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Character Stories

Corporal Antero Hortswaff

Corporal Antero Hortswaff serves in the Dragonslayers Company mercenary group. He received a promotion to Corporal after his quick thinking prevented a troll ambush from being effective. He was put in charge of the Fledgling Squad; a group of new recruits to the Dragonslayers Company.

He comes from Boyar, the same small town in Blackwater as his platoon leader Sergent Snowfoot.

At the beginning of one Era Corporal Hortswaff found himself extremely over matched in battle when Libellula Saturata attacked the Dragonslayers Company. He managed to take several people from the Fledgling Squad and escape with them into old man Milller's Inn near the battle field. After recovering as many of his squad as he could he formed a plan for the group to make their way to the Jistille Estates and seek a more permanent refuge there until more of the Dragonslayer Company could be found. Corporal Hortswaff seemed sure that at least Sergent Snowfoot and Captain Lukincha would have survived and each would have gathered others from the Company as well. No one could imagine that Cornell Floyfisk could be vanquished by anything as pedestrian as an ancient red dragon.

Corporal Hortswaff took the Dragonslayers he had gathered and set out across the battle field and surrounding territory to the Jistille Estates.