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Baravar Cloakshadow - Gnomish - Priests - Gods

Baravar is a sneaky, sly gnome deity. While he is a protector of the gnome race, his protections are actively rooted in deceit - illusions, traps, ambushes, and the like. His jests and tricks may cause no little discomfort to the victims. Baravar has a genuine antipathy for deities of many goblinoid races and, unlike the other gnome gods, he is none too restrained about expressing this. He is a also a thief, albeit not a very good one, and enjoys using illusions to confuse creatures before robbing them. Often, he steals out of boredom as much as for any other reason.

Baravar is the most popular member of the pantheon after his friend Garl, for he is the protecter of the forests and glades that are so important to gnomish well-being. Even the Svirfneblin honor him as the "Father of Fish and Fungus." Baervan is also the patron of gnomish thieves and a mischief-maker to rival Garl himself. He is pictured as a spry old gnome with nut-brown skin and a jaunty beard. His friend and constant companion in his escapades is a giant raccoon named Chiktikka Fastpaws.

Role-playing Notes:

Baravar sends avatars to defend gnomes oppressed by goblinoids, and often sends one to harass goblinoids from a distance even before the gnomes are threatened ("do unto them before they have a chance to do unto you"). His avatars may be sent on thieving missions also. His omens are almost invariably illusions of diverse kinds.

Gods Information

Alignment: NG (N)
Worshiper's Alignment: NG (any Non-Evil Gnomes
Area of Control: Illusions, Protection, and Deception
Symbol: cloak and dagger

Avatar Information

Baravar's avatar appears as a dark-haired, beady-eyed, very alert and vigilant young gnome, always dressed in dark clothes. (Illusionist 16, Thief 8)

Str 15 Dex 18 Con 15
Int 17 Wis 15 Cha 15
MV 12 SZ 4' MR 20%
AC 0 HD 12 HP 96
#AT 1 THAC0 9 Dmg 1d4+4 (dagger)

Special Att/Def: Baravar's avatar has 75% magic resistance versus illusion/phantasm spells. The avatar can become invisible at will, and can use dimension door and rope trick at will. His magical cloak has properties of blending and displacement, and can also cast ld4+2 mirror images as shadowy duplicates of the avatar within a 60' radius. His dagger +4 drips paralyzing venom.

Worshipers Requirements

Requirements: Int 15 or Dex 15
Alignment: Any Good, Neutral
Turning: Nil
Armor: Leather
Weapons: As thieves (dagger 1st)

Major: All, Guardian, Protection
Minor: Astral, Charm, Healing, Travelers

1st - use illusion/phantasm wizard spells as if priest spells of same level
3rd - +2 to saves versus illusion/phantasm spells
5th - invisibility
9th - ld4+2 mirror images

Duties of the Priesthood

Baravar's priests must adventure and conduct magical experiments to find or make magical items controlling, illusions. Many are illusionist/priests. Proficiencies in disguise, camouflage, hiding and the like are encouraged. They are sneaky, smart gnomes, and have a role as spies and investigative agents.
Level Limit: 13
Hit Die: d6
Shamans: Yes

Shaman Requirements

Requirements: Dex 12 or Int 12
Alignment: Any Good
Armor: Leather armor only
Weapons: Any (dagger 1st)

Shaman Level Limit: 6
Hit Die: d4