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Craniate Wastes

This area of central Drillian is reputed to be cursed. With no significant roads that traverse the area it has always been lightly inhabited. In the southeast corner of the Craniate Wastes the ranger Arahael Mosskin carved out the Jistille Estates. The Dragonslayers spent some time in the central portion of the Wastes during the Skull Church adventure, The Enemy of My Enemy and some of the Home Stories.

The Wastes are considered to be bordered by the Farmers Turn road to the west and the Quellcon Estates to the north. They extend to the south past Redfern Lake and a border somewhere in the swamps to the east.

The only thing preventing the Craniate Wastes from being a true desert are the cool, moist winters. In the summer, to protect from the heat and dry winds, most plants drop their leaves or die back until cooler, wetter weather arrives. It is in these winter months that the Wastes start showing its true colors with a burst of blooming from the annual flora and increased activity from the fauna in response.

Due to the harsh conditions, the plants are often tough, leathery or waxy, thorn-covered, or odoriferous to protect themselves from predation and the general climate. Shrubs and grasses are the majority of what grows in the area, and what few trees can be found in the Wastes are small and unimpressive. What fauna can be found is a reflection of its habitat: birds who use thorns to impale its prey, mammals who've grown their own spikes, creatures that burrow to escape the sun, and felines who can only be found at night.

Notable fauna and flora: loggerhead shrikes, hedgehogs, ocelots, peccary, burrowing owls, sage, thyme, prickly pears, living rocks, agave, yucca, juniper, cypress, acacia, scorpions, tarantulas.