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This section is a cross roads of the various Characters that the many Players have brought to life over the years. Not all of these characters are Player Characters. Some are Henchmen, some are Followers, others are just Non-Player Characters (NPCs) that someone created for the campaign. We have been very lucky to have input from some very talented people over the years. There is also a section here for Magic Item histories. It is a goal to have something for every persistent magic item. Every picture tells a story.

These character pages will vary in content. Some are stories, some are character diaries, there may be comments on how the character was played by someone. The NPCs are from a variety of sources. Some are from myself, some are from players and others are just from people who I have asked to write a character sketch for me. There are also some in story form in the adventures section. For a quirky look at some of the character interactions there is the Insult Forum. For a growing number of the characters in the world there is a chart over on

Current Characters - The current lineup of Dragonslayers and associates:

Dragonslayer Training Plans



  • Indigo::
  • Howard Plum::
  • Ilero:: (Thief/Scout 11) Prince Ilero Sauscha of Blackwater is far from home, and shows no inclination to go back there. Years spent as a scout for different militaries has led to a permanent stint with the Dragonslayers. They've forced him to use his skills in ways they weren't intended for, but so far he's managed to live up to expectations. His two most noticable traits are his strong Blackwater accent, and his tendency to impulsively do something incredibly risky (often also incredibly stupid). He has recently 'died' and been returned to life, which he seems to regard as an ill omen for his future.
  • Shurkural:: (Ranger 7) Young Shurkural was working at her parents' inn in the Citadel at the Vilmar Estates when the Dragonslayers chose to stay there while searching for the missing Queen-designate. When a band of werewolves kidnapped her, Shurkural joined the band to use her family's werewolf hunting skills to help out. An attractive and extremely flirtatious woman, her relationship with Ilero means that she hasn't left the group yet.
  • Marisu:: (Bard 6) Countess Marisu Doeskin showed up at Jistille Estates with no warning one day to announce that she was joining the Dragonslayers. She can barely hold her own on the field of combat, but she excels in the field of personal interaction. While the Slayers were engaged in Dryads Lair, her family has been largely wiped out in a civil war back in Drillian.
  • Leatherus::
  • Snottie
  • Neith of Inholt
  • Miranda Paige::
  • Brother Fotopoulos::
  • QuiFon Ruminell::
  • Emerald::
  • Brer Necholas:: Paladin 7 A Paladin of the Order of the Brotherhood, tasked with cleansing the lands of undead. His face is constantly hidden under a hood, with only his mouth and beard visible. It's known that he wears an eyepatch over his left eye.

Tieran Guild:

the starting number is the base level of the follower slot, in case of replacements
* Prince Ilero Sauscha::

  • Jared
  • 3 | "Jon the Sailor" Human T3
  • 6 | Human T6
  • 3 | Rock Gnome F3/T3
  • 2 | Human T2
  • 2 | Elf T2
  • 2 | Elf F2/T2/M2
  • 1 | Human T1
  • 1 | Human T1
  • 3 | Human T3
  • 2 | Human T2
  • 4 | Dwarf F4
  • 4 | "Acorn" Kercpa T4

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