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Campaign World

My campaign runs in a fantasy based world that I have tried to ground in reality. There are many cultures and time frames represented and part of the fun is the interactions between these sometimes radically different societal norms.

The main campaign area is the typical fantasy European based setting with knights, castles, heroes and adventurers. Each separate area of the world has its own languages which helps define them from each other.

This Western area has five different sections to it. Terraguard is an extremely large conglomeration of countries ruled by a King who all the component countries give allegiance to. To the west of Terraguard lie the Small Kingdoms which are several small countries that have remained independent of Terraguard's control. To the south of Terraguard is Everreach a very large plateau area inhabited by wandering tribes. Then to the South East of Terraguard and running to the East of Everreach is the Great Trade Route that runs along the western edge of the Great Mountains, a large mountain range that divides the continent in two. The Great Trade Route filters out of Terraguard and starts at the independent city of Wolfspack. From there it travels south to eventually reach the last section of the main campaign area. The trade route ends in the city of Seagate which is the gateway to the Island Kingdoms.

Throughout this main area the predominate language is Western Common which is abbreviated to W Comm. There is a distinct difference in the language on the western side of the Great Mountains than that spoken on the Eastern side. Central Common is spoken with many different dialects throughout the lands. Hallstatt and Semphar are two of the larger countries that help control the Silk Road that runs eastward from Terraguard through the central steppes and finally crosses into the Oriental lands of Kara Tur. This is where Eastern Common is spoken.

There are also outlying areas of the campaign world that are rarely visited including the barbarian north, the exotic al-Qadim, and the mystical jungles to the far south west. There are the skies above with their own constellations and stories. Then there is the extensive Underdark area that only the very brave dare explore. It can be interesting to explore the geography of the world by one of the Great Rivers as they pass through various lands or look down from one of the Great Mountain Ranges.

Download Google Earth plug-in of DSWorld - current version February 09 2020

Campaign Continent
Map of Campaign Continent.