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Cogse - Kayugan - Priests - Gods

The Greater Goddess Cogse represents information and knowledge of the future through learning. Her lessons always are intended to impart knowledge. One of her common lessons is the acceptance of death and a welcome to a worshipers final destination.

Cogse is keenly interested in her churches becoming repositories of local history.

Role-playing Notes:

Notes on the God's interactions with their followers.

Gods Information

Alignment: Lawful Good
Worshiper's Alignment: any
Area of Control: knowledge, learning
Symbol: open page with a quill

Avatar Information

Notes and descriptions of how the God's Avatar appears.

Str Dex Con
Int Wis Cha

Special Att/Def: description of the special attacks, defenses, and abilities of the Avatar

Worshipers Requirements

Requirements: Wis 9+ Int 10+
Alignment: any non-chaotic
Turning: turn
Armor: any
Weapons: any
Level Limit: none
Hit Die: D8

Major: All, Divination, Elemental (all), Law, Thought, Wards
Minor: Astral, Protection, Necromancy, War

5th - dictate as per spell, 1 hour per level

Duties of the Priesthood

Description of what the Priesthood's overall goals and activities are centered around.

Holy Days

18-3 festival of the books

Known Worshipers

  • Brother Stephanie Uklo - Brother in charge of the Temple in the Citadel on the Vilmar Estates
  • Uncle Yulf - Second in command at Temple in the Citadel on the Vilmar Estates, head of the Library
  • Friend Holper - Second in command at the Library at the Temple in the Citadel on the Vilmar Estates
  • Friend Kellin - book maker from the Royal Estates in Drillian