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Long live the King - The Enemy of my Enemy

[Master] ==== Gaming session started: Fri Dec 27 18:38:33 EST 2013 ====

[Master] You are here swamp trip moved 5'00".

JohnAA has joined the game on Fri Dec 27 18:51:20 EST 2013

JohnAA is receiving the map swamp...

JohnAA has received the map swamp.

[Master] Hello there

[JohnAA] hey

[Master] Lisa will be in shortly

[Master] I am texting Eric now to see his ETA

[Master] once he is in will text TMO

[Master] TMO will only be in for the awards, he is having something at the house tonight

[JohnAA] no problem, today is a good as any day to die ;)

[Master] there are only three encounters to go

[Master] I would think your luck would be better than that

[Master] it woudl only happen on the very last one

Lisa has joined the game on Fri Dec 27 18:57:59 EST 2013

Lisa is receiving the map swamp...

[JohnAA] I am more concerend for the rest of the group, especialy her

Lisa has received the map swamp.

[Lisa] Hello!

[JohnAA] Hi

[Master] so tonight I plan on gettign those three rolls out fo the way

[Master] and then the end of story arc XP

[Master] and once Eric logs in

[Master] I will let TMO know so he can log in and we can so the end of the year awards

[JohnAA (to GM only)] Character sheet for Miranda modified: Notes - CHANGED.

[JohnAA] Lisa, ready for me to roll?

[Lisa] oh sure :)

[JohnAA] Roll #1: (d20+5) [1d20=13] 18

[Master] Branwyn XP award: 500. Next level in 23192.

[Master] Hoffman XP award: 500. Next level in 32746.

[JohnAA] Roll #1: (d20) [1d20=16] 16

[Master] and one more time

[JohnAA] Roll #1: (d20) [1d20=14] 14

[Master] and home safe and sound

[Lisa] that was easy

[Master] Time of Day: 08:00 AM. Day 25 Mid ___ se, Man {Early Spring} 25th, 343 SKR.

[Master] Miranda moved 6'02".

[Master] Zeronnia Blueblade moved 31'06".

[Master] Zeronnia Blueblade moved 62'11".

[Master] Miranda moved 3'11".

[JohnAA] are we sure there is no XP left pening for Miranda?

[Master] there is XP pending for everyone

[Lisa] I thought we were fighting all night - did not contemplate training yet

[Master] Ivan Williams moved 26'00".

[Master] Ivan Williams moved 46'05".

[JohnAA] every player or every character

[Master] Barnabas Stone moved 1'03".

[Master] Miranda moved 10'09".

[Master] Jilly moved 37'11".

[Lisa] Who is Zeronnia?

[Master] Brother Fotopoulos moved 9'01".

[Master] Miranda moved 1'01".

[Master] Hoffman moved 40'06".

[Master] Branwyn moved 4'08".

[Master] Tristan Elaire moved 4'02".

[Master] Leatherus moved 3'08".

[Master] Shurkural moved 1'06".

Lisa is receiving the map Base Map...

[JohnAA] only 20K away from being priest / mage

[Master] QuiFon Ruminel moved 2'00".

JohnAA is receiving the map Base Map...

[JohnAA] I am back at the keyboard.

Lisa has received the map Base Map.

JohnAA has received the map Base Map.

[Master] Barnabas Stone moved 2'06".

[Master] so now I want to figure out how much XP per character for the two story arcs

[Master] a lot of book keeping to start the night

[JohnAA] 10 per day

[Master] plus a chance to work out details about other training things like the Aerial Adventures

[Master] etc

[Lisa] want us to come back in a bit?

[Master] no

[JohnAA] plus 100 per game session

[Master] want you to work out what you want to do for training

[Master] spells

[Master] library

[Master] funding

[Master] etc

[Lisa] sigh

[Master] I know that Bran does not have any training but she does want spells right?

[Lisa] we have major problems with funding

[Master] research etc?

[Master] there you go

[Lisa] she was supposed to have weapons training

[JohnAA] the queen is out of money?

[Lisa] was thinking quarterstaff but never went ahead and said she was doing it

[Master] Barnabas Stone moved 4'01".

[Lisa] she gave us a check - not a revolving door account

[JohnAA] aaaahhhhh

[Lisa] have been thinking and think Branwyn should not know how to use any weapons other than her dagger

[JohnAA] looks like we need to get a paying gig before we can train

[Lisa] no

[Lisa] was have cash

[JohnAA] you can use weapond prof for other things

[Lisa] we have cash

[Lisa] but stupid mages and their tricky spell costs

[JohnAA] enough for two mages?

[Lisa] never figured out and deducted for last round of spells for miranda and branwyn

[Lisa] much less this next round

[Master] Ilero XP award: 10000. Next level in 27173.

[Master] Barnabas Stone XP award: 5000. Next level in 9062.

[Master] Branwyn XP award: 7500. Next level in 15692.

[Master] QuiFon Ruminel XP award: 1000. Next level in 10563.

[Master] Indigo XP award: 1000. Next level in 48002.

[Master] Shurkural XP award: 1000. Next level in 12730.

[Master] Hoffman XP award: 5000. Next level in 27746.

[Master] Brother Fotopoulos XP award: 1000. Next level in 3627.

[Master] Miranda XP award: 1000. Next level in 1428.

[Master] Tristan Elaire XP award: 5000. Next level in 29653.

[Lisa] spent queen's check on catapult, and wagon and all the horses and gear we took on last adventure

[Lisa] otherwise we would have had to walk or spend a lot of our own cash

[JohnAA] ok so miranda was not as close as I thought

[JohnAA] dual class was not clear

[JohnAA (to GM only)] Character sheet for Miranda modified: Notes - CHANGED.

[Lisa] she will get lots of xp on next adventure

[JohnAA] bob, did you notice that the xp goes to class one not class two?

[JohnAA] no, not gonna worry about it

[Master] Ilero XP award: 5000. Next level in 22173.

[Master] Leatherus XP award: 1000. Next level in 852.

[Master] Barnabas Stone XP award: 4000. Next level in 5062.

[Master] Branwyn XP award: 5000. Next level in 10692.

[Master] QuiFon Ruminel XP award: 4000. Next level in 6563.

[Master] Indigo XP award: 5000. Next level in 43002.

[Master] Shurkural XP award: 5000. Next level in 7730.

[Master] Hoffman XP award: 10000. Next level in 17746.

[Master] Brother Fotopoulos XP award: 3000. Next level in 627.

[Master] Miranda XP award: 2500. Level-up!

[Master] Tristan Elaire XP award: 5000. Next level in 24653.

[Master] all the XP goes to one class

[Master] then you have to divide it afterwards

[Master] so that is the totals from the two story arcs

[Master] Branwyn is only 10,000 XP away? that is close

[Master] Indigo has a ways to go

[Master] Hoffman is getting closer

[Master] already

[JohnAA] so with Miranda, you say she has 21,000 total xp?

[Master] right

[Lisa] I am away from the keyboard.

[JohnAA] she had to have at least 13,000 for 5th level priest so whike I thoght she was a 4th level mage, just gong up to 5, she realy is only 3rd level still

[Master] ok

[Master] this is the time to iron out all the wrinkles

[JohnAA] what is the 19,000 in class 2 for than?

[Master] you must have put that there at the beginning

[Master] I am going to comb through the bonus XP now

[Master] to see who gets it and how much

[JohnAA (to GM only)] Character sheet for Miranda modified:

[Master] I know Branwyn does

[Master] so starting there first

[Master] beyond that will have to check one by one

[JohnAA] the xp awards did not update for what you just gave us, is there a reason?

[Master] Branwyn XP award: 2526. Next level in 8166.

[Master] they do

[Master] if you close out your sheet

[Master] and reopen it

[JohnAA] did not work for me

[Master] who are you looking at?

[JohnAA] I was looking at Miranda and Hoffman, same effect

[Master] it shows me Hoffman getting three awards tonight

[JohnAA] I am going to try and klog off, I will be back

JohnAA has left the game on Fri Dec 27 19:33:03 EST 2013

[Master] Branwyn moved 6'08".

[Master] Indigo moved 6'03".

[Master] Ilero moved 15'00".

JohnAA has joined the game on Fri Dec 27 19:34:25 EST 2013

Eric has joined the game on Fri Dec 27 19:34:53 EST 2013

Eric is receiving the map Base Map...

[Master] Ok so Indigo is totally done

[Master] Branwyn is done up until the annual awards

[Master] and Hello Eric

[Master] Happy Christmas, Merry New Year

[Eric] hello

[Master] I will do Ilero's totals

[Master] are you here for a while Eric?

Eric has received the map Base Map.

JohnAA is receiving the map Base Map...

JohnAA is receiving the map Base Map...

[Eric] all night long

[Master] most excellent!

JohnAA has received the map Base Map.

[Master] I will text TMO to let him know

[Eric] I agree

[Master] as he only has a short time

JohnAA has received the map Base Map.

[Master] but if you look at your XP totals they are greatly increased

[Eric] nice!

[JohnAA] When I logged back in I can see the changes

[Eric] My char sheet doesnt reflect it ibut I read above.

[Lisa] I am back at the keyboard.

[Lisa] Hi Eric :)

[Master] Ilero XP award: 2956. Next level in 19217.

[Eric] Hi there Lisa!!

[Lisa] Was updating party pack

[JohnAA (to GM only)] Character sheet for Miranda modified: Notes - CHANGED.

[Master] Shurkural moved 15'02".

[Lisa] does anyone remember if we got any loot after the shambling mound or do I have to go through the last 4 chat logs?

[Lisa] I don't think we got anything after that.

[JohnAA] loot no, we got some things after the spider/giants/ liszard men

[JohnAA] Hoffman got a magic club

[Master] TMO is 60 to 90 minutes away

[JohnAA] He is not a dwarf

[Master] Leatherus XP award: 312. Next level in 540.

[Master] Tristan Elaire moved 5'11".

[Master] Leatherus moved 6'01".

[Lisa] ok - will look

[Master] working on Tristan now

[Lisa] I don't count the club since it is Hoffman's

[Eric] np :)

[Lisa] since you got us home so quickly we have time to kill

[Lisa] might as well play with our new toys

[Lisa] I count 3 potions to taste and the 2 mystery scrolls

[Eric] mmm mystery potions

[Master] Tristan Elaire XP award: 2241. Next level in 22412.

[Lisa] such fun

[Master] Barnabas Stone moved 23'03".

[JohnAA] weeeeeeee

[Master] Barnabas Stone moved 23'11".

[Master] holding off doing John's characters until last

[Master] Barnabas Stone XP award: 1266. Next level in 3796.

[JohnAA] I just did a partial total to confirm, I set it up for just the current class

[JohnAA] so the 21,000 is just the mage xp

[JohnAA] you are good to go

[Master] Sylviis XP award: 110. Next level in 4515.

[Master] Sylviis XP award: 550. Next level in 3965.

[Master] Jharym XP award: 1000. Next level in 69308.

[Master] well I need to double check who gets the 10% bonus etc

[JohnAA] so officaly Miranda can train for 3rd level spells

[Master] but all the other characters are done

[JohnAA] will it help to beg to Brawynn?

[Master] but those four

Guy has joined the game on Fri Dec 27 19:52:46 EST 2013

Guy is receiving the map Base Map...

[Master] grins, Very glad you made it Guy

Guy has received the map Base Map.

[Guy] only in for a little bit though

[Eric] ahh how the prospects of mass XP lures in the crowds

[JohnAA] good enough for me

[JohnAA] glad you are here

[Master] Brother Fotopoulos moved 7'03".

[Guy] i told bob id try to make it in

[Master] QuiFon Ruminel moved 11'05".

[Guy] my parents are here for the holidays

[Eric] glad to have you!

[Master] oh come now you can see your parent's any time ;)

[Master] I am very glad you did make it in

[Master] how long can you stay?

[Guy] only if i drive to south carolina lol

[Guy] not very long about 10 -15 minutes top

[Master] Ok

[Master] so then I will give out the annual awards now

[Guy] i shouold be able to make it next week no problems

[Master] so that you can be here for them

[Master] and next week we will be starting off the new story arcs

[Master] so without further babbling

[Master] This year was a very good year. Thank you all very much. This is the first time we had two bonus games in one year so that gave us a total of 54 chances to play together this year. We missed 3 weeks so we had a total of 53 sessions this year. We had 11 different players attend games this year. This year we welcomed in two new players Devin and Eric. They both brought a lot of fun and new energy to the game.

[Master] Our total games played, including tonight, is now at 964 game sessions.

[Master] so at some point in 2014 we will cross the 1,000 session mark

[Eric] wow

[Guy] nice

[Master] The updated, including tonight, stats for all of our players this year:

[Master] Lorie was here 1 time (2% of the games this year) for a total of 479 total sessions (50% of all sessions over 16 years of playing)

[Master] Dee was here 3 times (6% of the games this year) for a total of 12 total sessions (1% of all sessions over 3 years of playing)

[Master] Fritz was here 11 times (21% of the games this year) for a total of 228 total sessions (24% of all sessions over 10 years of playing)

[Master] Bill was here 13 times (25% of the games this year) for a total of 24 total sessions (2% of all sessions over 2 years of playing)

[Master] Marco was here 15 times (28% of the games this year) for a total of 496 total sessions (51% of all sessions over 16 years of playing)

[Master] Devin was here 11 times (21% of the games this year) for a total of 11 total sessions (1% of all sessions over 1 year of playing)

[Master] Marco almost made it to the 500 mark

[Master] everyone who has attended at least 10% of the sessions this year is ranking on the Roll Call as an Active Dragonslayer

[Guy] well if plays next year he should be able to make it

[Master] Then the top five:

[Master] Eric was here 9 times (17% of the games this year) for a total of 9 total sessions (1% of all sessions over 1 year of playing) and 2,500 XP

[Master] Congrats Eric

[Master] very glad you found our game

[Master] you have made it fun

[Guy] wtg eric

[Lisa] very much so

[Master] Guy was here 22 times (40% of the games this year) for a total of 149 total sessions (15% of all sessions over 5 years of playing) and 5,000 XP

[Eric] Thanks!!

[Master] you are missed Guy,

[Eric] i'm assuming that was more then 9?

[Master] you need to find a way to put out those fires faster

[Guy] i didnt think i had been playing 5 years already

[Master] you were here for 9 sessions as an offical Dragonslayer Eric

[JohnAA] it flys

[Eric] AHHH

[Master] and chuckles at Guy

[Guy] yes it does

[Master] 20% of the years

[Master] grins

[Master] John was here 34 times (53% of the games this year) for a total of 579 total sessions (60% of all sessions over 20 years of playing) and 5,000 XP

[Master] yes Eric, John has been here 570 more sessions than you have

[Master] it is an insane number

[Eric] i'll get there

[Guy] cheers john

[Eric] ;)

[Master] grins

[JohnAA] woo hoo

[Lisa] lol - I was just typing - that is insane

[Master] TMO was here 44 times (83% of the games this year) for a total of 71 total sessions (7% of all sessions over 2 years of playing) and 7,500 XP

[Master] I will put that in again for him when he appears

[Master] And Finally: Lisa was here 49 times (92% of the games this year) for a total of 177 total sessions (18% of all sessions over 4 years of playing) and 10,000 XP

[Eric] wow impressive Lisa

[Master] This is the third year in a row for Lisa

[JohnAA] woo hoo

[Lisa] I get gold star for attendance

[Master] and a woman has won every year from 2006 onward

[Guy] uh oh lisa passed me ill have to change that lol

[Master] Lorie, Christy, Kaz and Lisa

[Lisa] that would be good, Guy

[Guy] kaz says to tell everybody hi

[JohnAA] you would think we would have more players with all the women

[Master] tell her we miss her too!

[JohnAA] Tell her Hey You

[Lisa] Tell her hello and Merry Christmas and Happy New Years

[Lisa] Happy Quanza

[Guy] she says that women rule the world

[Master] kwanza

[JohnAA] do not forget festivus

[Guy] she also says the she hopes everybody has a wonderful wonderful year, Happy new Year

[Master] we had exactly 4 players per session on average this year

[Guy] and she says Happy Saturnalia

[Master] with 11 total players overall

[JohnAA] thank goodness there were no partial players

[JohnAA] btw, it looks like my computer is still tryig to reconect

[Master] now I will add in those awards to the XP totals

[Guy] she also wishes everybody a blessed solstice and that should cover pretty much everything lol

[Master] she missed Boxing Day

[Master] you can tell she has a thing against the Brits

[Guy] oh its not that shes against the brits shes anti-canadian and boxing day is part of christmas so it was covered lol

[Master] Tristan Elaire XP award: 2500. Next level in 19912.

[Master] Barnabas Stone XP award: 5000. Level-up!

[Guy] sweeeeeeeet'

[Master] Hoffman XP award: 5000. Next level in 12746.

[JohnAA] oh so close

[Master] Ilero XP award: 7500. Next level in 11717.

[Master] Branwyn XP award: 10000. Level-up!

[Master] and Lisa faints

[JohnAA] woo hoo

[Lisa] and she will never level again

[Master] LOL

[Eric] lol

[JohnAA] sure she will, give it a couple years

[Master] Seriously Guy Kaz should know she is very much wanted back when she can make it

Miranda-14232 has joined the game on Fri Dec 27 20:11:04 EST 2013

Miranda-14232 is receiving the map Base Map...

[Lisa] yes please

[Master] so back to computing the 10% bonus XP for John's characters

[Master] then everyone will be all topped up

[Master] BUT there are things to do also

Miranda-14232 has received the map Base Map.

[Master] because it is the gift giving season

[JohnAA] work work work

[Master] Indigo managed to get a present

[Master] I will leave it up to the group to figure it out

[Lisa] He did?

[JohnAA] to regift

[JohnAA] or the disease you need cured

[Guy (to GM only)] Character sheet for Barnabas Stone modified: Saving Throws - Paralysis, Poison or Death:: CHANGED: 10 (11). Rod, Staff or Wand:: CHANGED: 12 (13). Petrification or Polymorph:: CHANGED: 11 (12). Breath Weapon:: CHANGED: 12 (13). Magical Spell:: CHANGED: 13 (14). Combat - Melee THAC0: (THAC0) : CHANGED: 14 (15). Class Levels - Character Level: (L) : CHANGED: 7 (6). Warrior: (WARL) : CHANGED: 7 (6). Personal Information - Hit Dice:: CHANGED: 7 (5). Next Level:: CHANGED: 125000 (64000).

[JohnAA] need tristian to cast

[Lisa] that is not exactly a present

[Eric] lol

[JohnAA] quick before eric leaves

[Eric] a gift that keeps on giving

[Eric] I'm here all night smart ass

[Eric] :)

[Lisa] thought tristan couldn't cure diseases

[Eric] and yes i will heal

[Eric] yes i can

[JohnAA] ;)

[Guy] (d10) [1d10=7] 7

[Eric] i'm pretty amazing

[Lisa] LOL

[Lisa] it's not healing

[Eric] But I need to get me a glass of poison real quick brb

[Eric] i know

[Guy (to GM only)] Character sheet for Barnabas Stone modified: Combat - Max Hit Points:: CHANGED: 73 (63).

[Eric] 3rd lvl spell

Miranda-14232 has left the game on Fri Dec 27 20:14:47 EST 2013

[JohnAA] ;)

[Eric] cure disease. Got you covered lil man

[Guy] dang i have 73 hp now

[Eric] brb

[Lisa] so you get to stand in front of everything next year

[Lisa] here! hit him for a while

[Lisa] he can take it

[Lisa] :)

Miranda-14232 has joined the game on Fri Dec 27 20:15:49 EST 2013

[JohnAA] so who in the party can train?

Miranda-14232 is receiving the map Base Map...

[JohnAA] is a teacher

Miranda-14232 has received the map Base Map.

[Lisa] And thank you Bob for a wonderful year of gaming!

[Miranda (Miranda-14232)] i am a teacher

[Guy] why not with my AC and my HP i can almost stand up to a dragon

[Master] Hoffman XP award: 2735. Next level in 10011.

[Lisa] you should have been here last week

[Master] there was a dragon

[Master] brb

[Guy] ok folks i must be off to be with my parents before they leave yall have a merry christmas and a happy new year and ill see you next week

[Miranda (Miranda-14232)] take care

[Guy] and bob can briong on a dragon then

[Eric] anyone else from the north? We got HAMMERED with an ice storm last saturday. There's still 30k people without power and many wont have it until the 8th of jan

Guy has left the game on Fri Dec 27 20:19:16 EST 2013

[Eric] been in the teens all week. pipes are exploding in houses. Really messy

[Lisa] nope 79 here in LA

[Eric] well you suck

[Miranda (Miranda-14232)] soory eric

[Lisa] no I am actually quite comfortable

JohnAA has left the game on Fri Dec 27 20:19:55 EST 2013

[Lisa] I am sorry you are in the frozen tundra

[Eric] we had a tree in the neighbors yard explode...EXPLODE. it was like a bomb went off at 2 am

[Master] Miranda XP award: 721. Level-up!

[Lisa] wow

[Eric] lol ya why i chose this frozen hell is beyond me

[Eric] just curious if anyone else shared in my misery

[Master] it is only 76 down here

[Eric] man....

[Master] but no, no one else is that crazy Eric, grins

[Miranda (Miranda-14232)] you can mpve to the moddle of florida, but south florida is booked

[Eric] cant wait till summer to rub it in bob

[Master] and John total XP awarded for eceryone

[Master] I love it in summer

[Master] I can ride the bike every day

[Miranda (Miranda-14232)] tks

[Master] humidity goes back to normal

[Eric] lol

[Master] when ever I go somewhere I always feel like I have trouble breathing

[Master] then you get to feel the air back here and it is home

[Master] grins

[Master] I need drinks brb

[Master] then we will deal with trianing and such

[Miranda (Miranda-14232)] fyi, i am trying out my kids tablet

[Eric] Bob how long have we been gone since last here in game time?

[Miranda (Miranda-14232)] the lap top was having issuws, should be logging back in soon

JohnAA has joined the game on Fri Dec 27 20:23:52 EST 2013

JohnAA is receiving the map Base Map...

[Miranda (Miranda-14232)] i would think mpst anything can wait till the morning

[Miranda (Miranda-14232)] indigo is just a little sick

[Lisa (to GM only)] Character sheet for Branwyn modified: Combat - Melee THAC0: (THAC0) : CHANGED: 17 (18). Class Levels - Character Level: (L) : CHANGED: 10 (9). Wizard: (WL) : CHANGED: 10 (9). Personal Information - Next Level:: CHANGED: 375,000 (250,000).

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Roll #1: (d4) [1d4=4] 4

[Branwyn (Lisa)] yay!!!!

[Miranda-14232] do you still get to roll?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] +1 bonus I get I believe

JohnAA has received the map Base Map.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] it says at 11 - +1 hp

[Master] back

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I am only at 10

[Miranda-14232] that means you only get 1 hp

[Lisa] is that right?

[Master] double checking for you LIsa

[Lisa] but that is at 11

[Lisa] I am only 10th level

[Lisa] this would be my last time to ever get any hps

[Lisa] I think

[Miranda-14232] ok, way to make the most of a roll

[Master] correct

[Master] this is yoru last roll

[Lisa] yay again

[Master] from now on every level you go up 1 hp

[Lisa] was I right about the bonus 1?

[Miranda-14232] is it a bonus if you do not get to roll?

[Master] checkign yoru Con now

[Lisa] my thaco goes to 17 too - that has not changed in 5 levels or something stupid like that

[Master] no to the bonus

[Master] just the +4 points

[Master] Indigo does get a bonus for his high con

[JohnAA (to GM only)] Character sheet for Miranda modified: Class Levels - Character Level: (L) : CHANGED: 5 (4). Wizard: (WL) : CHANGED: 5 (4). Notes - CHANGED.

[Lisa] okay - mixed them up

[Lisa] knew one of my guys did

[Lisa (to GM only)] Character sheet for Branwyn modified: Combat - Current Hit Points:: CHANGED: 36 (32). Max Hit Points:: CHANGED: 36 (32).

[Master] so does Tristan have the ability to cure Indigo's swamp wasting disease?

[Master] and Eric do you know what that is?

[JohnAA (to GM only)] Character sheet for Miranda modified: Notes - CHANGED.

[Eric] I don't know that disease personally but I can cure diseases

[Eric] Tristan Elaire targets Indigo. Distance: 7'01"

[Master] the swamp wasting disease - the inflicted loses 1 HP per day, that cannot be healed by by magical means or normal means, it must be cured by a cure disease

[JohnAA (to GM only)] Character sheet for Miranda modified: Notes - CHANGED.

[Eric] Tristan Elaire casts a spell against Indigo: Cure Disease: Disease is cured.

[Master] Ilero: No adjustments made.

[Master] Leatherus: No adjustments made.

[Master] Barnabas Stone's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 73 (10) - Unharmed

[Master] Branwyn: No adjustments made.

[Master] QuiFon Ruminel's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 34 (5) - Unharmed

[Master] Indigo's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 48 (11) - Unharmed

[Master] Shurkural's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 47 (19) - Unharmed

[Master] Brother Fotopoulos: No adjustments made.

[Master] Tristan Elaire: No adjustments made.

[Eric] Hold your applause just throw money please

[Miranda-14232] so 1 day would not have killed him

[Lisa] Thank you!

[Lisa] so I need to subtract 1 hp from Indigo?

[Master] no

[Eric] No worries!

[Master] the cure disease restores him to normal

[Master] if youa re adventuring

[Master] you go down from 30 to 29 from disease and then to 25 from attacks

[Master] you can only cure the 4 not the 5

[JohnAA] Miranda: Learn Spell check: (d100) [1d100=10] 10 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 85!!

[Lisa] that's a great spell

[Master] until cure disease is obtained

[Lisa] and Branwyn is happy that Trustan didn't have to cart Indigo off to church ;)

[Lisa] Tristan

[Eric] Well he's still going to do that. He has much to be thankful for don't you think?

[Lisa] smiles

[Lisa] that is up to Tristan and Indigo

[JohnAA (to GM only)] Character sheet for Miranda modified: Notes - CHANGED.

[Lisa] Branwyn would just be happy not to "have" to go

[Master] so Eric for the month of Jan and Feb you are on the same every other week schedule?

[Eric] Ya close to. Hard to say with this job.

[Master] it looks to be that I will be running Tristan's and Indigo's story arcs concurrently

[Eric] But no more then every other

[Master] I fully understand work stuff no worries on that

[Master] just plotting out how to run things

[Eric] gotcha

[Master] so we will plan on running Tristan's adventure when you are in

[Master] and when you are not we will switch over to Indigo

[Master] and if you get to be in both great

[Master] you can send Leatherus on that one

[Master] will you be here next week?

[Eric] Yes i believe so.

[Master] ok

[Master] so no pressure to start tonight but we can set it up

[Eric] I will let you know early next week Tuesday at the latest

[Master] Tristan does not need training

[Eric] nope.

[Eric] But Leatherus is planning on crafting depending how long we are in town

[Lisa] crafting?

[Eric] armor

[Lisa] basket weaving?

[Eric] sorry

[Lisa] acrapbooking

[Eric] yes

[Lisa] oh

[Eric] hes an avid scrapbooker

[Lisa] lol

[Eric] he's an armor smith

[JohnAA] that takes forever

[Eric] yep

[Master] grins

[JohnAA] I was talking about scrapbooking

[Eric] lol

[Master] those armored scrapbooks are high on everyone's christmas list though

[Eric] big ticket item on Amazon

[JohnAA (to GM only)] Character sheet for Hoffman modified: Notes - CHANGED.

[Master] Miranda moved 3'04".

[Master] Hoffman moved 6'05".

[JohnAA] Brother is a blacksmith if you need help

[Lisa] If Branwyn had armoured spellbooks .....

[Eric] :)

[Eric] They'd sink faster

[Lisa] TMO's characters need training

[Lisa] that is true

[Lisa] John?

[Lisa] Branwyn will do a nwp prof instead of her wp I think

[Lisa] just not liking her switching weapons

[JohnAA] BOB are you sure Mastery on the website is correct?

[JohnAA] a specialist gets +1 / +2

[JohnAA] a master gets +3 / +3 ?

[Master] I will double check that but

[Master] I updated the Training Page for everyone's current level except for Miranda

[Master] not sure what that is John

[Lisa (to GM only)] Character sheet for Indigo modified:

[Master] now off to check mastery

[Lisa (to GM only)] Character sheet for Branwyn modified: Magical Abilities - CHANGED: 5 -- Maximum: 2 (1),

[JohnAA] I want to finish Hoffman, as he is easiest

[Master] yes

[Master] not saying to stop

[Master] getting that Mastery stat now

[Master] you know Indigo is correct I am very sure

[Master] but will go look again

[JohnAA] I was still seeing what could be trainined in house to save money

[Lisa] Branwyn's training page isn't - since I changed my mind on wp

[Lisa] we have lots of money

[JohnAA] and I was not sure if time was an issue

[Lisa] that is my question

[JohnAA] if we have two advenures, all my characters should go on one or the other

[Master] Yes to John +3 / +3

[Lisa] I have 2 5th level spell slots now but have to go somewhere to train

[Master] and what question Lisa?

[Master] ahh

[Master] let me check

[Lisa] is time for training an issue?

[Master] time is not an issue

[Master] I have the two adventures that will start at the same time out of coincidence

[Master] and they start when the group is back together again

[JohnAA] well for Qui, he has four levels of thieves skill and two spell levels, could be a year easy

[Lisa] can we take 1000 gp out of party pack and call it a day for all we have spent in the past training session?

[Lisa] then this round count a bit more accurately?

[Master] how much training is that supposed to cover Lisa?

[Master] digging into books for training details on high level mages now

[Lisa] Branwyn and Miranda's last spell fests and 2 nwp for Branwyn

[Lisa] Ilero's were for favors

[Eric] How much gold do we have?

[Lisa] Miranda got spell training as well

[Lisa] 3600 gp

[JohnAA] that is noting

[Lisa] this does not count all the gems

[JohnAA] oh

[Lisa] we found 3000 gp jewelry set

[Lisa] see party pack and then click on home base

[Eric] Ok. I've just been trying to get some field plate for Tristan for awhile now. Leatherus can make that cheaper but I'd like to work on getting that for him.

[Lisa] priest can wear armor?

[Eric] If we can start setting aside some funds for that i'd appreciate it.

[Eric] oh ya

[Eric] all types

[Lisa] how much are we talking?

[Eric] how much you got?

[Eric] :)

[Eric] not sure. Bob how much does it cost to craft armor?

[Eric] for raw materials, forge time, etc?

[Master] back

[Eric] My issue is Tristan has NO dex bonus so he needs to cloak himself in metal to survive

[Master] Yes to Lisa Branwyn needs to have a trainer for 5th level spells

[Master] last time she needs that

[Lisa] I know

[Master] and yes Rivers Bend has someone who can do that for her

[Lisa] I hope so

[Lisa] unless Belamin died

[Master] and for the armor question I will check

[Master] and no he did not

[Lisa] that would be unlikely with him lounging around Rivers Bend


[JohnAA] so Miranda will travel with Brawynn?

[Master] for Eric

[Master] all the details

[Master] full plate? field plate?

[JohnAA] or do we have to pretend we do not know each other

[Lisa] to Rivers Bend?

[Master] field is 1000 GP worth of raw materials and 16 weeks to craft

[Master] but notice the costs of the workshop etc you need first

[Master] there is a workshop at the keep

[Lisa] jeez

[Lisa] there goes the church donations .....

[Master] but to use it you will have to work out a deal

[Master] of some sort

[Master] 90% it will be labor

[Eric] lol i'd say we're square from your training

[Master] so the other big odd ball thing is Qui

[Lisa] mages are supposed to be expensive

[Master] for the group to decide

[Master] are you willing to click off a year of time?

[Eric] lol

[Master] for Qui to do all his training

[Master] we can run the two story arcs while he is training also

[Master] I am open to what the three of you want to do

[JohnAA] i was just guessing, the priests should be quicker

[Lisa] we click off a year

[JohnAA] depends on how wize the thief is

[Master] chuckles Branwyn knows a thief

[Lisa] but he is doing the whole airship captain thing?

[Lisa] that is what I thought was the time taker

[JohnAA] I was not thinking that now

[Lisa] would Regor train QuiFon?

[Master] sure

[JohnAA] for a price

[Lisa] that strikes me as a very odd pairing

[Master] Qui can do favors as well as anyone else

[Master] and imagine what sort of favors he might ask of a dwarf

[Master] ask / require

[Lisa] so Bob - agree on the 1000 for last training round?

[Master] sure

[Lisa] okay

[Lisa] so this round ....

[Lisa] Ilero is only thief skills?

[Master] Ilero seems to be caught up?

[Lisa] okay

[Master] he has listed there his next levels at 9

[Master] he is getting close tot hat but not yet

[Lisa] Tristan has none

[JohnAA (to GM only)] Character sheet for Hoffman modified: Weapons - CHANGED: Hand Axe -- Profic Adj: -3 (-1), CHANGED: Throwing Axe -- Profic Adj: -3 (-1), CHANGED: Club -- Kind of Weapon: Lizardman Bone (+2 War Club), CHANGED: Club -- Type: 0 (null), CHANGED: Club -- Speed: null (0), CHANGED: Club -- Range: -- (null), CHANGED: Club -- #: +0 (--), CHANGED: Club -- # Atks: 1 (--), CHANGED: Club -- Magical Adj: +0 (+2), CHANGED: Club -- Ability Adj: null (0), CHANGED: Club -- Damage v SM: 1d3 (1d6+2), CHANGED: Club -- Damage v L: 1d8 (1d3+2), CHANGED: Club -- Knockdown (KNCK) : $thac0 (1d8), Notes - CHANGED.

[Master] shur has none

[Lisa] Foto?

[Lisa] think we did Foto last time

[Lisa] now that I think of it

[JohnAA] Oh yea Hoffman wants a str bow

[Master] Hoffman Qui Miranda and Bran

[Master] I think are the training issues

[Lisa] Hoffman just did training did he not?

[Master] for Eric's characters he has other things along the lines of creation etc

[JohnAA] hoffman is traing so no real issue

[Lisa] tulip thing?

[Master] hoffman has listed on that page 1 NWP open and 2 WP

[JohnAA] no issue left

[Master] guessing one of them is Mastery

[Master] so 1 & 1

[Master] not saying he has to fill them

[JohnAA] one of the two wp for master

[Master] ok

[Lisa] branwyn will not train in hers

[Lisa] just wants to pick up a few spells

[Lisa] Miranda is just a few spells too?

[Master] does she have an open slot? is not listed

[JohnAA] no, now miranda needs to learn 3rd level spells

[Lisa] I took it off because I was going to do quarterstaff

[Master] ok

[Lisa] but never added it

[Master] you can do that

[Master] or anything else

[Master] that is not an issue

[Lisa] thought we sent her to loosend last time

[JohnAA] Hoffman targets QuiFon Ruminel. Distance: 0'09"

[Lisa] she levelled again?

[JohnAA] Hoffman: Attack: Hand Axe: ((14-(d20+1))-3) [1d20=9] 1 [MODIFIED (-3)]. MISSES QuiFon Ruminel (AC FINAL: 0).

[Master] Eric are you reading the Armorer stuff?

[Lisa] that was the whole ordeal last training session

[Eric] yes that and a few others

[Master] ok

[JohnAA] that was 2nd level spells, she had waitined a little

[JohnAA] she can wait more

[Master] one thing we can do is work out more details about the Church, the Estate etc

[Lisa] I am so confused with her

[JohnAA] sorry

[Lisa] she is a 5th level mage now?

[Master] I think if you are clicking off a large chunk of time everyone should train as much as they want, leaving only the open slots they want to hve open for future use

[JohnAA] yes, 1 more level and she gets to use her priest ablities

[JohnAA] only 20K

[JohnAA] maybe by the time Brawynn levels up?

[Lisa] lol

[JohnAA] Hoffman: Attack: Club: (14-(d20+1)) [1d20=19] -6. HITS QuiFon Ruminel (AC FINAL: 0)!!! NOTE: Not available.

[Lisa] does she need a trainer is the library covers 3rd level spells?

[JohnAA] Hoffman: Attack: Club: ((14-(d20+1))-2) [1d20=19] -8 [MODIFIED (-2)]. HITS QuiFon Ruminel (AC FINAL: 0)!!!

[Master] Branwyn can train her in 3rd level spells

[Master] if the library has that level of collection

[Lisa] library is just shy of 4th level

[Master] then there you go

[Eric] The few ambitions I have for the church shouldn't cost the group money. I wanted to try and set up a church in that town (forgot the name) where i kinda lost my cool with the priestess. Otherwise, I want to check on what the head priest is doing about the priest of Brennios we encountered...

[Lisa] If Branwyn stays home for a long time her mage salary might push the library to 4th level

[Eric] At least a temple there

[Master] yes to those Eric but also things like, the church hierarchy

[Master] tithing expectations

[Master] holidays

[Master] celebrations

[Master] and I have some ideas to cover what you were mentioning there also

[Lisa] animal sacrifices

[Eric] Ah I can work on some things for the site. Tristan wouldn't be in charge of too many of the main holiday and celebration services

[JohnAA (to GM only)] Character sheet for Hoffman modified: Notes - CHANGED.

[Master] 'whistles tunelessly"

[Master] Tristan no but Eric can contribute

[Eric] that would be a priest of Belinos

[Master] grins

[Eric] LOL

[Master] yes to LIsa actually

[Master] maybe there are animal sacrafices at a certain time of year

[Eric] yes if i had any coin to myself I would

[Eric] hmm

[Master] or images of animals

[Master] etc

[JohnAA] so I am declaring Hoffman done with training, hold slots for future use

[Master] there are 12 days set aside very year for holidays, that are non working days in the month, no training, etc

[Eric] probably not actually. Blodd sacrifices wouldn't really appease any of the "good" gods of the Kayugan faith

[Master] ok to John

[Eric] blood

[Lisa] in this last 2 adventures - we would be giving Tristan 300 gp to give to his church

[JohnAA (to GM only)] Character sheet for Hoffman modified: Notes - CHANGED.

[Eric] most are set on healing and preservation of life. Except for the heathens :)

[Eric] we can sacrifice one of those

[Master] Tristan would feel that Branwyn is as much part of the church

[Lisa] though Cahus was the warrior god

[Eric] Illero where are you???

[Master] lol

[Lisa] you are all like klingons

[Master] LOL

[Eric] lol

[Eric] He would perfer a good joust. Or tourney

[Master] there you go

[Eric] in his honor

[JohnAA] Brother is 130 xp away from leveling ;)

[Master] a end of harvest Tourney

[Master] Foto

[Eric] yep that would work

[JohnAA] yes, sorry

[Lisa] okay - so 300 to Tristan is acceptable?

[Master] for me yes

[Master] John? Eric?

[Eric] 300 gold?

[JohnAA] sure,give to the church

[Lisa] yes

[Eric] ya to the church not me :)

[JohnAA] make him buy his own armor though

[Eric] It will help ease the sick you know...

[Eric] LOL

[JohnAA] make the church outfit him

[Lisa] you can buy as many goats and chickens as you want

[Eric] i'll remember that when the next one has a fever...

[Eric] huh wierd... nothing is working...

[JohnAA] I've got the fever for the flavor of a pringle

[Eric] :)

[JohnAA] brb

[Lisa] and you want plate when we live in a swamp?

[Eric] LOL

[Lisa] just checking on that

[Lisa] you can only wear it half the timr

[Eric] Well...I've been thinking on that

[Eric] yes this is true

[Lisa] what was grand total on that again?

[Eric] perhaps just plate mail. only 300 for the materials

[Eric] makes the "part time" cost easier to swallow

[Master] 300 Gp is the equivelent of 2 light war horses for the group only being gone 3 months or so

[Lisa] 300 and leatherus makes it at the keep?

[Master] working on dates now

[JohnAA] foto was trying to find a trainer while we wer gone, not sure if we found one

[Eric] that was my plan. He wants to get chummy with the local smith anyway. Try and keep his craft skills honed when not out

[Lisa] she is very nice

[Lisa] how is his charisma? charm her into sharing her shop?

[Lisa] thought Foto goes to Loosend to train

[Eric] lol nothing fancy 10

[JohnAA] that was Miranda ;)

[Master] Time of Day: 08:00 AM. Day 25 Mid ___ se, Din {Mid Spring} 25th, 343 SKR.

[Eric] he prefers to let his sword do the "convincing"

[JohnAA] maybe him too?

[Lisa] there are a million priests there

[JohnAA] just not sure cause he is a gnome

[Lisa] that would be a Bob question

[Master] sorry that was 3 weeks not 3 months

[Master] for the time you were gone

[Lisa] and I think Miranda has done enough pennance - she can get trained at home and work in the library

[JohnAA] I had kept most of my characters with training to do so as not to hold up the adventures

[Lisa] now is the time

[Eric] my catapult is complete I hope?

[JohnAA] now that they are all called to active duty, it seems prudent

[Master] Catapult will be delivered during this training time yes

[JohnAA] if all you want to do is throw cats, it will be small

[Lisa] thought we would test it on Qui

[Eric] big cats

[Eric] LOL

[JohnAA] he can ytumble and take no damage

[Master] ok so what questions did I miss

[JohnAA] what is your quest

[Lisa] problem is I don't know what spells I want

[JohnAA] you have no time for spells, you have to train Miranda

[Master] you do not need those tonight

[Lisa] 5th levels are hard to find simple ones that do fun things

[JohnAA] and then yourself

[Master] will need then next week

[Lisa] what is QuiFon's training deal

[JohnAA] priest or thief

[Lisa] how many and how much?

[Master] 9 weeks for Branwyn to travel to Rivers bend get trained in 5th level spells and return to Jistille

[Master] 3 full months

[Lisa] Qui's thief training will be for a favor

[Lisa] what about the priest stuff

[Master] 6 weeks for Branwyn to train Miranda in spells

[Master] on top of that

[Master] so right now 5 full months are accounted for for Branwyn

[JohnAA] so while Brawynn is gone, miranda will be traiing her.......

[Master] Miranda has those 9 weeks to train in other things when Branwyn is not around

[JohnAA] I never decided between dog and horse, is there any swamp dogs?

[JohnAA] maybe a war dog?

[Master] swamp cats

[Master] there are war dogs

[JohnAA] plus the flute training

[JohnAA] did you work out a trainier for that?

[Master] I will in a moment

[Master] so starting on 1-2-343

[Master] clicking off 6 weeks

[Master] Miranda is trained by Branwyn

[Lisa] how much for Miranda?

[JohnAA] how much does Brawynn need?

[Master] on 1-6-343 branwyn leaves for Rivers Bend and returns on 1-12-343 fully trained in 5th level spells

[Lisa] for what?

[JohnAA] training Miranda

[Lisa] not that

[Lisa] all her nwp she is getting

[Master] no direct cost for Branwyn to train Miranda but the library does go up through the stipend she is getting

[JohnAA] only training is in flute, maybe signitre spell, then just if we can spend more on more spells

[Master] has been 10 months so another 1,000 added to the value of the library

[JohnAA] was waiting for flute first

[Master] flute training will be 7 weeks and 700 gp

[JohnAA] and we have 5th level spell in libray, or are you saving that for after you are trained

[Master] trained by a court musician

[Lisa] library maybe up to 4th level

[Master] Branwyn learns two 5th level spells while she is off training

[Lisa] need ton of cash to get it to 5th level

[Master] Lisa want me to add that value to the library now?

[Lisa] please

[JohnAA] I was thinking water breathing would be an excelent signature spell in this party

[Master] done

[Lisa] Miranda is doing dog thing too?

[JohnAA] she is training dog, so no cost, unless we have to buy the dog

[Master] so John is Miranda doing the flute training for 700 Gp and 7 weeks?

[Master] and yes you have to buy the dog

[Master] you do not have one right now

[JohnAA] yea

[Eric] sorry still here just not much to do for training this round

[JohnAA] did you know priests can research spells

[JohnAA (to GM only)] Character sheet for Miranda modified:

[Master] nods at Eric

[Lisa] dog costs?

[JohnAA] maybe you can make scrolls?

[Master] but if you can work out how many weeks it takes to make that armor

[Lisa] and Qui training costs?

[Eric] 14

[Eric] for basic platemail

[Master] right now there is two weeks for Miranda to do things before Branwyn comes home

[JohnAA] not sure dogs are on the site

[Eric] Can priests make scrolls?

[Master] how long does it take to do the animal training John?

[JohnAA] priest scrolls

[Master] I will get a cost of the dog now

[JohnAA] months or weeks depening on

[Master] 20 GP for the dog

[Master] good trainable dog

[JohnAA] that the best dog i can get?

[Master] so it is arandom thing?

[Master] yes to best dog

[Master] blue medal winner

[Master] so Eric 14 weeks working in the other forge on borrowed time equals 28 total weeks

[Master] we are at 15 weeks so far

[Eric] ah i see

[Lisa] Qui please

[JohnAA] 3 months for general skill

[Master] is that what she is doing?

[JohnAA] not yet

[Master] OK

[JohnAA] 2d6 for specific task

[JohnAA] weeks

[Master] so right now we are at 15 weeks elapsed

[Master] Miranda is 2 weeks behind that mark

[Master] Qui has not started down that path yet

[JohnAA] how much time to make a spell a signature spell?

[Master] just like learning a new spell all over again

[JohnAA] first third level spell is water breathing, that is automatic

[JohnAA] no roll

[Master] ok

[Master] is that in the library already/

[Master] ?

[Master] it is a common spell so no worries if not

[Master] just asking

[JohnAA] yes

[Master] ok

[Lisa] (in library)

[JohnAA] is why I was asking about signatue, learning takes days researching takes weeks

[Master] no you do not need to research

[Master] only learning

[JohnAA] rolling now

[JohnAA] Miranda: Learn Spell check: (d100) [1d100=5] 5 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 85!!

[Master] figure out that cost John also as half of it goes to the value of the library

[JohnAA] so I have one thrid level spell, which is water breathing and is a signature spell

[Master] and that took 4 days?

TMO has joined the game on Fri Dec 27 21:52:29 EST 2013

TMO is receiving the map Base Map...

[Master] Hello TMO!

[JohnAA] Roll #1: (d6+2) [1d6=3] 5

[Master] so 5 days


[Master] 14 more days to account for John

[Master] while I reward TMO

TMO has received the map Base Map.

[TMO] Howdy howdy!

[Master] TMO was here 44 times (83% of the games this year) for a total of 72 total sessions (7% of all sessions over 2 years of playing) and 7,500 XP

[TMO] (Sorry wasn't able to attend the whole night tonight)

[Master] This year was a very good year. Thank you all very much. This is the first time we had two bonus games in one year so that gave us a total of 54 chances to play together this year. We missed 3 weeks so we had a total of 53 sessions this year. We had 11 different players attend games this year. This year we welcomed in two new players Devin and Eric. They both brought a lot of fun and new energy to the game. Our total games played, including tonight, is now at 964 game sessions. The updated, including tonight, stats for all of our players this year:

[Master] You came in second this year to Lisa TMO you were here 44 times she made it 49

[TMO] (Always second best. ;) )

[TMO] (although I am surprised. Felt like I missed a LOT earlier this year)

[Master] we appreciate it when you can make it in

[Master] yoru XP totals are updated

[Master] to include the 10% bonus, the story arc awards and end of year awards

[Master] can you stay a little while?

[TMO] (Coolness. I can stay a little bit. Guests are eating second dinner. First dinner wasn't much they liked)

[Master] THen we will pick up the story arc now

[Master] Eric, Lisa, John

[TMO] (I appreciate very much having this group around to play with. Thanks for having me)

[Master] we will come back to training in a bit

[Master] so Eric

[Master] Tristan is summoned to a meeting with the senior church officials

[Master] Tap Tap is everyone here?

[Eric] lol

[JohnAA (to GM only)] Character sheet for Miranda modified: Magical Abilities - CHANGED: 3 -- Maximum: 2 (1), CHANGED: 3 -- Current: 2 (1).

[Master] Tristan is told to bring his companions that he depends on

[JohnAA (to GM only)] Character sheet for Miranda modified: Notes - CHANGED.

[Eric] Very well I shall call all who are present

[JohnAA] Hoffman will represent

[Master] originally he was going to gather you in his office

[Master] but seeing how many people are here (Branwyn, Indigo, Tristan, Hoffman, Ilero, SHur, Barnabas) he holds it in the chapel instead

[JohnAA] when does Hoffman get back?

[Eric] crap one sec

[Eric] afk 2 sec

[Head of Church (Master)] this takes place in a nebulous time John when trainign is done and everyone is ready to go out

[JohnAA] or is this anouth time warp

[JohnAA] gotta ya

[Head of Church (Master)] we go back to training issues after this is introduced

[Eric] sorry

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (while he is gone - check this out to go with the jaws. This spell conjures a small horde of semitangible magical orbs or eyes that can be used to 714 x Pseudodragon - Dragon I reconnoiter an area at the wizard’s command.)

[TMO] (oh, I have to train Ilero's thief skills too, don't I? He just went up to 8)

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (oops did not copy from book well)

[Head of Church (Master)] Ok

[Head of Church (Master)] back

[Head of Church (Master)] Eric?

[Head of Church (Master)] no

[Head of Church (Master)] ok I will be away then just a sec also

[Master] I am away from the keyboard.

[Eric] yes

[Master] I am back at the keyboard.

[Head of Church (Master)] then no

[Head of Church (Master)] grins

[Head of Church (Master)] so

[Eric] lol

[JohnAA] (d10x300) [1d10=4] -1

[Head of Church (Master)] all are sitting at the chapel

[Head of Church (Master)] everyone understands?

[JohnAA] [d10*300}

Indigo (Lisa) sits with his head down

[JohnAA] (d10*300) [1d10=6] 1800

Ilero (TMO) sits next to Shurkural.

[JohnAA] Sorry, BOB & Lisa it does take two weeks for siginatue spell per book and 1800 gp

Branwyn (Lisa) looks around to see what they've done with the place

[Head of Church (Master)] (later John)

[JohnAA] np

[Head of Church (Master)] Tristan my son

[Eric] (who is speaking to me?)

[Head of Church (Master)] you have been getting anxious to go back out into the world and work outside the church

Hoffman (JohnAA) sits still

[Head of Church (Master)] (the head of the church)

[Eric] I am back at the keyboard.

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (ok)

[Ilero (TMO)] (Bob)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] LOL

[Ilero (TMO)] (Bob HeadofChurch)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] I have father...have you come to some resolution on our "Brennios" problem?

[Head of Church (Master)] quiet patient smile

[Head of Church (Master)] Your Brennios problem my son?

[Head of Church (Master)] yes I have

[Head of Church (Master)] we have a new problem that needs a firm hand to take grasp of it

[Head of Church (Master)] and ensure that the very best outcome occurs for everyone

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (we are talking about fighting right?)

[Head of Church (Master)] As you know here on the edge of the Craniate Wastes

[Head of Church (Master)]

[Head of Church (Master)] we live on the edge of the swamps

[Head of Church (Master)] but not everything is that way

[Head of Church (Master)] there are also dangerous dark places that we need to venture forth into

[Head of Church (Master)] Nearby is a church of evil bent

[Head of Church (Master)] until recently it has been a quiet blight on the Wastes

[Head of Church (Master)] however now it has arrisen to become more of a problem

[Head of Church (Master)] and I am givign you the task of fixing this problem

[Head of Church (Master)] do you think that you and your friends can handle this ?

Hoffman (JohnAA) looks at brawynn

Tristan Elaire (Eric) looks back to his friends

Branwyn (Lisa) rolls her eyes and shrugs

Hoffman (JohnAA) nods

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Yes father I believe we can take care of this with Cahus' blessing

[Head of Church (Master)] There is a church on a hill to the northwest of here

Branwyn (Lisa) thinks he wants us to go into a church and kill people?

[Head of Church (Master)] There is a large hill that from a distance has the appearance of a skull with a large church on the top of the hill. There is a small farmhouse to the side of the hill where in the past followers of the church lived to raise food for the priests. The church originally was consecrated to Kiputytto of the Suomi faith.

Hoffman (JohnAA) thinks we were there before

Ilero (TMO) listens.

[Head of Church (Master)] until recently this church was quiet and un assuming

[Head of Church (Master)] however recently a new force has taken over

Hoffman (JohnAA) hopes they were red

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] (wear)

[Head of Church (Master)] An Archbishop of Hades, of the Greek Church has taken up residence there

Tristan Elaire (Eric) makes a silent prayer

[Head of Church (Master)] he has been actively working to recreate this church to suit his needs

Hoffman (JohnAA) think Greek?

[Head of Church (Master)] Looks at Branwyn

[Head of Church (Master)] I expect that the Branwyn the Mysterious will be accompaning you

[Head of Church (Master)] I understand she has some knowledge of the place

[Branwyn (Lisa)] As do a few of us.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] You want us to go there and convince them to leave?

Tristan Elaire (Eric) smiles

[Head of Church (Master)] I also have an additional person to give you assistance during your mission there, Aunt Jennevive of Brennios

[Master] Aunt Jennevive moved 25'02".

[Head of Church (Master)] You face a certainly difficult task

Tristan Elaire (Eric) nods to Jennevive

[Head of Church (Master)] we obvously cannot allow a high ranking member of the Greek Church to take over a chapel in our lands

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Understood Father

[Head of Church (Master)] I leave it to you to work out who shall take control of it after that problem is solved

[Head of Church (Master)] Aunt Jennevivie or return it to the previous worshipers

Branwyn (Lisa) looks back and forth at all the priests

[Head of Church (Master)] I have some further consultations with Aunt Jennevivie before you leave

[Head of Church (Master)] I expect you to leave in the morning

[Head of Church (Master)] she will join you then

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Can I ask a few questions before we leave?

Hoffman (JohnAA) thinks Brother foto might like the caverns

[Head of Church (Master)] yes

[Head of Church (Master)] as the Patron of our Church I am ever in your debt Branwyn the Mysterious

[Head of Church (Master)] what do you wish to ask my daughter?

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] If they leave willingly Father? Do we risk leaving the priests to wander and preach their hearsy and corrupt our flock?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (after tristan is done)

[Head of Church (Master)] Looks back at Tristan

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (sorry slow typer tonight)

[Head of Church (Master)] Do I need to hold your hand on this? Are you able to see the path you should take or do you need assistance?

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (np - just didn't want to be shoved out the door too fast)

Tristan Elaire (Eric) bows his head "no Father I shall see it done"

[Head of Church (Master)] very good my son

[Head of Church (Master)] looks back at Branwyn

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Perhaps Tristan can explain all this to me over dinner but indulge my questions if you will.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] It is my experience that you can't convince a priest of much of anything.

Tristan Elaire (Eric) chuckles and makes a joke about pots and kettles

Head of Church (Master) ironic smile

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] espicaly an arch bishop,

[Branwyn (Lisa)] So are you asking us to maim and possibly kill this group of Greeks because you don't like having them around?

Hoffman (JohnAA) holds back smile

[Branwyn (Lisa)] I just want to make sure I understand.

Head of Church (Master) calmly looking at Branwyn

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] I belive the Queen would agree if necessary

[Head of Church (Master)] My daughter there are times to be generous and forgiving and there are times to be firm and unyielding

[Head of Church (Master)] we cannot allow the Greek church to gain any further foothold into these lands

[Head of Church (Master)] especially so close to your own church that youa re the kind patroness of

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Because they do evil things?

[Head of Church (Master)] how this problem is solved is part of Patron Tristan's learning and growth

[Head of Church (Master)] Evil comes in many forms

[Branwyn (Lisa)] And their particular form?

[Head of Church (Master)] perhaps Patron Tristan can speak of Aunt Jennevivie's path and how it compares to his own

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] undead

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Branwyn my understanding of the followers of Hades is they are typically honorbound people. If a deal can be struck... there is a good chance we can assume they will hold to it. But i wouldn't count on it

[Head of Church (Master)] you will see first hand how they will work together to solve this problem that has been thrust upon us

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] My order has always been the sword my brothers of Belinos have swung.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Evil priests. This will be interesting.

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] brb

[Head of Church (Master)] (she is Brennios, not Belinos)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] lol

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] yep that too

[Head of Church (Master)] you leave in the morning

[Head of Church (Master)] I will expect a report within the week

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Illero, what do you know of the terrain of this area.. More swamp I assume?

[Master] he and Aunt Jennevive leave

Tristan Elaire (Eric) bows "It shall be done Father"

[Master] no no more swamps for now

[Master] this is wastland, etc

[Master] will have some on the site

[Master] TMO can you stick around for a bit more?

[Ilero (TMO)] (what do I know?

[Ilero (TMO)] (I don't know what I know until someone tells me what I know)

[Master] OK

[Master] then JUMP

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (you haven't been there)

[Master] that same say

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] lol

[Master] day

[Master] as Branwyn and Indigo and everyone is returning to their lodging to prepare

[Master] Branwyn, Ilero and Indigo are summoned to an audience with the Queen

[Master (to GM only)] Missus Mosskin moved 24'09".

[Ilero (TMO)] (the what do I know was in relation to the swamp question, btw. And right now one of my friends is observing over my shoulder)

[Ilero (TMO)] (so we are probably okay for a bit)

[Indigo (Lisa)] We're coming Medoro!

[Master] waves at friend, go download Klooge

Ilero (TMO) brushes his hair for the royal audience.

[Tristan Elaire (Eric) (to GM only)] Character sheet for Tristan Elaire modified:

[Master] Medero escorts you to a private room

[Master] not normally used for visits

[Master] is small

[Master] you find the Queen pacing back and forth

[Master] holding her son in her arms

[Master] she whirls around as you enter

[Master] then smiles in relief

[Missus Mosskin (Master)] I am very pleased to see you

[Missus Mosskin (Master)] it has been far too long that we had time to talk

[Missus Mosskin (Master)] are you well?

Miranda-14232 has left the game on Fri Dec 27 22:31:33 EST 2013

Branwyn (Lisa) curtseys "Very well Your Majesty"

[Missus Mosskin (Master)] (sorry John and Eric)

Ilero (TMO) bows briefly.

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] for what?

[Missus Mosskin (Master)] (not beign there)

Indigo (Lisa) bows "How is the baby?"

[Missus Mosskin (Master)] He is doing very well thank you my noble knight

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] (no worries gonna get a drink anyway)

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] afk

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] (no chance to get in troubble withQueen is a good thing)

[Missus Mosskin (Master)] suddenly she seems to just blurt out

[Missus Mosskin (Master)] Indigo, do you think that I should be Queen? There are men out there that think this experiment has gone on long enough and that we should return to having a King instead.

Missus Mosskin (Master) hugging the baby closer

[Indigo (Lisa)] What?

[Indigo (Lisa)] We have had Queens for a long long time.

[Indigo (Lisa)] People can't just say that.

Ilero (TMO) raises an eyebrow and frowns slightly.

[Missus Mosskin (Master)] ahh I wish it was that easy to just say that they are not allowed to say that

[Missus Mosskin (Master)] however this past year has been eventful

[Ilero (TMO)] T'at not work well often, yah.

[Indigo (Lisa)] Who is saying these things?

[Missus Mosskin (Master)] never to my face

[Missus Mosskin (Master)] but there are those

[Indigo (Lisa)] Count Vilmar and Count Drake will be with you.

[Missus Mosskin (Master)] the swamp hold is in virtual open rebellion

[Missus Mosskin (Master)] warm smile

[Missus Mosskin (Master)] I agree

[Missus Mosskin (Master)] and it is coincicende that you mention Count Drake

[Missus Mosskin (Master)] for I have a task that I need a knight of true heart to accomplish

[Missus Mosskin (Master)] do you know who founded our Kingdom?

[Missus Mosskin (Master)]

[Indigo (Lisa)] Ummmm .....

[Missus Mosskin (Master)] King William Drake

[Missus Mosskin (Master)] over 600 years ago

[Hoffman (JohnAA)] (do tell)

Ilero (TMO) absently rubs the spot on his belt where the hand axe normally hangs.

[Missus Mosskin (Master)] there is a direct line of descendents to Chandler Cowles

[Missus Mosskin (Master)] the King who saved Drillian during the First Civil War

[Missus Mosskin (Master)] Chandler Cowles was the last great King and has always held a spot in the hearts of many

[Missus Mosskin (Master)] of course when King William Drake IV took the throne and was such a supreme disaster to cause the Second Civil War

[Missus Mosskin (Master)] we chose to have a QUeen instead of a King

[Missus Mosskin (Master)] those books that Ilero returned to me

[Missus Mosskin (Master)] have given me a secret that I am certain that others wanted to hide

[Missus Mosskin (Master)] there is an old temple hidden away in southwest Drillian

[Missus Mosskin (Master)] thanks to Ilero's work in returning those tomes to me I now know where the old temple is

Ilero (TMO) nods, thinking somewhat.

[Missus Mosskin (Master)] the temple was intentionally hidden away by the Athenĉum to prevent it from being a rallying cry. The shield of King Chandler Cowles is the key artifact from that time period that others could use as a symbol for a new male monarchy. I need you to get to it first and bring it to me safely.

[Missus Mosskin (Master)] I thought that the secret was safe

[Missus Mosskin (Master)] until another chapter house of Athenĉum has refused entrance to my people

[Ilero (TMO)] More t'an just one?

[Missus Mosskin (Master)] I believe that others are seeking the companion tomes to those you brought me

[Missus Mosskin (Master)] at least four chapter houses are in rebellion now

[Missus Mosskin (Master)] one we squashed

Ilero (TMO) grunts softly.

[Missus Mosskin (Master)] INdigo

[Missus Mosskin (Master)] I need to you take your friends

[Missus Mosskin (Master)] and go hunt in the hills of southwest Drillian

[Missus Mosskin (Master)] I will have a map for you in the morning

[Missus Mosskin (Master)] you need to go as quickly as you can

[Missus Mosskin (Master)] trust no one

[Missus Mosskin (Master)] except yoru friends

[Missus Mosskin (Master)] and bring back that shield for me

[Indigo (Lisa)] I will find it.

Missus Mosskin (Master) the baby starts crying

[Missus Mosskin (Master)] I will have Medero give you a package

[Missus Mosskin (Master)] I must feed Edward here

[Indigo (Lisa)] Is it a temple with priests in it or a ruined temple?

[Missus Mosskin (Master)] it is a long lost temple

[Missus Mosskin (Master)] if there are any priests there now they are likely undead

[Indigo (Lisa)] Oh ...

[Missus Mosskin (Master)] it has been lost for more than 400 years

Indigo (Lisa) puffs out his chest "I shall bring you the shield Your Majesty"

[Missus Mosskin (Master)] I do not have exact details only enough to assist you in finding it once you are in the area

Missus Mosskin (Master) hugs her baby

[Missus Mosskin (Master)] I trust you Indigo

[Missus Mosskin (Master)] take your friends and do this for me

[Missus Mosskin (Master)] for the Kingdom

[Missus Mosskin (Master)] for my son

[Missus Mosskin (Master)] go with all the speed you have

[Indigo (Lisa)] And for you.

Indigo (Lisa) bows

Missus Mosskin (Master) swarm smile

[Missus Mosskin (Master)] I will make sure that Medero understands you are to have anythign you ask for

Ilero (TMO) bows and nods.

[Missus Mosskin (Master)] nods in dimissal as she turns to feed her son

[Master] &&&&&

Indigo (Lisa) walks out into hallway with the others

[Master] so we have Tristan's story arc - the Enemy of my Enemy

[Master] and we have Indigo's story arc - Long live the King

[Indigo (Lisa)] I guess I can't go help Tristan.

[Master] you will have to divide up how you see fit

[Indigo (Lisa)] (so we are not doing main v henchmen?)

[Master] it is up to the group

[Master] that is how I originally thought about it

[Master] but you can chose who goes to which

[JohnAA] we need to line up the icons, like picking teams

[Master] knowing we will do Tristan's when Eric is here

[Ilero (TMO)] (ok. time for me to run. split my chars up any way you like)

[Master] and then Indigo's when he can

[Master] next week TMO

[Master] no worries

[Master] have a great night

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] later TMO

[Master] thanks for being here!

[Ilero (TMO)] (cya folks. thanks again.)

[Indigo (Lisa)] Goodnight!

[Master] tell them we said Happy New Years

[Ilero (TMO)] (will do, and to all you too)

[JohnAA] Branwyn moved 32'00".

[JohnAA] Indigo moved 31'09".

[JohnAA] Tristan Elaire moved 32'00".

[Ilero (TMO)] (see you all next year)

[Master] Missus Mosskin moved 25'06".

[JohnAA] bye

[Master] Branwyn moved 8'02".

[Master] Tristan Elaire moved 10'04".

[Master] Indigo moved 24'03".

TMO has left the game on Fri Dec 27 22:48:53 EST 2013

[Master] Aunt Jennevive moved 14'02".

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] hmm if you're going to play indigo's arc when I'm not here would it make sense for me to bring Leatherus with me? He is still trying to prove his worth to the church

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] but that would leave me no one if i can play an "off" week for me.

[Master] which he can do by assisting Indigo

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] that's true

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] that will work

[Master] right now there is no one priest

[JohnAA] Hoffman moved 2'11".

[Master] Lisa has one and one

[JohnAA] QuiFon Ruminel moved 4'04".

[JohnAA] Miranda moved 9'04".

[Master] Eric woudl have one nad one

[JohnAA] Brother Fotopoulos moved 13'03".

[Master] Leatherus moved 20'01".

[JohnAA] Miranda moved 28'05".

[JohnAA] Hoffman moved 15'04".

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] I say brother foto goes with Indigo. I could use Qui since he is Kayugan (unless he's staying)

[Master] both sides can take additional NPCs along too

[Master] there are extra priests at teh church

[Master] and fighters at the keep

[Lisa] Zeronnia Blueblade moved 12'03".

[JohnAA] I was going to split foto and qui, qui goning where llero is not

[Master] I iwll have full story arc pages up no later than tomororw

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] That's true. I would send a priest of Belinos since they are facing potential undead. They would want to root them out as well

[Lisa] what's qui's problem with ilero?

[Master] you like your quandry Eric?

[JohnAA] not a problem

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] LOL ya should be entertaining. Hes doing some soul searching but hes still a priest of Cahus at heart

[JohnAA] qui detects traps, so if llero is not there, they will be able to do that

[Master] have a priestess of Brennios traveling with you, rooting out an evil greek priest and maybe handing it over to a priestess of Suomi

[Lisa] ahhh

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Wait Jennevieve isn't Suomi?

[JohnAA] you have some negoating powers over the priestess if you get to choose who stays

[Master] and to top it off she is Brennios, grins

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] WOAH did I miss that?

[Master] PLUS you have Branwyn who is a holy woman to this church

[Master] you were busy being chastized by a superior for asking lots of questions, grins

[Lisa] who is picking who goes where?

[JohnAA] good reason for Qui to go with Indigo, but still think more impotant to split the thief skills

[JohnAA] and the skull church probaly needs a full thief?

[Tristan Elaire (Eric) (to Master only)] why would my church be dealing with a preistess of Brennios? They are mortal enemies? They attack eachother

[Master (to Eric only)] the enemy of my enemy grins

[Master] you will have to work out the Kayugan church vs Greek Church issues

[Master] is it better to have an evil you know in charge? or to have an evil you do not trust?

[Master] you did not think it would be an easy task

[Master] after seeing what the others went through

[Tristan Elaire (Eric) (to Master only)] but if you read the write up priests of Belinos seek out those priests and destroy them. Why would we use an evil priest when we have available priests of Belinos? I'm good with it just not how I saw the interaction between the chuches

[Lisa] and are we getting paid for tristan's adventure?

[Master] partially Eric it is the idea of your own bad brother is better than someone elses bad brother

[Master] only what you take from the church

[Master] just like Indigo

[Master] anything he finds other than the shield

[Lisa] hope the shield isn't bigger than he is

[Master] it is possible that you go to the church finish it quickly and can rejoin the other group as they adventure south

[JohnAA] is the path to where indigo going any more or less wild or untraveled

[Lisa] that depends on how much exploring they want to do

[Lisa] the church has a bunch of underground caverns under it

[Master] when you get the map you will find that you travel through civilized territory then south

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] LOL wow. Then i have a lot of questions we can do IC on the site before I leave. I need to talk to the head of hte church

[Master] he is not available until morning to you

[Master] grins

[Master] but you will be able to ask Aunt Jennevive lots of things

[Master] but you can question other members of the church also

[Lisa] this means we need 2 party packs

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] hmm makes me question the integrity of our leader

[Master] we can do a LOT of stuff IC

[Master] chuckles at Tristan

[Master] or he is teachign you that leadership sees in shades of gray rather than black and white

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] lol damn you thought of that too

[JohnAA] religon and politics

[Master] or is this just a test

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] wow... HUGE learning curve for me on this one

[Master] to see how strong Tristan's beliefs are

[Master] circles in circles in circles

[JohnAA] just worse with so many religons

[Master] only three

[Master] because Miranda will not be there

[Lisa] who is going where?

[JohnAA] she is not a priest

[Master] that might be a good reason for Foto to go with Indigo

[Master] or not as the case may be

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] my group will need a scout. Either of TMO's will work for me

[Master] Shur is a ranger

[Master] Ilero moved 19'04".

[Master] Shurkural moved 14'04".

[JohnAA] do we think TMO will split his characters

[Master] yes

[Master] which one do you want Barnabas on?

[Master] there will be other NPCs for Guy to play

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] That will work. Did I get any of those shells made up during that training phase? I commissioned 3 before we left with HOffman

[JohnAA] QuiFon Ruminel moved 29'07".

[Master] we will work that out next

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] for my fortify spell

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] ok

[Master] but I would think yes

[Lisa] 300 gp

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] yes

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] worth of material

[Lisa] sorry - have to put it in so I can see how much we have left over after all this

[Master] Brother Fotopoulos moved 6'00".

[Lisa] still waiting on Qui and Miranda

[Master] John, Foto

[Master] yes to LIsa

[Master] we have Miranda almost done

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] didn't you get a blank check Bran?

[Lisa] 1800 plus?

[Lisa] a check

[JohnAA] well Miranda spent the two weeks and 1800 for one third level signature spell

[Lisa] not revolving credit line

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] lol

[JohnAA] I only ask

[Master] so Miranda and Branwyn are caught up together again

[Master] I will go add 900 to the library

[JohnAA] Miranda can go with that after the flute training, did you get that lisa 700

[Lisa] I might not get new spells this round

[Lisa] yes

[JohnAA] maybe we can sel the flute for spell money, can we get it appraied?

[Master] Ok

[Master] stop

[Lisa] that is silly

[Master] Branwyn can get new spells also

[Lisa] we will see

[Master] plus check the others she did not learn last time

[Master] right now you are about to add 7 weeks to Miranda's time line

[Master] for the flute training

[JohnAA] I though you already added that while Brawynn was gone

[Master] sorry you are right

[Lisa] we did Miranda except for her new spells

[Master] total of 15 weeks clicked off right now

[JohnAA] when Braynn comes back, B has a 5th level and M has a 3rd

[Master] B has 2 5th level

[Master] and M has the 3rd as a signature

[Lisa] not sure yet

[Lisa] let's just keep going

[Master] what else for Miranda?

[Master] that will take time

[Master] weeks

[JohnAA] sounds like we are close on money so I wanted to make sure Qui was caught up

[Lisa] I don't know that

[JohnAA] but certainly Brawynn should be first with new spells

[Lisa] just do what you want to do and we will see

[Lisa] no - I can kill a multitude of things without learning anything new :)

[Master] so the most important thing for Qui is?

[JohnAA] priest spell - two levels

[Master] done

[Lisa] Miranda should get at leat 1 more beside water breathing since we are not hitting much water this trip

[Master] 6 weeks total

[Master] for both

[JohnAA] and Miranda will take time as the websigt does not have levels

[Lisa] least

[Master] as teh church is right here in town

[JohnAA] I will work on this week end but I agree 1 more third level spell

[Master] now 9 weeks to go to catch up to Branwyn and Miranda for Qui

[JohnAA] so Money or a favor for Qui's training

[Master] favors

[Master] it is the church

[JohnAA] natch

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] does Qui come with me?

[JohnAA] so strat with one level with thief skills

[JohnAA] It is up to you, I am not sure on the two party requirements

[Master] ok that is 7 weeks

[Master] and another favor

[Master] Indigo can introduce you to your trainer

[Master] have you met him John?

[Master] if not we can roleplay that out next week

[JohnAA] none of my characters, but I understand he is a Blacklister

[Master] smile

[Master] nice

[Lisa] who is carrying Tristan's party pack?

[JohnAA] Hoffman

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] agreed

[Master] Barnabas Stone moved 16'02".

[Master] Brother Fotopoulos moved 27'09".

[Lisa] I will try to set up two - but you will need to look before we set off to make sure it works for everyone

[Lisa] will have to split things up a bit

[Master] no pressure we will start easy next week

[JohnAA] Eric, I think from a skill standpoint Qui should go with Indigo

[Master] QuiFon Ruminel moved 16'03".

[Master] Brother Fotopoulos moved 13'00".

[Master] Shurkural moved 12'01".

[Lisa] is weird

[JohnAA] from a priest stand point, he will just confuse things for you as he is a live and let live kinds guy

[Master] Indigo moved 13'06".

[Master] Leatherus moved 10'02".

[Master] Miranda moved 15'01".

[JohnAA] sure he will back you up

[JohnAA] but he is a bit too leaning to chaos for you

[Lisa] player versus character decisions

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] that's fine. I just didnt want to be the only healing priest

[JohnAA] the is why Brother foto was going with you

[Lisa] Branwyn would much rather kill undead priests than live ones

[JohnAA] Brother Fotopoulos moved 19'03".

[Master] Aunt Jennevive

[JohnAA] if you want

[Lisa] she is feeling a bit like she did on theYuan Ti adventure

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] cant heal

[Master] so John Qui has trained in 2 spell levels and 1 thief level

[Lisa] does he need more?

[Master] still 2 weeks behind the farthest out so far

[Master] how much more training does Miranda and Qui need?

[JohnAA] I'd like to pretend he needs a break and when the quest comes up, he is more than willing to go

[Lisa] this is all favors for Qui - might as well load us up

[JohnAA] he likes to keep moving

[Lisa] though I personally shudder to think what Regoris be asking in return for all this!

[Master] so far you have only clicked off 15 weeks

[Master] there is armor that will be done out there at 28 weeks

[JohnAA] TMO is not a teacher?

[Master] if Qui wants the Shipwright Aerial skill

[Master] now is the time to do it

[JohnAA] I can have them train all the time, is why I have extra characters

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] I still don't understand why it doulbes the time Bob

[JohnAA] what is everyone else doing for 21 weeks

[Master] because he is only working on his own armor project 50% of the time

[Master] the rest of the time he is doing what the Keep needs

[Master] there is only so much room in the workshop

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] ok

[Master] everyone is accounted for through 15 weeks John

[Tristan Elaire (Eric) (to GM only)] Character sheet for Leatherus modified:

[JohnAA (to GM only)] Character sheet for QuiFon Ruminel modified: Notes - CHANGED.

[Master] I am anticipating that Qui will be trained and wanting to go find a ship to commondeer for his story arc

[Lisa] Can Indigo take Jilly to carry the party pack for him?

[Master] she can go but she is not that strong

[Master] Leatherus is

[Master] Qui is

[Master] heck Shur is

[Lisa] (which group will take the wagon or either?

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Leathrus can carry but I wont be tehre often for Indigo's quest

[Master] Indigo's

[Master] at least for the civilized portion

[Master] the skull church is only a day and a half away

[Master] or less

[Master] well you have Foto so are moving slower

[JohnAA (to GM only)] Character sheet for QuiFon Ruminel modified: Notes - CHANGED.

[Master] other than that all at 12+

[Lisa] I want Jilly

[JohnAA (to GM only)] Character sheet for QuiFon Ruminel modified: Skills/Detections (d100/% based) - CHANGED: Find traps -- Total (% - w/modifier): 55 (40),

[Master] Jilly moved 25'07".

[JohnAA] if that is an issue

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] cant we get a pony for him to ride?

[Lisa] Tristan's group can take horses though can't they?

[Master] yes

[Master] yes

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] That was my thought

[Lisa] we bought enough for everyone last time

[JohnAA] and I thought just fining a trainer for Qui Air ship would be an adventure

[Lisa] oh no - we know one

[Master] you are in luck

[Master] grins

[Master] Skull church is 17 miles away

[Lisa] we can sell Qui as a mate on Capt Harkness' ahip

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] wow that is close

[Lisa] nice change of pace :)

[Master] day and a half walking at Foto's pace

[JohnAA] I would love for him to be an apprentence for a while, saves on the cost

[Master] ok

[Master] so we will say that it is arranged that when Qui returns from his trip with Indigo

[JohnAA] he is a travler

[Master] he will meet up with the Javelin

[Master] and do a full year's apprenticeship on board

[Lisa] He will have so much fun!

[JohnAA] ok, so we can go?

[Master] yes

[Master] you will be off on your adventures

[Master] 15 weeks after you returned home

[Master] Eric you can make a note of that for Leatherus

[Master] he is 15 weeks into the 28 week process

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] im 15wks on my armor

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] ok

[Master] when Indigo says, we are on a mission from god

[Master] oh that is the other group

[Lisa] yes

[JohnAA] smiles

[Tristan Elaire (Eric) (to GM only)] Character sheet for Leatherus modified: Notes - CHANGED.

[Lisa] Indigo is on quest for the holy shield

[Lisa] I will keep you busy on the site this week.

[Master] Time of Day: 08:00 AM. Day 2 Trall ___ de, Man {Early Spring} 2nd, 343 SKR.

[JohnAA (to GM only)] Character sheet for QuiFon Ruminel modified: Magical Abilities - CHANGED: 1 -- Current: 5 (+2).

[Lisa] I assume I have read the book Ilero gave me by now?

[Master] yes to lisa

[Lisa] anything of interest?

[Lisa] I wanted to give it to queen when she started talking but did not want to interrupt the flow

[Master] you can

[Master] I do not remember the key points off the top of my head

[Master] the Drake book rightA?

[Master] right?

[Lisa] no!

[Master] Oh no

[Lisa] defense of femal lineage

[Master] so many things dancing

[Master] yes she will be very interested in that one

[Master] especially now with the shield quest

[Lisa] is there anything Branwyn would know from the book that Indigo should know?

[Lisa] you don't have to answer now :)

[JohnAA (to GM only)] Character sheet for QuiFon Ruminel modified: Spells - DELETED: Detect Lie, 4, 4, "For the next rounds, I know any falsehoods of which you speak. Though I do receive a save vs spell, adjusted by the caster's Wisdom.", --, 1, null, null, null, null. DELETED: Divination, 4, 4, I divine information about a future task or goal with {60+$L}% chance of success., --, 1, null, null, null, null. DELETED: Omniscient Eye, 4, 4, "For the next {10+$L} rounds, I can see through any normal or magical darkness, mist or fog out to 60 feet and have a chance of seeing through illusions and invisibility as well.", --, 1, null, null, null, null. DELETED: Consequence, 5, 5, I can see how a single event fits into the grand scheme of things., --, 1, null, null, null, null. DELETED: Magic Font, 5, 5, "I turn a holy font into a scrying device, much like a crystal ball.", --, 1, null, null, null, null. DELETED: Find the Path, 6, 6, "For the next turns, I can detect the direction into or out of a specific locale.", --, 1, null, null, null, null. DELETED: Stone Tell, 6, 6, "I speak to stone and ask it what has touched it as well as what is covered, concealed or behind it.", --, 1, null, null, null, null. DELETED: Divine Inspiration, 7, 7, I ask the gods for a clue as to what to do next., --, 1, null, null, null, null. DELETED: Circle of Privacy, 4, 4, Chances for random encounters at our camp are reduced by 50% for hours., --, 1, null, null, null, null. DELETED: Tree Steed, 4, 4, I turn a large piece of wood into a steed I can ride., --, 1, null, null, null, null. DELETED: Clear Path, 5, 5, "For hours, dense paths in front of me are cleared so I can move better.", --, 1, null, null, null, null. DELETED: Easy March, 5, 5, " people can force march twice their movement for days, though they suffer a -1 to attacks.", --, 1, null, null, null, null. DELETED: Monster Mount, 6, 6, I compel a monster to be my mount for hours., --, 1, null, null, null, null. DELETED: Hovering Road, 7, 7, I cause a road to appear for me for turns., --, 1, null, null, null, null. DELETED: Age Plant, 4, 4, A plant grows older by up to {$L*10} years., --, 1, null, null, null, null. DELETED: Body Clock, 4, 4, "I rest better, and hold my breath longer for hours.", --, 1, null, null, null, null. DELETED: Age Object, 5, 5, The object ages up to {$L*20} years., --, 1, null, null, null, null. DELETED: Othertime, 5, 5, I step a few rounds into the future., --, 1, null, null, null, null. DELETED: Repeat Action, 5, 5, "The target repeats the action of the previous round, with identical results.", --, 1, null, null, null, null. DELETED: Time Pool, 5, 5, I look into a reflective surface and see some time in the past., --, 1, null, null, null, null. DELETED: Age Creature, 6, 6, "I age the target years, or reverse magical aging in the target.", --, 1, null, null, null, null. DELETED: Reverse Time, 6, 6, I reverse the last {1d4} rounds of action for the target., --, 1, null, null, null, null. DELETED: Skip Day, 6, 6, Those in 10' radius transport 24 hours into the future!, --, 1, null, null, null, null. DELETED: Age Dragon, 7, 7, "For rounds, the target dragon gains or loses {$L/5} age categories.", null, null, null, null, null, null. DELETED: Chaotic Combat, 4, 4, For {$L*2} rounds a warrior randomly gains a +2 bonus to attack and AC or a -2 penalty to the same., --, 1, null, null, null, null. DELETED: Chaotic Sleep, 4, 4, "Until this spell is removed, the target has a 50/50 chance of either being unable to sleep or stay away for every 12 hour period.", --, 1, null, null, null, null. DELETED: Inverted Ethics, 4, 4, I reverse the ethics of up to different creatures in a 20' radius for 1 turn., --, 1, null, null, null, null. DELETED: Chaotic Commands, 5, 5, Target is immune to magical commands for turns and those who cast such spells on them must save vs spell or have the spell reflected on them., --, 1, null, null, null, null. DELETED: Entropy Shield, 6, 6, A shield of energy surrounds me for rounds which deflects attacks and spells., --, 1, null, null, null, null. DELETED: Uncontrolled Weather, 7, 7, I conjure forth random weather., --, 1, null, null, null, null.

[Master] I will think on that one LIsa

[Lisa] and I blame this wholoe rebellion thing on the Bolpel's

[Master] nods

[Lisa] do you want to do Indigo delivering scroll to regor next week or on site?

[Master] John?

[Master] do you want to roleplay out Qui meeting Regor?

[Master] early next week?

[JohnAA] next week is a plan

[JohnAA] a good plan

[Lisa] tristan's group gets to go to miller's doesn't he?

[Master] if they want to

[Master] or do you mean the miller you stole the books from?

[Master] that would be Indigo's group

[Lisa] old man miller

[Master] no

[Master] is a slightly different direction

[Lisa] we are not visiting the freak we stole the books from

[Lisa] thought we went past miller's last time with skull church

[Master] chuckles

[Master] you were because you were coming from Loosend

[Master] or someplace west

[Lisa] how we met those disfigured people fawning over the boil covered Branwyn

[Lisa] or was that just a random tavern?

[Master] no was Millers

[Master] but you can see on the DSWorld that they are in similar directions and close to each other

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] Well folks I need to turn it in. Good chatting with everyone. I hope to be here next week!

[Lisa] have a happy new year's

[JohnAA] take care

[JohnAA] me too

[Lisa] see you next week

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] you too Lisa

[Master] Eric please post on the Players Communication

[Lisa] stay away from exploding trees

[Master] to let people know when you will be in

[Master] so they can plan

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] I will for sure

[Master] and no using wand of frost on treants

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] i also have some issues to hash out on the IC page

[Master] they will be ready for you

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] lol

[Master] grins

[Lisa] think I will be off too

[Lisa] goodnight and happy news years to all :)

[Master] see you all very soon

[Master] have a great night all

[JohnAA] ttfn

Lisa has left the game on Fri Dec 27 23:48:48 EST 2013

JohnAA has left the game on Fri Dec 27 23:48:52 EST 2013

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] looking at a thaw tomorrow. Thank god cuz theres a 40' pine leaning towards my house

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] good night

[Master] grins

[Master] best of luck

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] sent you a text bob . let me know what you think

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] just a lil directorship help for this actor

[Master] ok

[Master] smile will do

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] have a good new year

[Tristan Elaire (Eric)] later

Eric has left the game on Fri Dec 27 23:50:22 EST 2013

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