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Aug 27 04 - Sea Devils

[DM] Time of Day: 06:20 PM. Fri, Aug 27th, 2004.

Trevor has joined the game.

[Trevor] Sup Bob!

[Trevor] Got internet access bout 3 hours ago, just in time for game :-)

[Trevor] Anyways, I'm afk til closer to 7.

[DM] here there

Trevor has left the game.

Sean has joined the game.

Sean is receiving the map...

Sean has received the map.

BiBo!!! has joined the game.

BiBo!!! is receiving the map...

BiBo!!! has received the map.

BiBo!!! is now controling Alaistar

Jessica has joined the game.

JAA is receiving the map...

JAA has received the map.

mikE has joined the game.

mikE is receiving the map...

mikE has received the map.

mikE is now controling Finglass

[JAA] wand of wonder: one at a time: (1d50) [49] 49 -- 3d5

Trevor has joined the game.

Lorie has joined the game.

[DM] welcome all

[Lorie] Evening all :)

[Alaistar (BiBo!!!)] yay

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] Greetings and Salutations

[DM] congradulations Lorie

[Lorie] Thanks!

[Lorie] Alyssa is here and letting me know she wants attention!

[DM] all twelve fingers adn toes

[mikE] hey lor.

[Alaistar (BiBo!!!)] ::raises a flagon of wonton soup in lorie's honor::

[mikE] again.

Grug has joined the game.

[Lorie] Yum... Wonton Soup :)

[Lorie] Thanks...

[Lorie] Hey Brian

[Grug] hello

[Alaistar (BiBo!!!)] welcome ;)

[Lorie] I just get veggies tonight

[Lorie] Welcome back Bibo

[Alaistar (BiBo!!!)] I like being back

[Alaistar (BiBo!!!)] it's been entirely too long

[Finglass (mikE)] heya brian

Grug is now controling Grug

[Lorie] Customs were happy to sse you coming I'm sure

[Finglass (mikE)] he got be italian hooch!

[Alaistar (BiBo!!!)] yeah, they kind of ignore you in security with an american passport, it's very strange

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] sounds strange

[Alaistar (BiBo!!!)] any other passport and they fingerprint you five times, take pictures of you from 10 different angles and make you recite the bible backwards

Trevor has left the game.

Grug has left the game.

Lorie has left the game.

Trevor has joined the game.

[Trevor] There we go.

[Trevor] Hello everyone.

[DM] the connection reset

[Trevor] I seem to be having some slight lag issues.

[DM] just be patient

Trevor is receiving the map...

Trevor has received the map.

[Trevor] So how is everyone tonight?

[Trevor] Gratz on becoming a mother Lorie.

[Alaistar (BiBo!!!)] doin just fine

[DM] she has not logged back in yet

[Trevor] Has bibo's new charaer been properly introduced yet?

[Alaistar (BiBo!!!)] nope

[Trevor] Woot, gonna be fun :-)

[Alaistar (BiBo!!!)] waitin for everyone to settle down

[Alaistar (BiBo!!!)] and not being booted

[Trevor] Reign wont know what hit him :-P

[Alaistar (BiBo!!!)] if he ever gets on

Trevor is now controling Reginald

Lorie has joined the game.

[Alaistar (BiBo!!!)] you getting my im's trevor?

Lorie is receiving the map...

Lorie has received the map.

[Reginald (Trevor)] Huh, yeah.

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Okay all... I'm here, but feeding. Will be able to type one-handed only for the next bit

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Thanks for your understanding

[Finglass (mikE)] thanks for sharing.

[Finglass (mikE)] how's yoda doing?

[DM] as soon as everyone is settled in we can get started,

[DM] I have some text from Fritz to start off with

[DM] and he shoudl be joining us tonight also

JAA is now controling Paul

[Reginald (Trevor)] Dum dee dum...

[DM] smile

[DM] we are getting there

[Reginald (Trevor)] I know.

[DM] John is cursing out XP

[Reginald (Trevor)] Fun :-)

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] yeah!!!!

[Reginald (Trevor)] XP = Good.

Grug has joined the game.

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Bob XP = Low = Bad

[Reginald (Trevor)] Hola Gruggy boy!

[Grug] hello

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] re-hi Brian

[Grug] hello

[Finglass (mikE)] sailing sailing...

[Reginald (Trevor)] We're not sailing YET, correct?

[DM] well

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Fritz's words are that long? Just forward the email :)

[DM] people are getting drink

[DM] drinks

[DM] you are right I will make a doc file instead of putting it in chat

[Alaistar (BiBo!!!)] by the way lorie, tell paul he cracks me up

[JAA] XP program not XP Experience

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] :o) We thought you guys would find that funny... I didn't read his entire comment until earlier. I was feeding the baby when he told me what he wrote ;)

Client has joined the game.

[Grug] hi, client

[DM] Welcome Lauren

[DM] everyone introduce your self

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] Greetings and Salutations

[JAA] I'm John

[DM] Lauren and Virgil are watching us tonight

[Alaistar (BiBo!!!)] ::waves:: hey, you saw me before

[Grug] Me Grug

[Reginald (Trevor)] Hello Luaren, I'm trevor, I play the gnome.

[Finglass (mikE)] hi

Client is receiving the map...

Client has received the map.

[Paul (JAA)] I'm Paul [Paul (JAA)] Paul

[Client] hey its vergil at the moment lauren is in the kitchen

[Reginald (Trevor)] Grug would be Brian :-)

[Finglass (mikE)] so. sailing sailing over the boundless waves.

[DM] no sailing yet

[DM] keep up with things there Mike

[DM] there is a new doc on the map

[DM] Dialog

[Finglass (mikE)] no no. you keep up with me.

[DM] go ahead and read that

[Grug] My real name is Brian, I like crochet and basket weaving, my turn ons are girls with garlic breath and turn offs are anyone with the name Bob

[Reginald (Trevor)] Yeah, last I heard me and Laila were off to find Almarin to put this arrogant ass of a captain back in his place.

[Finglass (mikE)] you're obviously the slow one in this relationship.

[Client] ok i'll read it now

[DM] smile, Virgil that is meant for everyone to read too

[Alaistar (BiBo!!!)] okay... time to spend forever reading...

[DM] is the catch up

[Grug] what is everyone reading? i want to read it

[DM] the Dialog

[Client] I am back at the keyboard.

[DM] is a doc file on teh map

[Client] laugh

[DM] let me know when you are done reading everyone will wait to start again from that point

Grug is receiving the map...

Grug has received the map.

[Reginald (Trevor)] Okies, nifty. Bob, I went and picked up those potions, I think I'll wait till I get back to get a tattoo.

[DM] Just a sec trevor

[Reginald (Trevor)] So Virgil, your a new klooge user looking in on the game?

[Client] nod yes

[Reginald (Trevor)] BTW virgil, you can change the name from client to whatever you like in the options menu.

[DM] and the /me works also

[DM] to to things like

Reginald (Trevor) nods sagely.

DM nodding

[Client] how do i change the name

[DM] edit and preferences

[Reginald (Trevor)] I'd also suggest docking the chat, it makes it easier to see.

[Reginald (Trevor)] And set chat removal selay to 0.

[midnite] ok done

[Grug] Grug asks someone to read the dialogue to him

[DM] ok, are you going to change that when the two of you switch

[Reginald (Trevor)] Hey Bob, how do I set my altitude? I'm 15 ft below the ground atm :-P

[DM] and hello Lauren

[DM] or is it Virgil

[DM] too confusing with two people sharing

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Almarin apologized to Reign and scolded his men... the end

[Alaistar (BiBo!!!)] he scolded reign too

[Reginald (Trevor)] More importantly, he made the captain aologize to the dragonslayers, most notably Laila and Reign, the end.

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] oh yea.. he called Laila a Whore

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] the captain that is

[Grug] thx, i read it, it was a joke, you can stop telling me stuff i already know, ty

Reginald (Trevor) trots around, gathering up numerous bug samples into a wire mesh box.

[Alaistar (BiBo!!!)] I guess for the people who are into 12 year olds

[midnite] another question when you guys tyoe long sentences its cuts off on the right side

[Alaistar (BiBo!!!)] ?

[Reginald (Trevor)] It shouldnt...

[Alaistar (BiBo!!!)] is klooge maximized?

[midnite] yes

[midnite] but the map only takes a quarter of the screen

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] just keep typing. There is no max

[Alaistar (BiBo!!!)] you can shift that around by dragging the borders of the various frames

[Reginald (Trevor)] Do you have the chat panel docked?

[DM] for potions of water breathing, the first can be bought at 900 gp, the second can be bought at 1800 gp and the last can be bought at 3200 GP

[Grug] brb

[Reginald (Trevor)] How long does the water breathing SPELL last Bob?

[DM] potion and looking that up

[Alaistar (BiBo!!!)] 1hr/level

[Grug] I am away from the keyboard.

[DM] an hour per level

[Paul (JAA)] couple hours

[Alaistar (BiBo!!!)] plus 1d6 rds

[Alaistar (BiBo!!!)] sorry

[Alaistar (BiBo!!!)] 1d4 hrs

Grug has left the game.

[Reginald (Trevor)] Wonderful, so memorizing a couple of those would allow me to breathe underwater half a day, natch?

[DM] if you get it yes

[Reginald (Trevor)] I have it Bob.

[Reginald (Trevor)] Re arranging memmed spells.

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Bob, I want to cast a contingency spell...

[DM] ok, what

[Paul (JAA)] potion is one hr per dose

[Reginald (Trevor)] How many doses to a potion?

[DM] how are you doing that?

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] one dose to a potion if I remember correctly

[Alaistar (BiBo!!!)] trevor, is that priest or wizard you're talking about?

[Alaistar (BiBo!!!)] cuz the durations are different

[Reginald (Trevor)] I'm just editing the "memorized" field on my spell list to show what spells I have memmed for the day, and how many.

[Reginald (Trevor)] Wizard.

[Alaistar (BiBo!!!)] k, that was wizard

[Alaistar (BiBo!!!)] priest doesnt get the extra 1d4 hrs

[Reginald (Trevor)] level hours + 1d4 hours, correct?

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] What do you mean how am I doing that?

[DM] the material components fo the spell

[Reginald (Trevor)] Even so, it's still 7 hours.

[Alaistar (BiBo!!!)] ya

[Reginald (Trevor)] I pick up all material components I need.

[Reginald (Trevor)] Hopefully I wont have to cast it at all.

[DM] some spells take quite a bit Trevor

[Reginald (Trevor)] I just got it cause we,,l, I cant swim.

[DM] for example with this

[DM] contingency

[Reginald (Trevor)] I was asking what I need for water breathing? It's fish scales, right?

[Alaistar (BiBo!!!)] no, a reed

[Alaistar (BiBo!!!)] or a straw

[Reginald (Trevor)] Oh, pshaw, that's easy enough.

[DM] simple stuff is fine,

[DM] just expensive or rare stuff

[Reginald (Trevor)] I know bob.

[Trevor] I am away from the keyboard.

[Alaistar (BiBo!!!)] you could go to a farmer and say, dude, give me a handful of straw or I bite you in the knee

[Alaistar (BiBo!!!)] they stare at you and bury you in the stuff

Grug has joined the game.

Grug is receiving the map...

Grug has received the map.

Grug is now controling Grug

[Paul (JAA)] I spent months growing mold

[Alaistar (BiBo!!!)] I don't wanna know

[Paul (JAA)] Actualy aging

[Grug] grug has mold

[Grug] under armpits

[DM] so is there anything that anyone want to do about the hiring of the ships crew

[Grug] the captain was told to give us a good crew, right?

[Paul (JAA)] I trust Almarin has done more than we can do

[DM] yes,

[DM] Almarin is not hiring the crew

[DM] the captian is

[Grug] are there any female crew members?

[Paul (JAA)] let me tell you alittle story

[DM] I am away from the keyboard.

[Grug] a tale of a faithful ship?

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] How much trust do we have in this Almarin's Captain?

[Paul (JAA)] long ago I asked bob if my character could send something home

[Paul (JAA)] He said sure, then we proceded to roleplay me sending it home with a messanger

[Paul (JAA)] I got BOB'ed.

[Trevor] I am back at the keyboard.

[Reginald (Trevor)] Is that like PUNK'd?

[Paul (JAA)] The very valuable item never made it

[Grug] yes, except the only one laughing is Bob

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Then that's not good

[Reginald (Trevor)] What does this delightful little story have to do with mold?

[Paul (JAA)] I don't trust BOB, I don't trust any of BOB's NPC's

[Grug] OK, so I'll double check any crew members he selects, I will test them with my vast knowledge of the ocean and seafaring life

[Paul (JAA)] lol

[Reginald (Trevor)] In other words, he'll ask.. "What's the little squishy thing that's clear, has arms, and stings me?" They'll say jellyfish, and they'll be in.

[Grug] they could say its a shark and grug would let them in

[Finglass (mikE)] their parrot can say wind in me sails and i'd let em in

[Grug] lol

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Where is Bibo's character?

[Grug] yeah, we need entertainment on board

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] I'll do the interviews

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] :O)

[Reginald (Trevor)] Dear god, NOONE will get in.

[Alaistar (BiBo!!!)] ::snicker::

[DM] I am back at the keyboard.

[Grug] lol

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Starting with you Gnome boy... walk the plank

[Finglass (mikE)] lol

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] No no no... it's quite simple. We'll do a demonstration. If they haven't ever seen what lightning can do in water... I'll show them

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] any of them that wet their pants... is out

Reginald (Trevor) walks the plank, casting water breathing as he walks, sinks like a stone, and walks back to the island via the bottom of the sea. Then reboards the boat.

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] I think that's straight foward

[Reginald (Trevor)] LOL

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] :-P

[Grug] ok, is the captain selecting anyone at all?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] well I suppose we got nothing better to do than interviews

Jessica has joined the game.

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] so, might as well start now ;)

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] Greetings and Salutations

[DM] actuall

Jessica is receiving the map...

Jessica has received the map.

[Grug] hello

[Reginald (Trevor)] Hey Jess!

[DM] now

[DM] we are all up to speed

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] so where are we?

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Evening Jessic

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] err Jessic

[DM] she is having lag issues

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] err ::smacking keyboard::

Jessica has left the game.

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Jessica

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] lol

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] finally get it right and she's not here to see it :-P

[Reginald (Trevor)] LOL, she missed it when you finally got it right.

[DM] thought you were over being mean to her now Lorie?

[Finglass (mikE)] lorie made her feel sad and she ran away

[Grug] Bob, is the captain choosing any crew members?

[DM] yes

Jessica has joined the game.

[DM] he has a full crew picked out for the ship

[Grug] who has he chosen?

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] Greetings and Salutations

[Paul (JAA)] DOes any one object to me taking an item

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] depends upon what item you want to take

[Reginald (Trevor)] Which item?

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Me... I object!!!!

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] I object

[Paul (JAA)] I have not decided yet. I thoght I would ask first then decide

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] If it's the Sword of Bob's NPC slaying +5 ... then yeah, as long as you use it.

[Finglass (mikE)] overrrulled

[Paul (JAA)] Well I should be clear I am only asking DS's

[Reginald (Trevor)] DS's?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] that only being lorie

[Paul (JAA)] Dragon Slayers

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] who said no :-P

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] you're better off asking the non ds's :-P

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] followers are not ds's

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] before you even think of it

[Paul (JAA)] I have a new plan. Everyone gets lots based on level . we draw a lot and they pick

[Finglass (mikE)] ::as the others bicker of the bitch er witche's stuff, finglas sneaks over and grabs the uncontested elandar's gear::

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Umm... John let's discuss. right now our goal is to tool up the weaker party members (no offense intended to those who are in fact weaker)

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] no offense taken

[Grug] Fing-Elf...

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] okay, looks like everything goes to el then

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] congrats el

[Finglass (mikE)] huh?

[Laila (Jessica)] hey all

[Grug] Grug asks Finglass to talk to other Captains, find out if we have a good crew

[Reginald (Trevor)] I dunno, I might be able to use some of the witch's stuff.

[Reginald (Trevor)] But the armor and weapons and stuff are useless to me.

[Finglass (mikE)] okay. bob, i want to go ask around about the crew we got. what's their rep on the street?

[Paul (JAA)] Well, I wanted to have some Roal playing involved. If players come back with new characters and get thier stuf back, dying is not so bad

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] I can get my stuff back?

[Grug] ok, take it to another chat room, we are trying to play here

[DM] in everything

[Paul (JAA)] I did not say Nothing to new char, just not, here you go

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Umm...those following us and aren't DS'ers don't get anything ::giggles::

[DM] except for two crew members

[Laila (Jessica)] hello

[Paul (JAA)] All DS go to chat room A

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] Greetings and Salutations

[Laila (Jessica)] what is goin on

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] nothing

[DM] most of the crew are just average sailors,

[Grug] hey jess

[Finglass (mikE)] so three people go.

[Laila (Jessica)] hey

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] I think bob's trying to say something

[DM] but are fully able to handle a sea voyage

[DM] but

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] but everyone else is focused on other things

[DM] the two you hear other things

[DM] one is said to be very good

[DM] she is the first mate

[DM] she is known to have defeated several pirate ships

[DM] the other one is an elf

[DM] he is thought to be bad luck

[Finglass (mikE)] is she hot?

[Laila (Jessica)] lol

[DM] you have not seen her

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] I could defeet a pirate ship, it's not very hard, they don't have many feet to take off

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] he's an elf.. of course he's bad luck ::ducks::

[Laila (Jessica)] is that all you think about?

[Grug] why is the elf bad luck?

[DM] the last three ships he sailed on sank

[Finglass (mikE)] his name's jonas

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] this coming from the elf smasher?

[Paul (JAA)] not all but first

[Grug] how did they sink? anyone know?

[DM] he was the only survivor each time

[Reginald (Trevor)] Okay.... So we fire Jonas. Because he's really a pirate spy who sends signals to the pirate ships telling them our route so they can attack us.

[Grug] magic people?

[Paul (JAA)] yes!

[Reginald (Trevor)] Anyone object?

[Finglass (mikE)] yeah. lets not hire jona

[Grug] can we detect some shit on him?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] I'm not getting on a boat with someone who is the only survivor of 3 shipwrecks

[DM] he detects as lawful good

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] I saw the matrix

[Finglass (mikE)] who cares? we kick his ass off.

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] unfortunately

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] no, but I would like to ask said survior how he does it!

[Paul (JAA)] I do not detect, I inflick

[Reginald (Trevor)] Seriously. If he's lawful good, he's pissed some god off.

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] we keep LG

[Grug] i use my mind reading power on him

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] unless he's LG like Reign, then he's fired

[DM] lol

[Finglass (mikE)] hell no. lorie, think about it. this is BOB

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] you know, he could have a spell that disrupts your detection spells

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] maybe his crew deserved to sink and there's a reason he survives

[Reginald (Trevor)] He could be hiding his alignment.

[Grug] how can we tell if he's really elf?

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] maybe he didn't piss off any god and in fact one is happy with him

[Finglass (mikE)] he's bad luck. that's enough.

[Grug] squash him?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] he could totally be chaotic evil

[DM] the captain you talk to says he would only hire him for a dangerous mission

[DM] he is one of the best navigators out there

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] he'd be in our party already if he was

[DM] has never been lost

[Reginald (Trevor)] Oh, so he has skills?

[Finglass (mikE)] no, just wet.

[Finglass (mikE)] a lot.

[DM] his ships are always ahead of schedule

[Reginald (Trevor)]

[Laila (Jessica)] wow, i am going to be sooo lost these next two session

[Laila (Jessica)] i hate being late

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] you've really missed nothing

[Grug] detect magic on him?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] everything that happened, happened since you logged on

[Laila (Jessica)] ok, so i've missed nothing

[DM] his ships

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] yep

[Laila (Jessica)] lol

[DM] have made many voyages

[DM] they just all happen to have sunk

[Grug] were they all going to the same place?

[DM] no

[Grug] or did they sink in the same area?

[DM] no

[Grug] what kind of elf does he appear to be?

[DM] high elf

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] that's code for drow

[Grug] lol

[Grug] can anyone detect magic on him?

[Finglass (mikE)] high elf that got dipped in ink?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] remember, a high elf is just a white drow

[Reginald (Trevor)] I can, but do you want me to waste mydetect for the day now?

[Grug] damn honky elves

[Grug] yes

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] so right, kill the elf, he's evil

Reginald (Trevor) defers to Kylia. "Lady Kylia, I can cast detect magic but once a day, do you want me to cast it on the bad-luck elf?

[Grug] i'm sure we'll need it later to see if that octopus out there is magic or not, lots you need to detect magic on in the open sea... but still, why not do it now

[Finglass (mikE)] because detect magic is used so much in the ocean...

[Paul (JAA)] no not detect Magic, what good does that do

[Finglass (mikE)] is that wave magic?

[Finglass (mikE)] i think that's a magic seagull...

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] you realize el can do it like a billion times a day

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] he just never does

[Paul (JAA)] he could be LG with a Magic sword

[Grug] i dont care who

[Grug] so?

[DM] grug stomps his foot, just do it damn it

[DM] grrrr

[Grug] lol

Reginald (Trevor) shrugs and waggles his fin gers.

[Grug] can they cast it just on him?

[Reginald (Trevor)] So Bob, the badluck elf have anything magical on him?

[DM] yes he glows eith several items

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Okay... so I want to talk to the elf rather than cast spell on him

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] see!!! evil!!!

[Grug] where on his person?

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevil!

[Paul (JAA)] Grug say Magic bad

[Reginald (Trevor)] Okies, which ones Bob? Send em to me in private.

[Grug] grug has lots of mouths

[Finglass (mikE)] hey. i know how we can tell.

[Finglass (mikE)] trial by archer.

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] he's an elf grug, go get im

[Finglass (mikE)] see, i shoot him.

[Paul (JAA)] So our evil gnome is planing on steeling from the Good mate

[Finglass (mikE)] if the arrow kills him, he must be evil.

Reginald (Trevor) bonks Paul

[Grug] where on his person did the magic glow?

[Grug] and dont say crotch

[Grug] i have a +3 penis of impaling

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] Okay ... nether regions

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] groin

[Paul (JAA)] Paul pushed Reginal overboard

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] See...we throw the gnome overboard and we have less worries :)

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] pelvic area

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] I know what I'm talking about in these matters

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] yep

[Grug] hmm... EL has way too many ways of describing someones happy place

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] but then you've always thought that of anyone shorter than you

[Paul (JAA)] see we have not even gotten to the Magic items we have

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] you said not to say croth

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] crotch

[DM] his happy place?

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] oops ... there! I said it! See what you made me do?

[Finglass (mikE)] so, welcome back, alastair. glad you could make it. ((crotch))

Reginald (Trevor) walks up to the Navigator. "Hello good sir! From what I'm hearing, your'e pne pf the best navigators on the open sea!

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] ::waves::

[Paul (JAA)] quit IMing BOB

[Finglass (mikE)] ((my world is a crotch!!!))

[DM] he nods quietly

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] oh boy...

[DM] he looks at you as he stands on the deck of the ship

[DM] watching yoru group mill about

[Paul (JAA)] Oh hellp Alastair

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] just beware Finglass' pet lopeared bunny

[Paul (JAA)] Hello

[Paul (JAA)] Do we see a Griffon arround?

[DM] he looks quietly at you

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] I trust you and the little one have not been getting into trouble while I was um.... souting.... for a month..... and happened to find you in the island kingdoms even though I wasn't doing the scouting anywhere near them....

[DM] wait on that Marco

[DM] crew first

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] k

[Finglass (mikE)] no no. we managed to convince the lady kylia to allow us to accompany her on a quest here.

[DM] then you and jessica

[DM] with Kylia etc.

[DM] anyone going to actaully ask this crew man a question?

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] :: throws a glance to the Gnome and the Elf chatting::

[Finglass (mikE)] lady kylia, may i introduce out third feather, the Sir Alastair.

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] I believe the interviews should be done as a group

[Grug] so i hear that your a cursed loser

[Laila (Jessica)] Jessica is typing in another screen at the moment, she has somethin to entertain you with

[Laila (Jessica)] poke me if i'm needed

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] :: motions for the jinxed elf to join the group::

[Reginald (Trevor)] I've heard the last few of your ships sunk. With you as the only survivor, that must have been some experience! Might I buy you an ale and you can tell me about the voyages? I'm fascinated by tales of the sea!

[DM] I do not drink when I am on the water

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] sure fight tooth an nail to keep out pcs, but a cursed elf says hey, and you're all over him, I know what you like now

[DM] and it was not three boats, it was three ships

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] you're a legolas lover!!!

[Grug] ok, i'll take your ale

[Finglass (mikE)] ::poses::

Paul (JAA) flies arround the boat

[Grug] how did they sink?

[DM] the first was sunk in a hurricane

[Grug] bummer

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] :: glares at the gnome::

[DM] the second was burned by pirates

[Grug] bastards

[DM] the third is technicaly ok,

[Grug] beautiful

[DM] it is just 1,000 miles from the ocean

[Paul (JAA)] LOL

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] with everyone in it dead

[Grug] how do you know?

[DM] (I will let the older players describe this one)

[Paul (JAA)] player knowledge

[Paul (JAA)] DS lore

[Grug] ah, that ship

[DM] go ahead fill them in Brian and John

[Reginald (Trevor)] I'm confuzzled.

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] that's okay, so's most of the table

[Paul (JAA)] The DS were on a boat, whated to get home'

[Paul (JAA)] so we had afavor to bring us home

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] ::giggles at the story::

[Paul (JAA)] Home was no where near water, so the Boat was turned into .... a bar

[Grug] i thought Barb was using it for her thieves guild

[DM] you want to tell this poor man who you are now

[DM] no it is in pag

[Grug] still?

[DM] nods,

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] so how'd the people in the third ship die?

[Grug] they didnt

[DM] no one ever came back,

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] he said he was the only survivor of 3 ships

[DM] I had to walk for months to get back to the ocean

[DM] it ruined my career

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] them deciding not to go back home isn't death

[DM] I have not gotten a job after that

[DM] I was the only survivor

[DM] except for that accused group that left me in the cold

[Grug] do we have a backup navigator on this ship?

[DM] yes, you can hire a differnet navigator

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] okay, so he hates ds's

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] he's cursed

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] and he's an evil drow

[Paul (JAA)] Tell him your the 3 fingers plus Grug

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] how many reasons do you NEED to leave him behind?

[Grug] no, do we already have a backup navigator on board?

[DM] not yet

[DM] this is the final hiring

[Grug] what is his name?

[DM] Elfad

[Reginald (Trevor)] Oh, he's even NAMED elf.

[Finglass (mikE)] he's got to go.

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] and he has a lame name!

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] that's 4 reasons!

[Grug] yeah, Alastair is so much better

Paul (JAA) after getting back and hearing story joins Three feathers and calls himself Tall Feathers

[Grug] can the captain navigate?

[DM] yes,

[DM] he is hiring him because he will work for almost nothing

[Paul (JAA)] yea!

[DM] he looks at you, whipsers

[DM] he needs a break

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] ::does the red mage thing and checks his character sheet.... with a pencil:: lookie that I have the navigation proficiency

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] lets dump him

[DM] it has been more than 10 years that he has been at sea

[DM] maybe the fates have forgotten about him

[Grug] grug likes elfad

[Finglass (mikE)] so he's also out of practice.

[DM] he deserves another chance

[Finglass (mikE)] great.

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] sure he does

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] just not with us

[Laila (Jessica)] if he hates this group, he needs to not be here

[Laila (Jessica)] he is a liability

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] a liability would be a step up

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] he's a danger

[Laila (Jessica)] lol

Fritz has joined the game.

[Fritz] Howdy

[Finglass (mikE)] forget the big words. he's got five strikes.

[Paul (JAA)] hey! Fritz is here!

[Finglass (mikE)] last i checked, three got you out.

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] friz'll killl him for sure!

[Laila (Jessica)] ok, so if Alastair can do his navigation job, elfgad is not needed

[Fritz] Bob check your email for all the maps I sent you

[Finglass (mikE)] go fritz go!

[Laila (Jessica)] hey fritz

Fritz is receiving the map...

[Grug] fritz! another bothersome patient? let 'em die, we're playing here!

Fritz has received the map.

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] hey reign, kylia wants to get an evil drow to navigate for us, what you think abou that?

[DM] downloaded both attachments, third one just showed up

[Paul (JAA)] I ask the captain if the Nav knows he is working for Almarin

[Fritz] There should be 5 all together

[Fritz] No evil drow. Dont even think about it

[DM] the captian says, not likely

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] see?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] doesn't matter how much the captian thinks he needs a chance he needs to be asking for it in the underdark

[Fritz] Hiya Marco welcome back

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] :)

[Fritz] How was Italy?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] hot, and full of mosquitoes, but good food

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] which is the only real reason to go there ;)

[Fritz] Bite me in the butt but is he a Palidin Mage???????!!!!!

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Evening Fritz

[Fritz] Hiya Lori

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] He's a Paladin?

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] Marco? A PALADIN?

[Laila (Jessica)] HEEE HEEE

[DM] wait

[DM] we will get to thtat in a minute

[Finglass (mikE)] ayup

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] BURN HIM! HE'S A PALADIN!

[DM] lets finish with the crew

[Laila (Jessica)] LMAO

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] :: casts Lightning bolt::

[Grug] I say we take Elfad with us

[Laila (Jessica)] i say we dont

[Finglass (mikE)] lets leave elfag here

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] burn the drow!

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] I say we take another LG character with us... all the goodness we can stand

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] What do I care, I'm going to jump overboard and go home half way through :)

[Fritz] Is the Drow evil or good?

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] :: giggles ::

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] it has magics that make you think he's lawful good, but we know better

[Fritz] ??? explain please

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] and everyone knows a high elf is just a white drow

[DM] he was introduced as a high elf

[DM] they did a detect magic on him

[DM] he has some magic items

[Grug] and where were the magic items?

[Reginald (Trevor)] I did detect magic on him.

[DM] trevor know

[Fritz] Bob speak in complete paragraphs please

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] NO!!!

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] that's worse!!

[DM] only trevor knows where the magic items are

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] you'll end up with 5 pages of spam!!!

[DM] he will tell you what he wants to

[Fritz] Just explain about how you know he is evil

[DM] fritz I have 7 emails, is that all of them?

[Fritz] yes

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] we don't

[DM] thanks

[Finglass (mikE)] because he's the only survivor of 3 shipwrecks.

[Finglass (mikE)] hates the dragon slayers

[Finglass (mikE)] is a drow dipped in white out

[Finglass (mikE)] has a crappy name

[Finglass (mikE)] and hasn't done his schtick in over 10 years.

[Finglass (mikE)] so he's just not good.

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] he hates the acursed people that dumped him from his ship which happened to be turned into a bar

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] aka us

[Reginald (Trevor)] AKA two, or one of you.

[Fritz] Someone explain to me on the side real fast. Make sense. Stop with the Bob talk.

[Paul (JAA)] some day he will hate you too

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] well as characters, technically none of us, but as a group

[Reginald (Trevor)] I'm gonna to take the elf aside a moment.

[Paul (JAA)] if your lucky

[Fritz] Send me a private message please that will speed things up

[Reginald (Trevor)] None of you? Well then, we're good ti go.

[Fritz] Somebody...hello...anybody...hello...Alastair...anyone anyone...explain please

[DM] he is typing to you now in private fritz

[DM] you will get Marco's version of the incident

[Fritz] Acckkk demon turned angel..that should be interesting

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] there's the story

[Reginald (Trevor)] Okay, guys.

[Reginald (Trevor)] I've checked his items, listened to his story, I think he'd be extremely useful on the trip.

[Reginald (Trevor)] He's just had a run of bad luck.

[Fritz] Gotcha...ok...explain to him we are the next of the next generation of Dragon Slayers. If he wishes to join us he must take off all his magic items and place them on the floor and be willing to undergo a lie detection test and intense questioning. If so we may be able to use him and help restart his career. If not he is out of luck

[Paul (JAA)] don't tell him who we are

[Finglass (mikE)] what then, are his items?

[Reginald (Trevor)] Fritz, I've already checked out his magic items. He showed em to me willingly.

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] :: raises brow at Reign:: I'm not in favor of that. I wouldn't be willing to that for strangers... I don't think it's right to ask someone else to do it

[Paul (JAA)] We were the curse

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] bob wouldn't give this guy to us for anything good

[Reginald (Trevor)] He has a weapon, an earring of protection, boots that help him stick to the ship in rough water, and a pelican figurine that can turn into a giant pelican on command.

[Paul (JAA)] weeeeeee

[DM] he looks angrily at Reginald

[Reginald (Trevor)] I'm with Kylia on this. He's just a guy who'se been shafted. Been there, done that, got the jerkin.

[DM] he is not happy to have his items talked about like that

[Laila (Jessica)] i wouldt be either

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] you know I'm going to be on the I told you so train when this falls on our heads

[Grug] you can talk about my ITEMS, everyone always does, because they are so impressive

[Finglass (mikE)] after i do.

Reginald (Trevor) looks at him and tells him "I had to verify nothing was cursed. It's a safety precaution you see. Sorry to air your dirty laundry, but this information is pertinent to the people who will be deciding wether you go on the trip or not."

[Laila (Jessica)] i have a feeling that this could be bad, and i am the least experienced person here

Robert has joined the game.

[Grug] lol

[Grug] holy shit

[Finglass (mikE)] well, doing anything bob says is bad.

[Paul (JAA)] Hey who invited Robert

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Look, It's Mr. "we are the curse" himself

[Laila (Jessica)] hi Robert, whoever you are

[Grug] sup Robert

[Paul (JAA)] He is the curse

[Fritz] Look if you are desperate enough to come seeking work you should be open to it a urine drug screen if y ou will.

[Finglass (mikE)] i thought we all agreed not to let robert in.

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] GMTA John

[Grug] is that our robert or a diff one?

[DM] gmta?

[Robert] what different one?

[Grug] Grand Ma Takes Acid

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] GMTA = Great Minds Think Alike ;o)

[Paul (JAA)] ahhhhhh

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] We got a new Robert while you deserted us ;oo)

[DM] none of those around here that is why we missed it

[Robert] 'tis I! Robert the great! Robert the amazing! Robert the..... what do you mean I'm dead?

[Grug] Cats suck

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] got hit by a bus, very tragic

[Finglass (mikE)] i thought it stood for 'get more tits and ass'. guess i was wrong.

[Robert] gee nice time to join,eh?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] there's never a nice time

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] so are we sending this elf on his way yet?

[Laila (Jessica)] (mikesmindisinthegutteragain)

[DM] the good old island kingdoms, john, fritz, brian, robert

[Robert] I need a tattoo

[Finglass (mikE)] again? what do you mean again? it never left.

[Paul (JAA)] you need character first

Robert has edited Laila's effects.

Robert has edited Grug's effects.

Robert has edited E. L. Fudge's effects.

Robert has edited Finglass's effects.

Robert has edited Reign Tandem's effects.

Robert has edited Kylia Wolfslayer's effects.

Robert has edited Paul's effects.

Robert has edited Reginald's effects.

Robert has edited Alastair's effects.

Robert has edited Binky the Bat's effects.

Robert has edited Claw's effects.

Robert has edited Varn Bjalmgar's effects.

[Grug] screw that, lets all go get tatoos

[Reginald (Trevor)] ?

[Robert] oops what did I just do?

[Grug] lol

[Reginald (Trevor)] No idea.

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] Started WWIII

[Grug] you edited my effects? you bastard!

[Robert] Bob.. you may want to check on that

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] Shall we play a game?

[Robert] sorry

[Paul (JAA)] yea right

[Paul (JAA)] I can't see now

[Fritz] Ok kick his ass out

[Robert] Damn I'm like a bull in a china shop

Fritz is now controling Reign Tandem

[Grug] thats what he calls it "Editing Effects", just leave my effects alone

[Robert] I was trying to type something

[Robert] then everyone turned yellow

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] yeah, I hate that

[Laila (Jessica)] (is still typing in another screen, but check periodically, wants her effect to be unedited as

[DM] you were selecting all

[Robert] and it said something about changing effects

[Paul (JAA)] Robert is the One

E. L. Fudge (Sean) has edited Reign Tandem's effects.

[Grug] lol

BiBo!!! has edited Varn Bjalmgar's effects.

[DM] stop that

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] Take THAT

[Laila (Jessica)] LOL

[Reginald (Trevor)] So anyway, I try to convince the party Elfad is a decent guy who might prove extremely useful.

[Laila (Jessica)] he is dangerous

[DM] all in favor?

[Laila (Jessica)] from what i can tell

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] nay

[Grug] aye

[Paul (JAA)] I agree

[DM] who votes for keepinng him

[Laila (Jessica)] nay

[Laila (Jessica)] no keep

[Reginald (Trevor)] I vote to keep him.

[Paul (JAA)] I vote keep

[Reginald (Trevor)] I checked him out thoroughly, bob presented him as bad luck, therefor he be good luck.

Grug behind Alastair and Laila "AYE!!" in disguised voices

[Reginald (Trevor)] It's the first mate I'm worried about :-P

[Laila (Jessica)] (hety)

[Laila (Jessica)] (i make my own decisons thank you)

[Finglass (mikE)] i'm worried too.

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] no no, you watch, our ship will sink, why you think bob's so concerned about water breathing and swimming?

[Finglass (mikE)] i'm worried she might be taken.

[Laila (Jessica)] lol

[Grug] we do have at least one female in the crew tho, right?

[DM] yes the first mate

[Finglass (mikE)] I saw her first, grug.

[Laila (Jessica)] lol

[Reginald (Trevor)] Hey, Water breathing lasts long enough for me to sleep and memorize more water breathing, so I can theoretically walk all the way across the ocean floor if I need to. I'm not worried.

[Fritz] If you are sure he is not evil and he was with the other DS I see no reason not to bring him

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] But I brought a chasity belt for her Grug, so don't get an ideas

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] you try and memorize from a spell book that's underwater

[Paul (JAA)] try casting under water

[Grug] that would have to be a big belt

Reginald (Trevor) runs to the printers and laminates his spellbook. [Robert] good idea

[Grug] brb

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] fine, take him ::warms up the engines for the I told you so train::

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] ::Kinkos posts a sign> YOU MUST BE AT LEAST THIS TALL TO LAMINATE :: Sign is 5 inches taller than the Gnome

[Reginald (Trevor)] Bob, what ARE the rules for casting underwater?

[Paul (JAA)] you will see, snicker

[Reginald (Trevor)] No, seriously :-P

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] they go by spell

[Finglass (mikE)] so. mooving on?

[DM] he is staying?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] each spell has it's own rule

[Robert] mooooooooooo

[Finglass (mikE)] he got a majority voet.

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] it's not something we wanna get into

[DM] no question mark he is staying

[DM] and next

[DM] Alastair and Lalia

[DM] introduce what you want to do

[DM] Marco you go

[Laila (Jessica)] well, i am not quite ready for that yet, so i will allow Alastair to go first

[DM] start taling

[DM] talking

Paul (JAA) Paul takes three steps back and floats 10 ft up

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] okay ::bows:: greetings, I am Alastair Dempster, Paladin and scholar.

[Finglass (mikE)] Don't forget about claw, al.

[Laila (Jessica)] ::giggles::

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] And that is my familiar and companion, Claw. ::nods over to the griphon::

[Reginald (Trevor)] Ooooh!

[Reginald (Trevor)] A griphon!

[Reginald (Trevor)] Spiffy!

[Laila (Jessica)] /m thwaps reginald

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] I am a worshiper of Oghma and my order tells me that you have someone who wishes to become a paladin.

[Reginald (Trevor)] What!?

[Laila (Jessica)] (let him talk)

Fritz steps forward

Reginald (Trevor) grumbles something under his breath about halflings.

[Fritz] I do sire. How did you know this

Laila (Jessica) glares at Reginald

[Reginald (Trevor)] Sire?

Reginald (Trevor) shuts up.

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] It is my nature to know things. Oghma is the god of knowledge after all.

Laila (Jessica) smirks

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] ::frowns visibly::

[Reign Tandem (Fritz)] Well I have been seeking palidinhood.

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] I have come a long way from Mactirr

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] (MacTyr)

[DM] actually it is spelled the way Marco wrote it, and your way too,

JAA has left the game.

BiBo!!! has left the game.

[DM] Sean tripped over the cable

[DM] they will be back in a sec

[Robert] way to go Sean

JAA has joined the game.

BiBo!!! has joined the game.

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] good job sean

[Robert] can't take you anywhere

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] woot!

[Finglass (mikE)] bad sean

BiBo!!! has left the game.

[Robert] dammit Sean!

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] Hey, I try my best ...

[Finglass (mikE)] yay dinosaur computer!

BiBo!!! has joined the game.

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] I'm still on.

BiBo!!! is receiving the map...

BiBo!!! has received the map.

Laila (Jessica) claps for Sean

[Finglass (mikE)] it's so slow to catch it got kicked off, by the time it realized, we were back in.

[Reign Tandem (Fritz)] I know not if your god told you the details of my quest, but I am not your normal man.

BiBo!!! has left the game.

[Reginald (Trevor)] LOIL

JAA has left the game.

[Reginald (Trevor)] This is funny.

BiBo!!! has joined the game.

BiBo!!! is receiving the map...

BiBo!!! has received the map.

BiBo!!! is now controling Alastair

JAA has joined the game.

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] where was I?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] I forget

Laila (Jessica) thwaps Reginald again

JAA is now controling Paul

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] ::thwaps sean::

[Robert] Have Sean fill you in

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] I would if he'd pay attention

[JAA] I can'ta aford to pay attantion

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] right Mactirr

[Reign Tandem (Fritz)] I know not if your god told you the details of my quest, but I am not your normal man.

Reign Tandem (Fritz) removes helm

[JAA] augh!

[Grug] he's a woman

Laila (Jessica) smiles at Reign

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] Such is known. You do little to hide yourself.

[Reign Tandem (Fritz)] I don't hide myself from others. I hide others from myself

[Finglass (mikE)] ((thank you Phoenix))

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] And when travelling with such a.... loud group, it is not hard to learn information about you.

Fritz is now controling Fritz 1

Fritz is now controling fritz 2

[Paul (JAA)] hey!

[Paul (JAA)] Your the one flying arround on a Griffon

[Robert] pssst... *whispers* should I be seeing a map?

[Paul (JAA)] Nope

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] Amoung other reasons, I have come to monitor you first hand

JAA is receiving the map...

JAA has received the map.

[Grug] double click on your name

[Reign Tandem (Fritz)] And why is that sir palidin?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] As I'm sure you are aware, paladins who are non human are just not done

Robert is receiving the map...

Robert has received the map.

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] So any exception would have to be monitored long before being accepted into an order.

[Reign Tandem (Fritz)] I plan on being the first

[Reign Tandem (Fritz)] I will be accepted by my god before I care what human order chose to accept me

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] :: wonders what the penalities are for taking out a paladin of a Celtic faith::

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] I have come on behalf of the only god that would have you as a paladin.

[Reign Tandem (Fritz)] I would do my god's work and my god's will

[Reign Tandem (Fritz)] ???

[Reign Tandem (Fritz)] What??

[DM] and a hush falls over the crowd

Laila (Jessica) giggles

Reign Tandem (Fritz) gasps!!!!!

Robert cues dramatic music

[Finglass (mikE)] Oops. Not what you thought, huh minotaur?

[Reign Tandem (Fritz)] Oghma has told you he would consider me as one of his own?

Reign Tandem (Fritz) stunned

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] Possibly, you must be monitored more closely to be properly judged

Reign Tandem (Fritz) staggers backward

[Robert] Go Reign! It's yo birfday!

[Paul (JAA)] LOL

Laila (Jessica) moves out of his way

[Robert] Baby Circles!!

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] :: wonders how Oghma drew the short straw ::

[Reginald (Trevor)] LOL

Reign Tandem (Fritz) looks deeply into the eyes of Alastair.

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] ::whispers that oghma happened to be the only one drunk at the time::

[Reign Tandem (Fritz)] You speak trully Palidin of Oghma?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] ::nods::

Reign Tandem (Fritz) Stands straight. Reaches out his hand to shake Alastairs.

Paul (JAA) puts that god on no list

[Reign Tandem (Fritz)] I look forward to being judged

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] ::takes Reign's hand and shakes it::

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] :: slips a scroll to her deity's avatar and hopes that Oghma gets it with the incriminating photos::

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] lol

[Grug] ::falls asleep from boredom:: do i get any character development here?

[DM] barb says hello, she is not making it tongiht, her dog is sick, and having seasures

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] oh

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] well

[Laila (Jessica)] poor doggy

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] fun

[DM] but she will be at the table in two weeks

[Grug] it must be a terrorist plot

[Laila (Jessica)] ?me pokes Grug

[DM] I mean next week

[Grug] grug pokes back

[Laila (Jessica)] pay attention

[DM] I mean in South Florida

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] cool

[Laila (Jessica)] cool

[DM] back to yoru story

[Robert] I may have to make that game

[DM] Marco, Fritz,

[Grug] cool, maybe i can make it down there


[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] I think it's pretty done

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Ugh... that's tough for Barb. My heart goes out to her

[Reign Tandem (Fritz)] Will you teach me about Oghma good knight?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] of course, it is required

[Reign Tandem (Fritz)] I am excited and ready to learn. When can we start?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] In due time, I am sure there will be much time to learn in the spaces of silence that tend to fill a journey

[Grug] why not right now, and we can role play that as well...

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] :: frowns and thinks to herself... Karma has not been kind. Gnomes, elves, paladins... what next? The lich is really seeming more inviting about now::

[Laila (Jessica)] lol

[Paul (JAA)] you can come stay with me

[Paul (JAA)] only halflings and nymphs

[DM] the dwarves can't be far behind

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] :: turns around paranoid, someone hearing her thoughts ::

[Laila (Jessica)] lol

[Paul (JAA)] :: I took the wand of ESP

[DM] Lorie just went grey

[DM] continue with out her

[Grug] she's not that old

[DM] klooge

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Roll #1: (d20) [7] 7

[DM] there you go

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] she's alive!!!

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] alive!!

[DM] Lorie?

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Bob... that roll was to see if anyone was reading my mind ::laughs::

[DM] we udnerstood that one

[Paul (JAA)] wink wink

[Grug] nudge nudge

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] say no more say no more. a nods as good as a wink to a blind bat

[DM] ok

[DM] back to

Binky the Bat (Trevor) blinks.

[Grug] R E A L I T Y.....

Laila (Jessica) swats at teh bat

[Grug] alsdkj asdf tlkje

[Grug] sdlfkj sdlfke ew lwejj lks

[DM] now

[DM] Laila and Alastair, anything?

[Laila (Jessica)] i have a story to tell if anyone is interested

[Grug] lets hear it

[Reign Tandem (Fritz)] May I go and greet Claw? Would he/she mind?

[Laila (Jessica)] kinda explains what i am doing with a lawful good palidon

[Laila (Jessica)] palidin

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] indeed

Robert tries his hardest to look interested

[Grug] lol

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] He is fond of horse, I would hope he doesn't mistake you for one.

[Laila (Jessica)] this may take a while, i hope no one falls asleep

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] So, truly I am not sure.

[Laila (Jessica)] here goes nothin

Robert takes a "no-doze"

[Reign Tandem (Fritz)] Wait I forgot to say hi to Blarn Vmajgar!!!! Hi Blarn Vmajgar!

[Varn Bjalmgar (Robert)] Hi Ho!!

[Grug] who you calling a ho?

[Laila (Jessica)] (hang on a sec guys, technical difficutly)

[Varn Bjalmgar (Robert)] I thought it was obvious

[DM] thought she was going to explain that her self

[Grug] grug stomp varn

[Grug] then gets tatoo

[Grug] then almost dies

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Don't tell me, she's a paladin too?

[Laila (Jessica)] it's on the way

[Reign Tandem (Fritz)] I already had to defend laila once

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] doubtful

[Laila (Jessica)] Laila Lightfoot is scared. This is her first solo mission and she has the strangest feeling she has already goofed it. She lies hidden in the shadows of the wine barrels, watching the shore guards search her boat. Laila curses under her breath and hopes they leave without searching too much. She does not want to be discovered.

Varn Bjalmgar (Robert) throws dead bird at Grug

[Laila (Jessica)] Laila thinks back over the last few hours, running through the things she did in preparation for this trip. As far as she can figure, she has done it all correctly. She is sure she had the guards’ routine down, but it is becoming more and more obvious that she is wrong. Laila sits quietly, barely breathing as the guards walk past the barrels she is hidden behind. The guards pass, and Laila trails them for a bit, keeping to the shadows, to see where they go. When she is sure that they are leaving the harbor, she turns back to her boat and begins loading the barrels.

[Laila (Jessica)] stops

[Varn Bjalmgar (Robert)] I'm guessing theif... ANyone else?

[Laila (Jessica)] (its already written in this way, i was gonna do this another way, but here, deal withit)

[DM] sounds like a dragon slayer to me

[Grug] lol

[Varn Bjalmgar (Robert)] no doubt a dragon slayer

[Grug] since it says Thief when you hover over her icon, i would agree

[Paul (JAA)] not yet

[Varn Bjalmgar (Robert)] D'OH!!

[Laila (Jessica)] Laila sighs and allows herself to be put in restraints. She knows it will be much worse if she fights. Laila silently curses herself as the guardsman marches her through town to the prison. She enters the cell he shows her to, sits down, and begins to cry. She cant believe she has allowed herself to get caught. Now she faces death, and she is too young to die.

[Varn Bjalmgar (Robert)] rofl

[Reginald (Trevor)] I missed something.

[Laila (Jessica)] The guard tells Laila she will face the court in the morning and leaves her to her crying. She resigns herself to accept the fates as they fall, and tries to get some sleep. Morning comes and the guard with it. “Time to go, little one,” he growls at her, as he places the restraints on her again. Laila remains silent, simply following along as she is told.

[Laila (Jessica)] Laila stands before the law men, silently. The guard who caught her is explaining what happened. One of the law men, Alastair by name, turns to Laila. “Do you have anything to say for yourself, Halfling?”

[Varn Bjalmgar (Robert)] ooo this is getting good

[Grug] bat those eye lashes girl

[Laila (Jessica)] Laila takes a deep breath and begins explaining how this was the first time she had ever done this wine smuggling thing and she will never do it again if they just let her go home. “I’m scared and I am very sorry. I just want to go home, I wont bother you again.”

[Laila (Jessica)] Alastair ponders this and says, “I will not allow them to put you to death, but I will not allow you to go home either. I am about to go on an adventure, you will go with me, I will see you properly rehabilitated. You will be allowed to return to your home when I feel you are ready to be a let into society again. We leave tomorrow at dawn.” With that, Alastair turns and walks out. Laila is led back to the prison to wait for a new dawn, and this is where the story goes, “to be continued”

[Laila (Jessica)] (i'm done)

[Paul (JAA)] yea!

[Grug] paladins are suckers

[Finglass (mikE)] zzzzzz....

[DM] now now

Laila (Jessica) thwaps mike

[Laila (Jessica)] i put a lot of work into that

Varn Bjalmgar (Robert) applauds

[Varn Bjalmgar (Robert)] very nicely done

[DM] you did fine

[Laila (Jessica)] thank you

[Trevor] Bravo! Good work Jessica.

[Laila (Jessica)] thanks

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] What a sentence ...

[Laila (Jessica)] lol

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] cruel AND unusual

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] yep, essentially death

[Varn Bjalmgar (Robert)] poor thing

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] it's a nice way of sentencing you to death

[Paul (JAA)] Sounds a little like one of my characters Kira Fancy

[Grug] bob, does anyplace in town sell birds in little cages?

[DM] no

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] oh gosh

[Varn Bjalmgar (Robert)] LOL

[Laila (Jessica)] what are you talkin about?

[Varn Bjalmgar (Robert)] rofl!!

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] :: laughs :: Death sentence... she is traveling with a Marco character

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] only if robert can turn it into a zombie

[Varn Bjalmgar (Robert)] Not this character unfortunately

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] no birds then

[Grug] i need a missile weapon

[Varn Bjalmgar (Robert)] HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Paul (JAA)] Gartoom has a missle weapon, locked and loaded

[Laila (Jessica)] if i die, it wont be the first character i've lost

[Laila (Jessica)] nor will it be the first i've lost with Bibo

[Varn Bjalmgar (Robert)] or the last

[Laila (Jessica)] nope

[Paul (JAA)] I think I see your problem jes

[Laila (Jessica)] BiBo?

[Laila (Jessica)] lol

[midnite] I am away from the keyboard.

[midnite] I am back at the keyboard.

[Varn Bjalmgar (Robert)] who's that?

[Laila (Jessica)] what was that?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] a fly on the wall

[Grug] that was midnite

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] ever feel like you're being watched?

[Paul (JAA)] who, what, Is someone reading my mind

[Reginald (Trevor)] Can we get on with game?

[Grug] the invisible character

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] that's the person doing the watching

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] or people

[Laila (Jessica)] ?????

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] since it's technically 2

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Umm... we have been Trevor. Grug...your turn for character development ;O)

[Grug] wow

[Grug] its grolduk

[Paul (JAA)] it;s called Role Playing for a reason

[Laila (Jessica)] Pay attention Trevor

[Finglass (mikE)] zing!

[Grug] ok... I develop my charater into 12th level

[Reign Tandem (Fritz)] I am a man or monster of many places

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] :: thwaps Brian :: you got hit by the lich's wand of level draining.. you're now 0 level. Sorry.

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Who's next?

[Grug] damn

[Finglass (mikE)] i thought that was greelox's lance.

[Grug] no, i'm just happy to see you

[Laila (Jessica)] lo;

[DM] ok ok,

[Laila (Jessica)] lmao

[DM] next

[DM] Pirana time

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Nope.. ask the wizard who built Thedd... poor thing

[DM] Marco,

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] what? I dropped the list :-P:

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] unless you want me to say who gets what, I don't see what I have to do with the matter

[Paul (JAA)] I think Kylia needs to pick or decide who gets to pick

[Grug] ooooohhh!!! OOOhhHHHHHhhhHHHHH!!

[Finglass (mikE)] yup. she's the head gal.

[Grug] pick me!

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] First question... did Shade have a will or intentions for the magic items?

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Same question for Elandar...

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] well, intentions, but never written

[DM] then it doesn't count

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] yep

[Reginald (Trevor)] Her intentions were to not die and keep the stuff. Duh.

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] :: bobs head :: Intentions if they aren't written won't work

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] :: kicks Trevor:: Shut up gnome. I'll ask you when I need a small opinion

[Laila (Jessica)] LOL

[Grug] or anything else small

[Finglass (mikE)] actually those weren't her intentions.

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Great... given that there are none. I would say that we give them to the living, active Dragonslayers

[Finglass (mikE)] so lorie. congrats, you got a lot of cool toys.

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] At this time that would be Paul, Reign, Sebrina, EL Fudge and Kylia

[Finglass (mikE)] and paul's not active. ::=P's to john::

[Finglass (mikE)] no paul! no paul...

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] what about sadoya?

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] :: kicks the elf::

[Laila (Jessica)] yeah, what about Sadoya?

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Thank you... and Sadoya

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] I thought I was missing someone

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] So based on level.. Sadoya, EL Fudge, Sebrina, Reign, Paul and Kylia should probably choose items (unless I have my levels mixed) in that order

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] sebrina's 14

[Finglass (mikE)] sebrina's highest, isn't she?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] so she can't be in the middle

[Paul (JAA)] actually I am 9+12=21

[Paul (JAA)] not that I think I should go last

[Finglass (mikE)] soooo.... john goes last.

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Okay... Paul and Sebrina go after Kylia

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Any remaining items can be held in reserve until such a time arises that we need them. Objections from existing DS'ers?

[Varn Bjalmgar (Robert)] slayersers?

[Paul (JAA)] Nope

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] no

[Reign Tandem (Fritz)] Just curious what are the levels of elfude and sadoya?

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Sadoya is 7 right?

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] 7th

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] 6 or 7...

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] BOB? What level is Lior?

[Reginald (Trevor)] He's 7th.

[Reginald (Trevor)] He came in same time as Sergoth.

[Laila (Jessica)] are yo Bob?

[Laila (Jessica)] *you

[Varn Bjalmgar (Robert)] rowr

[DM] either 6 or 7 not sure

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Okay. Thanks Bob. Objections Fritz?

[Reign Tandem (Fritz)] I ask that because if you did it by experience points and not just levels I am the lowest. They have more exp than I do

[Jessica] I am away from the keyboard.

[Reign Tandem (Fritz)] They have a lower level because the multiclass

[Reign Tandem (Fritz)] If you do it the way you suggest you should take that into consideration

[Reign Tandem (Fritz)] not levels but experience points

[Paul (JAA)] I think level maters not xp

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] I don't think we should do it by experience points. I probably have more experience points than Barb and John....

[Finglass (mikE)] yes, but reign is a tank.

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] but because I'm a cleric, my level takes forever

[Finglass (mikE)] and sadoya lost a good item or two

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] I say do it by who has the fewest magic items

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] but that's just me

[Finglass (mikE)] and fudge needs everything he can get.

[Paul (JAA)] in Bob's worl where you get level handed to you and you can spend the XP

[Finglass (mikE)] so i do think they should get dibs.

[Jessica] I am back at the keyboard.

[Finglass (mikE)] sorry fritz, but reign hardly needs as much help as they do.

[Reign Tandem (Fritz)] That is why I dont believe levels should matter. It should be by exp points. Theif will get a higher level faster than a cleric. Does that mean they should come after a cleric?

[Finglass (mikE)] you're just too good.

[Paul (JAA)] So because I am all powerful I should get nother. How do you think I became all powerfull

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Yes... she is higher level. As is Paul.

[Finglass (mikE)] shutup john. you got all of bibo's last character's stuff.

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] if you do it by magic items it'll make things more fair because the people with fewer magic items probably need em more than those with the most

[Finglass (mikE)] i remember the happy golum dance. i remember!

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] If you spend your XP on buying magic items versus having the XP, I don't think that's right either. It should be level

Laila (Jessica) stares at the screen in a stupor as all the pretty words go by

midnite has left the game.

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] or you could just roll a d20 and see who rolls highest

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] then we wouldn't have a debate

[Paul (JAA)] I sugested that already

[Reign Tandem (Fritz)] What ever this is a Roll playing thing anyway do whatever you want

[Reign Tandem (Fritz)] Take what you will how you will

[DM] ok

[DM] you all there?

[Laila (Jessica)] yeha

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] John, I'm fine with rolling a dice too.

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] apparently you werent

[Finglass (mikE)] i think lorie should give it all to patrice.

[Laila (Jessica)] LOL

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Frtiz since you're so determined to go first for whatever it is you want... just take it and let's move on

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] :: shrugs :: You asked me to decide... I decided and then you don't like the decision.

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] You want to lead... then lead.

[Reign Tandem (Fritz)] I am not even paying attention until you mention my name. Do what ever you want lorie

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] :: shrugs ::

[Reign Tandem (Fritz)] I am typing up characters

[Reginald (Trevor)] Is there any chance I might get ONE of the items, or have we established they are exclusively for DSers? I'm not complaining, was just woindering.

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] ::gets ready to light the bag of stuff on fire::

[Finglass (mikE)] it's been established a looooong way up.

[Finglass (mikE)] lorie listed the members.

[Laila (Jessica)] Trevor, we get nothin

midnite has joined the game.

[Laila (Jessica)] Lorie said who gets stuff

[Reginald (Trevor)] That's what I figured.

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Fritz, I've said my peace on the matter.

[Finglass (mikE)] her piece too...

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] John, we can just roll. I was just trying to provide parity. You want an elaborate role playing session to take the items, we can do that too

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] :: shrugs :: Let me know when we move on to a new subject

[Lorie] I am away from the keyboard.

[Paul (JAA)] There will be stuff for evryone, we are trying to role play character development, not just give stuff to new character that are strangers

[Fritz] Look Lorie I spent most of the damn night making maps for the game. You are the one who asked me a question. Do what you want. I have been typing up my characters minding my business. Do as you wish I dont give a rats ass

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] an elaborate role playing session sounds a lot like hey lets argue over it some more

[Grug] i also provide parity

[Paul (JAA)] Lets just role, pick from high to low

[Paul (JAA)] Roll #1: (d20) [7] 7

midnite is receiving the map...

midnite has received the map.

[Reginald (Trevor)] We gonna be doing anything but listening to DSers bicker about exp vs levels. If there will be no more actual game tonight, I'm gonna log off. Night everyone.

[Grug] welcome back midnite

[Laila (Jessica)] bye Trevor

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] I think Bob's kLoOge is frozen

[Finglass (mikE)] roll, too.

[DM] I am here

[Reginald (Trevor)] Later everyone, see you next week. I'm off to cook pork chops.

[Varn Bjalmgar (Robert)] see you Trevor

Laila (Jessica) waves at the departing gnome

[Grug] bye

Trevor has left the game.

midnite has left the game.

[DM] ok

[DM] now

[DM] Lorie, Sean, Fritz,

[DM] you three roll a die 20

midnite has joined the game.

midnite is receiving the map...

midnite has received the map.

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] (d20) [5] 5

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] (d20+20) [12+20] 32

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] k, fritz, lorie, get rollin

[Varn Bjalmgar (Robert)] lorie is x'ed out on my list... any reason?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] afk

[Laila (Jessica)] what he said

[Fritz] What am I rollin?

[Grug] a d20

[DM] a die 20

[Grug] lol

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] d20

[Fritz] What for?

[DM] magic items

[DM] lets get this over iwth

[DM] tired of bitching and not paying attention

[DM] or I give out the stuff

[DM] 5

[DM] 4

[DM] 3

[DM] 2

[Fritz] Just let Lorie pick her fucking items and run things like she always wants to do

[DM] 1

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] ooh

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] I like that idea

[DM] now I am doing it

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] bob give out the stuff

[Lorie] I am back at the keyboard.

[Fritz] Roll #1: (d20) [10] 10

[Fritz] Do it

[Fritz] bob I dont care

[DM] next week it will be on yoru sheets

[DM] ok

[Paul (JAA)] ok

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] okay, sounds good to me.

[Varn Bjalmgar (Robert)] ok

[DM] so now that I am going to devide up the items

[Grug] ok

[DM] anything else before you leave port

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] nah, lets go

[Paul (JAA)] not I

[Laila (Jessica)] lets be off

[Varn Bjalmgar (Robert)] is there a brothel on board this boat?

[Fritz] I told you the only thing I wanted was the potions

[Grug] if they dont have little birds in little cages, then i am set as long as we have provisions for the trip

[DM] ok

[DM] so you are all set? sailing north

E. L. Fudge (Sean) kisses the land good bye

[Fritz] It is up to the others if they wish it

[Varn Bjalmgar (Robert)] did I mention I have motion sickness?

[Fritz] Did I get my potions?

[Laila (Jessica)] i'm ready to go

[Paul (JAA)] Captain go to the Pirates

[DM] first one was 900, next was 1800, the next was 2800

Varn Bjalmgar (Robert) hurls over the side of the boat

[DM] sailing north

[Grug] i check the stores on board, we have plenty of food?

[DM] out of the straits,

[DM] food for three weeks

[Finglass (mikE)] ::casts sea legs::

[Grug] k

Laila (Jessica) wrinkles her nose at the puking man

[Varn Bjalmgar (Robert)] sorry

[DM] by the way Varn that was directed at you

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] Varn, what are you hurling over the side of the boat?

[Varn Bjalmgar (Robert)] puke

[Varn Bjalmgar (Robert)] what bob?

[Finglass (mikE)] like sea sick?

[Varn Bjalmgar (Robert)] yes

[Finglass (mikE)] then be healed

[Finglass (mikE)] you have your sea legs.

[Varn Bjalmgar (Robert)] little joke... very little

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] ::watches the shore disappear:: we there yet?

[Finglass (mikE)] congrats, sailor.

[Varn Bjalmgar (Robert)] thanks Mike

[Paul (JAA)] yo ho yo ho

[DM] as you sail away

[Finglass (mikE)] YAR!!!

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] come sail away come sail away come sail away with meeeeee

[Varn Bjalmgar (Robert)] ARGH!!

[DM] pauses to let them all out

E. L. Fudge (Sean) plays "Orinoco Flow"

[Paul (JAA)] I land on the boat before it sails out from under me

[Grug] sail away sail away

[Grug] let the orinoco flow

[Paul (JAA)] I ask the captain how fast the boat can go

[DM] so

[DM] ok

[Grug] ok

[DM] everyone is focused here now

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] sure, where's the pirates?

[Laila (Jessica)] i'm here

[Finglass (mikE)] point me towards danter! i'm ready!

[DM] now you sail north

[Finglass (mikE)] danger, too

[DM] you get out into the main shipping lanes

[DM] to sail north east

[Fritz] Bob I will have all the stats for the boat later but so you know it has 2 ballista and 1 trebuche, I believe it is 6 large xbows and 6 light xbows but I will have to recount, also a battering ram

[DM] to move along

[DM] you can not have Trebuche on a ship

[Lorie] I am away from the keyboard.

[Varn Bjalmgar (Robert)] well?

[Fritz] What ever it is called the thing that throws rockes

[Fritz] rocks

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] catapult?

[Fritz] yeah

[Fritz] that

[DM] when you use it it automatically sinks the ship, you can have it if you want it

[DM] they don't work on ships

[Grug] ok, moving on

[Fritz] catapults do. I have the book too bob

[DM] sigh

[Grug] moving on

[DM] will stop till peopel read the screen

[Finglass (mikE)] so it's a catapult.

[DM] so you sail north

[Finglass (mikE)] no sinkee, all good.

[DM] you cross the main shipping lanes

[Varn Bjalmgar (Robert)] did we signal?

[Grug] moving on

[DM] you sail northwards

[Finglass (mikE)] look both ways?

[Grug] moving on

[DM] you enter an area that is not frequented by the navy of any of the local islands

[Finglass (mikE)] oops.

[Grug] does this area have a name?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] ::readies the cannons::

[Finglass (mikE)] is this the pirate's hunting ground?

[Varn Bjalmgar (Robert)] sounds like our kind of place

[DM] the captain says that this is a short cut that Elfad knows

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] we're doomed

[Finglass (mikE)] how are we supposed to sink the navy's ships if they don't come here?

[Finglass (mikE)] oh god...

[DM] you sail

[DM] out into the deep

[Grug] shit, our dispel magic guy left

[Lorie] I am back at the keyboard.

[Varn Bjalmgar (Robert)] this can't be good

[Finglass (mikE)] ::snort::

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] ::looks at Grug:: I can dispel

[DM] the ship is out of sight of land

[Grug] sweet

[Finglass (mikE)] not like everyone else doesn't have them.

[DM] for the first time

[Laila (Jessica)] we are at the mercy of an evil elf

Varn Bjalmgar (Robert) sings a little shanty song

[Grug] I tell Elfad taht we can cure him of his curse

[DM] the first mate tells you that you are crossing what is known at the kraken alley

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] what do you do with a drunken sailor

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] what do you do with a drunken sailor

[DM] an area filled with turtles

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] what do you do with a drunken sailor early in the morning

[DM] and sea dragons amoung other things

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] wait

[Finglass (mikE)] shave his balls with a rusty razor

[Varn Bjalmgar (Robert)] big turtles?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] see!!! he's leading us to kraken!!!

[Finglass (mikE)] shave his balls with a rusty razor.. dragons?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] we're all gonna die

[Finglass (mikE)] crap.

[Grug] does Elfad want to be cured of his curse?

[Finglass (mikE)] apparently through death.

[Laila (Jessica)] i dont wanna die, i just started

[DM] ok

[DM] so

[Finglass (mikE)] and bob rolls the ominous dice of doom

[DM] Roll #1: (d20) [18] 18

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] sorry, that's not the kraken encounter number for the night

[Varn Bjalmgar (Robert)] Jessica, you get used to it

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] oh god

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] oh no! Bob's going to the filing cabinet O DOOM!

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] he's going into the filing cabinet

[Varn Bjalmgar (Robert)] stop him!!

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] we're dead

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] too late

[Varn Bjalmgar (Robert)] tackle him

[Varn Bjalmgar (Robert)] take out his knees

[Varn Bjalmgar (Robert)] do SOMETHING!!!

[DM] ok

[Varn Bjalmgar (Robert)] AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] too late

[DM] the Island of Balneal approaches on teh horizon

[Laila (Jessica)] but but but i already lost one character

[Varn Bjalmgar (Robert)] the island moves?

[Varn Bjalmgar (Robert)] cool

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] lucky week for you eh?

[DM] Elfad does not beleive he is cursed

[Varn Bjalmgar (Robert)] we should just stop here and let the island come to us

[DM] the island of Balneal is ruled by high elves

[Finglass (mikE)] you mean drow.

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] they got good ganja?

[DM] Elfad sails the ship towards it

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] a HA

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] an high elf leading us to a high elf island

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] fishy?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] I think SO

[DM] on the horizon you see a ship sailing towards you

[Varn Bjalmgar (Robert)] shoot it!

[Finglass (mikE)] black sails?

[Paul (JAA)] Does the Captain look calm

[DM] as you pull up

[DM] towards the ship

[Finglass (mikE)] he asks for his brown pants

[Grug] any flags sailing?

[DM] the captian looks at your group

[DM] and says to behave

[DM] this might be touchy

Laila (Jessica) under her breath "we should have left Elfad behind when we had the chance"

[DM] as the ships sail closer to each other

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] :: quietly begins to chant to grant the party some support ::

[DM] two figure fly up off of the deck of the other ship

[DM] and dive into the ocean

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] PULL!!

[Finglass (mikE)] knocks his bow

[DM] disapearing under the waves

Laila (Jessica) covers eyes

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] they're drilling our ship you know

[Varn Bjalmgar (Robert)] this can't be good

[DM] a voice calls out

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] I'd check the bottom of the boat for holse

[DM] who sails in the golden waters of BNalneal

[Paul (JAA)] I look at the Captain to see if he intends to answer

[DM] the captain looks at your group

Finglass (mikE) looks at kylia

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] oooh, a mexican standoff!

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] the muffin man?

[Grug] Me Grug

[Finglass (mikE)] without the mexican

[Paul (JAA)] //me I am Paul, Protectorate of the Norther Trade route

[DM] the captain shrugs,

midnite has left the game.

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] ::can't answer, is chanting to grant the party +1/-1::

[DM] he looks at Paul

[DM] shakes his head

[Varn Bjalmgar (Robert)] You're up Paul

[Finglass (mikE)] /looks to paul, then.

[Varn Bjalmgar (Robert)] tell them something good

Laila (Jessica) looks to Paul

[DM] the Captain calls out to raise a white flag

[DM] and he pulls down the sails

[Varn Bjalmgar (Robert)] uh oh

[DM] to allow the other ship approach

[Grug] raise a white flag?

[Paul (JAA)] We are seeking information, we come in peace

[DM] as they come along side

[Grug] like surrender?

midnite has joined the game.

[DM] you see several elven archers

midnite is receiving the map...

midnite has received the map.

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] no, like we come in peace

[Finglass (mikE)] and they see me, too.

[Varn Bjalmgar (Robert)] raise the damn flag

[Grug] yeah, but no one cares about you

[DM] one of the elven guards from the other ship

[Grug] you're just an elf

[DM] swings over on a rope from the mast of his ship

[DM] and lands on the deck of yours

[DM] he looks at the captain

[Paul (JAA)] greetings

[DM] he looks at Elfad

[Varn Bjalmgar (Robert)] ooooooo very dramatic

[DM] he looks at Paul

[DM] and the group of you on the deck

[DM] who are you

[DM] and why do you travel with this pariah

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] I told you!!!

[Grug] Me Grug

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] bad luck!!

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] ::fires up the train::

[Paul (JAA)] thinks ::they must be the opisite of Wingstone::

[Finglass (mikE)] ::hops aboard::

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] ::gets ready for a long ride on the I told you so train::

[DM] the captain looks at the group

Laila (Jessica) looks back

[DM] and then back at the elf from the other ship

[Grug] what pariah?

[Paul (JAA)] Elfad

[DM] the captain says,

[Paul (JAA)] whispers

[DM] we will not land on your soil

[DM] we are only passing around on our way north

[DM] the elf frowns

[Grug] why Elfad take us here if elves not like him?

[DM] the captain frowns are you

Laila (Jessica) in a whisper "he os a bad ellf"

[Laila (Jessica)] *is

[Grug] i got that, thx

[Laila (Jessica)] lol

[DM] the captain says he will keep to thier course

[DM] if they will allow that

[DM] the elf looks at your group

[Grug] but if Elfad knew he was not liked here, why would he come here?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] because he wants us all dead

[DM] the elf looks around,

[Paul (JAA)] we come in peace, we will respect your wishes

[DM] then steps up to the railing

[DM] holding onto the rope

[Finglass (mikE)] he hates the DS, remember? If I recall correctly, that was strike no. 2

[Varn Bjalmgar (Robert)] Are those other elves still under water?

[DM] and swinging off

[DM] back to his ship

[Finglass (mikE)] out of five. FIVE!!!

[Grug] have the two elves come up from the water yet?

[DM] the captain looks around

[DM] no

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] I say you check for holes

[DM] no elves have surfaced that you have seen

[Varn Bjalmgar (Robert)] I say we check for homing beacons

[Varn Bjalmgar (Robert)] :D

[Grug] limpet mines

E. L. Fudge (Sean) runs towards Bob to take out his knees as he heads towards teh file cabinet o doom!

[Finglass (mikE)] ::PING::

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] don't suppose anyone is feeling up to a swim?

E. L. Fudge (Sean) misses badly

[Varn Bjalmgar (Robert)] not with this character

[Paul (JAA)] If need be, I'm game

Laila (Jessica) covers her eyes

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] sounds like a volunteer

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] Bob got out the large map

[Laila (Jessica)] oooooooohhhh

[Laila (Jessica)] is that bad?

[Grug] I ask the elf why Elfad is bad

[DM] so the map

[DM] shows how you need to pass this island

[DM] to cross the straits

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] brb... feeding time

[Lorie] I am away from the keyboard.

[DM] ok,

[DM] if no other plans ?

[Grug] what map?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] you want to check the boat?

[DM] the captain turns the ship

[DM] to sail around the island

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] ::looks at paul::

[DM] and into the straits

[Paul (JAA)] I think we want to ask the captain about the elves in the water

[DM] he looks at you

[Varn Bjalmgar (Robert)] there are still two elves unaccounted for

[DM] he shrugs,

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] they're probably clinging to the bottom

[DM] can you swin?

[Varn Bjalmgar (Robert)] gee, you think?

[DM] or breathe under there?

[Paul (JAA)] at the moment, but I do not want to piss them off

[Paul (JAA)] swim not breathe

[DM] he turns back to the front of the ship

[DM] I plan on sailing around and avoiding this land

[DM] it is your choice if you want to do something else

Finglass (mikE) shrugs

[Paul (JAA)] ok, I'm along for the ride until there is troubble

[Laila (Jessica)] i want away from this place

[DM] the captain sails in a looping northern arc

[Grug] what is the next closest island?

[Finglass (mikE)] a dot on the map.

[DM] looking for the name just a sec, sorry

[Varn Bjalmgar (Robert)] way to prepare bob

[DM] sigh

[DM] went a bit different

[Fritz] Motubo targets Kip. Distance: 3'02"

[DM] stouch

[DM] the island of stouch

[Grug] how far and is it on the way we want to go?

[DM] it is about three days over the open ocean

[DM] Elfad says it will say you 6 days of following around the coasts of various islands

[Varn Bjalmgar (Robert)] oh joy

[Grug] what do we know about this island?

[DM] the captain points the ship to the horizon

[DM] and we will stop here

[Grug] shit

[DM] so next week we can have our first ocen going encounter

[Laila (Jessica)] stopping

[DM] it is 10 after,

[Laila (Jessica)] yup

[DM] you avoided the first islands

[DM] now on the open sea

[Varn Bjalmgar (Robert)] sounds like a plan

[Paul (JAA)] and we did not die!

[Paul (JAA)] Yea!

[Finglass (mikE)] g'night, all.

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] yet

[DM] shoudl be able to get to the main adventure area next week with no problem now

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] night

[Fritz] Marco what does it mean in magical abilities spell level/pwer, Mximum, current?

mikE has left the game.

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] I usually use that to keep track of how many spell slots I have per level

[Varn Bjalmgar (Robert)] g'night

[Grug] and the two elves are still unaccounted for?

[Laila (Jessica)] night all

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] or any weird powers you might have

[midnite] thank you all for the were great

[Grug] night

[E. L. Fudge (Sean)] Good night!

[Paul (JAA)] good knight all

[Laila (Jessica)] night

[DM] thanks everyone

Jessica has left the game.

Sean has left the game.

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] like if you can cast detect magic 5 times a day as an ability seperate from spells

Robert has left the game.

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] put detect magic in thepower

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] 5 a day as the maximum

[Fritz] How do you cast a spell then? I thought I copied everything in as you did for the spells and it doesn't seem to work

[Paul (JAA)] you still have to roll dice

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] you cast a spell by going to spells

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] under roll dice

[Paul (JAA)] The expression on the list are real just flavor

[Paul (JAA)] Paul: Magic Missile: zap (DC=(10+1) [10+1] 11)

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] you have to have an expression, a number memorized more than 0 and of course a spell name for it to work

[Paul (JAA)] Paul: Shocking Grasp: "Paul shocks for " (d8+12) "points of electrical damage (no save)" (DC=(10+1) [10+1] 11)

[Fritz] ahhh that is it

[Fritz] Motubo: Feeblemind: Babble all you want, no one's listening. (DC=(10+5) [10+5] 15)

[Lorie] I am back at the keyboard.

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] anything else before I sign off?

[Paul (JAA)] Paul: Shocking Grasp: "Paul shocks for " (d8+12) [2+12] 14 "points of electrical damage (no save)" (DC=(10+1) [10+1] 11)

[Fritz] How do we change the expressions since it is still in 3.5?

[Kylia Wolfslayer (Lorie)] Oh we're done. Night

Lorie has left the game.

[Paul (JAA)] yes good night Lori

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] you mean the dc thing?

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] no clue

[Fritz] yep

[Paul (JAA)] There are some thing you can change

[Paul (JAA)] like damage but the DC in eroneous

[Alastair (BiBo!!!)] anyway, g'night

[Fritz] k thanks

[Paul (JAA)] See you all

midnite has left the game.

JAA has left the game.

BiBo!!! has left the game.

Fritz has left the game.

Grug has left the game.