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The Enemy of my Enemy Summary

Alia Valebat Dragonslayer Era


Assigned to Tristan Elaire by as of yet unnamed Head of Church with expectation of Branwyn to assist. " I expect that the Branwyn the Mysterious will be accompanying you"

They are to go to {Skull Church} "There is a large hill that from a distance has the appearance of a skull with a large church on the top of the hill. There is a small farmhouse to the side of the hill where in the past followers of the church lived to raise food for the priests. The church originally was consecrated to Kiputytto of the Suomi faith. Until recently this church was quiet and un assuming, however recently a new force has taken over. An Archbishop of Hades, of the Greek Church has taken up residence there he has been actively working to recreate this church to suit his needs I also have an additional person to give you assistance during your mission there, Aunt Jennevive of Brennios we obviously cannot allow a high ranking member of the Greek Church to take over a chapel in our lands I leave it to you to work out who shall take control of it after that problem is solved Aunt Jennevivie or return it to the previous worshipers"

Drama Notes

have a priestess of Brennios traveling with you, rooting out an evil greek priest and maybe handing it over to a priestess of Suomi

[Tristan Elaire (Eric) (to Master only)] why would my church be dealing with a preistess of Brennios? They are mortal enemies? They attack each other [Master (to Eric only)] the enemy of my enemy grins [Master] you will have to work out the Kayugan church vs Greek Church issues [Master] is it better to have an evil you know in charge? or to have an evil you do not trust? [Tristan Elaire (Eric) (to Master only)] but if you read the write up priests of Belinos seek out those priests and destroy them. Why would we use an evil priest when we have available priests of Belinos? I'm good with it just not how I saw the interaction between the chuches [Master] partially Eric it is the idea of your own bad brother is better than someone elses bad brother


[Lisa] and are we getting paid for tristan's adventure? [Master] only what you take from the church

Found 400cp {not taken} and 2 scrolls in a nest of ghouls, one Celtic, one mage