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Chapter 2 - Libraries - Known Spell Books - Research

Branwyn's Library

Branwyn keeps her library at her Mage Tower on the Jistille Estates. She also has a laboratory to conduct spell research and magical item research. Lab cost 4,000 gp.

It was started on 17-6-338 SKR and is currently worth 28,250 gp as of 3-12-345 SKR and is made up of 157 books.

This library also contains additional spells books not counted in the total worth.

There is also a listing of Branwyn's Magical Supplies for the material components needed for each spell and other magical lab requirements.

Branwyn's Personal Spell Books

Acquired Spellbooks part of the Library Collection

Other character's Spell Books kept with Branwyn's library.


Other Character's spell books not in library