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Bebbux - In Character Conversations

Table of Contents:

Right after 20180914

Qui says "Did someone say Nap? I was just gonna Nap Miranda so she can maybe get a spell or two back, but if someone else wants one, we can draw names? I can use all my spells and sleep her the old fashion way and have Brother Foto go with you"

Right after 20180915

Miranda quietly and calmly examines QuiFon's body. She brushes his wet hair out of his face and straightens his beard. She takes his holy sysmbol, wraps it neatly and tucks it in her belt. She kisses his forehead, whispers something in his ear and stands.

"QuiFon Ruminell was no ordinary dwarf. He was no ordinary man. He dies doing what he thought was right and Procog blessed us all with his presence. I will miss you."

Miranda steps back, nods to the body and turns to face the rest of the group. "We really can't wait for Hoffman to get back, but we should inform Indigo before proceeding"

Time To Talk

After the others left, and QuiFon's body was adequately prepared, Shi, Foto, and Knave started making their way down to the crypts. Once they'd walked long enough for Shi to feel comfortable talking, and certain Steward left to do whatever it was he was really doing, she spoke up.

"Thank you for helping, Knave. Although small, dwarves are a little, er, heavier than expected," she said before pausing to readjust her grip. Not like she was doing most of the lifting, anyways. "How is your head? If you need something for it, please let me know. It's the least I can do for your help. I just hope Indigo wasn't too rough. He's very worried about his friend. I'm sure you understand. You must have someone you care about and would be willing to do anything you could for them if they were in trouble?"

"Master Indigo was not gentle but I have had worse." Looking forward at Shi and Foto carrying the front of the stretcher Qui's body was strapped to. He lowered himself a bit more to try to even out the load. "Master Indigo is very loyal to his friends so I can understand his being concerned. There is not anything I can do now to help him though. It was interesting to heard from the Steward that the Master is somewhere else and that he does not know where he actually is. I wonder how the rest of the staff will react if I tell them that?"

Knave paused for a moment. "I should go first now. I have the keys for the doors and I think it would be better if I am the first one down the stairs. Harder for you to hold the body up as we go down the circular stairs."

Already suspicious, Shi tried to figure out if it was a trick question, but realized that not trusting him got them nowhere before. Maybe it was better to stop being so suspicious. Besides, he had a valid point. She was having a difficult enough time on flat ground. Shi glanced at Foto before giving a nod. They set him down, switched positions, and resumed conversation.

"I suppose we've all had worse. Was it here? Those caves were not kind, or was it before you started here you've had worse? I've heard stories about what vampires are really like," said Shi as she suppressed a shudder. "Does the staff usually know where he goes? Or care?" She tried to catch a glimpse of Knave's hand. "And how many actually have a ring like the Steward does? Do you? Maybe they're all charmed and won't care if you tell them."

"The Master is protective of the staff. He has always treated us well as long as we perform our tasks properly. I am not certain if anyone else has a magical ring like the Steward does. I believe the Master gave it to him. My guess would be to protect him from other visitors so they do not attempt to sway him away from the Master's side. "

"Careful there is a tight turn here"

"I do wonder sometimes that if you have a chance to live here protected, why would you not? Why would you want to risk the dangers out there in the world? You seem to have been through some drama recently. Wouldn't it be better if you lived here all the time? To know you were safe and protected?"

Shi couldn't hold back her snort of amusement and disbelief as she said, "You are one of the last people I'd ever expect to sound exactly like my mother. If I wanted to know I was safe and protected, I'd never have left home, but what kind of life is that? Sure, I'd be able to improve my singing, maybe learn to play a few instruments well, appease Solonor by tending to the forest. Maybe I'd be married, deciding if I wanted children. But how bored I'd be! Besides, if I'd never left, my wolves would still be locked in a keep, starving and unhappy. The friends I've since made would not be my friends. I'd certainly not be in the relationship I am in now. Goodness, as much as I hate those caves, they did help me better understand my feelings and what I am and am not willing to lose at this time in my life. What use is a life that is safe, but caged? What good can you do in the world?"

"I have been thinking that might be what led Seewick here. I have not met a swanmay before, but we know of them, other elves have met them, and some are like them. There are those who follow Solonor's will by remaining at home, keeping the balance and protecting nature there, but then there are others who seek to protect nature outside The Wildlands. They go where they are needed even if it is a questionable castle in the middle of a sickness-inducing misty swamp. Some of my clan might be happy to remain home, safe and isolated, but not me. It is not just for the adventure. It is knowing that I can leave an impact on the world, small though it may be, but worth it to someone. Even if it's just worth it to my wolves."

"I do not know what you life was like before you came into the service of the Count, but even if you are now happier here, I can't help but feel sorry for the opportunities you are missing out by your choice. I mean no offense by it. I feel the same pity for some of my clan, too, but that is their life and their choice. Not mine."

"And anyways, no offense again, but this castle is one of my least favorite places I've been to. I can think of much better choices to settle down if it was what I really wanted."

"So you seem to be telling me that I should go out and be dangerous? Is that really a good idea? After all look what happened to your group when you do not know how to deal with the caverns. You all came back much worse off from adventuring rather than staying home. The Master's wife was happy here, I guess she would be protecting us here. Then look what happened. If I can make an impact I know I can do that here, not out in the strange world out there. Beside the swamps are full of disease and sickness, you are right. So why go there? Stay here safe beyond them."

Shi gave a small laugh, more to hide her sudden nerves than from any kind of humor, although she wasn't sure she succeeded, before saying, "I didn't say go out and be dangerous. You can go out without being dangerous. Er, right? That's...that's a choice." At least this time she stopped herself from asking how he could be dangerous - a question better saved when others were nearby. She tried to catch Foto's eye, hoping he'd be smart enough to sneak off for the help she suddenly worried she might need, before she kept talking. That mostly still felt safe. "And what could Seewick possibly be protecting you from? I thought you were safe here, and if you weren't, then why would I want to stay? Besides, it is not like she is dead. We only need find her cloak."

Not That Beer Run

Shi's mind wandered while she started at her now empty glass and the others talked amongst themselves at dinner. The talk of death had her briefly thinking of her clan. She focused more on her glass as she thought of one of Lanarlas's many lessons, and had a sudden idea. She didn't think twice on whether it was a good one or not.

"Knave? Could you bring me some beer?" called Shi.

Whether or not he heard, she wasn't sure. Not that she really wanted any beer for herself anyways, but it was a more believable request than randomly asking for yeast. If only Jilly were here.

Feel free to ignore/not respond, but I'm just read this (should have read that chapter yesterday), and I know I'm not going to remember in however many weeks when the other party returns. Also I currently find it humorous. And the more you know, right? Knowledge is power!

Knave returns with a small cask of ale and two tankards. "I was not sure if you needed more to drink from. I expected it from the Prince, nods to Ilero, but not from you."

"Oh, um, I didn't need that much to drink, and I don't think Ilero really needs more to drink right now," replied Shi, glancing over where he sat with Shur. He didn't look any less wobbly after their walk.

With a sigh, she turned her attention back to Knave. She didn't actually think he'd hear her, and now she couldn't send him away without feeling guilty. She really should have thought this plan through more. "No, I'm not normally a beer drinker, but it's been, um, a long day. Er, a long stay, really. Wine wasn't cutting it. You look like someone who enjoys beer, and you've had just as long of a day. Why not have a drink since you're here?"

Unfortunately, even if he did decide to drink, she wasn't positive if she could tell a drunkard from a snail. Oh well. Too late now. Might as well try to enjoy the beer. Maybe there was some good, yeast bread around...

"Thank you for the invitation but it would not be seemly for me to drink with guests here in the Castle." Knave said. "Is there anything else I can help with?"

"Humans," said Shi, shaking her head. "A small loaf of yeast bread if there is some, and if not, nothing more, thank you. I hope you at least grab yourself a drink at the tavern later."