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Character Stories

This section is a cross roads of the various Characters that the many Players have brought to life over the years. Not all of these characters are Player Characters. Some are Henchmen, some are Followers, others are just Non-Player Characters (NPCs) that someone created for the campaign. We have been very lucky to have input from some very talented people over the years. There is also a section here for Magic Item histories. It is a goal to have something for every persistent magic item. Every picture tells a story.

These character pages will vary in content. Some are stories, some are character diaries, there may be comments on how the character was played by someone. The NPCs are from a variety of sources. Some are from myself, some are from players and others are just from people who I have asked to write a character sketch for me. There are also some in story form in the adventures section. For a quirky look at some of the character interactions there is the Insult Forum.

For a growing number of the characters in the world there is a chart over on

Player Characters

Character Name - Player Name

Henchmen & Followers

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Non-Player Characters

Magic Item Histories