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Main / ExtraordinarySenses

Table of Contents - Chapter 5

Extraordinary Senses

This category encompasses several senses that characters and NPCs can possess.


There are two things to consider when dealing with vision. Being seen and seeing others. For simplicities sake there are three types of vision.

Normal Vision - This is the standard ability to see in the ambient light source available. If the character is using a magical light source their ability to see beyond the limits of that light source is severely limited. The abrupt change from bright light to darkness or the reverse takes one full round for the character to recover from and is considered Surprised for that round.

Infravision - Is the ability to see heat sources and operates similar to normal vision. Infravision is only possessed by non-warm blooded creatures. All of the The Cold Blooded races posess Infravision. This ability to see in the thermal range is still blocked by Invisibility. The abrupt change from a very bright heat source to darkness or the reverse takes one full round for the character to recover from and is considered Surprised for that round.

Ultravision - Is an innate magical ability that is present in several of the demi-human and humanoid races. This is the ability to see in the dark as if normal ambient light sources were available. The area that the character can see is typically limited to 60 feet. This type of vision can be obscured and does not allow a character to see through magical darkness. This ability is often called infravision by mistake because it allows characters to 'see in the dark'. Characters with Ultravision can not be surprised by sudden changes in light, although it still takes a full round for their vision to adjust. They are treated as being in darkness for that round.

For all types of vision there are penalties when not in clear conditions.

Modifier for Degrees of Darkness
 Attack RollDamageSavingAC
Moonlight or
Moderate Fog
Starlight, Dense Fog
both moons under
-3 Normal-3*-2
Total darkness
Spell or Underground
  • The saving throw modifier applies only to saving throws involving dodging and evasion in these cases.
  • Ultravision does eliminate any modifiers for lack of light but not for obscurement such as fog

Both Ultravision and Infravision function underwater, though not with the same efficiency as on the surface. Ultravision operates at one quarter the distance on any of the Underwater Visibility range charts. Infravision in clear water is one half normal range, in turbid or murky water is one quarter normal range. At any depth a character using either Ultravision or Infravision see about the same as being just below the surface on an Overcast day. In addition, the sheer alienness of the environment and Absorption makes it difficult for the character to be certain of all he sees. Ultravision operates the same as normal vision. Infravision is distorted and even a single object will look indistinct. For Infravision shift all categories over to the right on the Underwater Visibility range charts.

When a character is attempting to use their tracking proficiency Ultravision will work with possible penalties but Infravision is very limited in use. Illusions that have a visual component are seen normally with both normal vision and Ultravision; those types of vision to not pierce illusions. Infravision will not see an illusion that does not contain a heat component.

The section on Vision & Light in Chapter 4 of the rule book covers the issues of light and darkness also.

These rules for vision are somewhat different than the standard rules given in various rule books. As with all the rules interpretations here this is the game mechanic in use for the game.