So this ghost does not have a favorite room to haunt.

[Archibald Topp (Master)] but I will return in the morning

[Archibald Topp (Master)] apparently not

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Tell me again which weapon you were reading about when the ghost knowcked over the books?

[Archibald Topp (Master)] it did not happen in front of me, I left a fewopen when retiring for the night and the next day there were on the floor

[Archibald Topp (Master)] At first I thought nothing of it

[BiBo!!!] I am back at the keyboard.

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] "Nothing you can say about them other than they were about weapons then?"

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Can I see the books? Are they out on the table in the library still?

[Archibald Topp (Master)] No this was three days ago, I believe I was looking into the magig flail

[Grevic Rowan (Travis-90802)] is back

[Archibald Topp (Master)] You are more than allowed to look through all the books and notes

[Master] Time of Day: 06:35 PM. Day 8 Ko ___ de, Ze {Mid Summer} 8th, 339 SKR.

Sarengar (Guy) examines the axe in his hands closely

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] ((nothing is special about this axe right? its just a plain, standard axe?))

[Sarengar (Guy)] ((dont know havent heard anything yet))

[Archibald Topp (Master)] well Sargengar has it in the other room when

[Master] Combat has begun!

[Master] ROUND: 0

[Grevic Rowan (Travis-90802)] Grevic Rowan: Initiative: (d10+10++2) [1d10=4] 16

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Branwyn: Initiative: (d10+10+-2) [1d10=6] 14

[Sarengar (Guy)] Sarengar: Initiative: (d10+10+-1) [1d10=1] 10

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] ((init for all then?))

[Indigo (Lisa)] Indigo: Initiative: ((d10+10+-2)-10) [1d10=3] 1 [MODIFIED (-10)]

[Grevic Rowan (Travis-90802)] Grevic Rowan: Initiative: (d10+10++2) [1d10=4] 16

[Master] Initiative changed from 16 to 16.

[Master (to GM only)] Haunting Elemental moved 50'04".

[Master (to GM only)] Haunting Elemental targets Koorin. Distance: 5'02"

[Master (to GM only)] Haunting Elemental targets Sarengar. Distance: 0'11"

[Master (to GM only)] Haunting Elemental: Initiative: (d10+10+) [1d10=6] 16

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] Koorin: Initiative: ((d10+10+-2)-10) [1d10=5] 3 [MODIFIED (-10)]

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] Llathandryll: Initiative: (d10+10+-2) [1d10=10] 18

[Grevic Rowan (Travis-90802)] did i roll?

[Sarengar (Guy)] ((yup twice in fact lol))

[Archibald Topp (Master)] so sarengar is actualy not surprised when the ax attacks him

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] of course not. he plays with bob and me

[Sarengar (Guy)] lol

[Grevic Rowan (Travis-90802)] Grevic Rowan: Initiative: (d10+10++2) [1d10=10] 22

[Master] Initiative changed from 16 to 22.

[Sarengar (Guy)] ((you want paranoid try playing a CN fighter-mage lol))

[Archibald Topp (Master)] it suddenly becomes a shadowy form and strikes at him

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] ((CN anything really))

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] ((meaning the axe is gone, it morphs into a person then attacks as a person?))

[Indigo (Lisa)] (so not sure what happend. sarengar left the room with the axe and it just attacked him while he was holding it?)

[Master] yes and yes

[Sarengar (Guy)] ((basically))

[Indigo (Lisa)] (so he is attacking himself?)

[Sarengar (Guy)] ((and imglad i have a magic cutlass))

[Master] INIT: 1 GOING: Indigo

[Master] it kind of oozes out of his hand

[Indigo (Lisa)] (do we even know what is happening?)

Travis-90802 has left the game on Fri Feb 03 22:02:55 EST 2012

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] we will when he starts screaming and we arrive in time for him to be dead

[Sarengar (Guy)] ((i doubt it))

[Master] not quite for you

[Master] but consider it holding action

[Master] INIT: 3 GOING: Koorin

[Master] INIT: 10 GOING: Sarengar

[Sarengar (Guy)] attacking is going to be hard with nothing to target

[Master] it's not in fron to f you?

Sarengar (Guy) draws his cutlass and yells out "the axe is alive"

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] ((not visible))

[Sarengar (Guy)] ((nope nothing))

[Master] now?

[Sarengar (Guy)] no

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] ((nada))

[Master] i guess the gig is up then

[Master] I'm not BOB

[Indigo (Lisa)] (that why you type so badly?)

[Master] I did not get here in time for all my lesons

[Indigo (Lisa)] (I mean even worse than Bob)

[Indigo (Lisa)] (so who is fearless leader this evening?)

[Master] who else would BOB leave his baby with, unattended

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] cookie dough?

[Indigo (Lisa)] John?

[Master] Long time no chat

[Indigo (Lisa)] Hi!! :D

[Master] I also did not have time to get my reading glasses

[Indigo (Lisa)] much fun this evening

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] lol. hey john

[Sarengar (Guy)] hola john and you suck as much as bob and marco lol

[Master] Marco, you know what I am doing wrong? You have used Klloge?

[Indigo (Lisa)] So did Bob go to that concert after all?

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] not in years. Can you see it at least?

[Master] yes, I was quite surprised

[Master] sure he took the night off but to let me be unattended

[Sarengar (Guy)] what concert?

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] the icon that is

[Indigo (Lisa)] That black splotch across my map looks kinda phallic

[Master] The icon is there, I removed the shadow and added it to the free

[Master] That was me

[Master] I was doing ok with just talking but now

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] is the icon grey?

[Indigo (Lisa)] we could pretend archibald is the axe and target him

[Master] yea,

[Master] but now I can not get the circle of darkness ff

[Master] INIT: 14 GOING: Branwyn

[Master] INIT: 10 GOING: Sarengar

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] well, then it is hidden. gonna have to right click it and swim through the menus to deselect whatever is hiding it. I have no idea how you got the darkness to begin with, but you should be able to reveal the area

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] unfortunately I am really rusty on klooge so I cant give you more details than that without seeing the dm's side

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] however,, we can just fudge it and just roll and you tell us if we hit. the old fashioned way

[Master] ok if only I can get rid of the circles

[Master] Haunting Elemental follows Haunting Elemental.

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] well.... thats a step

[Master] can you see him on the other map?

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] which other map?

[Master] 2nd floor

Lisa is receiving the map Second Floor...

Lisa has received the map Second Floor.

Guy is receiving the map Second Floor...

Guy has received the map Second Floor.

BiBo!!! is receiving the map Second Floor...

[Indigo (Lisa)] Yup he's there

[Guy] Sarengar targets Haunting Elemental. Distance: 0'08"

BiBo!!! has received the map Second Floor.

[Sarengar (Guy)] Attack: Cutlass:: is now ARMED.

[Master] some fun is better than no fun I guess

[Sarengar (Guy)] lol

[Master] no more issues than I remember, just diffrent

[Sarengar (Guy)] Sarengar: Attack: Cutlass: ((15-(d20+1))+1) [1d20=15] 0 [MODIFIED (+1)]. HITS Haunting Elemental (AC FINAL: 2)!!!

[Master] it is usually not my fault

[Sarengar (Guy)] Sarengar: Damage v SM: Cutlass: ((1d8+1)+1) [1d8=5] 7 [MODIFIED (+1)] added to: Haunting Elemental

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] thats cuz you usually are not here

[Master] INIT: 14 GOING: Branwyn

[Master] tks

[Master] so you want to run into the room?

Branwyn (Lisa) hearing Sarengar yell I run upstairs

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (yes please)

[Master] it is not actually upstair, just making do

Travis-90802 has joined the game on Fri Feb 03 22:24:53 EST 2012

Travis-90802 is receiving the map First Floor...

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] on our various actions, koorin and llath will run to check

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Branwyn moved 4'01".

Travis-90802 has received the map First Floor.

[Master] Hi Travis, I'm John, BOB's brother

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (so if just in other room I can attack but not cast, right?)

[Master] right move or cast

[Master] if nt moving, can not target shadow

[Travis-90802] hi sorry i was away i have tec problems

[Master] me too

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (okay - then I guess I am done)

[Master] INIT: 16 GOING: Haunting Elemental

[Master] Haunting Elemental targets Sarengar. Distance: 0'08"

[Travis-90802] so we are fighting ghosts?

[Master] Haunting Elemental targets Haunting Elemental. Distance: 0'00"

[Master] Haunting Elemental: Attack: Natural Attack: (14-(d20+0)) [1d20=4] 10. MISSES Sarengar (AC FINAL: 6).

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] haunting elementals apparently

[Master] INIT: 18 GOING: Llathandryll

[Travis-90802] ok

[Travis-90802] btw whye shadow here?

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] ::heads over::

[Master] I still can't get rid of the shadow, I hit something and I can't get rid of it

[Branwyn (Lisa) (to Master only)] did you take the damage Sarengar did off the elemental? when I click on icon it seems like the little life meter did not move

[Travis-90802] so it actully doesn't exsist?

[Master] I am tracking damage manual for now

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (okay)

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!) (to GM only)] Character sheet for Llathandryll modified: Spells - CHANGED: Bind -- # Memorized: 2 (+0), CHANGED: Continual Light - Wizard -- # Memorized: 1 (+0), CHANGED: Fly -- # Memorized: 1 (+0), CHANGED: Grease -- # Memorized: 1 (+0), CHANGED: Spectral Force -- # Memorized: 1 (+0),

Travis-90802 is now controlling Grevic Rowan

[Master] no the elemental is shadow like but the effect of the shafow on the map I do not know how to control

[Master] that is why I moved the fight upstairs but did not solve the probelm yet

[Master] I am a much better DM, just not used to program

[Branwyn (Lisa)] it's okay

[Master] no more shadows at least

[Master] Llathandryll moved 1'05".

[Master] so Llath just moved and is looking?

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] yep, thats all he can do

[Master] INIT: 22 GOING: Grevic Rowan

[Master] Grevic Rowan moved 2'00".

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] grevics a slow bastard aint he

[Travis-90802] so we are going upstairs?

[Master] so you can't see guy or the creature right?

[Travis-90802] no

[Master] Llathandryll moved 6'08".

[Master] Haunting Elemental moved 8'09".

[Master] Haunting Elemental no longer targets Sarengar.

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] theres a big shadow there now so no

[Master] Sarengar moved 8'09".

[Master] Travis, the fight takes place in the dining hall but due to technical issues, we are using the 2nd floor map

[Master] I can move out of the shadows and stopped making new ones

[Travis-90802] i son't have that map

[Master] I moved the characters but can not move the shadows

[Travis-90802] don't

[Master] I moved your character so you can click on to get that map

Travis-90802 is receiving the map Second Floor...

Travis-90802 has received the map Second Floor.

[Travis-90802] thx

[Travis-90802] Grevic Rowan targets Haunting Elemental. Distance: 7'01"

[Travis-90802] Grevic Rowan moved 10'07".

[Travis-90802] Grevic Rowan moved 22'03".

[Travis-90802] Grevic Rowan: Attack: Composite Long Bow for Elves: ((16-(d20+2))+1) [1d20=9] 6 [MODIFIED (+1)]. MISSES Haunting Elemental (AC FINAL: 2).

[Travis-90802] Grevic Rowan: Attack: Composite Long Bow for Elves: ((16-(d20+2))+1) [1d20=9] 6 [MODIFIED (+1)]. MISSES Haunting Elemental (AC FINAL: 2).

[Travis-90802] Attack: Composite Long Bow for Elves:: is now ARMED.

[Master] ROUND: 1

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] so is this thing noncorporeal?

[Master] you can have Indigo move as he was holding action

[Master] no, just not humanoid

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] koorin came to this room too btw

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] or area, whatever

[Master] it has a physical body

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (can you bring him upstairs for me?)

[Master] done

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (thanks and I can see to hit him?)

[Lisa] Indigo targets Haunting Elemental. Distance: 1'07"

[Master] yes, what ever the light it is enough

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Indigo: Attack: Goblin Sword: ((+15-(d20+1))-2-2) [1d20=10] 0 [MODIFIED (-2)]. HITS Haunting Elemental (AC FINAL: 2)!!!

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Indigo: Damage v SM: Goblin Sword: ((1d6)+3) [1d6=3] 6 [MODIFIED (+3)] added to: Haunting Elemental

[Indigo (Lisa)] Indigo: Attack: Military Pick: ((+15-(d20+1))+2+2) [1d20=8] 10 [MODIFIED (+2)]. MISSES Haunting Elemental (AC FINAL: 2).

[Master] ok so new round, was that two attacks around yes?

[Indigo (Lisa)] (yes)

[Master] INIT: 1 GOING: Indigo

[Indigo (Lisa)] Indigo: Attack: Goblin Sword: ((+15-(d20+1))-2-2) [1d20=10] 0 [MODIFIED (-2)]. HITS Haunting Elemental (AC FINAL: 2)!!!

[Master] so go again

[Indigo (Lisa)] Indigo: Damage v SM: Goblin Sword: ((1d6)+3) [1d6=5] 8 [MODIFIED (+3)] added to: Haunting Elemental

[Indigo (Lisa)] Indigo: Attack: Military Pick: ((+15-(d20+1))+2+2) [1d20=9] 9 [MODIFIED (+2)]. MISSES Haunting Elemental (AC FINAL: 2).

[Master] INIT: 3 GOING: Koorin

[BiBo!!!] Koorin targets Haunting Elemental. Distance: 6'00"

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] Attack: Short Bow:: is now ARMED.

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] Koorin: Attack: Short Bow: ((18-(d20+0))+1-4) [1d20=19] -4 [MODIFIED BY SHOOTING INTO MELEE (-4)] [MODIFIED (+1)]. HITS Haunting Elemental (AC FINAL: 2)!!!

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] Koorin: Attack: Short Bow: ((18-(d20+0))+1-4) [1d20=3] 12 [MODIFIED BY SHOOTING INTO MELEE (-4)] [MODIFIED (+1)]. MISSES Haunting Elemental (AC FINAL: 2).

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] Koorin: Damage v SM: Short Bow: (1d6) [1d6=3] 3 added to: Haunting Elemental

[Master] INIT: 10 GOING: Sarengar

[Sarengar (Guy)] Sarengar: Attack: Cutlass: ((15-(d20+1))+1) [1d20=1] 14 [MODIFIED (+1)]. MISSES Haunting Elemental (AC FINAL: 2).

[Master] INIT: 14 GOING: Branwyn

[Lisa] Branwyn targets Haunting Elemental. Distance: 9'11"

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Branwyn casts a spell against Haunting Elemental: Lightning Bug: a missile of electrical energy shoots forth, doing (1d6+1+1*8) [1d6=6] 15 points of damage up to +10. It's damage can be transferred through any conductor that touches the body.

[Master] INIT: 16 GOING: Haunting Elemental

[Master] Haunting Elemental: Attack: Natural Attack: (14-(d20+0)) [1d20=13] 1. HITS Haunting Elemental (AC FINAL: 2)!!!

[Travis-90802] good job

[Master] Haunting Elemental targets Sarengar. Distance: 0'11"

[Master] Haunting Elemental: Attack: Natural Attack: (14-(d20+0)) [1d20=7] 7. MISSES Sarengar (AC FINAL: 6).

[Master] thought that was too easy

[Master] INIT: 18 GOING: Llathandryll

[BiBo!!!] Llathandryll targets Haunting Elemental. Distance: 6'11"

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] Llathandryll casts a spell against Haunting Elemental: Continual Light - Wizard: Create a permanent source of light which shines in a 60 foot radius.

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] trying to blind it. save I guess

[Master] Haunting Elemental: Magical Spell save: (d20) [1d20=13] 13 - ROLL FAILED against 14!!

[Master] INIT: 22 GOING: Grevic Rowan

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] yay

[Travis-90802] Grevic Rowan: Attack: Composite Long Bow for Elves: ((16-(d20+2))+1) [1d20=16] -1 [MODIFIED (+1)]. HITS Haunting Elemental (AC FINAL: 2)!!!

[Travis-90802] Grevic Rowan: Attack: Composite Long Bow for Elves: ((16-(d20+2))+1) [1d20=5] 10 [MODIFIED (+1)]. MISSES Haunting Elemental (AC FINAL: 2).

[Travis-90802] Grevic Rowan: Damage v SM: Arrow; Sheaf: ((1d8)+1) [1d8=1] 2 [MODIFIED (+1)] added to: Haunting Elemental

[Travis-90802] Grevic Rowan: Damage v SM: Arrow; Sheaf: ((1d8)+1) [1d8=3] 4 [MODIFIED (+1)] added to: Haunting Elemental

[Master] only one hit

[Travis-90802] inly use first

[Master] ROUND: 2

[Master] clearly it is hurt but seems not backing down

[Master] INIT: 1 GOING: Indigo

[Indigo (Lisa)] Indigo: Attack: Goblin Sword: ((+15-(d20+1))-2-2) [1d20=19] -9 [MODIFIED (-2)]. HITS Haunting Elemental (AC FINAL: 2)!!!

[Indigo (Lisa)] Indigo: Damage v SM: Goblin Sword: ((1d6)+3) [1d6=5] 8 [MODIFIED (+3)] added to: Haunting Elemental

[Indigo (Lisa)] Indigo: Attack: Military Pick: ((+15-(d20+1))+2+2) [1d20=16] 2 [MODIFIED (+2)]. HITS Haunting Elemental (AC FINAL: 2)!!!

[Indigo (Lisa)] Indigo: Damage v SM: Military Pick: ((1d4+1)+3+2) [1d4=4] 10 [MODIFIED (+2)] added to: Haunting Elemental

[Master] INIT: 3 GOING: Koorin

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] Koorin: Attack: Short Bow: ((18-(d20+0))+1-4) [1d20=11] 4 [MODIFIED BY SHOOTING INTO MELEE (-4)] [MODIFIED (+1)]. MISSES Haunting Elemental (AC FINAL: 2).

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] Koorin: Attack: Short Bow: ((18-(d20+0))+1-4) [1d20=7] 8 [MODIFIED BY SHOOTING INTO MELEE (-4)] [MODIFIED (+1)]. MISSES Haunting Elemental (AC FINAL: 2).

[Master] INIT: 10 GOING: Sarengar

[Master] Combat has finished.

[Sarengar (Guy)] Sarengar: Attack: Cutlass: ((15-(d20+1))+1) [1d20=10] 5 [MODIFIED (+1)]. MISSES Haunting Elemental (AC FINAL: 2).

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] doe the first one hit due to it being blind?

[Master] it is dead

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] oh. well yay

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (is there a body ir does the axe simply fall to the floor?)

[Master] but it still glows

[Master] for the light spell

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (he can be a permanent night light for the lodge)

[Travis-90802] ya

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] a really bright night light

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] woah... say that 3 times fast

[Master] i can't even type it three times fast

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] lol

[Branwyn (Lisa)] So now we can go down to the bar and have another drink and relax

[Master] yes we will end here so you can talk and drink

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] "well.... THAT was solved fast."

[Sarengar (Guy)] I think that we have ended the hauntings Mr Topp

[Master] but the night is not over, you guys just make it so much more fun than planned

[Master] so you may think

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] "Though it doesnt explain where it came from."

[Master] true

[Travis-90802] elemental choas

[Sarengar (Guy)] I still think that the assassin is after not only his weapon but any other magical items in the house

[Master] thre is more to discuss but I think the dogs need a potty break

[Master] I will be back shortly

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] "I doubt it just came in randomly. Someone or something brought it."

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] k

[Travis-90802] makes sense

[Travis-90802] i g2g the game is almost over anyways

Travis-90802 has left the game on Fri Feb 03 22:54:43 EST 2012

[Master] sorry, back

[Master] hope you all don't mind me finishing this next week

[Indigo (Lisa)] not at all!

[Master] at least Bob will be here for the technical issues

[Sarengar (Guy)] i dont mind im starting to fall asleep

[Master] trust ne it is late for me

[Indigo (Lisa)] so good to see you!

[Guy] ive been up early the last 3 days

[Guy] and you need to get your butt back in here as a player too

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] yeah. we miss having you around. sometimes.

[Guy] ok im out yall have a good night

[Master] it's not that I don't miss it but staying up this late throws me off all week

[Master] I will have to see how this week goes

[Lisa] Goodnight Guy!

[Master] thank you, enjoy

Guy has left the game on Fri Feb 03 23:01:14 EST 2012

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] what time do you normally go to bed?

[Lisa] that's silly. You used to play all the time right?

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] before kids

[Master] I wind down 9-30 in bed by 10

[Master] and before I turned 40+

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] I have a hard time getting to bed before 2. I really wish I could though

[Lisa] well we shall have to continue next week

[Master] kids are so independent already, just feel like I ignore them if I spend too much time wothout checking in on them

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] laters

[Lisa] you don't have to stay up the whole time

[Lisa] goodnight

[Llathandryll (BiBo!!!)] great seeing you again

BiBo!!! has left the game on Fri Feb 03 23:03:25 EST 2012

[Master] at least your not on US time compleatly

Lisa has left the game on Fri Feb 03 23:03:26 EST 2012

[Master] Thank you, same here

[Master] i was sure you knew it was me the way you reffered to bob

[Master] but i may just be parinod

[Master] i actual thought driving here BOB would never leave me, almost thought it was a surprise party or something

First draft and early XP awarded