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The Enemy of My Enemy - Epilogue

continuing roleplaying after arriving home at the Jistille Estates


Leatherus takes the robe from Indigo. Many thanks Sir Indigo...Er...Sir Captain Indigo... Or Captain Sir Indigo? Sorry, I am not good with titles, I mean no offense. I will take this to Tristan. If it indeed enhances wisdom, I'm sure it will be something he shall cherish. As for me, the only wisdom I need is enough to know who is my enemy and who is not... It was an honor to fight along side you. I should get this to Tristan." He nods politely to Indigo and heads to the church.

Leatherus finds Tristan in his study with a number of books on engineering, mathematics, and stone masonry from old masters, old maps of the Skull church, and ink/parchment laid out on various tables. "Excuse me Patron, Sir-Captain Indigo gave this to me. He said that it may enhance the wisdom of whoever wears it."

Tristan looks up from his papers and eyes the robe with wonder. "Is that so? Please hand it here I wish to take a look at it." He turns the robe over in his hands inspecting it. "I shall have to do some more research on this in case it is cursed..." Looking up he smiles "I am glad to see you again Leatherus. You did well with the task I gave you. Indigo can be...imaginative in the ways he gets himself into trouble. We shall have to sit down this evening at dinner so you can fill me in on your escapades. But for now, forgive me I have much work to do and a letter to write to a master of my order." Smiling he says "You have done well for yourself and in the eyes of Cahus my son."

Leatherus nods his head and leaves without saying a word. Closing the door behind him.

Ilero sits cross-legged up on top of the roof of one of the taller buildings of the estate. From up here, he can see as far as the Mist will let him, and be free of interruptions and distractions while he thinks. He sits and watches life proceed down below for a while as the sun toils on its path overhead. After some time passes, he stands up, balancing himself effortlessly on the slanted roof, and makes his way over to the edge. From there it's a simple matter (for him) to drop over the lip of the roof and onto the window ledge below and back into the main building. He flags down the first passing servant he sees. "Pliss, ask Medoro arrange official meeting wit' me, Patron Tristan and Aunt Jennevive. Is not urgent, but need talk to organize t'ings."

Later on, whenever the three of them manage to get together, Ilero tells them, "Hokay, here what hye t'ink. Tell me if wrong or problem. Queen say Tristan establish church in Wastes, under guidance of me, who has final choice on disposition of religious artifacts." He checks them to make sure they agree with his memories. "Not sure why hye suddenly expert when you two here. But, feh, whatever. Hye not able do it wit'out you help. Tristan, assume you ideal situation have church be Cahus-only, yes? So best solution for you be move all non-Cahus stuff out. Hye try, not promise success. Hye not looking forward to crypts again, no joke. Jennevive, hye need you help identify what faith different t'ings be. Hye no scholar, not know lots about t'em. Also, need contacts wit' clergy of different fait's to figure out what do wit' each one. Reasonable people, hopefully, not start war over who move where. Tyrin and Tiera only ones I remember. Bot' Suomi, so we start t'ere, alt'ough probably different branch want each. Tristan, when you go back, hye go wit', start list all t'ings in crypts. Eit'er you gots anti-undead stuff might help me not get eaten again? Hye not need more nightmares. Took long enough get over last set."

"Also, Jennevive. Hye get hint maybe Red use church as home base, maybe? You t'ink he go back any more now? How much trouble he be, you t'ink? Any idea how hye handle him he show up again?"

{minor note on the robes, they are magical +1 to wisdom, they are non-denominational priest robes to the Temple of the Shield.}

"Thank you Ilero for including me in your planning. I will use my contacts to see how quickly I can bring in someone from the Suomi church to discuss the matter. It will need to be a Prince at least I am certain." Muttering to her self as she starts to pace the front of the orchard house where they were gathered. "He would agree to part of that, but no she would want to come along.... perhaps Drin...."

Smiling to himself, Tristan adds "Thank you Jennevive for assisting me with this task. Please when you round up your contacts, tell them we shall meet at my church. Of course I expect a representative of every order to be in attendance. I do not wish to have any fighting later when one sect feels slighted for not being allowed their proper say. This will be done quickly and efficiently. We shall take inventory of the remains and allow their priests one month to remove what they wish. The books and furnishings shall stay in the church but they may take the effigies to their gods. Of course, that is, if these terms are agreeable to you Ilero."

Ilero shrugged. "Hye was t'inking to find out who t'ere first, t'en contact. T'at way no bot'er people not concerned. But whatever you two t'ink best on t'at. Hye no priest, not t'ink like one."

Tristan looks to Ilero "I shall do what I can to assist you with this task Ilero. Indeed priests can be prickly people. Especially those who feel slighted. I must return to my room and my studies. If you need anything please let me know Ilero. Jennevieve, when you have rounded up a leader from each order please let me know."

Tristan turns and leaves. Returning to his small, humble room. Sighing deeply he returns to his task of designing the changes he has planned. Once he completes a rough outline of what he has planned for his new church, he grabs a piece of parchment and his ink well and begins to pen a letter to Father Aethelmar in his father's lands:

Foster Aethelmar,

I write to inform you that to date my mission in these parts have so far been a success. I have managed to oust a sect of Hades from a temple in the Craniate Wastes, about a days ride from the Jistille Estates. In addition, I have been given a blessing by Queen Mosskin to spread word of the greatness of Cahus and the other gods of our faith. There is much to do in order to change this temple to a welcoming respite for travelers and warriors who rightfully wish to pay homage to the proper Gods. The building has been placed on a mound that resembles a skull, and has thus been named the Skull Church by the surrounding populace. It is my intention to change the very face of the landscape and plant the seeds of a purer, more welcoming temple.

As you know, I have read and studied the writings of the great minds and engineers and I believe I can design a method to seal the caves that create the awful appearance of a skull. But this will take labor and money, the latter of which this impoverished community severely lacks. Thus, I write to you requesting you speak with your peers and beseech on my behalf for funds so that I may continue my work here. I also need priests to help maintain this building and assist in ceremonies. I ask that you send a fellow son of Cahus as I feel this place should always have the glory of his teachings be spoken, and my work with the Dragonslayers here takes me away often. In addition, a priest o Aclim for the travelers we shall host, as well as of Uthe so they may help me in the cultivation of this land. Any assistance you may provide I assure you I shall use to reap bounties of souls for our lords.

Finally, I must speak to you of the troubles in this area. Father Wilkorn, son of Belinos, and head of the Church of the Defending Mage, has been acting troubling lately. He lacks the proper level of piety and seems more preoccupied with matters not known to me than spreading the word of our gods as one in his position should. Even more troubling, he has been consorting with a priestess of Brennios, Aunt Jennevive. He sent her on my mission to reclaim the Skull Church for our faith. I have taken it upon myself to house her in my new church so that I can keep an eye on her and keep her from consorting with Father Wilkorn. I shall continue to update you on this troublesome turn of events.

Always Your Willing Student,

Patron Tristan

Tristan folds the letter and seals it with wax. In the main chamber of the church he finds Priest Bronnell. The new acolyte of Aclim the church had acquired. "I have a task for you brother. One of the highest urgency on my part." Tristan hands him the note as well as the marked up plan of his new church and a map of the Kingdom of Orts.

"I need you to take these to Foster Aethelmar. He heads the church in my father's lands in the Kingdom of Orts. I have marked its location for you on this map. You are to deliver these to him and to him alone. Pack your things, you must leave today. I shall inform Father Wilkorn of your absence. One more thing..."

Tristan holds his hands over the drawings and the letter and casts Mistaken Missive. "For the next 6 days these documents are protected from anyone who should wish to steal or spy on them. I ask you do what you can to get them to Foster Aethelmar before than. Ride with haste my son.."

Tristan watches as Priest Bronnell rushes off to his room to gather his things. He silently prays to Cahus and Aclim to protect him and give him speed to reach his destination...