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Birthday Game 2018 - Songs of the Day

Session: 20180915c
Beauty and the Beast - Be Our GuestA good guest should bring good wine. Should we taste the wine or cast on the wine before handing it to our hosts?]]
George Thorogood - Who Do You Love?Wisewoman Sunflower requests the characters list their loved ones.
Huey Lewis - The Power Of LoveWe thought this love list was just torture from BOB, but it really is the power of love that summons forth Seewick's spirit.
Joe Walsh - Life's Been GoodThis song was dropped as discussions were occurring re: planning to find the snail male, whether said male is a good guy and what our pack of characters might look like to snail male.
The Joker - Steve Miller BandShortly after BOB drops this song. Given the snail mail search failure and the death and mayhem that ensued later, going by the titles Lisa looks at these two seemingly random songs as a bit of foreshadowing.
Blues Brothers - LovelightIn such a big cavern, it's hard to keep everyone in the group in the light. Also love is apparently the theme of the night.
Lecture Series - Best medieval weapons to use against elvesKel is killed by a scorpion and TMO acknowledges that this video is in poor taste (but irresistible?)
Bruce Springsteen - Dancing In the DarkTiberius and Indigo spend hours upon hours waiting in the dark.
Aerosmith - Blind ManAnd after hours of waiting in the dark, Indigo decides to wait some more.
Pat Benatar - All Fired UpBOB slid this song to John. Not sure of meaning.