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Dec 10 04 - Sea Devils

mikE has joined the game

mikE is receiving the map...

mikE has received the map.

BiBo!!! has joined the game

BiBo!!! is receiving the map...

BiBo!!! has received the map.

Lorie has joined the game

[DM] greetings

[Lorie] Hi

[DM] I have a second map up

[DM] will send to you now

Lorie is receiving the map...

Lorie has received the map.

[DM] is a blank blue

[DM] with a grid

[DM] will take a moment to log i

[DM] load in

[mikE] Hey lorie

[DM] I also set up the paint layer on it

[mikE] how ya been?

[BiBo!!!] heya

[DM] so you can sketch plans

[DM] anything Lorie?

[Lorie] Hey Mike and Marco... I've been... you? Congrats on finishing school with Bob

[DM] thank you

[DM] thank you

[DM] Sean is setting up now

[Lorie] I can see the football field

[DM] there you go

[DM] try drawing with the paint tools lorie

[mikE] what about me?

[Lorie] I got accepted to the CPM program...

[DM] outstanding

BiBo!!! is receiving the map...

BiBo!!! has received the map.

[DM] so Loire

[mikE] testing can anyone hear me?

BiBo!!! has left the game

Lorie has left the game

BiBo!!! has joined the game

Lorie has joined the game

mikE has joined the game

[DM] ok

[DM] simple

[DM] basic

[DM] everyone ok?

[BiBo!!!] no

[DM] Lire

[DM] lorie?

[DM] are you there?

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Yes... I am here.

[BiBo!!!] you should be here

[DM] you have the shield map?

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] You are there... funny places are everywhere

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Yes.

[DM] smile

[DM] good

[DM] so

[DM] Robert and Julie are here

[DM] Sean is setting up again

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] ::waves at Robert and Julie::

[DM] trying to get them oganized

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Bob, you should read more Dr. Seuss...broaden your horizions

[BiBo!!!] cookies!!!

[DM] I just might

[BiBo!!!] ::does his best cookie monster impression::

[BiBo!!!] ::which is pretty sad::

[DM] I am away from the keyboard.

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] ::is very scared of a Blue Bibo munches on cookies::

Grug has joined the game

Grug is receiving the map...

Grug has received the map.

[Grug] hello

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Evening Brian

Sean has joined the game

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Hey SPC... Greetings and Salutations

[Sean] Greetings and Salutations

[Grug] hi sean

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] So SPC, changing your networks all over to Blue Yonder yet ::ducks and hides::

[mikE] he's shooting poorly at the moment

[BiBo!!!] robert says oh

[Grug] Mike, any reason Finglass has been at altitude 15' for the last 6 weeks or so? Just curious.

[Grug] I think it must be because he's high

[BiBo!!!] he's high on life

[Grug] he wants everyone to look up to him

[mikE] we elves are one with nature. we know where the best stuff grows

[Grug] lol

[Grug] in Finglass's backyard

[mikE] hells yeah.

[mikE] i was gonna join the dragon slayers but then i got high.

[mikE] i was gonna save the world, but then i got high

[mikE] i was gonna shoot some arrows, but then i got high.

[mikE] then i got high, then i got high then i got high

[mikE] hehhehheh. bob just exploded a milk carton all over the kitchen and sofa

[mikE] bob wants to know if anyone has questions for him.

[mikE] regarding the game, i'm guessing.

[Grug] i guess not

[DM] I am back at the keyboard.

[DM] I am here

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Not really, I've read all 4234234 posts this week ;)

[DM] what questions or plancing

[DM] planning to do?

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Looks like there was some decent banter and planning behind the scenes done

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] EL Fudge, can I have my talisman back please?

[Grug] grug wants to do some plancing

[BiBo!!!] he's a round behind

[BiBo!!!] you can't have it

[DM] it is in the party pack

[DM] he left it there last week for you

[Grug] what else is in the party pack?

[DM] Kylia needs to establish some rules about using the pool

[mikE] his balls.

[DM] because

[BiBo!!!] I dunno, there's an excel file somewhere, but I can't open excel files right now

[BiBo!!!] why, I don't know

[Grug] so send it to me

[Grug] you prolly can't get thru bob's firewall tho

[BiBo!!!] lemme see if I can find it

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] I take the talisman out of the party pack and place it in my backpack Bob.

[DM] nods

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] It is not a party pack item for general use. Thanks :)

[DM] question for you Loire

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] And thank you EL for returning it in one piece ;)

[DM] if it is in the pack

[DM] will you let them use the pool?

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] It's not going to be in the Party Pack.

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Why would it be in the party pack?

[DM] ok then

[DM] in the case like a beginning of the night

[DM] but it is ok

[DM] not a problem

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] ::shrugs:: I don't get to use their magic items if they aren't here, right?

[DM] exactly

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] I'm not trying to be snotty about it...

[DM] no one thinks you are

[mikE] well, whatever we're going to do, we need to pool.

[mikE] or we just let this god come and hope he doesn't really leave the ocean

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Okay, so they are all off to die and i get all their stuff right? I read the wills :)

[DM] smiles

[BiBo!!!] brian, what's your sn again? I just sent the list to the wrong sn apparently

[Grug] lol

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] ::stands at the edge of her keep and waves goodbye to the party as they depart to play with a water God::

[DM] they are trying to work out how to get teh party pack to brian

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Email?

[mikE] ::stands next to her because he's not a dumb-ass::

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Pigeon?

[Grug] i got it from bibo, thx

[mikE] type it out here

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] ::turns to Finglass:: Hey! You have to go too... I am in your will ... ::shoos him ::

[mikE] But Lady Kylia, I would just be so sad to part from your warm and radiant personality

[BiBo!!!] that's one way to call it

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] EL, you don't have a will do you? Hmm.. you should speak with the local barister about that

[Sean] If you can't bring me back, anything left over distribute to the group.

[DM] ok

[DM] so

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Bob, EL has declared his intentions... it will be on file. Please take note.

[DM] tell me what is happening

[DM] will do

[DM] Brian and Lorie,

[DM] not ignoring you at all

[DM] trying hard to push them along

[Grug] Grug is not much for research unless someone else reads it to him

[Grug] if someone else has a job for him to do, he will do it

[DM] we are debating the image of the Seed

[Grug] i think that the description was not saying that it was burried

[mikE] can we throw inanimate objects in?

[Grug] yes

[DM] read your pool again

[mikE] i wanna throw a light rock in, then. see what's in the room

[DM] to be sure of exactly

[BiBo!!!] well the actual desc doesn't say one way or the other, but we've done it in the past

[DM] reading

[mikE] so lorie, focus in for us, and let's drop a light.

[Grug] brb

[Grug] I am away from the keyboard.

[DM] I say no, you can not drop a rock through

[DM] I understand that we may have allowed that in the past by mistake

[DM] but the descrition clearly says "a creature"

[DM] so someone/thing would have to take any inanimate object through

[mikE] so let's drop it strapped to a dog or squirl.

[DM] Lorie, make that point from the past please

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Bob, in the psat, you have allowed us to throw something through the pool, but until we stepped through, were unable to view anything. This ruling will stand, correct?

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] psat= past

[mikE] we've seen through the pool, havn't we?

[DM] not yet actually

[BiBo!!!] I don't suppose you have any fishing holes around here do ya?

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] No... it would appear like swirling clouds.

[DM] Alaastair

[DM] has done the scry

[DM] but not focused the pool

[BiBo!!!] I want to catch a fish

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] hold on... baby calling... BRB

[DM] sure, any minor thing from the valley is no problem

[BiBo!!!] okay, can I have a live fish then bob?

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] you could check out where the swans are and he invisible giant beavers

[DM] yes, that is actually cantrapable

[DM] but yes

[BiBo!!!] okay, so I have a live fish, I cast continual light on it

[DM] you can grab a fish

[BiBo!!!] throw it through the pool

[DM] smile sure

[BiBo!!!] it's a creature it goes through, what do I see?

[BiBo!!!] kylia, may I focus the pool for this fish?

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Okay back...

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Why would you need to focus on the pool for fish?

[BiBo!!!] so we can see the area

[BiBo!!!] we can't sent inanimate objects, this light up fish isn't inanimate

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] that would require me giving you the talisman... right Bob?

[BiBo!!!] it'll swim happily in the presumably underwater environment where the seed should be

[BiBo!!!] yes, hence me asking you

[BiBo!!!] (he's in the potty cursing)

[Grug] I am back at the keyboard.

[Grug] do you want to kill the fish first?

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] No offense, but why do I think I'm going to get hosed by letting everyone in the party use my magic item? I'm not blaming people specifically, but I have a funny feeling this is going to lead to Bob want to restrict my use of it.

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] If you kill the fish Brian, would it be inanimate?

[Grug] what if it swims away and you don't see anything?

[DM] I am away from the keyboard.

[BiBo!!!] I don't want it dead

[BiBo!!!] If I wanted something dead I'd use a rock

[BiBo!!!] a rock won't go through apparently

[BiBo!!!] and I'm the only one who's seen the location at the moment, so I'm the only one who can focus the pool there

[Sean] Put the fish on a leash

[Sean] then it can't swim away too far

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] ::hands him the talisman:: Here....

[BiBo!!!] the leash would go with the fish :-P

[BiBo!!!] thank you

[Grug] that would be a good song, fish on a leash

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] But that's it... after this, no more borrowing it.

[BiBo!!!] ::focuses the pool, tosses the fish in, then hands the talisman back, lookin in the pool to see what happens::

[Grug] except bob is away

[Grug] so now we wait to learn what we see

[BiBo!!!] and john enters

[Grug] hi john

[BiBo!!!] he says hi

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Hi John

[DM] I am back at the keyboard.

[DM] ok

[DM] so the fish

[DM] you see

[DM] pop into a darkened area

[DM] with the seed of tempest as described before

[DM] the area around that

[DM] is grey

[DM] dark

[DM] the only light is the continual light coming from the fist

[DM] the area seems

[DM] to be open as far as you can see

[mikE] what is it sitting on?

[Grug] no other features? ground.. anything?

[DM] on whitish grey surface

[DM] no features, no other creatures

[Grug] can this pool look into other planes?

[DM] I believe so

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] If I've been there...

[DM] ok,

[Grug] can a scrye look into other planes?

[mikE] is the fish swimming or flopping?

[DM] diying

[DM] water

[DM] the fish slowly sinks down to rest near the stone

[Grug] so the fish was in water but died?

[DM] yes, poped into the water, seems to have died almost immediately, and then flooatd down to rest next to the seed

Jessica has joined the game

[Jessica] hey

[Grug] hey jess

[DM] hello

[Sean] Greetings and Salutations

Jessica is receiving the map...

Jessica has received the map.

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Hello Jessica

[DM] scrying and examining ideas Jessica

Jessica is now controlling Laila

[Laila (Jessica)] ok

[DM] dead fish right now

[Laila (Jessica)] ooh, fubn

[Grug] lets get a dwarf, cast continual light on him and throw him in

[Laila (Jessica)] lol

[DM] so anything else?

[Grug] the fish died instantly?

[Sean] Okay, do we have a way of breathing in water?

[mikE] dunno

[DM] apparently within a round or two

[BiBo!!!] Well Paul is not here, anyone else Polymorph?

[Grug] what about the other wizard, what is his name?

[DM] well

[DM] Kahn, Fudge, Alastair

[DM] all have magic spells

[DM] Kylia

[mikE] i can do water breathing

[Sean] I don't have anything that can ake someone breath under water.

[Grug] no, the other wizard who came with us

[DM] oh

[DM] yes him

[DM] sorry

[DM] what about him?

[BiBo!!!] the water wizard?

[Grug] well first, what is his name?

[Sean] I think he's still on the ilsnad

[DM] Laurish Samprey

[BiBo!!!] He should know the dangers of porting to and from water

[DM] he came with you guys to Road Haven

[Sean] oh ...

[Sean] /e goes to get the water wizard

[BiBo!!!] I vote Kylia to go, eveyone left the ggod stuff to her

Sean goes to get teh water wizard

[DM] he is there,

[BiBo!!!] poof

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Where am I going? I don't want to raise gods... I'm not going in the dead water... no thanks.

[BiBo!!!] Oh please!

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] As long as I can breath water, I'll go filch it.

[BiBo!!!] Can you swim?

[Laila (Jessica)] Fudge is the only one of us who can swim on his own

[BiBo!!!] WOW. ok everyone say a prayer for EL

[Grug] sean, what level is Fudge?

[DM] yes he can swim

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] EL, my concern is that the water is not breathable even with the ability. The fish died within seconds....

[BiBo!!!] Ask the Water Wizard

[DM] it was a fresh water fish in salt water, but yes it did die within two rounds at most

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] okay, so I can hold my breath for the round it takes to grab that thing and think happy thoughts.

[Grug] if you can think anything after grabbing it

[BiBo!!!] I'm thinking of EL Fudge cookies. Happy Happy

[Grug] have a cleric do it, one of the many minions that run around here

[BiBo!!!] meka leka hai.... meka heini ho

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] EL Fudge cookies have chocolate, that won't make you happy ;X

[mikE] the other wizard has protetction from pressure, cast it on fudge

[DM] just a sec

[DM] I am away from the keyboard.

[Grug] i don't think it's a good idea to risk a PC's life at this early stage

[mikE] so fudge will have pressure protection and water breathing

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] We go, grab the thing, come back.

[Grug] what will protect him when he grabs the thing?

[BiBo!!!] his faith

[BiBo!!!] ?

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] I think we should cast resist acid and slow poison or some such

[DM] I am back at the keyboard.

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] :: shrugs :: BRB

[DM] any and all protections would be wie

[DM] wise

[mikE] okay. that would work

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] If the water sizard can cast that anti-water pressure spell on me

[DM] he does have resiste pressure,

[BiBo!!!] I have no protection spells but I think Fly would be good,Paul will cast that on EL

[DM] I mean pressure resistance

[mikE] (alistair) I cast stoneskin on fudge

[BiBo!!!] EL, What aligmknet are you?

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] I'm Chaotic Good

[BiBo!!!] that is not good , or rather to too good

[DM] eating

[BiBo!!!] I ask the Water Wizard, what Humanoid race would survive best under water?

[DM] sea devils

[BiBo!!!] so Sea devils can go that deep?

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] ...clerics of Manannan mac Lir probably wouldn't fare so bad, right?

[DM] yes to lorie

[DM] and the wizard says he feels that Sea Devil are the best underwater

[DM] did not say they could go that deep easily

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] That's the deity that Stephen and Laurent worship BOB, FYI...

[BiBo!!!] so I guess if Paul Polymorphs to a sea devil, gets the protection, he would be best to go

[DM] nice coinincidence

[DM] can put them on the board if you like

[mikE] i kind of think paul may be best choice, but i'd hate to risk him like this

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] I haven't submitted their sheet 7 days in advance, can I use them still?

[DM] yes

[DM] that was the exection

[DM] the followers that have already been created/established

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] Is the fish elting?

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] melting?

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] no.

[DM] it is not melting

[DM] setting up protection spell list here

[DM] any suggestions Lorie?

[DM] Brian?

[mikE] pressure

[DM] have not forgotten you Jess

[mikE] electricity

[DM] any comments?

[mikE] stone skin

[mikE] bless

[mikE] aid

[mikE] he'll be a sahuigin

[DM] this is the evening of the day you did the scry

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Okay... 3rd level clerics of Manannan mac LIr... they have 38 HP and can swim

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] They each have a Trident

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] They can be convinced to go in place of EL Fudge.

[Laila (Jessica)] i dont have anything at the moment

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] If the party would prefer.

[mikE] so would they be willing to go?

[Grug] i really think a lowly cleric should go, they would give their lives to stop evil, wouldn't they?

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] They are closer to druids, so not necessarily.

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Their base AC is 7 with Ringmail...

[DM] you can wait till morning to have the correct spell set if you like

[mikE] ringmail underwater.

[mikE] bad idea

[mikE] sinking.

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] If EL wants to go, they will support that have offered to cast Pressure Resistance on him

[mikE] well, lorie, the thing is paul can turn into a sahuigan

[mikE] wich has a pressure advantage

[Paul (BiBo!!!)] If there are no objections I Paul will cast Polymorph on myself into a Sea Devil. Then hold that with my ring.

[mikE] does anyone have polymorph other?

[Paul (BiBo!!!)] I will then cast Fly

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Okay, nevermind... go for it.

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] You can take them off the board Bob.

[DM] they are here in case

[Paul (BiBo!!!)] Lori, do they have something to add or do you actualy think they can survise going?

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] How are you getting there?

[Paul (BiBo!!!)] I have not seen everything typed but we realy don't know what we are getting into. Paul has the best options and chances

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Marco, it sounds like you John and Mike have it covered with your stuff. I was trying to offer and alternative.

[Paul (BiBo!!!)] Through the pool

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] My pool again?

[DM] remember there are two pools,

[Paul (BiBo!!!)] If you do not mind.

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] that's john typing, not me (bibo)

[mikE (to GM only)] Character sheet for Finglass modified: Magical Abilities - CHANGED: 1 -- Current: 5 (2). CHANGED: 3 -- Current: 3 (2). CHANGED: 4 -- Current: 2 (0). DELETED: null, null, null. DELETED: null, null, null. ADDED: null, null, null. ADDED: null, null, null.

[DM] that might be an avenates

[DM] avantage

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] See, I'm really starting to feel like Bob is looking for a chance to screw us over with the pool as we've used it thus far without incident. I'm concerned that since it's a pretty nifty magic item and one I'd like to keep... I won't have it after this adventure.

[Grug] I am away from the keyboard.

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] But go right ahead... use it and if it gets broken, well, it gets broken.

[DM] not a chance Lorie,

[DM] just making sure we use it right

[DM] not much I can do about it

[DM] as long as you keep that crystal safe

[DM] bathroom break, just a sec

[DM] I am away from the keyboard.

[Paul (BiBo!!!)] You know Lori, I will even leave the control crystal here. I will Teleport back

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] John, you can use the crystal, you can use the pool... Bob claims to not want to screw us over. I'm really not trying to be difficult, but I know I am ...

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] save your teleport.

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] I offered the clerics as an alternative to the high-level characters, you guys had a different plan. I'm fine with it ...

[Paul (BiBo!!!)] It's not realy a waste. The only question is if I can cast. As a Sea devil it should be no issue

[mikE] right. then he can teleport, lorie

[mikE] he's just got a lot of just in case factors

[Paul (BiBo!!!)] I am taking my control crystal. If I disapear don't worry. Someone will let you know.

[DM] I am back at the keyboard.

[DM] sory

[DM] sorry

[Paul (BiBo!!!)] So I am Polumporphed into a Sea Devil, held with my ring. I cast Fly, I have resist Acid, Resist Presue, Airy Water, and Invisiblity.

[DM] lots of laughter

[Paul (BiBo!!!)] did I forget anything

[DM] Mike just told John not to take his magic items

[DM] so in case he dies

[DM] we all broke up laughing

[Laila (Jessica)] lol

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Free Action would be prudent

[Paul (BiBo!!!)] and I have a net

[Paul (BiBo!!!)] do you have that?

[Paul (BiBo!!!)] Free Action ?

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] yes

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] (bibo) and mike and I did the happy gollum dance

[Paul (BiBo!!!)] PLEASE< PLEASE

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] You have water breathing?

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Bless?

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] wouldn't please = please?

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Aid?

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] airy water

[Paul (BiBo!!!)] I am a seqa devil so yes I can breathe water

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Protection from Evil 15' radius?

[Paul (BiBo!!!)] gor POE

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] I dunno about the radius, but yes

[Paul (BiBo!!!)] PFE

[mikE] protection from lightnig

[mikE] and fire

[mikE] just in case.

[mikE] stoneskin

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] so he is essentially a beacon of magic entering an antimagical zone

[mikE] invisibility from animals

[DM] ok

[DM] any last minutes wishes

[DM] desires

[DM] goodbyes

[Paul (BiBo!!!)] do I get a wish?

[DM] before he steps trhough the pool

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] You have seen the list of imbuements?

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] ((casts dispel magic as he jumps in))

[DM] yes

[DM] lol.

[Paul (BiBo!!!)] I will haunt you for sure now

[Laila (Jessica)] good luck Paul

[Paul (BiBo!!!)] tks

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] yes, but I'll be a haunted person with a new keep and library :)

[DM] ok,

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] not to mention magic items ::drools::

[DM] one last time, then I start with what happens

[Paul (BiBo!!!)] I cast polymorph into a Sea devil, put the ring to hold. Then I cast Fly on myself. The Mike cast Protection for Acid.

[Paul (BiBo!!!)] Protection from pressure, Stone Skins

[DM] just make sure you have teh spells cast in teh correct order

[DM] for experiration times

[DM] John, you have the go button

[DM] tell me when

[mikE] when ::push::

[Paul (BiBo!!!)] then Airy Water, Invisiblity to animals, aid & bless.

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] ((Free Action ?))

[Paul (BiBo!!!)] Then Free Action

[Paul (BiBo!!!)] then grap my net and go

[mikE] shouldn't that be legs?

[mikE] er, ankles

[DM] ok, so Bless will expire in 6 rounds that is the shortest spell

Laptop Player has joined the game

[Laptop Player] Greetings and Salutations

[DM] ready

[DM] set

[Laila (Jessica)] hi

[DM] and

[DM] John, you say the word

[Laptop Player] So, John is at Bibo's computer.

[Laptop Player] Bibo is at Sean's computer

[Laptop Player] And Sean is at Bob's laptop normally used by Jess.

[Laptop Player] Don't ask.

[Paul (BiBo!!!)] ok switch

[Paul (BiBo!!!)] Go

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] mike needs to switch with bob

[DM] and you look in the pool

[DM] watching

[DM] see Paul pop in near the stone

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] you mean seed

[DM] si

[DM] roll a save vrs paralyzation

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] roll higher

[Paul (BiBo!!!)] Paul: Paralysis, Poison or Death save: (d20) [2] 2

[BiBo!!!] PROBABLY FAILS against (8) [8] 8

[DM] ok,

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] you're gonna die

[Laila (Jessica)] poor Paul

[mikE] awesome

Lior has joined the game

[DM] Roll: (14d10) [(7+9+9+8+1+3+8+9+9+6+10+4+1+4)] 88

[Lior] yo yo yo

[Laila (Jessica)] Lior!

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] ::runs over to the keep and readies his happy gollum dance::

[E. L. Fudge (Laptop Player)] wordup

[mikE] lior? what he hell is lior doing here?

[Laila (Jessica)] welcome

[DM] Paul's Current Hit Points: adjusted to -27 (-88) - Dead

[Grug] I am back at the keyboard.

[Grug] hey lior

[DM] next

[mikE] not that it's not cool that you're here and all

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Hey Lior... Happy Channaukah

[Laila (Jessica)] yeah, what she said

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] so, do we see what kilt him?

[Paul (BiBo!!!)] ta ta

[mikE] i'm guessing the stone

[Grug] did he have the talisman?

[DM] you see Paul pop in next to the stone, and float down to rest next to the fish

[DM] stop moving

[mikE] so who's going in next to him?

[E. L. Fudge (Laptop Player)] Me!

[Lior] wow, that was a laggy entrance

[Lior] hi everyone

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] hi again

[E. L. Fudge (Laptop Player)] Norm!

[DM] thanks for looking in on us

[Grug] hello

[DM] There you go Lior, Sadoya on the map

[Lior] i seem to have walked in during something important

[Lior] oh... i dont know if i'll be staying long

[Grug] just people dying

[mikE] nah. just paul dying

[Lior] i just woke up and i'm a little starving

[mikE] no biggie

[DM] and so ?

[Grug] just woke up?? I hate you

Laptop Player has left the game

[Lior] i took a nap at five

[Lior] i freakn' deserved it

[Laila (Jessica)] :-P

[Grug] ahh, a nap

[Laila (Jessica)] good foryou

[Grug] ok

[Lior] its been raining all day, and i woke up at six today to write a paper about civil war poetry

[Grug] my favorite type of poetry

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] Okay, I'm back at my computer

[Lior] oh yeah? you like dixie land and alll that?

[Grug] all about brothers killing brothers.. it warms the heart

[Grug] who is back at who's computer? I'm so confused...

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] Paralysis 12, Rod 9, Petrify 11, BW 13, spell 10

[Lior] welll, i was doing more the poetry that lead up to the civil war, and how the north and the south write about totally differnt things

[Laila (Jessica)] i think Sean is back at his own computer

[Grug] ok

[Paul (BiBo!!!)] john's gone, I'm taking back my computer

[Grug] bye john

[Laila (Jessica)] hi BiBo

[Lior] BIBO!!!

[Laila (Jessica)] bye John

[Paul (BiBo!!!)] LIOR!!!

[Lior] que pasa?

[Paul (BiBo!!!)] usa

[Lior] woot!

[Jessica] I am away from the keyboard.

[mikE] so we have any items of protection?

[Lior] so i'm coming down on the 22nd, peoples

[Paul (BiBo!!!)] coolness

[DM] very cool

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] cool

[DM] no game that week obviously

[Paul (BiBo!!!)] we don't know what we need to be protected from is the issue

[DM] but how long will you be here

[Lior] christmans party?

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] we need protection from Bob

[Paul (BiBo!!!)] for all we know, he was killed by the seed and bringing it back may kill us

[mikE] yes, well items of protectioin give us the general protection from everything

[Lior] gonna be down till about the 16th, i think, whatever that sunday is

[mikE] it just might

[mikE] that is true

[Lior] my girly is coming down on the thirtieth and is staying until the sixth

[mikE] but it's a risk i'm willing to take from the other side of the valley

[Lior] im' taking her to key west for new years

[Paul (BiBo!!!)] cool, so that mean we're meeting her then?

[DM] verynice

[Lior] you probably will

[Paul (BiBo!!!)] neat

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Do you have word of recall or something exciting we could get your body back with/

[mikE] so who is going in to get him and it?

[Jessica] I am back at the keyboard.

[mikE] i'm assuming we're not leaving our paul out there like that.

[Laila (Jessica)] yay to Lior coming down

[Laila (Jessica)] and to meeting the girlie

[mikE] brian...!

[Paul (BiBo!!!)] could grug take that amount of damage and live?

[mikE] just the man we were looking at.

[mikE] for.

[DM] yes we should get together

[mikE] for this very heroic and easy as pie mission

[DM] looks at Brian

[Grug] not the same girlie as last year, lior?

[Grug] lol

[mikE] withalotofpaintoo

[Paul (BiBo!!!)] aid would give him extra hitpoints even

[Lior] no, got a new one

[Grug] grug pushes Finglass into the pool

[Paul (BiBo!!!)] I take that as a no?

[Grug] lol

[mikE] how about sadoya? he's tough.

[mikE] she

[mikE] it

[mikE] whatever.

[Grug] what about fingerass? he has magic

[Lior] what are you talking me into?

Laila (Jessica) snickers

[mikE] well, you beefy fighter types have a good chance of bob not rolling high enough damage to kill you if you fail your saves

[Laila (Jessica)] they're trying to talk you into possibly dying while bringing Paul's corpse(?) back

[mikE] it's probably like 10d10 damage

[mikE] aid will give you some extra hp, too

[Paul (BiBo!!!)] more importantly, the seed

[Laila (Jessica)] yes, Paul and the seed

[Lior] who you calln' beefy?

[mikE] we'll clear the room, you grab the seed and paul

[Grug] maybe we should call in the Cloud Giant, can he fit thru the pool?

[Laila (Jessica)] the very deadly seed

Lior is receiving the map...

Lior has received the map.

[mikE] port back

[mikE] leave paul on the floor

[Grug] Paul's seed?

[mikE] go down to the basement with the anti magic amulet

[mikE] put seed there.

[mikE] lorie goes in and saves paul from death

[mikE] and we call her the new jesus

[mikE] everyone is happy

[mikE] and seed is tucked away safe now

[Lior] i can't imagine lorie with a goatee

[Laila (Jessica)] lol

[Grug] can't do that, because i believe in Kylia

[mikE] we can polymorph her into a man

[Lior] can't image lorie lettng you live if you do that

[Paul (BiBo!!!)] kylia won't die for you, she'll kill you for your sins ;)

[mikE] so how's that plan sound?

[Lior] well, as i;'ve no clue what's going on, i have to say, confounding

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Okay... I think before we continue with the dying train we figure out what the hell is in that water.

[Grug] ok, earlier i said we shouldn't risk a PC to do this

[mikE] yes? no?

[Grug] just wanted everyone to remember

[mikE] the seed is my guess.

[Paul (BiBo!!!)] personally I think it's the seed that's killing them

[mikE] if it can wake a god it's probably EEEVIL

[Lior] this sounds like the beginning of a horror movie

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Brian, I offered two 3rd level clerics... I got outvoted ;)

[mikE] or something

[Lior] or the end of one

[Grug] who's vote is it? if you want to send your own clerics, do it

[mikE] how are their saves, lorie? craptacular?

[Paul (BiBo!!!)] john was very fervent about his survival chances ;)

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Lior... this is like the really bad B-movie that comes after they plain awful original :)

[mikE] yeah, go for it, but i wouldn't give them a snowball's chance in hell.

[Grug] Paul is a fool then

[Grug] not now that we know

[Paul (BiBo!!!)] but it apparently is a one save, you make it and live or not sorta thing

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Well DHUH... now I know that Mike... however, I likened their chances better than fishy fishy that Marco sacrificed in the name of light

[mikE] so are we pushing in a little cleric, or will a big hp person go?

[Grug] and we could have known that without risking anyone important

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] :D

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] sure, send in the red shirt

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] You're a little cleric, you go ::ducks::

[Lior] but risking important people is what the dragonslayers are all about

[Grug] why push in a cleric now?

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] let the red shirts get all the fun 8-P

[mikE] so who's going to go?

[Grug] not for this mission

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Hey ... EL, aren't you wearing red tonight?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] while yes from a purely tactical view that makes sense, but you have to remember that the clerics are people too and sending them to a definate doom isn't a particularly good act

[mikE] if no one else will, i guess i will, but i'm probably just going to die again

E. L. Fudge (Sean) proudly shows off his new red shirt

[Lior] its an act of faith, bibo

[Lior] a t est of faith

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Folks, we have a volunteer :O)

Grug goes to the tavern

[DM] smiles,

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] he wanted to play a firbolg anway ;)

[mikE] yeah, because i play my alignment you lawful good people.

[Grug] so i guess we are all starting with new characters next game?

[DM] get grug drunk, he will volunteer for anything

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] I think the problem here is that no matter how good the saves are, the dice bot is computer generated....

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] yeah... stupid klooge

[Grug] Grug may be stupid, but he's not crazy

[mikE] yeah. klooge sucks ass.

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] His idea of getting a dwarf is sounding better and better by the round...

[Lior] yes, and humnas rolls better than computers

[mikE] by the way, bob. if i go, i'm rolling REAL dice.

[DM] all dice here,

[Grug] that was said an hour ago, before a PC died

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] ::looks across the road to the dwarvn settlement and sighs::

[Grug] now, you are listening to me???

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] sean seems really willing to go

[Grug] ok, then send him

[Grug] nice knowing you Fudge

[Laila (Jessica)] Fudge, you could die like Paul

[Laila (Jessica)] you are valuable to the party

[Grug] and your dead body could fall on top of Paul

[Laila (Jessica)] are you sure you want to do this?

[Lior] mmm.. fudge

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Hold on... before we send anyone else through... let's talk about another option perhaps?

[Grug] the two of you could be stuck in that position for the rest of eternity

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] well, what do you suggest?

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] what's the option?

[Laila (Jessica)] other option good

[DM] last resort option

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] no, that was Joe's group

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] they're dead, we don't wanna be

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] so, other than jumping and hoping, what option do we have?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] because while this isn't the greatest option, I don't see another, and no one has suggested one yet

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Bob, could I cast dispel magic on a rock and throw it through the portal ahead of someone?

[Grug] yes i have

[Grug] you didn't listen

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] and throwing other people in doesn't count as another option ;)

[DM] no,

[Lior] you'd need a magic rock

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] um, I thought inanimate objects can't go through the pool

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] it's the same option different people :-P

[DM] you can put creatures through not objects alone

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] we can tie a display magic on a rock, then shove it ito a fish, and send that through

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] if that's what you want?

[Grug] i think we should push the rest of the dragonslayers into the pool, then the 3 feathers and Grug will be the new dragonslayers

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Okay... I want to call in my favor with the Time Wizard... I want her to rewind time back before Paul died and went through the pool

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] ha!

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] to grug's thing, not the chronomancer one

[DM] ok,

[DM] thinking,

[mikE] LOL

[mikE] i was just saying that on this end.

[Grug] lol

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] ... or I can just have 50 of my followers push Grug through the pool with the 3 feathers and we can move on without them.

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] we'll just pretend they never visited ;)

[Lior] hey kids, i;'m gonna head out... go see a movie with a friend

[DM] have fun Lior

[Grug] like the dragonslayers have done all along

[Lior] was nice seeing ya'll again

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Night Lior...enjoy your remaining 5 nights :O)

[Lior] wish me a happy birthday!

[Grug] seeya Lior

[Grug] ok

[Lior] imma stop being a teenage on sunday

[Grug] about time

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Feliz Cumpleaņos !

[Lior] hell yes

[Lior] onemore year and i can drink

[Lior] legally

[Laila (Jessica)] happy birthday now, and i'l wish you again on sunday

[Laila (Jessica)] lol

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] ::rolls eyes:: Like that's stopped you so far Lior...

[Lior] : )

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] it'll mean you stop drinking altogether ;)

[Lior] i am the epitome of innocence, lorie

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] ::smiles Politely:: Watch that Lightning Lior dear...

[Lior] what light---ahhh!

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Okay Bob, where are we with the Chronomancer?

[Lior] have good nights, everyeone

[Lior] ciao!

Lior has left the game

[DM] thinking on that

[DM] trying to find what spell would work

[DM] other than wish

[DM] I believe that what happens is the Time Priestess would come back in time to just before the entrance to the pool

[DM] and then she can talk to Kylia

[DM] and convince her to stop Paul from leaving

[DM] so yes

[DM] that would prevent him from going in I suppose

[DM] Paul's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 61 (88) - Unharmed

[Laila (Jessica)] yay

[DM] so we are back to that point

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Score one for the bitchy cleric ;O)

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] hey water wizard, can you summon water elementals?

[DM] yes

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] can you send one to retrieve everything?

[DM] I can try to,

[DM] remember I do not have full automatically contrl

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] ah,so you have manual?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] any aid you need we'll give

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] 4-gear? 5-gear?

[mikE] blessings, too

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] at this point I rather deal with an angry water elemental than this seed

[mikE] yup

[mikE] question is, what do we do with the seed when the elemental has it?

[mikE] and how do we get the elemental back?

Grug (talking to a dwarf at the tavern) So now they're wasting all this powerful magic, 'cause they wouldn't listen to me to begin with, and they call Grug stupid!

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] refocus the pool to the sun, and toss itin.

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] same way we were getting back

[mikE] do we want the seed showing up here and killing us all?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] tell him to use the talisman

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] ::rummages around and looks at Paul:: Go get the temporal stasis scroll... Now

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Or.... we could cast an Ice related spell around it....

[Grug] mike, it won't kill Grug, he is at the tavern

[mikE] an elemental can use the amulet?

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] um... pool ...sun ...toss

[mikE] and we'd entrust one iwth it?

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] Mt. Doom?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] if it's under our control, yes

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] ::blinks:: Umm... I won't give the crystal to a water elemental... and I wouldn't advise John to give it his either.

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] Do we have a bag of devouring?

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] okay fine ... *I'll* go

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Hold on...

[DM] John is no longer here

[DM] so he can't

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] tell me now, what creature would have a better chance of surviving than a water elemental?

[mikE] fire?

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] is it a regular elemental or greater elemental?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] ::ninjakick's mike::

[mikE] earth?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] we don't know till we summon it

[mikE] OOHOOH!

[mikE] i know!

[mikE] heart!!

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] ::stabs mike::

[mikE] then with their powers combined

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] how about hydrogen?

[mikE] they form captain elemental

[DM] 8hd elemental

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] stupid fighter... why won't he die?

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] What about Golem... can he cast that?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] golem? what's that?

[DM] no

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] my presssssssous

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Anyone have access to Necromantic spells???

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] The Necromancer?

[Laila (Jessica)] not i

[mikE] i have necro sphere

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] not particularly

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] I specialize in divination and evocation

[mikE] but probably not what you're looking for since you have it too

[mikE] what, you want to send a zombie?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] why? planning on sending a zombie in there?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] jinx

[mikE] seeeeed... seeeeeeed....

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] we know a friendly necromancer though :)

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Wait! Divination...what about that?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] what in particular are you looking for?

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Well, some sort of way of trying to go through the pool far enough away from the seed to not be affected

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] or how to avoid its effects

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] you make your save

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] we still need to get to the seed is the issue, and besides that, we don't know what the effect is from

[DM] you could do some research if youlike

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] we don't know if it's an area thing or specifically coming from the seed or what

[DM] and keep an eye on the seed

[DM] to see if anything happens with it

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] for all we know there's something out of sight shooting them with invisible bolts of death

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Okay... well I'm just tring to avoid the big death thing for another PC tonight

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] I understand, but it's hard to avoid when we don't know what we're avoiding

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] and since we can't sense it with sight, I don't know what further protections we can put into effect to avoid this mysterious deathiness

[mikE] well, research on this has already proven fruitless, yes?

[DM] this is the end of the first day of research

[mikE] so i would think further research would be a waste of time

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] No way to get close enough to a rock around the area and not touch the water?

[mikE] how long are we willing to try and research this for?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] we don't know how close is too close

[mikE] i think it might just be the rock's presence

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] seed

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] We couldsetup a 24-hour watch around the seed

[mikE] like anyone withing 50' is affected

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] if anyone anything comes for it

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] we can then try to do something

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] or it would give us clues as to what he might be able to do

[mikE] okay. we can do that

E. L. Fudge (Sean) flecks some dust off his red shirt

[mikE] but thing is, if someone does come for ti

[mikE] whoever is watching would have to immediately jump in to get it first.

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Does anyone have less than 6 for paralyzation as a save?

[mikE] no choosing who goes or set up spells and such

[Grug] the first day of research and we've already lost a party member

[mikE] no

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] I don't

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Then Kylia will have to go...

[mikE] 7

[mikE] i'd rather go.

[DM] gulp

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] Why?

[mikE] i'm only 1 worse.

[mikE] with bless and aid that brings it down to what, a 5?

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Because with chants,and bless I can get that down to about 3 or 4...

[mikE] i'm game for a 75% chance

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] I have decent armor..... I can cast Free Action, Water Breathing, I have some evocation spells... I have a contingency spell cast on me already (Bob has that noted)

[DM] remind everyone about your contingency

[DM] so they know what will happen

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] assuming we can recover your body, I can attempt to raise it, I'm assuming you'd want that attempted should it come to it?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] ((just avoiding a later argument with bob))

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Yes, per my will Marco.

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] If my HP should fall to -1, I will be transported back to my keep, where if you can bind my wounds and heal me, I will not die.

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] There are more than enough clerics there to ensure that this doesn't happen (the dying)

[mikE] where in the keep?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] only -1? or -1 or less?

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] The main chamber.

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] At -1.

[mikE] well, i'll be waiting there

[mikE] BUT

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] ...or less

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] ::nods:: sorry...yes.

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] as soon as I fall below 0 more or less

[mikE] before you go we need to decide what happens when you come back with seed of death

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] okay, just makin sure so bob doesn't screw ya over ;)

[mikE] i knwo i don't want to be in it's presence

[mikE] i'm guessing it does the killing

[DM] bathroom break, brb

[DM] I am away from the keyboard.

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] He will Marco, but it's okay... Kylia's had a good run and if this is her time to die, then I can just play under protest for the next year

[mikE] so we clear a safe path from the pool to the anti-magic amulet for it?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] like there's any other way of you playing :-P

[mikE] so... my plan here?

[mikE] ignoring?

[mikE] i'll just go wait on the other side of the valley and watch the keep die from affar.

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] WIlson and some other clerics of my deity can also come chant with me and I'll can get myself up to Level 12 for a turn... if we do this tomorrow (they need 12 hours)

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] well we still need to transport it there and we don't know what the range is if it is the seed

[DM] I am back at the keyboard.

[mikE] so we clear the keep

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] I say yes, wait till tomorrow I'd need to rememorize spells to throw on you

[mikE] except for a volunteer cleric in the main chamber

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] keep someone on watch at the pool

[mikE] in case she dies and appears there

[mikE] so when she comes back there will only be 1 or 2 people at risk

[mikE] maybe it's not the stone, but better safe than screwed

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] well if it is the seed, we won't know they're dead

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] The water clerics will watch the pool, my clerics will be chanting to uplift me so I can cast an additional 6th level spell

[mikE] ii really wish we had a dwarf, tho

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] would the uplift lower your saves?

[mikE] they could make their 20% resistance save, too.

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] ::points across the road:: Whole slew of them over there... knock yourself out

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] No Marco... only at Level 13 would it go down...that's two levels higher

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] darn, oh well

[DM] any rings of protection in teh group?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] I was just about to say that

[mikE] boy, too bad fritz ruined the ioun stones wich would make you 13th leve...

[mikE] yes

[mikE] we have a +1 ring of protection in the party pack

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] no one took that? that's bizaare

[Laila (Jessica)] is there anything at all that i can do?

[Laila (Jessica)] i feel kinda useless

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] ::hands EL Fudge the Scroll of shelter:: I entrust this to you, should I not return

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] woot!

[DM] your comments and support is the best Jess

E. L. Fudge (Sean) looks in scroll

[DM] you are just not the right person for thsi job

[Laila (Jessica)] ok, i'm trying to pay attention and offer as much as i cna

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] ::nods:: You must excuse me... Wilson and I need to begin our prayers and spells for this mission

[Laila (Jessica)] i wish you luck Lady Kylia

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] ::ponders:::

[mikE] should i give an order from you to clear thekeep, kylia?

[mikE] i will wait in the main hall in case of your early return

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] would you guys like me to try contact another plane again and try and find out what exactly we are dealing with? it'd be nice to know if it's the seed that's causing the death ahead of time

[mikE] ((with bless and aid to lower my saves))

[mikE] sounds like a good idea to me

[mikE] the plain of water sounded quite excited and invloved before

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] yep

[Laila (Jessica)] that is a good idea, can you do it without hurting yourself?

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] ((Bob, consider Kylia communing with her diety for a while, then beginning the Uplift between Wilson and I to get me up to Level 12))

[DM] Nodding to Kylia

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] to the plane of water, I don't have a danger to myself

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] at least with blesses

[DM] do you have another contact Marco?

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] ((Other Clerics around the keep will be preparing themselves, depending on speciality))

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] I think so, lemme check

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] yes I have another one

[mikE] bless

[mikE] aid

[mikE] yay

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] before I cast, I have 4 questions

[DM] ask your questions,

[mikE] go to it

[DM] you contact them with little problem

[mikE] is the seed itself dangerous?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] right

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] that's question one

[mikE] is the environment surrounding it dangerous?

[DM] will wiat for Marco to ok questions

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] that's question two

[mikE] will the seed missing stop the ritual?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] mike's a faster typer

[DM] the seed is not dangerous

[DM] not to tose prepared fr it

[DM] yes the ritual needs the seed

[mikE] does it have a guardian if no. 2 is no

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] what preparation is needed to get the seed?

[DM] the enviroment

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] nevermind that

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] what is the best protection against this environment?

[DM] one questino left

[mikE] so how do we prepare for ti?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] potino!!!

[mikE] and a potino to go with that questino

[DM] be ready for that enviroment

[DM] debating teh validity of that answer here

[DM] they do not like that response as a valid one

[DM] fine, how about , protection from pressure

[DM] there done

[mikE] much better

[mikE] thank you.

[Grug] ???

[Grug] are you having a conversation with yourself?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] the elemental plane of water

[DM] not really

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] ((Okay, spells that I will probably want: Aid, Bless, Chant, Free Action, Water Breathing, Resistance from Acid/Corrosion, I have Protection from Evil with my girdle, Protection from Pressure, Prayer, Stoneskins, And I will cast Cloak of Bravery in case of fear - +4 there -))

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Have I missed anything that needs to be covered?

[DM] looking in the of Ships and Sea book

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] hey water wizard, how much pressure can your device of kwaziwaka take?

[mikE] yeah

[mikE] you don't need most of that

[mikE] see, from what bibo found out is it's the pressure

[mikE] so you need a form that will survive even deeper

[mikE] like, oh say the eel people

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] at least it's the main issue here

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] water wizard has a mini sub that works 900ft down

[mikE] did paul's research give us enough info to polymorph into them?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] we can go unprotected 300 down

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] with spell we double that

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] so, as best as I can see, we have no way of making you protected against this amount of pressure

[mikE] noti wihtough back tracking through the first two module

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] What about 10 clerics casting it on me?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] so, yeah, go down and pray is the best option

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] it's down to a saveing throw roll

[DM] no to the polymorph ida

[DM] idea

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Well I can have Prayer, Chant and Recitation all from my clerics...that would give me a +5 to my save

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] That would leave me at a 1 for a save

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] Did you say something Mike?

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] It would be very difficult for me to fail

[Grug] just do it already

[mikE] how's this?

[mikE] ignore me now bastard!

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] Who's that?

[Laila (Jessica)] good luck Lady Kylia

[mikE] can you read this, bob?

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Bob...we are agreed then?

[DM] I am ready

[mikE] do you skip this, bibo?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] nope

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Hold on, Mike- Marco, was there something you wanted to add?

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] There's somethign buzzing around here

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] Is someone saying something?

[DM] teasing mike about colors again

[mikE] yeah. don't worry about it

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] you already have stoneskin, so airy water

[DM] I understand Kylia's protections

[mikE] aparently bibo was just skipping the blue text

[mikE] wich must be why everyone always ignores my ideas

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Okay... I guess I make that roll then. ::nodding to Wilson ::

[mikE] or something

[Grug] get used to it

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] actually...

[mikE] i'll just hang out with brian in the bar

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] what the hell was that spell that the dead chick always used to cast?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] you know, spring's old character

[mikE] must not have worked too well if she's dead

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] I don't remember

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] wasn't it Know Future?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] right... no divination from our clerics

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] somethign like that ...

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] nevermind

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Kylia Wolfslayer: Paralysis, Poison or Death save: (d20) [5] 5

[Lorie] PROBABLY FAILS against (6) [6] 6

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] that makes it

Grug (still talking to dwarf at tavern) So now more people are over there dying, because they didn't listen to Grug. What a bunch of fucking idiots.

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] go you

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] That's a save

[Laila (Jessica)] good for you Lorie

[DM] so you are there

[DM] no damage so far

[mikE] grab it and run, sister

[DM] you see around you

[DM] greyish,

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Let's make this snappy... I don't have much time.

[DM] whitish

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] :D

[mikE] a 6 is the highest roll you'll get from kooge

[mikE] fucking klooge

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] yeah, that's a critical success

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Greyish...Whitish... with you so far.

[mikE] i mean, maybe klooge thinks adnd uses a d6 method?

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] or that we're making a proficiency roll

[DM] the seed is glowing slighty

[DM] looking aorund you see no one in this chamber

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] grab it ad think happy thoughts

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] not even dead fishy?

[DM] but no exits or entrances

[mikE] yes, well stop looking for postcards to send us

[mikE] bring the fish back, too. just because

[mikE] leave no evidence

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] autopsy there Mike?

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] oh.

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] we'll mount it

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] we'll have a mounted glowing fish

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] oooh! A billy-bass singing fish!

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Okay... Wow... this is really interesting...almost like being in an asteroid belt

[Grug] you can mount the fish nightly if you want

[mikE] it couls be a fisherman's nightlite. =P

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] it could be with creative use of magic mouth

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Look, there is the little glowing seed.

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] so, how long does it take to grab a seed and come back?

[Grug] touch the seed, i dare you

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] ::uses Free Action to do the hustle and grab the seed quickly and get the heck out of Dodge::

[DM] picks up the seed,

[Grug] i double dog dare you

[DM] clicks your heels,

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] ::using her backpack::

[DM] and nothing happend

[DM] standing there

[mikE] god damnit, bob

[DM] looking arond

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] ((NOT her bare hands))

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] oh goodie

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] ((Think scooping))

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] why now?

[DM] understood

[mikE] the seed's not dangerous, lorie

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] Bob is

[Laila (Jessica)] lol

[mikE] hey lorie, slit your wrists

[mikE] you'll port back here. ;P

[Grug] how long does the pressure spell last?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] it's not protecting her from the pressure at this depth

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] the fact that she has to make a save means she's too deep for the spell

[DM] it lasts 11 turns

Grug orders another ale

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Okay, so I do the necessary and make with the going...

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] I'm not on the sightseeing tour

[DM] no going

[DM] you pick up the seed,

[mikE] nothing happens, lor.

[DM] not touchign it

[DM] click your heels

[DM] and nothing

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] what's this seed made of?

[mikE] but don't worry. when you die, you come back safe and, well, sound, anyway

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] so wait until you get to -1 HP then ...

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Okay...Anti-magic.

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Perfect.

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] is it an actual seed?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] or it it just CALLED a seed?

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Can I try and ascend up until I hit -1?

[Grug] you don't know because you haven't planted it

[DM] looks leathery, and crackeled

[DM] red glowing lines

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] well, if it's anti-magic, then how will your cotingency work?

[mikE] what's it taste like?

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] ....withl my backpack

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] contingency?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] try and wreck the thing

[Grug] but if you do, plant it in Fingalass's backyard

[mikE] yeah. that'll make some great weed

[DM] there are no exits Kylia

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] ::shrugs:: then I guess Kylia just dies a horrible death, but at least the party learns something useful

[DM] the chamber around you is about

[mikE] after all, i just loooove nature

[mikE] stoneshape, lor

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] or you could try dropping it and try to return

[mikE] or you could eat it.

[mikE] i bet it tases like chicken

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] swing at it with your sword

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] I leave my backpack at one end and move of ther another one and try and use my crystal to return home

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] swing at the seed

[DM] no go

[Grug] hit your forehead against it

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] try and destroy the seed

[mikE] yeah. try and destroy it before you die

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Anti-magic barrier

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] um ... then how can we get there then?

[mikE] in case you don't contingency home

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] it's more than antimagic

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] if there's an anti-magic barrier, how can we see it?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] if it was just antimagic you wouldn't get to this point

[Grug] destroy it with your faith

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] ::shrugs:: I cast Lightning Bolt at it?

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] And why is Bob grinning like that?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] no

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] definately no

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Because Kylia is finally dead and you can all go be 1st level flunkies?

[Laila (Jessica)] if Bob is grinning "like that" it cant be a good thing

[Laila (Jessica)] i know this and im not there

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] I make a God call actually....

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] I've been a good cleric... let's see who answers the phone

[mikE] did bob PM you?

[DM] go ahead and try,

[mikE] i'm going to throw something at him if he did

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Roll: ((1d100+5)) [(55+5)] 60

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] Okay Lorie, I think you are inside something

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] We're debating with Bob about the semantics of where you are

[DM] debating the merits of what natural water is

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Let me know how that goes Bob before I go on with my next action...

[DM] what are you asking for Kylia?

[DM] we are still playing

[mikE] a snickers bar

[DM] I see the time

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Kylia will humbly ask for her deities favor to remove her and the seed from this place so that the Dragonslayers and the Three Feathers might rid the world of the evil

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] yep, not going anywhere for a while

[DM] brb nyrma

[DM] I am away from the keyboard.

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] ((deities = deity's))

[DM] I am back at the keyboard.

[DM] b

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] Do you have water beather?

[Laila (Jessica)] i'm sorry, but i have to take off...i'm gonna pass out if i dont get some food

[DM] I will say you get a feeling of hope and strength,

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] cast on ytou?

[DM] but no direct help provided

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Yes Sean...Water Breathing and Free Action

[Laila (Jessica)] talk to everyone later

[Grug] ok, cya jess

[mikE] gaaaaaay, bob

[Laila (Jessica)] bya

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] get rid of airy water

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] Bye Jessica

Jessica has left the game

[DM] have fun Jess

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Okay...

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] I don't have Airy Water

[DM] before you do

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Before I do what?

[DM] you do have it on you from Alastair Kylia

[DM] we can pause here if you all are ok with this

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Oh, that's right...

[DM] to do some palnning

[DM] research ideas

[DM] etc.

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] the thought is that youa re not in water

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] yeah, I really gotta go, night people

[DM] and pick up this next week

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Umm... I'd like to cast Water to Dust please

BiBo!!! has left the game

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] I'm not in Water?

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] can you cast it?

[DM] before you cast Lorie

[DM] they have some ideas

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Yes...

[DM] I think we wuld wait

[DM] about to lose Marco and Mike

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] So I have to wait a week...

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] can't she just cast this so we get soe *more* inforation?

[DM] or we can do it in email

[DM] you are not dead

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Okay, well I'll roll up my 13th level thief

[DM] you are just not able to pop back home

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] because according to Bob, you aren't in a "natural body of water"

[DM] still lots of options

[DM] I never said that

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] or my 12th level mage

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] start cutting

[Grug] how much time does she have?

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] If I'm not in natural water then I'll turn the rock to mud

mikE has left the game

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] and when the water whooshes in, then I can poof home

[Grug] Fritz got his wish off at the end last week, let her cast

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] That's okay Brian... I can wait a week...

[DM] if you realy want to try

[DM] but

[DM] think you are not thinking though things clearly here

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Besides Bob needs the week to figure out how to screw me over ;)

[DM] spent this past week doing that ;)

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Well since the people at the table seem to see things more clearly than I do...that's obvious

[Grug] of course no one is thinking things thru here

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] They must have knowledge I don't...

[DM] not really

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] ::shrugs:: it is what is Bob...

[DM] you have the best hint Lire

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Not sure how they know I'm not in natural water...and I don't

[DM] they are speculatingonly

[DM] no proff one way of the other

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] to return with the talisman, you need to be suberged in a "natural body of water"

[DM] which is why I said to stop

[DM] before you make a mistake

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] according to the entry on the dimentional pool

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Please send me the chat log...

[DM] sure will do that Lorie,

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] It's the asteroid belt...comment

[DM] Brian you want it too?

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] and Bob's going on about toher things that could prevent that from working

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] unless I'm misinterpreting what Bob is saying

[Grug] no, not really sure if I'll be back next week, this game is really sucking

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Of course Sean, this is his chance to kill off my character. ;o)

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] ::whine, whine, complain, complain::

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] I'm just glad that John's character didn't have to die

[DM] well, Brian

[DM] not much I can say to that one

[Grug] no one listens to me and they go off and try stupid crap like this

[DM] I think they did listen

[Grug] its not fun

[DM] they did just not agree

[Grug] which is not listening

[DM] no, differences of opinoin are noted

[Grug] they agreed later

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] And sending henchmen on a possible suicide mission is a way to raise morale

[Grug] after a PC died needlessly

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] That PC isn't dead anymore....none of us even remember Paul dying

[DM] I think that the put all your eggs in one basket always has an inherent risk

[Grug] i saw no one respond to my posts here tonight

[DM] Lorie and Mike both directly did

[DM] that was mike's point also

[DM] that people were not listening to him

[DM] people are listening

[DM] just not all ways commenting on the idea

[DM] and I was paying attention to the role playing

[DM] in any case

[DM] we should continue this on teh list

[DM] to try and solve what we can there

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] I have it!!! I know what I"m going to do!!!!

[DM] and that way be prepared

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] :D

[DM] ok

[DM] what Lor?

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] I'm going to plane the plane where the music portal is. Kylia is the only one who knows how to control it and I can get home that way with the seed

[Grug] ok, i'll read the posts this week, and i will probably contribute, but i won't guarantee at this point that i will be back

[DM] understood Brian

[DM] but next week is the last week for a month anyway

[DM] if you can make it for a bit, that would be nice

[Grug] yea

[DM] and I am thinking aboutthat Loire

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] (translate: Damn! She found a way out of the trap! 8-P

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] I still have that tuning fork...

[Grug] on you?

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] (heavy pondering going on)

[DM] thinking

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] Give it up Bob ... it works 8-P

[DM] debating what actually happens when you do this

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] It's a bit of a long shot I agree ob, since I know I probably won't arrive RIGHT at the portal... but I remember the place well enough to get myself back to the portal itself.

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] Bob

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] And I know how to make it work with the "Keys" necessary to get back to ours

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] Bob's reading through th emodule (or some book)

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] ::nods:: I understand...

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] (crickets are chirping ... snow is falling in Hell ... )

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] (( you see PA? neat!))

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] This is not good ... Bob's going "wow wow wow wow wow"

[DM] ok

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] ((remember I have lots of saves and I feel empowered by my deity))

[DM] solved it

[DM] but will need to write up the story for it

[DM] sufice is to say you are back at the keep

[DM] minus the Seed

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] I solved it?

[DM] in one piece

[DM] but wth a new burden

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] oh great ... a baby krakken

[DM] and I will explian it all in email

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Okay... in one piece... where is the seed?

[DM] gone

[DM] in a way you want it to be

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Well I will take that versus death...

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] ::nods:: Understood

[DM] will have to write this up

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Thanks for hanging around Sean and Brian the support is appreciated.

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] No proble

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Probalby not what you expected BOB

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] m

[DM] not at all

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] No plan survives contact with the enemy

[Grug] ok, maybe we'll see you next week, :)

[DM] was prepared for anythign on this plane

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Great Brian, you can come tell Kylia how stupid she was :O)

[DM] and I actually planed for Marco to try to go to the water plane

[Grug] oh grug will do that, be sure of it

[DM] but this is way out in left field

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] I wasn't about to let Sean go...

[DM] hyave agreat night all

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] okay

[Grug] bye all

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] and ther ewas no way Kylia would let Paul stay dead

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] It had to be me in the end...

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Night all

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] not even in my red shirt? 8-P

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Night all

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] Good Night

[Grug] noob

Grug has left the game

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Especially not your red shirt... you're a true Dragonslayer ;)

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] LOL

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] 8-)

[DM] lol

[DM] night

Lorie has left the game

Sean has left the game