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Races - Chapter 1


One of the common races that competes with Humans are Elves. The Elves are found in many of the forested areas of the world. Some of the communities welcome outside interaction, and others keep deep into the wilderness and maintain an isolationist viewpoint.

This can be seen in the towns of Drawnquill and Firness along the Northern Stretch of the Great Trade Route. Drawnquill is a forest community that human and halfing travelers visit occasionally, while Firness is not even marked on any human map.

The culture of the Elves is one of that reflects the love of their lands and also their chaotic good nature, respecting every creature’s right to existence and the opportunity to live a good life. While many themes are reflected in elven society, those of magic and nature predominate. Elven unity with life and nature is stressed to the point where the very boundary between elves and their environment is blurred. This can be seen clearly in the Elven Pantheon.