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Dragon Fen Estate

Dragon Fen is a new territory in Drillian granted by Queen Willimina Mosskin to Branwyn for her service to the crown. The Royal Grant was given on 4-8-345 SKR and was for up to 10 square miles from the Craniate Wastes to the edges of the Jistille Estates. The Valoris Wood forms the southern edge of Dragon Fen.

Dragon Fen Manor is the seat of the Estate where Branwyn lives and there are 8 hamlets and villages scattered throughout the Estate.

Home Base for an accounting of some of the wealth of the Estate.


Guided Tour of Dragon Fen

The center of Dragon Fen Estate is the village of Otterville. This village lies a mile and a half from Dragon Fen Manor and contains a Kayugan Church, with a rare hospital, an Inn for travelers and the Sheriff's barracks. To the east along the edge of the swamps is Foriso Town where the Estate's lighthouse is maintained at the Scouting Guild run by Ilero. Also in Foriso Town is a Mill and a Trading Post. Tucked deeper into the the swamps is Qui Fen a small hamlet of farmers. The western portion of the Estate contains more farm households centered around Mistgarden.

Otterville is the central village of the Estate. The smell of fresh cut hay as it crunches under foot slightly covers up the rich scent of decay from the swamp, it is heady but not foul; there is wonder in this village. At first glance it is normal, with timbered buildings. The inn serves as the heart of the village, a place for gathering and sharing all that is good in life. It is a tall building two story building and sturdy. The church across the plaza is imposing, three stories tall. When the sun hits it in midmorning, a opalescent fire blazes from the murals painted on it for just a moment; there is wonder in this village. The wonder does not live in the opalescent fire or the scents that filter through the streets and alleys. Wonder lives in the simple things, like the farm houses in the north that crowd around a well grasping for the life it gives. It lives through the sister well in the southwest that has drawn a crowd of farmhouses of her own; small but growing. Wonder lives in a place of respite and care, a hospital where death and woe are not welcome. Wonder shines in the fierce eyes of the soldiers who rest in the barracks, ready to defend the glory of their home. Wonder lives in the knowledge that, while this place is not natural, it is good and right. In the silence of the early morning, you can hear the forest song and you know the trees are at peace. They were not harmed out of malice for the sake of progress to bring this village into existence. The tree shepherd directs the chorus of serenity that calms the world and allows the village to flourish. He is good and he is right and he knows there is wonder in this village.

In the North West corner of Dragon Fen lies Traveler's Way?, a small hamlet dedicated to outreach and welcoming outsiders. At the western most edge of the hamlet is an inn by the same name, with a large greeting room on the first floor as well as a common sleeping area and access to a small work area for making simple repairs. The second floor has another common area as well as individual rooms for rent and also has a large room set aside to be used as a school / orphanage for the Norse Shine out back. The third floor is for private rooms and staff only. Hoffman and Miranda have a private suite on the Northern end with a view to North, East and West. Behind the Inn is an open but covered stable for boarding animals and a path that leads to a Shrine to Idun.

1 - Dragon Fen Manor

Group home manor house, attendant buildings such as an apprentice tower, barn, workout area, laboratory
small hamlet of 6 farm houses, adjacent barns, boarding house, Hugh & Neith's residence, and blacksmith near a stream make up the small population that lives next to Branwyn's Manor House.

2 - Otterville - between 2 and 3 miles away from the Manor, closer to the center of the Estate

Church of Otterville (Church & hospital), town hall, Inn with stable, barracks
group of 10 farm houses/barns along the far side of town (N) around a well
group of 8 farm houses/barns along SW side of town, around a well

3 - Foriso Town - towards the swamps in the east, 2 to 4 miles away from the Manor

Trading Post, Mill, Tieran Guild
group of 15 farm houses/barns

4 - Qui Fen - along the extreme southeastern border of the Estate, a quarter mile from the edge of Valoris Wood

group of 12 farm houses/barns

5 - Travelers Way - two and half miles to the west of Otterville on the northwest corner of the Estate

group of 11 farm houses/barns, Traveler's Way and Shrine to Idun

6 - Cypress Borough, a mile and a half to the northwest of Foriso Town

group of 11 farm houses/barns

7 - Regets Field

group of 10 farm houses/barns

8 - Soggy Hollow

group of 10 farm houses/barns

9 - Mistgarden

group of 10 farm houses/barns

10 - Valoris Fenorian Solonor - This Shrine to Solonor is just over 100 yards off the track that leads from Dragon Fen Estates to Jistille Estates through the Valoris Wood. About one mile deep into the wood this is a place built by elves to worship in the forest.

Dragon Fen
Overview of the Estate.


This section is for input in creating and describing this new territory. We will take ideas from here and add it to the narrative above. Actual building discussions are over on Building Dragon Fen - Out of Character. This is for talking about descriptions of the new territory.

  • How much territory will actually be taken up? you get the minimum of 10 square miles but can have as much as you can deal with. This is where looking at the map on Google Earth will help.

*With one square mile to work (640 acres) a community of 35 people can provide enough surpluses to allow 4 non-farm workers to live there. Each person farming (ages <7 is 0 worker, 7-11 is worker, 12> is 1 worker) contributes 2.8% to the yield.


If we have enough farm houses for 630 Farmers, then we need to have 18 square miles of farming, we doubled the farming for the guild from original layout. We started with 1 square mile for non farming land, mainly the Dragon Fen Manor and unnamed town. Not sure if we need to worry about amount of additional non farming space beyond total square miles of "controlled" territory. For ease of use, we can approximate 4 miles by 5 miles. Just in case we want to build a moat around the entire property.

You have 10 square miles under Royal Grant. 9 square miles of that can be farmed. John is correct that you need 18 square miles so the current Google Earth map of Dragon Fen is too cramped. I will redo that and spread the locations of the towns and hamlets out farther. Particularly Travelers Way to be the far western edge, Foriso Town where it is on the edge of the swamps and Dragon Fen Manor where it is along the Valoris Wood and the track to Jistille will stay.


Farm houses - 104 Farm Barns - 104

Currently 8 areas with farms for an average of 13 per town

Foriso Town
Arriving from the swamps.