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Court of Thanes - Session Summaries

Session: 20190823c

So, in the Court of Thanes, after the resurrecting, the Priestess tells a story of an ambush, where lots of Orcs took her daughter and a deeply powerful holy relic, a scallop shell given by Aphrodite. It's pure white and a foot across. The party was bringing it back after taking it to be cleansed in pure water.

The party that was ambushed included the priestess herself, her daughter, and others to form a group of 20. Only three of whom made it back to the temple. The rest are presumed kidnapped or dead. The orcs took off into the Old Forest in the Gold Hills, near or in the Central Mountains.

Dark Elves were also involved, providing magic support to the orcs.

The Dragonslayers agree to search for the daughter and the shell, though the shell seems more significant somehow. To secure the promise, Bran allows the priestess to place a geas on her head. The shell is due back for summer services in 24 days, so if it's not back, Branwyn will lose one level of spell power each month until it is returned.

After bringing Tiberius up to speed, the group departs with horses and a wagon and two guards on loan from the priestess. The members of the group get to know one another better on the trip.

When they make camp, some flying lizards appear and spook the horses. One of the acolytes, Gerard, gets the horses while the other party members dispatch the lizards, taking on some damage in the process.

Session: 20190830c

Thanks again to everyone who has been doing the summaries. See, it's not that bad, right? Really, feel free to offer to do them anytime. But for now...

  • Quick welcome back to Corvus, previous player returned, who shall take over Acolyte Gerard, the Adroit Horse Catcher.
    1. Yes, adroit is your word of the day.
  • Three flying lizard bodies are burned. We set up camp away from dead monster-attracting bodies.
    1. Shi, Miranda, and Talwin take first watch. While Talwin patrols, the girls talk. Shi, who has been a bit absentminded lately, finally learns the purpose of their trip north. Miranda learns of the Elven breakup, but kindly doesn't ask details. Talwin patrols serious enough to scare away any encounters.
    2. Tiberius, Indigo, and Ilero take second watch. While Ilero sits near the firelight and listens, the other boys talk. Tiberius, who has returned from the dead, tells of his brief time in what he calls Olympus (or was it really the Fields of Asphodel?). Indigo, who remembers Penelope talking of her death, is surprised Tiberius remembers so much and wonders if he'll be with Branwyn when they both pass (and if Branwyn simply becomes magic). Ilero, who lost his magic fist, is sad, but reminded that his courage was more important than his weapon.
    3. Bosi, Gerard, and Shur take third watch. While Bosi plays with his bowls, the others look on with confusion. Gerard, who understands hack and slash better than magic, gives a brief life story of how he became a guard. Shur, who is also happy to hack and slash, lets the others know she's happy to hack and slash. Bosi, who talks in inspiration poster quotes, confirms that we live by what we get and make life by what we give.
  • Next morning along the road we find a hill giant sitting on a rock wanting us to pay the toll of mutton, but accepting the toll of horse as we're all out of mutton.
    1. We debate fighting him, but there is certainly a village nearby. In the end, Indigo offers up his horse and we pass the giant without anymore fanfare.
  • By afternoon we reach the flooded Ford. An Explorer goes to the Edge where we find we'll need some major Focus before we Transit the water or we'll get swept away. After the priests Flex their spells, we successfully take our water walking Mustang (wannabes) on an Expedition across the water to the other side, the stress of which leads to a well-deserved Fiesta.
    1. ...and why did Shur not speak during any of this so I could toss Ranger into that description, too??
    2. Oh and Branwyn teleports the wagon across, but I couldn't fit that into the description, either...
  • After making it a bit of ways up the road, we camp again for the night. Will we survive?
    1. Branwyn and Talwin take first watch. A large group of male gypsies greets them? Well, one gypsy, Alanaxadar, greets them, and then reveals all the other males of whom are protecting Wisewoman Firebeetle (surprise! not a flower, but is she a microcontroller, a beetle who shoots acid out of her butt, a glowing click beetle, or one who flies towards forest fires to breed? important questions here). After asking the gypsies to be quiet so the group can sleep (and being accused of the group being the loud ones), Alan invites them to breakfast, but makes camp some ways away from the group.
    2. Ilero and Gerard take second watch. They are told of the gypsies, Ilero gives Gerard a friendly warning to be nice to Branwyn, and that is that.
    3. Bosi and Shur take third watch. Shur tries to understand Bosi, Bosi sees she is simply confused and tries to help her understand, Shur still doesn't quite understand Bosi.
  • That concludes the night. Those stuck in Florida will weather Dorian, and when that passes, we'll all meet up again for breakfast with the gypsies. Stay safe and see you next week!

Quotes of the Night

[Master] watches and are you doing any healing before heading into the watches
[Branwyn (Lisa)] (kenna and mara)
[Branwyn (Lisa)] (since lizards hate the sounds of chants and prayers)

[Indigo (Lisa)] Ummm ... did you have all your ... parts?
Lord Tiberius (Master) grins at Indigo and winks
[Lord Tiberius (Master)] yeap
[Talwin (Michael)] (OOC Rolling my eyes)
[Skarphedin (Ryan)] (I can hear Michael's eyes scraping against the bone, he is rolling them so hard)

[Rhibosi (MarioHome)] it is my focus
[Rhibosi (MarioHome)] i fell the energy, i hearthe sound, i see myself
[Acolyte Gerard (Corvus)] Focus? You some mage or something? Fwoop fwoop and throw balls of fire?
[Talwin (Michael)] (Did he just say Fwoop Fwoop???)
Shurkural (TMO)] (yup)
Shurkural (TMO)] (the Fwoop is strong with this one)

[Acolyte Gerard (Corvus)] Disciple? So you are a priest then? I see. So less fire balls and more lights from the sky then.

[Acolyte Gerard (Corvus)] woo action for everyone! Is it cuthulhu in power armor?
[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Worse: Oregon Trail: D&D edition)
[Master] and the ford is flooded
[Master] and LOL at Carissa
[Branwyn (Lisa)] (so we take the buick)
[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Maybe we can just Dodge this?)
[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Or Ram right through. Either or)
[Michael] Jeepers. What are we going to do

Ilero (TMO)] Can somebody strong just t'row Indigo?
Ilero (TMO)] And Kenna
[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] And if they miss?
[Skarphedin (Ryan)] glares at Ilero, waiting for his name to come up.
Ilero (TMO)] Just don't miss.
Skarphedin (Ryan) glares at Ilero, daring him to mention dwarf-tossing.
Ilero (TMO)] Not you Skarphedin. You dwarves is heavy.
Kenna Westfoot (SpringyDew) looking at Ilero with fiery dare
Skarphedin (Ryan) mutters, "Festively plump."

Session: 20190906c

You thought I was back writing summaries, didnít you? Weíll see where the next few weeks take me before we know if Iím really back at it again.

  • Quick welcome back to Fritz, previous player returned, who shall take over Acolyte Holly, the guard using a nom de guerre whose true name is Drayven Starmantle.
    1. And yes, nom de guerre is your word of the day.
  • A night without incident leads to a morning of questions and answers with gypsies.
    1. After debating whose blood will lead them to their desired destination, Drayven offers his over Branwyn leading to the following blood divination:
Weird Sisters, Virago, Erichtho, and Canidia will do their best to present you with their prophecy and you will follow the dwarves.
  • After Shi gets a few answers to questions sheís had about gypsies (particularly Thistle), the others learn another thing or two about gypsies, and a thing or two about drows (donít call them dark elves in front of the high elf), the group moves onwards towards Bree.
  • On the road to Bree they run into a three different individuals:
    1. Mean Old Crone claims she has no limbs, yet somehow rattles her cup. Her hood keeps her face hidden from the sun (DROW?) and she alternates between wanting pity and wanting to spite the world. She hates elves and dwarves (DROW??) and scones (GLUTEN INTOLERANT DROW???). Fie on you, old mean crow.
    2. Random cloaked man encounters them as they talk to old mean crow. He planted a tree then killed the man who chopped down his tree. To be fair, itís an incredibly stupid move to cut down someoneís tree according to US Law (no link, but Google it; the law takes it seriously and you could pay a hefty fine of five or more digits, though probably not your life). Anyways, after a brief chat, and a coin to the mean old crow, he leaves to give his newly gained murder gold to the church. So yes, a few are paranoid and give the mean old crow some coins, too, before the group moves on.
    3. Less sinister is a simple farmer, also named Indigo as half the people of this world seem to be, out late. He warns the group of trolls, of the gates closed to Bree, and heads home for the evening.
  • Trolls. Trolls are the next encounter. Surprise, right?? We kill them. An uneventful battle which is fine. Weíre okay with uneventful battles. Really. I mean it. No need to change things up!
  • With that, weíre off to Bree and off for the night. What comes next? Youíll find out.

Quotes of the Night

[Indigo (Lisa)] Good morning!
[Withered Crone #1 (Master)] What is good about it?
[Indigo (Lisa)] The sun is shining and we are all alive?
[Indigo (Lisa)] Do you need help with anything? Cooking breakfast?
[Withered Crone #1 (Master)] grumbles you are happy the sun is out? no pleasant clouds to hide the glare?
Skarphedin (Ryan) mutters, "Help with cooking little children?"

[Talwin (mharm-95433)] Can. Can I stab people if they harm any of your trees?
[Talwin (mharm-95433)] Is that normal?
[Man in cloak #6 (Master)] yes stab people who harm trees
[Man in cloak #6 (Master)] that is my new mantra
[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Not a bad one to have.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] Can we tell him you sent us?
[Farmer (Master)] Of course
[Farmer (Master)] tell him old Indigo sent you
[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] So many IndigosÖ
[Indigo (Lisa)] That's my name too!
[Farmer (Master)] Really?
[Farmer (Master)] wow
[Indigo (Lisa)] There are a lot of Indigo's in this world

Session: 20190913c

Having defeated the trolls, the group approached Breeís gate in the hopes of entrance, a roof over our heads and a warm bed for the night. How should we approach the situation? The discussion is leaning towards having Gerard negotiating with the guards when Penelope chimes in that she could take care of the guards and open the gates for us. Really? Thatís an idea. Letís try that. Then Penelope adds that we should run for the gates when we see the fire. Fire? Letís not do that. Gerard, youíre up!

Gerard is friendly and polite. The guards are polite as guards go, but they arenít budging. No entrance at night. Killed trolls? Thatís nice. Thanks. No entrance. Indigo sent you? We donít care. He owes us money. No entrance.

While all of this is happening, Ilero sneaks over the wall and perches on top of the guard shack. He drops 3 gold coins in front of the guards which confuse them and in turn confuses the rest of the group. When we figure out Ilero is on a mission, Penelope gets miffed that everyone allows Ilero to enable his plans, but we all shut hers down. Maybe itís because Penelopeís a woman. Branwyn suggests that itís more that she announces her plans whereas Ilero just does his. Do we now owe Penelope a whacky scheme of her own?

In turns out bribery doesnít work either. How about Indigo Captain of the Bounders? If he is really the real Indigo of the Bounders. Maybe. Just him. Wait, thereís a guy on the roof. He dropped the coins and heís with Indigo? All right, all right. Let everyone in.

Our guide, Melody, takes us to an inn that serves Big Folk, but only Indigo is allowed inside after dark. Everyone else goes to the area by the stables. Not only is there a curfew at the gate, there is a curfew across the whole town. Not a light on in the place and so no other sleeping options. Better make the best of it. All the injured get some healing.

In the morning, everyone gets breakfast and many plorkins to put in our pockets for later. (Plorkins are tasty pocket sandwiches full of meat and vegetables. A Hin favorite recommended by Kenna) The breakfast discussion included the age old question of what dwarves eat. Children. No, but people say rocks. Rocks? I thought it was mushrooms. Yes, mushrooms, thatís it.

Back on the road, we tried very hard to get an encounter so Mara could shine her sunscorch down and smite the next attacker. But alas, we spent an uneventful day on the road. Kenna meets a Hin farmer and secures us a place to camp for the night in exchange for blessings on his crops. He warns us that two lambs have recently been stolen as we are told we can camp right next to the sheep pen.

Rhibosi and Kenna set up for the first watch of the night ready for some pleasant conversation.

I recommend going to the chat log and reading this yourselves as it is much better to read the whole thing and wonít take long.

They begin to talk. They begin to insult each other. Itís a good thing that itís Bosi and Kenna. They know that these nasty words could never escape their lips. So why are they talking to each other this way? Nothing came to attack. They could see nothing. Time passes.

Kenna wakes Branwyn for second watch with a rousing, ďGet your lazy ass up.Ē As they start to explain whatís happening, Branwyn thinks maybe she was dreaming. Maybe they are just tired until Ö oops! It happened to Branwyn too. Branwyn thinks hard about the elements and suddenly remembers a somewhat similar kind of incident back at Orchard House where the culprit was a mischievous gremlin terrorizing the household.

She would have to make this thing visible. Telling Bosi to wake someone in case she blinds herself, Branwyn casts a dose of glitter dust all around her. She and Bosi make their saves and can see, but unfortunately so does the gremlin, who remains invisible. Bosi, who wants to sleep, wakes Tiberius in much the same fashion as Kenna waking Branwyn. It was probably for the best since it seemed to be a bit more difficult for Bosi to tell when the gremlin was speaking for Branwyn than when it spoke for Kenna.

As Branwyn and Tiberius begin their conversation, Branwyn suddenly thinks of another spell to bring forth the menacing gremlin. Without warning she casts a sleep spell and in a moment she hears the gremlin fall to the ground.

She thinks about its last words about daggers and stabbing, how much trouble he could cause in the area and kills the gremlin in its sleep with an apology.

We end the session with a new morning where we will resume our trek. Next stop Frogmorton.

Quotes of the Night

[Acolyte Gerard (Corvus)] Words cannot describe the mysteries I have witnessed with this group...

[Old man (Master)] No one just wanders off on adventures
[Old man (Master)] without planning for a year or two

[Lord Tiberius (Master)] You should sleep now
[Lord Tiberius (Master)] we will find danger soon enough
[Lord Tiberius (Master)] Branwyn will take us there
[Lord Tiberius (Master)] and then we will have fun

Session: 20190927c

  • Things happened. A bit of talk about the dead gremlin in the morning, some badger and farmer negotiation, halflings questioning the sanity of Kenna and Indigo for traveling with big people, a quick trip to town, then camping halfway to Scary at an abandoned farmstead.
  • Will I update things more or leave the summary at that? Who knows. Onward to the Birthday Game 2019!

Quotes of the Night:

BOB: as the Elf with Speak with Animals is negotiating with a Badger
[Skarphedin (Ryan)] (Shi, can you also include interpretive dance while you negotiate so we know what is going on?)

[Skarphedin (Ryan)] Moradin's beard, lad....
[Indigo (Lisa)] He works in a temple?
[Mara (MarioHome)] (you spelled temper wrong)
[Kenna Westfoot (SpringyDew)] Drayven, maybe you should have less coffee .....

[Master] are you searching for a Halfling who is in search of adventure?
Ilero (TMO)] (so, an insane halfling)
[Kenna Westfoot (SpringyDew)] (hey, kids! are you sick of Halflings making fun of you for your grotesque size? sign up now and Adventure!)

[Drayven Starmantle (Fritz)] Excuse me good sir. Might I enquire where I could find someone who would be seeking gainful employment?
[Locksmith (Master)] Why would you want that?
[Kenna Westfoot (SpringyDew)] (he needs to hire. a squire. who will not be a liar. won't set things on fire.)
[Kenna Westfoot (SpringyDew)] (a doer and a tryer)

Session: 20190928c

Session: 20191004c

  • BOB starts the night by outlining how we defeated his planned plot twist during Birthday Game with a bit of talking and a good roll. Go team!
  • So with the Haunt temporarily disabled, there is talk of who will sleep where for the night and realizing that everything is Hin sized so no, you will not fit comfortable on the bed, Starmantle.
    1. While they do that, the priestesses (and singular priest) think maybe it's bad to let the silo fire keep going so with the combined powers of their gods, they put out the fire... to the point of a simmer. It was a really big fire so please don't expect them to be able to put the whole thing out.
  • Fire watch and first watch with Shi, Mara, and Starmantle. There is a little chatter between the priestesses until Shi gets sad again and decides she doesn't want to talk (actor exit stage left). As Mara cheerfully recites a poem to herself, Starmantle decides it's easier to go outside for watch. They talk a little about playing wind instruments (and how it's better not to play them at night) and if Bosi is a guy or girl before they go wake second watch.
    1. This is also the watch where Fritz learns the merits of roleplaying as an effective counterattack to encounter rolls. Talk away! When it's the right place and time, that is.
  • On second watch, Ilero and Talwin talk about Blackwater and what drives them over the loud snoring of Tiberius (those gypsies telling us we were loud might have be onto something). Penelope wakes briefly at the end of the shift, gets her orders from Ilero, makes uh, comments about Indigo, and helps wake next shift.
  • Third watch with Indigo, Shur, and Tiberius involves wondering when Jilly will show up, her wedding, and reminiscing about Branwyn's unexpected wedding that Indigo missed. Also some chatter about children.
  • Morning comes and the group goes off into a small section of the forest where they spot two ogres and are surprise attacked by even more of them. Some flee from Chaos the Spell while the others are killed. Go team!
    1. Surprise appearance by a bear who attacks Talwin. He brings it near death whose death is only stopped by the quick acting Shi. Ignoring Talwin and her other injured companions, she heals up the Mother Bear best as she can only to find out one of the ogres took her cubs (although she called them protectors, so maybe they're safe). Unfortunately, it's none of the ones they killed, and the others have long since fled, so there is little Shi can do but send Mother Bear on her way with blessings and a prayer to find her cubs.
  • Just before the afternoon they spot a ...bird? Airship? Underwear wearing cape man? A bit of a combination of the first and last, but without the cape and underwear. Did you know if you don't shoot down birdmen they might help you?
    1. Birdman is hard to understand without a spell to help you. After telling the group where he came from and his name (Hoptok?), they hear of a group of dark elves in the forest. This does not please the elf, but it does please the group as a whole to have an idea of where the ambushers might be.
  • So with a plan to reach Scary, and then to head north into the woods once prepared, the group resumes their journey. What awaits us in Scary? Are they elves wearing dark clothing or Drow? What about those orcs? Do we have enough plorkins to make it to Scary and then some?
    1. Tune in Friday to find out! (What flavor plorkins do we have??)

Quotes of the Night

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Shi'Nynze casts a spell against : Produce Fire: A 12' square of flame erupts from the ground, dealing (1d4+9) [1d4=3] 12 points of damage and lighting any combustibles on fire.
[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Reverse of that quenches)
[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Anyone have some buckets of water? I can only do this once more...
Indigo (Lisa) whispers "Probably a good idea [Penelope] didn't set the fire at the city gates..."

[John AA] [Miranda Paige]] casts a spell against Branwyn: Orison: I can create minor effects. (d0+8) [1d0=] 8
[Master] Branwyn's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 14 (-8) - Heavily Wounded
[Indigo (Lisa)] (that was not supposed to reverse her)
[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Miranda is a vampire)
[Indigo (Lisa)] (no kidding)

[Mara (MarioHome)] peaches make my skin glow
[Mara (MarioHome)] I think Iím slightly allergic

[Mara (MarioHome)] oh run down home, you offer so much
[Mara (MarioHome)] a stable, a house, and fruits and such
[Mara (MarioHome)] the silo is doomed burnt to a cinder
[Mara (MarioHome)] a fire like that is better appreciated in winter
[Mara (MarioHome)] the ants were a pest and hurt us real bad
[Mara (MarioHome)] and now more of you is damaged and that makes me sad

Talwin (Michael) What about you Ilero? What drives you?
[Talwin (Michael)] You are very mysterious
[Ilero]] (TMO) blinks.
Ilero (TMO)] No, she Branwyn t'e Mysterious. Hye just Ilero.

Session: 20191018c

  • Have you calculated if you're encumbered yet? Last one to figure it out gets to carry the empty chest!
  • We go through a hedge maze. On a normal day, I'd have more puns for you, but for tonight, I only have a quick note of the two encounters that hedge us in.
    1. Holy moly it's moles. Four of them, we don't kill them all, and after death and a failure to cause anyone to fall into their moly holy, they leave us alone.
    2. DAMNABLE ORCS. Says the elf, along with other curses and elvish derogatory terms. We kill some, put some to sleep before we put some to sleep, hold some to kill some, and kill them some more. Tiberius gets so into the kill he knocks himself out, but don't worry he's fine.
  • We did manage to take one orc hostage. He didn't want to talk. He died.
    1. ...And a note that him dying was not to the happiness of others who wanted to try to question him more.
  • Onward to Scary. Apparently there won't be any inns there for us to sleep in(n). Sigh...
  • End of short summary. Tune in Friday for a continuation.

Quotes of the Night

[Drayven Starmantle (Fritz)] Woa...woa...woa....Ha!!!
[Master] So the mole collapses the ground around Dray and he stumbles then correct and manages to straddle the hole created under him
Drayven Starmantle (Fritz) checks Cod piece as he straddles hole

[Drayven Starmantle (Fritz)] Grabs body and hurls it towards oncoming orcs and yells "COME ON THEN I'M THE BABAYAGA OF BUBBA GUNOOSHES"

Ilero (TMO)] (you pansies are using weapons... how prosaic)
Ilero (TMO)] (/me goes to look up what prosaic means)
Ilero (TMO)] (lacking poetic beauty - close enough)

Miranda Paige (Temp JAA)] (my mind is my greatest weapon)
[Drayven Starmantle (Fritz)] [Damn that is so sad]
Miranda Paige (Temp JAA)] (my character)
[Indigo (Lisa)] (lol)
Ilero (TMO)] (John has an automatic rifle as his greatest weapon)
Miranda Paige (Temp JAA)] (Ha!)
Ilero (TMO)] (I've just got a sword)
Ilero (TMO)] (and a whackbonk)
Miranda Paige (Temp JAA)] (We have a Wife)

[Drayven Starmantle (Fritz)] I punch it in the nose
Kenna Westfoot (SpringyDew) rolling eyes
Ilero (TMO)] Hye t'ink t'at how t'ey say hello

[Drayven Starmantle (Fritz)] When it reaings consciousness I hit it again in the nose
[Indigo (Lisa)] STOP IT!
Ilero (TMO)] He really like saying Hi

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] She wouldn't waste a spell unless it was worthwhile.
[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Is it? What use is talking to this felasil?
[Ilero]] (TMO) shrugs. "Always wort' try."
[Indigo (Lisa)] I dunno. He's still almost dead. We have to convince him to talk or Kenna's spell won't do any good
[Ilero]] (TMO) stands up and pulls his knife and walks toward the orc.
[Kenna Westfoot (SpringyDew)] I already healed him because I expect us to speak to him
[Kenna Westfoot (SpringyDew)] so if we do not try, Iím angry at THAT waste
[Drayven Starmantle (Fritz)] yes that is what I thought we were going to do ... so on with the tongues spell
[Indigo (Lisa)] If you were an almost dead orc surrounded by us, what would get you to talk?
[Kenna Westfoot (SpringyDew)] what do we offer in exchange for information? what exactly do we ask?
[Ilero]] (TMO) taps the orc on the lips with the point of the dagger. Then holds the point against its throat.
[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] They only respond to violence. It's what they are.
Ilero (TMO)] (trying to mime 'talk or die')
Indigo (Lisa) tries to give him some water
[Indigo (Lisa)] Think he knows he's going to die
[Kenna Westfoot (SpringyDew)] well nobody is going to want to live in captivity
[Kenna Westfoot (SpringyDew)] so do we offer to let him go?
[Ilero]] (TMO) shrugs. "Easy enough to do."
[Drayven Starmantle (Fritz)] tongues
Ilero (TMO)] Hit probly not believe us if we say t'at.
[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] No. We kill him.
Ilero (TMO)] Orcs lie lots, expect ot'ers lie too.
[Indigo (Lisa)] If we tell him where we're going and then let him go, well ...
Indigo (Lisa) scratches his head "This is hard"
[Ilero]] (TMO) shrugs. "Not really."
Ilero (TMO)] Edge very sharp.
[Drayven Starmantle (Fritz)] So unless we are going to use the tongues spell this is not really worth it.
[Kenna Westfoot (SpringyDew)] other way around
Shi'Nynze (Carissa) loads arrow, "So we kill it?"
Indigo (Lisa) looks at Kenna
[Kenna Westfoot (SpringyDew)] if we do not know what to say or ask, the tongues spell is not worth it
[Indigo (Lisa)] What do you think?
[Kenna Westfoot (SpringyDew)] I will not cast for no good reason
[Ilero]] (TMO) nods and coups the orc
[Drayven Starmantle (Fritz)] Give him a dagger
[Kenna Westfoot (SpringyDew)] so decide. what do we say, what do we ask
[Master] Orc #2's Current Hit Points: adjusted to -9 (-10) - Dying
[Kenna Westfoot (SpringyDew)] throws up hands
Ilero (TMO)] Hokay. Done.
[Drayven Starmantle (Fritz)] and I'll fight it in honorable least let me do that
[Indigo (Lisa)] We want to know where the ...
[Ilero]] (TMO) wipes the dagger off on the orc and sheathes it and goes back to his bread and water.
[Indigo (Lisa)] Ohh ....
[Kenna Westfoot (SpringyDew)] well I hope you do not later need a cure spell that I no longer have
Kenna Westfoot (SpringyDew) stomps off
Indigo (Lisa) sighs and unties the orc
[Kenna Westfoot (SpringyDew)] (next time Ilero needs healing, she's goonna make it hurt. a lot)
Ilero (TMO)] (Oh, no doubt)
Indigo (Lisa) pulls it off the wagon and drags it off the road

Session: 20191025c

  • There is some continuation of this discussion on how to possibly get a Drow to talk with input from Skarp and Shi. Neither of them think Mirandaís plan to trade a man charming flute to evil elves is a good one.
    1. Speaking of evil elves, what makes them, you know, not normal elves besides being evil? Shi briefs them on Elven mythology, Corellon, Lolth, religion, and all things elves in regards to Drow. Skarp gives some of his Dwarf insight, too, since, you know, the Elven Gods more or less made the Drow their problem now (not that any elf will admit to that maybe happening by accident or intentionally, who knows).
    2. And yes, good question, Shur. Why arenít there Drow in the Mist where the sun canít fully shine?
    3. And yes, BOB did mention mind reading. Why are we being reminded of this...?
  • We finally reach Scary. Itís not Scary so much asÖ prejudice? Unwelcoming? Racist? I mean, they do give our party more than enough food, but the only ones allowed inside are the two Halflings (Indigo and Kenna) and the Dwarf (Skarp, and it was reluctantly letting him in, at that).
    1. One halfling, Bertle Puddingfoot, gets starry-eyed at the appearance of THE Indigo while Skarp gets a little teensy bit drunk. Good times, eh? While they eat and chat for a bit, discounted provisions are sent out the the banished unwelcomed rest of the party. At least they eat well and get some information.
    2. Flooding from the mountains seems to happen about the time when the shell was taken into the mountains. Possible cause of early melt? The Forest protects itself and Drow are apparently only in the mountains. Marmots attacked some religious types, but not the religious types we're currently helping. The religious types we're helping avoided Scary probably to avoid the tax that we may or may not wish we avoided as well. So do we skirt the woods like rogues or go into the forest before heading north?
  • We finally get the village to agree to take care of the horses and wagon, and so with that accomplishment and full stomachs, who's up for a watch? In the pouring rain, too.
    1. Shi, Branwyn, and Ilero are on first watch. It's an interesting one where Ilero tries to explain some of his troubles to a priestess (slightly more understanding) and a non-religious mage (more difficulty understanding). It involves souls, interference of the gods, and how does one really return to the living. They talk, too, of Drow again, and trying to find the shell. Oh, and the orc death mentioned earlier? Ilero may be gruff at times, but he has a heart of gold. Best way to prevent the elf from staining her soul with her first murder is to murder the orc first. It certainly gives the elf something to think about now. Oh, and Ilero has now charged his magic flail a bit more. It's been awhile.
    2. Talwin and Indigo take second watch where it still rains. They talk about how unwelcoming Scary is, how they're probably super rich as they export all the metal to Gold Hills, and if a little diplomacy is all that's needed. Diplomacy, not fires, Penelope.
    3. Shur and Penelope take third watch, quickly making Talwin decide he'd rather sleep than stay up longer. The two ladies talk about the land of Indigos, playing cards, the bullheaded man of the swamps, Branwyn's welcome ball, and the sun. Some nice reminiscing.
  • With that, we come to morning and questions of deciding our path. If you have any ideas, go ahead and toss them in chat at that link. Otherwise, see you Friday!

Quotes of the Night:

Indigo (Lisa) looks at Skarp "Do you know anyone that lives in Scary, Skarp?"
[Indigo (Lisa)] To vouch for us
[Skarphedin (Ryan)] No
[Indigo (Lisa)] Can you make someone up?
[Skarphedin (Ryan)] We bypassed this area when we came here....
Skarphedin (Ryan) glances at him sharply. "You ask me to lie?"
[Indigo (Lisa)] No, well, maybe

[Carissa] (So few for watches... so I expect lots of talking, folks)
[Ilero]] (TMO) recites the Magna Carta to the tune of The Whistling Barman
Penelope (Master) crosses her arms. LOTS of talking?
[Indigo (Lisa)] Yeah. We talk a lot

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Do dwarves get talkative or quiet when they are drunk...?
Ilero (TMO)] (singy)
[Skarphedin (Ryan)] (D) Supposh it dependsh on the dwarf.
[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Would you rather sleep that off? I can stay up for some time still.
[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Especially if you are the singing kind of drunk...
Skarphedin (Ryan) carefully enunciating each word. "No, I am fine."
[Skarphedin (Ryan)] (On that note, my daughter is asking me to help her go to sleep and my eye is still burning, so I think I am going to turn in. Sorry.)
[Skarphedin (Ryan)] (Good night all)
Shi'Nynze (Carissa) sees Skarp already passed out
Ryan has left the game on Fri Oct 25 22:21:22 EDT 2019
[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] So a sleepy drunk. Good to know.

[Branwyn (Lisa)] You are a good man Ilero.
[Ilero]] (TMO) taps himself on the chest. "Hye soul already stained. Hers not yet."
[Branwyn (Lisa)] Ehhh maybe just a little smudged. It gives you character
Ilero (TMO)] Heh. Not good man. Good man find way t'at not involve murder.

[Talwin (Michael)] I've slept well so far this night since I took the first sleep. You mind if I keep you company? Or do you prefer to be left alone?
Penelope (Master) looks at Shur
[Penelope (Master)] You think he can entertain both of us?
[Talwin (Michael)] I uh
[Talwin (Michael)] I meant nothing like that
Talwin (Michael) Clearly un comfortable
[Talwin (Michael)] I'll uh
[Talwin (Michael)] Yeah
[Shurkural]] (TMO) smiles at Penelope. "I think we'd break him pretty quick."
[Talwin (Michael)] I'll turn in
[Shurkural]] (TMO) turns to watch Talwin retreat.
[Penelope (Master)] OH I know I can, how fast do you think you can?
[Shurkural]] (TMO) smiles. "Depends on how hard I try."

Session: 20191101c

  • Morning comes, weíre not allowed into town still, so why not start heading north?
    1. Yes, there are wild turkeys in forest. Good things to know! Or something. Also yes, we left the horses and wagon in town for care while we travel into the wood.
  • As we travel, we come across an old camp site, a bullette across a swollen steam (land shark, and yes, we got across the stream via Tiberius carrying everyone while flying), the magic memory stealing moss, bears catching trout and being only mildly talkative, two boars fighting, shambling mounds, a sinkhole (weíre in Florida now!)Öand an elf being chased by dark wolves!
    1. Yes, they were werewolves, yes, they died, yes this is a significant story plot encounter.
  • So the (grey) elf has a very interesting story about his father dying, drow, and such and requests our help. I could post the whole thing here OR I could be lazy and link directly to it. Yes, I went the lazy route so click that if you didnít do it yet.
    1. You know another link you should check? This one right here where Fritz sums up the timeline of the event as per the elf named Fleance.
  • Short summary for a long night, but itís been a long week so yeah. See you tomorrow!

Quotes of the Night:

[Lipson Diggle (Master)] I am Lipson Diggle
[MarioHome] (ask to speak to his brother Shitz en Giggles)

[Lipson Diggle (Master)] Thank you I do hope your smuggler friends do not bring you too much danger
[Indigo (Lisa)] They're not smugglers. They're just ... big.

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (WIDE path around... but really, most boars are so focused on each other they ignore you, IRL)
[Drayven Starmantle (Fritz)] Unless you're female...and a bore...I mean a boar
[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (That would be a sow :) )
[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Or a gilt)
[Drayven Starmantle (Fritz)] (I'm sowwey)
[Drayven Starmantle (Fritz)] (But I don't feel Gilty)

Session: 20191108c

  • We start the session with dead wolves turned back into Drow, wolf heads burned into their chest, and Shur urging everyone to eat their wolfsbane NOW or it becomes less effective. Everyone did as soon as they got it, so weíre good now, right? RightÖ?
    1. Fleance and Shur do make the interesting observation they they didnít know elves could turn into werewolves? Very interesting.
  • Fleance, who actually does carry a sword and says he can fight, convinces us to go help return his fatherís body to Cawdor since both are pretty close nearby.
    1. Bite marks all over the body, yes, but apparently it is a sword that did him in? Fleanceís sword is clean so we donít think he betrayed his father. After the party loots the dead body whichÖ doesnít sit well with some, they head to Cawdor.
    2. The sword and ring are loaned out as Fleance does ask for it back for when they bury the body. The Elven armor heíd never give to a non-elf, but unfortunately, the only elf in the group canít wear it or she loses all the powers her god gives her which isnít worth it.
  • Thane Ross greets Fleance and the party, although as he speaks only Elvish, he relies on the singular elf to speak for the party. He remarks Olan may know something about a shell, but battle awaits him so he soon heads off to the battlefield.
    1. After Fleance sets his fatherís body just so, and takes them to Olan, he, too, also rushes off to the battlefield. So what now?
  • This time, instead of linking what Olan says, Iíll be nice and paste it! Here you go:
Three centuries and ten can Ire∑ member well. Within that time I have seen hours dreadful and things strange, but in all of my years I have not seen tragedies this dark. "Thane Duncan believed that dark elf and light should live together in Birnam. The source of this peace is the strength of our wood, as it was strong when Duncan and I arrived as lads in our first century. This is the land of the Great Stand, when our Elven ancestors held fast against an otherworldly invasion from the underground portal millennia ago. Our ancestors bound the ancient warriors' spirits to the forest before the entrance to the underdark, and the warriors stand ready to protect us again if they are needed. "But our foes today are no hellions; indeed, we call our foes friends. Thane Duncan trusted our dark-skinned brethren, even hateful Macbeth. Now Duncan lies under stones, and we face the worst. My path to eternity is clear, but I must honor Duncan's wish to see Birnam reunited. He left this for those that would make good of bad and friends of foes. The gods' benison go with you:' He hands you an ornate scroll case.
  • So we get a ornate scroll case inside of which is a scroll of Dispel Magic. Which is nice and all, but when will we know when to use it? On MacBeth? Before that? A good question.
  • Weíre all a little confused so to clear things up, weíre told we have a few options to decide upon for our next move:
    1. Go with Fleance to the battle unknown
    2. Defend the village unknown
    3. Go to the three witches to see what they know about the magic of Macbeth
    4. Go in search of the dwarves and another way into Glamis
  • Whether our imagination or a gentle nudge, we decide to go seek out the witches as theyíre close by anyways. This isnít quite as straightforward as weíd hoped due to the magical fog and probably giants throwing stuff at us. What can we do about it?
    1. An interesting discussion results from this: can you remove magical fog, and if not, what else can we do? Iíd suggest reading the end of the chat, but more or less, if itís similar to another spell that can be casts, wind spells only shorten the duration, not remove the fog. Besides, shouldnít most things have a non-magical solution? I mean, yes, we could have surrenderedÖ but what would that have meant? In the end, we decide itís not worth going that path.
    2. I will also note that Olan suggested we visit the witches not for information so much, but for an entrance into Glamis. So how important was it to see them? There are other ways into Glamis which seems to be our goal.
  • So what to do? Are we off to battle? Itís where weíre leaning, but after rereading the chat, and reading this summary, is that the plan weíre sticking to? Only one way to find out! See you Friday.

Quotes of the Night:

[Lisa] I got it from the chat log
[Michael] Well, can't argue with the log. But, I could have sworn I made every parry. Huh
[Skarphedin (Ryan)] (You can argue with the log. In fact, I would like you to argue with the log.)
[Skarphedin (Ryan)] (Let's get that quote of the session in early)

[Lisa] In a nutshell - we get the shell
[Lisa] scallop shell not nut shell

[Master (to Carissa only)] Shi can tell this is a scroll of Dispel Magic (which is why Branwyn did not recognize it) and it is usable by either a Mage or a Priest

Session: 20191115c

So a week somehow already went by? Time for the shortest of summaries as of this moment.

  • We decide to go back and attempt to run past the Fog Giants to reach the witches:
    1. Those who ran, which are most of us, succeed with only a few getting hit as they passed.
    2. Ilero, who attempted to sneak, did not succeed on the first try, but he did on the second only after tons of pain and another near vision of death.
    3. Miranda, who attempted a more cautious approach, did... not succeed. We're all a little in shock still about this considering how long Miranda has been with the group. You will be remembered, Miranda.
    4. During a rescue attempt, Drayven becomes walking wounded and Skarp becomes majorly wounded.
  • We do reach the witches. We trade a mist dragon breath potion for one of healing. Before the night ends, we're left with their prophecy and guidance:
    Come, high or low, come like shadows and so depart! They know your thought; hear their speech, and say you nought."
    An apparition appears, a head disembodied and helmeted. The spirit moans, "Macbeth, Macbeth, Macbeth, he fears Macduff. Guard his family. Dismiss me. Enough."
    A second apparition, a bloody child, cries, "Macbeth, Macbeth, Macbeth is bold and resolute. He laughs to scorn the power of man, for none of woman born shall harm Macbeth."
    Finally, a crowned child speaks his prophecy. "Macbeth, Macbeth, Macbeth is lion-mettled, proud, and takes no care where conspirers are. Macbeth shall never be vanquished until Great Birnam Wood to high Dunsinane shall come against him."
    Then, with little fanfare, the apparitions vanish. One of the witches says, "Seek to know no more:"

Quotes of the Night:

(Will add some, eventually, unless someone else is bored).

[Indigo (Lisa)] (I'd be worried about Ilero except he wants to live in a dark fog now so who are we to try to rescue him?)
[Skarphedin (Ryan)] (And, sitting in the dark fog with murderous giants all around him, Ilero felt... for the first time in his life, at peace)

[SpringyDew] it's dangerous to be on a battlefield when you are already mostly dead

Technically not during the session, I'm going to put this here because it should have been:
Response to Ilero asking for a seeing:
Erichtho says, "Should MacBeth fall, Your future you may see. Should Cawdor fall, Your future unknown will be."

Session: 20191122c

A little late, but better than never, right? While I'll split them up, next two summaries will be quick ones again. Life happens. We'll see about quotes as I write, but they may be few and/or dependent on someone else to add.

  • They start down the tunnels, only needing to wait a minute or two for Ilero, before coming upon some Dwarven way makers saying they are about to enter the safe tunnels. Meaning... we weren't coming from a safe place, as per Dwarven determination.
  • We reach North Ambria where Skarp briefly talks to his Dwarven brethren. We find out that: Chief Siward and his son are already out on the battlefield, an agreement they made with the Drow only lasted five decades, the will only offer cremation to the dead, and they are at least willing to give us some healing. We do give them a gem in return for their help.
  • After some debate, we decide to check on Glamis before heading to battle. We're already underground right? There is darkness, some spider webs, and... whispering?
    1. The whispering is in Elvish. And it's dark. One guess as to who/what it is!
    2. After glaring at Ilero, the only one who speaks Elvish (one guess what/what it is!) proceeds to try diplomacy, first without explicitly saying who they are, and then just saying, whatever, let's get what information we can from them.
    3. In short, we can't enter Glamis until Lady MacBeth dies, as per Lady Lennox, daughter of Maelis, follower of Eilistraee, who died two years ago. Also, Lad MacBeth locks himself in high Dunsinane (the "strongest house" of Glamis) protected only by his steward Peyton. To be fair, his steward has taken many forms (Drow, snake, dragon), and they don't know his real form, but his wyrm form cautions them to hold what distance their wisdom can provide.
    4. Oh, and worth mentioning that Lady MacBeth, as per Lady Lennox, has "turned more brazen in her once clandestine worship of the Forbidden Goddess" which, one guess who/what it is! Actually, no confirmation, but I have educated guesses.
  • And with that, we head to the battlefield amidst foreshadowing of doom and gloom...

Quotes of the Night

[Skarphedin (Ryan)] Yes, we are entering the safe area.
[Master] TO short cut this a bit for Ryan's time crunch after about a mile underground you find several T junctions
Ilero (TMO)] (left, right, left, left, double-back, right, right, left)
[MarioHome] (I know that secret code)
[MarioHome] (if done correctly, we should all be invincible)
[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (I thought it was Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A)
[Skarphedin (Ryan)] (Up down up down left right left right A B Select Start. Good old Contra)

[Skarphedin (Ryan)] Well, I suppose we should say hello.
[Acolyte Gerard (JohnA)] what is the protocol Skarphedin?
Skarphedin (Ryan) raps against the door with his hand.
[Acolyte Gerard (JohnA)] Is there a secret knock?
[Skarphedin (Ryan)] Knock.
[Acolyte Gerard (JohnA)] Ah

[Master] So Indigo moves forward
[Master] no lights in the group
Indigo (Lisa) hands Shur his buckle before he moves out about 30 feet and looks around
Indigo (Lisa) trying to be quiet
[Shurkural]] (TMO) whispers, "Put your pants back on! This is not the time for that."

Session: 20191129c

  • So apparently the night starts with BOB asking everyone who hasn't already said anything what their character thinks about coming back from death... that's not ominous at all. I mean, yeah, we keep getting hints of death, but come on, man.
  • Lady MacBeth with dagger sends shadows to kill those who are not her. She's already killed all the priests and mages of the army. Maybe because they generally have a lower STR scrore, hint hint. What's our plan?
    1. Just to clarify, there are already Dwarves and Elves out there fighting. They fought one battle already, and lost their priests and mages. Some still live (for now) to fight the next wave of shadows.
  • Potions are handed out, some healing is done, and we briefly talk to MacDuff. We find out from that conversation that: they already lost people, the ward is due to Thane Donalbain who has since fallen, the Reverend Ones fought the Great Stand and are somehow related to the prophecy talking about the Great Birnam Woods fighting, and MacDuff didn't know the prophecy, until now, of course.
  • And so at the shouting of Lady MacBeth, the battle begins with shadows attacking our undead ward, the priests who can turning the shadows, and a handful charging down Lady MacBeth and wrestling her to the groud...?
    1. You know, sometimes the simpliest plans are the best (and livesaving, to boot!). Talwin tackles her, preventing any more spell casting, Branwyn shocks her (and Talwin), Mara casts Hold Person so Lady MacBeth is definitely not going anywhere now, and Tiberius makes sure she stays down. Permanently.
  • So Lady MacBeth is dead, but Cawdor is under attack, and some shadows do remain. What's our next plan of action? Well this is a good link to click to try to figure it out.

Quotes of the Night

[Indigo (Lisa)] (so we are down to 81 shadows?)
[Shi'Nynze (Carissa (LP))] (on the wall...)

Session: 20191206c

  • Considering this whole session, all five hours of it, was spent trying to kill Shadows, it's not going to be a long summary. I don't do play-by-plays, that's what the chat is for, but I do summaries with commentary and so...
  • We're left with a few Shadows remaining, but more waiting to be created. We're about to face close to 50 more Shadows. Anything we can do about it?
    1. Well technically Shadows are only created from the dying, but you know what can't become a Shadow? The dead. Unfortunately, we don't have a great way to end the suffering of many, and we only prevent a few from becoming Shadows.
    2. Among the new Shadows is Penelope. If you want a gut-wrenching moment, it's when Indigo has to kill Shadow Penelope, which he doesn't manage to do in a single turn. You are free to interpret the reason for that as you will.
  • Just before the new Shadows, Gerard took the ward and moved it so that maybe it'll kill a few of the new ones forming. His plan does work, but only once as not everyone moves with the ward, and those who didn't end up fighting the Shadows outside of it. Still, he managed to take a small handful down with such a maneuver.
    1. Meanwhile, Kenna's gleefully(?) turning undead this way and that way. I don't think any of us appreciated that spell as much as we do now.
  • While some of us are fighting Shadows, those who attacked Lady MacBeth are making sure she's really dead. Maybe she has something useful on her to help get rid of those Shadows such as her disturbing dagger or the shell?
    1. So Hecate's Black Blade is, surprise surprise, an evil intelligent blade of disaster. It has some cool abilities, like unleashing Shadows and creating Werewolves (and that's how Elves become weres), and it cuts through magic and does amazing damage 'buuuuuut it doesn't like people not evil, makes the person lose Constitution, have nightmares, and be covered in a stain of blood, and did I mention it's intelligent?
    2. As for the shell? It gives any female the power to control male desire while any male trying to hold it will be hurt. If you're immune to charm, you get a shave, but if you're not? Doesn't matter what species you are, you're charmed.
    3. In short, no, nothing very useful against a billion Shadows, but at least that dagger does some good damage, right?
  • At this point Talwin, Ilero, and Shi run off after those Shadows heading to the village to try to stop them. They do, eventually, and yes, they cut it close, but the village of Cawdor is saved. Hoo-rah!
  • Back to the bigger battlefield, we're just hacking and turning away. What else can we do? Branwyn does decide to try the ever-so-fun Wand of Wonder and... ends up blinding everyone (Shadows included!) with beautiful, colorful lights. Maybe not useful, but always fun as you never know what you'll get!
    1. Remember how I mentioned only a few sentences ago how Branwyn was using the intelligence, evil dagger to attack the Shadows? I know what you're thinking, but this dagger isn't like Teb. It's the Doppelgšnger of Teb, the Antichrist, Dark Teb come to life. So instead of helpful life stories and never-ending tales of the past, Branwyn is getting assaulted with whispers of summoning more Shadows and killing all the things.
    2. Disclaimer: To be fair, maybe Teb actually wanted that, too. I cannot speak for him.
    3. Through force of willpower, Branwyn kills Shadows the normal stabby way, everyone else goes about stabbing them to death, Kenna turns them to death, and finally, after five hours (give or take), they're all dead. Double Hoo-rah! The battle is won!
  • So we end here, with a battlefield emptier than it began, a village saved, and Branwyn holding Evil Teb (that's it's name now as per me). None of us have rage quit yet, but there is always next Friday!

Quotes of the Night

[TMO] I have a plan!
[mharm-95433] What what
[mharm-95433] ???
[TMO] We need one volunteer
[mharm-95433] I volunter
[Carissa] Haha before you hear it? Nice.
[mharm-95433] TMO's ideas are usually at least somewhat sane
[TMO] Good. You stay logged in and play tonight. The rest of us will log off and be one round behind, then come back in next week after the danger has passed
[SpringyDew] all i can see now is Hunger Games i VOLUNTEER!
[Lisa] LOL
[mharm-95433] HAH
[mharm-95433] I mean
[SpringyDew] hahaha TMO
[mharm-95433] I mean
[mharm-95433] It is a legitimate strategy
[TMO] Your noble sacrifice will be long remembered
[Fritz] No it won't...But we can always look it up in the chat logs

[Master] when you are ready we click to 15

[Acolyte Gerard (JohnA)] I SAID COME TO ME, EVERYONE!
[Kenna Westfoot (SpringyDew)] coming to you is going to be stupid because we are all blind
[Kenna Westfoot (SpringyDew)] tripping over things!
[Kenna Westfoot (SpringyDew)] colliding with trees!
[Kenna Westfoot (SpringyDew)] do you realize there are sharp objects everywhere?

Session: 20191213c

  • Compared to the last few sessions, this one is surprisingly lacking of action. I don't mean that in a bad way AT ALL, but, you know, it's a nice breath of fresh air before we jump back into it.
    1. As it is, we spend about an hour debating Hecate's Dagger. Feel free to read the chat if you want the details, but in short, it remains in game although its final fate is as yet unknown.
  • Once we jump back in game, it's aftermath of the battle clean up. While Shi goes to talk to the elves and the dwarves that remain (all of.... five. Out of fifty. Ouch), Talwin goes to try to comfort the in-shock Indigo. He doesn't exactly know how (not sure any would know how to comfort someone who lost their love and then had to kill their love's shadow), but he does his best and tries to get him food, whiskey, and warmth.
    1. They find out Donalbain is still alive, if unconscious. Who is Donalbain, you ask? He's Duncan's heir, high priest, and the true leader of Cawdor, of course!
  • Next step? They tell MacDuff the prophecy again, but you know, not in the middle of preparing for battle so he listens to them this time, to try to get ideas as to what it all means. MacDuff... isn't as helpful as we hoped, but Shi has a moment of inspiration during their talk.
    1. Remember that scroll Olan gave her? This area looks very much like what he referenced when he talked to her. Maybe she should, you know, use it? Hint? Hint hint hint??
  • Upon reading the scroll, one hundred trees turn into Elven warriors. Would this have been better done when we fought all those Shadows? Or would it have created more Shadows? Well, we need at least some of them to come against Lad MacBeth so I suppose this is okay although maybe, just maybe, one of us still feels like an idiot and undecided if it should have been done earlier in the night.
    1. Also no, no variation between them. They're all Elven warriors with gleaming armor that causes negatives to attack (which means what?), and all armed with long swords. Do these grey elves not believe in bows or something?? Or maybe those are the ones who all died on the first round of Shadow attack...
  • With army in tow, they march their way down the tunnels to Glamis! ...where there is slight misunderstanding about their purpose. No, they don't plan to destroy the town. They only want to destroy Lad MacBeth and anyone who protects him.
    1. On the suggestion of MacDuff, they decide to be nice and give Lady MacBeth's body back to the Drow of Glamis to do what they want with it (rather than let us kick her to the curb).
    2. There is also disagreement about how Drow do politics, but alas, we're not here to argue it. We're only here to kill Lad MacBeth. But seriously, after all he did, you Drow still have to debate on whether you'll let us go kill him?? Drow, I tell you.
    3. Oh and no, they don't help us. Their only help was letting inside before they all go hide. Cowards.
  • And here we arrive to Glamis, which isn't that glamorious, but definitely takes some notes from MC Escher. You have normal ziggurats (also known as ziggies, as per me), and then the upside down ziggie right in the middle that is many yards above our head with a purple serpent wrapped around it. So... what now?
    1. No, really, ideas? We stop here for the night because clearly we have some problem solving to do such as how to reach the ziggie, what to do about the purple serpant wyrm thing, and how we'll react to MacBeth reacting to our very obvious approach (you can't ignore the giant army behind us).
    2. You know what to do. If you have ideas, post them right here at this page. Otherwise, see you Friday!

Quotes of the Night

[Carissa] So.... small group.
[Master] yes
[Carissa] It's fine, Lisa! We got this! So reverse TMO plan. Shi and Branwyn decide they're tired of this and leave the others to go on their own adventure THEN when the others log in, they can deal with it!
[Lisa] LOL!!
[Carissa] A good kind of party split :D
[Master] laughs
[Lisa] for us anyway

Talwin (mharm-95433)] I didnít like you much woman. But you had spunk
Talwin (mharm-95433) Carefully folds clothes
Talwin (mharm-95433) Tears in eyes
[Talwin (mharm-95433)] "Mouthy beyond all get out"
[Talwin (mharm-95433)] " I don't know what he saw in you."
Talwin (mharm-95433) "But you were a hell of a companion to him. So Iíll give you that."

[Macduff (Master)] You said no Shadows reached the village?
Ilero (TMO)] None we saw.
[Macduff (Master)] (I keep looking at that 3 clear words, something must be wrong)
Ilero (TMO)] (those are words he says normally. Sorry!)
Ilero (TMO)] (at least, normally enough to spell correctly)
[Indigo (Lisa)] (Hye saw none)
[Indigo (Lisa)] (T'ey not be seen)
[Indigo (Lisa)] (better?)
[Macduff (Master)] (grins Lisa is as good as TMO at that)
[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Lisa speaks Ilero better than TMO right now, huh)
Ilero (TMO)] (trade characters Lisa? ;) )
[Indigo (Lisa)] (nah he is Master TMO!)
[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Well there's your blackwater solution, Bob. Make Lisa run that adventure ;) )

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] A drow, a snake, a dragon.... they know not which is his real form.
Ilero (TMO)] Mebbe snail?
[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Er...I think snails are only in Ghostwood, but I could be wrong...
Ilero (TMO)] Make sense to me. Somehow...

[Carissa] If anyone complains we do more RP than combat or some such in the next year, I might smack them.

Session: 20191220c

  • Shortest summary ever! We briefly talk to Peyton, find out MacBeth has had the dragon since he was a hatchling, and that Peyton will not let anyone in or interrupt MacBeth while he's mediating (also known as memorizing spells).
  • And then plans are formed because, like back when we met Scruffy and Billy, it'll take us about four sessions to decide what to do. And again, I highly highly suggest people plan on this page AND read it so we don't repeat ideas before we start again on Friday (once Michael posts current plan to comment on).
  • End summary.

Quote of the Night

[Carissa] (Shell goes to whoever is playing a lady, so Kenna or Mara)
[Skarphedin (Ryan)] (Racist. I will have you know that Skarp's beard shows her to be a lady of refinement)

Session: 20191227c

  • If you haven't figure it out, this is the kind of arc where we need to plan things, and we like planning, but sometimes we overplan. It's better than underplanning, but we don't plan for how long we plan, and even our best plans don't fully go as expected. Not in a bad way, but anyways...
  • After enough planning, we decide to skip the potions on the dragon and just attack. There is a brief attempt at normal persuasion and another attempt at magical persuasion.
    1. How did magical persuasion go? Well when Branwyn tried the shell on Peyton, all the men in the room were drawn to her suddenly warm, honeyed voice, but... no one seems to be affected to DO something. Interesting.
    2. With no movement from Peyton except to keep circling the ziggarut, we prepare for battle. MacDuff gets a protection from magic potion, Branwyn eventually gets the levitation potion, and Peyton... just keeps slithering. So we're off!
  • While the Reverend Ones, Tiberius, Ilero, and Indigo start climbing the webs (some in the beginning, some later on), MacDuff is given a flying spell, Branwyn takes her potion to float up, Shur and Shi shoot at Peyton from below with their bows, Talwin and Skarp wait below in hopes Peyton will fall, Kenna gets her wind servant to stop Peyton from spitting out anymore corrosive gas, Bosi uses his enchanted owl to try to distract Peyton and find a way into the Dusinane, and Mara readies herself for healing.
    1. Peyton manages to take out 25 Elves by burning them with corrosive gas which in turn burns the webs they're climbing. Anyone who survived the gas, died on impact to the ground.
    2. Thanks to Kenna's wind servant, Peyton switches to claws and a tail managing to take two more elves out, but that's far better than a quarter!
  • The many swords and many ancient warriors of Birnham Woods do add up to a lot of damage quickly resulting in Peyton being forced back into the shape of a Drow.
    1. At this point, others finally reach the balcony, too. MacDuff drinks his potion, Branwyn offers Peyton a chance to yield and ends up unconscious, and we're given the option to bind his wounds which seems like the nice thing to do, since Peyton was only doing as he was told. Right...? Well, we hope.
  • So with that dragon snake wyrm drow fight done, what's next? Trying to find our way into the ziggarut. As MacDuff told us in the beginning, there are doors there, but they're guarded by glyphs if you don't knock first. They are also locked, probably by magic, and probably disguised by magic. Normally MacDuff calls up and someone lowers the ladder or MacBeth levitates down, but these are uncertain times.
    1. So we have an elf with dispel magic and a natural ability to maybe detect hidden doors, another elf who has been here before and might know where to look, an evil dagger that does d12 damage against structures (possibly magic and normal, unsure), an owl that can fly into the tiny windows to gather information for us on the inside, priests with stone shaping spells, and a desire to end this arc by next sessions.
    2. So how will we get in? Well after we get everyone where they need to be, we'll figure something out. See you Friday!

Quotes of the Night

Shurkural (TMO)] [Shurkural]]: Damage v L: Arrow; Flight: ((1d6)-1) [1d6=4] 3 [MODIFIED (-1)] added to: Peyton
[Master] Peyton's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 97 (-3) - Lightly Wounded
Shurkural (TMO)] (I'm killing the dragon!!!)
[Shi'Nynze (Carissa (LP))] (lol one prick at a time!)
Shurkural (TMO)] (Shur's life motto)

[Master] Peyton: Damage v SM: Bite: (3d8+6) [3d8=2,3,5] 16
[Master] Peyton: Damage v SM: Claw: (3d4+6) [3d4=3,3,2] 14
[Master] Peyton: Damage v SM: Claw: (3d4+6) [3d4=4,4,3] 17
[Master] Peyton: Damage v SM: Constriction: (3d8) [3d8=6,7,1] 14
[Shi'Nynze (Carissa (LP))] (Oh well....yes he can do other things, I guess...)
[Skarphedin (Ryan)] (I mean, if he wants to be a cheating cheater who cheats, yeah)

[TMO] Ilero wants his witch visit
[Carissa (LP)] See? You can be the master of your own destiny!
[TMO] Maybe. Depends on what they say
[TMO] They could say he's going to have a heart attack at the end of their stanza
[Carissa (LP)] Maybe he's already dead and we're seeing ghost.
[TMO] ooo... possible!
[TMO] He's a ghost possessing his own body!
[Lisa] His father's ghost
[Carissa (LP)] Yup!
[Carissa (LP)] Wait... I thought this was Macbeth not Hamlet.

Session: 20200103c

  • The final fight is closing in. But first, how do we get the rest of everyone else up to the balcony? Isn't there a ladder of some sort nearby?
    1. The dagger gives us the password to get in (whytingmore, get it? because I don't) and a quick search and unlocking spell reveals a wench to let down the ladders.
  • This begins the time limit meandering through the different floors of the house with Branwyn and her magic absorbing dagger at the head and everyone else trailing behind. So what do we find? Lots of things with descriptions begging for us to start looting:
    1. Stone table and chairs inlaid with copper (100 gp and 20 lbs each), silverware inlaid with rock crystal teardrops (value unknown), kitchen with a dozen large lizards (a favorite Drow snack?), powerful Drow spices (250 gp), bottle of powdered unicorn horn (unknown value, but killer probably lives a half-life now), room full of various weapons (of various value, presumably), brass furniture (heavy and of some value), a room full of money and gems (500 gp, 1100 sp, 38000 cp, 100 gems and jewelry pieces of 20 gp value, bone-encased scroll of protection from dragon breath, two potions of "extra-healing", a shield (1 missile attractor), stone horse, mirrors and cloaks (not smoke), priest scroll (neutralize poison, giant spider), a hand eating bag (costs one hand), and just... lots of other stuff to loot, I'm sure.
    2. To note: those extra healing potions? They heal you by killing you. Only useful if you want to be dead.
    3. They also come upon a shrine to Eilistraee which is, surprise surprise, a false shrine! No actual offerings at the shrine. You really think the MacBeths followed Eilistraee? Of course not.
  • They do find a real shrine, hidden behind an illusion. It's a giant spider. Now where oh where could we have heard of an association between a Drow God(dess) and Spiders...
    1. Not to mention, the giant spider IS alive and DOES attack them, by which I mean Branwyn because it's a small room only her and Skarp could fit in and only one of them noticed the spider dropping. What's one to do but push their companion away and take the hit instead? Unfortunately, this leaves Branwyn unconscious and bleeding on the floor. What to do?
    2. Ilero tries to grab her to pull her out and fails, but thankfully, Shi reaches around Ilero and grabs Branwyn in a death grip. She's coming out one way or another. Unfortunately, while Shi has a strong grip she's not actually strong... and so, we begin the chain of Tiberius pulling Bosi pulling Shi pulling Branwyn out of the tight hallway and to safety.
    3. Skarp gets hit, too. But he's alive, binds Branwyn's wounds, and watches Ilero jump up on the back of the spider to hopefully distract it. Which while the spider doesn't fall, it does get distracted so that works! And it stays distracted just long enough for Tiberius to kill it.
    4. The good and bad news is this is the exact concern about having an intelligent, evil dagger waiting for the holder to fall unconscious. Thankfully Branwyn keeps hold of it and keeps control of it. For now.
    5. As for the shell, unsure if she can use it now, she hands it off to Mara.
  • With Branwyn down as walking wounded and the music speeding up indicating we need to get a move on, Talwin and Skarp take the lead and practically run through the rest of the final floor.
    1. Another looting room! One full of books on Dark Elven society, legends, and religion worth 3000 gp and books on the shelf against the stalactite that do... nothing. Because they're not real, but an illusion. Disappointing.
    2. There is also a lootable bathroom with no loot of any value mentioned, but it is full of perfume. Maybe too much, depending on the person and their sense of smell.
  • While Talwin checks the bathroom, Skarp finds another set of hidden stairs. With minutes to spare (well, more than we realize), he finds the secret meditation room, bellows a way cry and... sees a ghost, ages by a decade, and flees in terror. Hoorah!
    1. Talwin, seeing Skarp flee, decides to try his luck, also sees a ghost, ages by a decade, and flees in terror. Hoorah again! So now what?
    2. A decade to humans is a long time, but to an elf? Not much. Of course, said elf needs to useful in close combat if they make their save. And knowing she isn't (and that she's of elf woman born), Shi sends down a swarm of insects and lets the other elves run down the stairs, instead. Insects are not of woman born, but we can save that biology lesson for later.
    3. While Ilero successfully sneaks down the stairs, Mara commands MacBeth to kill Banquo which he does follow her command, but fails to actually strangle Banquo.
    4. The elves start down the stairs, Skarp lands blows but no scratches, MacDuff and the flying insects stab MacBeth lots, Ilero lands a successful backstab (which means...), and finally, MacBeth is dead, Banquo vanishes, and Cawdor is (presumably) saved!
  • We still need to wrap things up next week, but beyond some assumed talking, looting, and a witch visit for Ilero, this story arc is finally, probably done. As is the year totals accumulation, which were, of 49 sessions:
    1. John at 32 sessions, Ryan at 34 sessions, Spring at 37 sessions, Michael at 38 sessions (all of whom get 5000 XP); Mario at 43 sessions, TMO at 44 sessions, Carissa at 48 sessions (all of whom get 75000 XP no take backs), and Lisa at 49 sessions (of whom gets 10000 XP).
    2. Congrats! Looking forward to another year.

Quotes of the Night

[Carissa] Shi'Nynze casts a spell against : Reincarnate: The target corpse comes back to life as a (1d100) [1d100=97] 97 -- DM's choice!
[Master] yeah I have a different chart
[Carissa] Oooh to be fair, your choice would be fun.
[Master] Hmmm John Miranda comes back as a Gelatinous Cube
[Carissa] LOL
[Carissa] Poor thing.
[Lisa] There's always room for Jell-O

[Carissa] Wait so is John at Disney instead?
[Master] providing that people live through the end of this

[Branwyn (Lisa)] (stabs herself in the leg)
[Skarphedin (Ryan)] (on the bright side, the pain from your leg wound convinces you that this is not a dream)
[TMO] (hits artery, bleeds out, comes back as shadow thanks to dagger. Nice fumble chart)
[Branwyn (Lisa)] (I was just saying that - not sure she actually stabbed herself)
[TMO] (probably not, but this is fun)
[Master] no to stabbing your self
[Branwyn (Lisa)] (thank you)
[TMO] (unless you really want to...)
[Branwyn (Lisa)] (not with that dagger)
[Skarphedin (Ryan)] (killjoy. Let the lady stab herself if she wants to)

[Master (to Lisa only)] Branwyn spots a spider on the ceiling dropping down on the two of you, you are not surprised, you can attack the spider or try to hit Skarp to knock him out of the way of the attack, or roll out of the way herself
[Lisa] Branwyn targets Skarphedin. Distance: 1'09"
Branwyn: Attack: Cold Iron Dagger: (17-(d20+0)) [1d20=14] 3. HITS Skarphedin (AC FINAL: 6)!!!
[Master] Branwyn's Current Hit Points: adjusted to -3 (-23) - Dying

Session: 20200110c

  • And here we finally wrap up Court of Thanes. The session as whole was more discussion and decision making, but we did a little bit of gaming, and so...
  • We do some looting because why not? I mean, it did feel a bit encouraged, but that said, we didn't go crazy. Everyone just wanted out of there at this point.
    1. Branwyn grabs a book intent to give it to Shi, but ends up with a book full of Mage Spells. Well, it's the thought that counts, right?
    2. Shi grabs the only magical weapon she can find, but ends up with a Crossbow of Speed. Well, someone will find it useful eventually, right?
    3. Shi also grabs some of the Drow spices, but those are interesting. Beyond that, I think we're done with the loots.
  • We're still left with Peyton. Who wants to tell the dragon we killed his father figure? No one, in the end. We'll left MacDuff do whatever he feels he needs to do in regards to Peyton. Sadly, this does mean no new pets for Shi (yeah yeah intelligent not pet details details).
  • With her remaining spells, Shi removes the giant thing of light so the Drow can have their darkness back, heals with her remaining heals (as a minor healer), and then everyone goes to sleep. But we don't yet have our spells back...
    1. Except we still have one remaining one which does allow us to Speak With Dead to see what Miranda wants us to do with her.
    2. In conclusion, as long as it isn't a burden (as in owing anyone else a favor), Miranda is okay with coming back, but the elves only have one way to bring someone back, so is she fine coming back in a different form? Apparently so, but are we going to do that? Or do we wait for Kenna to wake up and Raise Dead instead of Reincarnate?
  • While they think it over, they do visit the witches for one last talk as both Ilero and Branwyn apparently have some unfinished business.
    1. Branwyn returns the evil dagger because really, it's evil and causes nightmares and all that good stuff. Besides, where else would we find a cauldron of lost souls? With only a permanent burn scar on her palm, Branwyn is otherwise free from the dagger and the witches, as it were, do look a little bit better. What did they pay to get that dagger originally?
    2. As for Prince Ilero Sauscha? As the witches say:
"Prince Ilero Sauscha is a true hero, and all heroes are celebrated. Few heroes survive to go home to be happy, they learn to be content where they are. Heroes rest after deeds, but always listen for the call of duty."
  • With Ilero now seriously considering retirement (might I suggest Florida? More sun than the Mist), the others head back and get a full night of sleep which gives them all their spells back. So what now?
    1. Fighting in a battle so full of death can really make one think. Surrounded by more death, elves, and so close to home, Shi decides she finally needs to go back and visit home. Or, at least, The Wildlands, since it's so close. But she can't leave quite yet...
  • Miranda is still dead so what to do? Kenna is absolutely wiped out (also known as Spring is currently unavailable). Do we risk hoping Kenna wakes in time or do we just go ahead and reincarnate her? Shi won't leave until Miranda is back, somehow, so reincarnate time it is! With the help of the Drow and MacDuff, Shi casts the spell and...
    1. We're two for two as Miranda returns to us as a human female, but she doesn't look at all the same nor is she a priestess anymore. A "warrior priestess" (which does not mean she is a priestess per say) from the Eastern Realms, specifically from the jungles of Malatra, comes to life still with at least some of her mage abilities. What'll Miranda do now? Some interesting questions found here at the bottom of all the possible things going through her head.
  • Now that Miranda is back, Shi says her goodbyes after some healing and goodberries and begins her journey to the Wildlands. It'll be at least two months before she returns. In the meantime, the group heads back to Loosend and with the magic of clicking off time, arrive there without a problem. How will Miranda handle having a new form? What will happen in The Wildlands? And, of course, where will we be heading next?
    1. Spoiler alert: it'll likely be Skull Church, again. But only one way to find out, right? See you Friday!

Quotes of the Night

[Lisa] 48 on the mage book chart would have made her a half-orc
[Lisa] Shi would have reincarnated her and then killed her :D

[Master] that does make it lean towards clicking off or Carissa will not have anyone to play... strike that she would pick up Gerard
[Lisa] but we lose Gerard in Loosend
[Lisa] We are not adopting every stray we find
[Carissa] Poor Peyton...
[Lisa] poor evil acid spitting wyrm Peyton