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Arahael Mosskin

Arahael is a legendary Ranger who lives in central Drillian. He is the lord of the Jistille Estates which he built with the help of a hill giant family that were kholops in Blackwater. He has been mentor to many promising rangers and warriors through the years such as Kholnor Slickskin.

Some of his family lives with him on the Jistille Estates and some have moved to other place or are adventurers.

Family residents of the Jistille Estates
see Jistille Estates for full list of residents

  • Arahael Mosskin - ruler, retired ranger
  • Mistress Mosskin - Arahael's wife
  • Missus Mosskin - Arahael's daughter
  • Davida Mosskin - Arahael's son