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Dryads Lair Principality

The city of Dryads Lair is on a peninsula that is bordered on the west by the Velikaya River and on the east by the Narva River. To the north is the Blumm Wood and the Cordrawn Hills. The Blumm Wood is considered part of the Principality however there is no control over that dark dangerous wood.

As the city of Dryads Lair grew larger the rest of the peninsula was converted over to agricultural needs. Most of the small villages scattered about the peninsula are on the coasts which allows quick transport of their goods to Dryads Lair. Some of these hamlets and towns have existed for many years and have their own stories and histories.

In 1148 TGR the Princess Dasandri decided to build a wall across the narrowest part of the isthmus to prevent attacks from the humanoids in the Blumm Wood from coming south to raid the farms. The effort was well intentioned and had the backing of several powerful mages and priests. They even endowed the wall with permanence, to prevent it from failing because of the ravages of time. The problem was not using military experts during their creation process. The wall only has one opening through it and there are no guard towers build as part of the wall to protect that opening. There are currently wooden barracks build on the south side of the wall to assist in screening the caravans that come south from the port town of Northam or various travelers. Most of the ten mile stretch of the wall is actually unguarded. The land north of the wall is still considered part of the Principality but the sheriff does not patrol as much there as south of the wall.

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Dryads Lair Principality
Dryads Lair Principality