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Chapter 1 - Races


See dwarves for more information.

The races of the underground are sometimes all lumped into the word Dwarf. This is not an accurate assessment. There are many races underground of the same general shape, but they are all very separate societies.

Some of these races are:

There are also other races that more closely resemble humans such as the Drow and the Mindflayers as well as other humanoid races such as Troglodytes.

The following information and links are copied and pasted directly from The Complete Book of Dwarves. It is for a player's reference only. Some information contained within may conflict with the rules or mechanics that are used in BOB's game; in any such circumstance, BOB's rules supersede any rule or information contained in the links. Any questions should be directed at BOB.

Balor the Hill Dwarf Introduces the Dwarves

Dwarves are the greatest race ever created by the gods. We are far superior to the pansy elves, smelly goblins, dirty orcs, and misshapen humans. Dwarves are perfectly shaped, solid and strong, like the stones that form our dwellings. Our skins are the color of the earth, our hair and beards are of the finest hue and texture imaginable.
Dwarves are more than just an attractive race. Imbued with unchanging attitudes and steadfastness, we do not waver, even in the face of great adversity. Well suited to our lives underground, we can see in the dark and detect underground dangers and pitfalls. Our craftsmen have created the finest cities and buildings in the world. Our bridges and high vaulted chambers are wonders to behold, with a strength and permanence of form that other races have never duplicated.
We have no fear of magic. We shake off its effects as easily as we slay the goblins who lurk in the dark. We are impervious to poisons and noxious substances that would kill those of lesser races. Such is our vigor that even cursed weapons fail to possess us, for our inherent vitality is invincible.
Dwarves are also great warriors, well disciplined, and organized into armies that strike fear into evil monsters everywhere. Our combat skills against the filthy dark dwellers are beyond question. It is a particularly stupid goblin, pig-faced orc, or brainless hobgoblin who does not quake with fear at the sound of dwarven boots. Our battle axes have drunk deeply of the blood of such creatures, our hammers have smashed thousands of their skulls. We will continue until there are none left to kill. That is not an idle boast, it is an oath.
Yet we are a peaceful people. We do not seek war, nor do we steal from others. Those are the actions of other, less honorable races. We see to our own and those who attempt to steal that which is ours will die. That is not a threat, it is the way of the dwarf. If you do not wish to feel our wrath, leave us alone.