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Chat Log - 2018 08 10 - Bebbux

[Master] I am away from the keyboard, looking into things, eating things, drinking things and in general doing things.

[Master] I am away from the keyboard.

JohnAA has joined the game on Fri Aug 10 19:00:21 EDT 2018

JohnAA is receiving the map ground floor...

JohnAA has received the map ground floor.

Spring has joined the game on Fri Aug 10 19:09:34 EDT 2018

Spring is receiving the map ground floor...

Spring has received the map ground floor.

[JohnAA] Welcome Spring

[Spring] hi John!

Carissa has joined the game on Fri Aug 10 19:10:38 EDT 2018

Carissa is receiving the map ground floor...

Carissa has received the map ground floor.

[Spring] hi Carissa!

[JohnAA] Hello Carissa

[Carissa] Hello!

[JohnAA] So what I thought we would do today is switch characters and see how that goes

[Carissa] ?

[Spring] I call dibs on Hugh

[Master] I am back at the keyboard.

[Carissa] I call dibs on...Eddie?

[JohnAA] oops

[Master] Hey there everyone

[Spring] hi BOB!

[Master] and that is a nice idea John

[Carissa] Hi Bob!

[Master] but not this adventure

[JohnAA] Heeeeeee back

[Carissa] 2021

[Spring] the guys I mentioned who might be joining in probably now will not

[Master] and it has been a terrible no good horrible day that was saved just a little but not really

[Spring] they are more interested in a face to face game heh. I don't know why they asked, Iíve said several times we are online

[JohnAA] by DND?

[Spring] oh no BOB :-(

TMO has joined the game on Fri Aug 10 19:13:22 EDT 2018

TMO is receiving the map ground floor...

TMO has received the map ground floor.

[Spring] TMO hi!

[JohnAA] Hello TMO

[Spring] BOB is there someone I can go straighten out for you?

[Master] The County just declared earlier today that Broward County Library will no longer be offering 3D printing

[Spring] aw man

[Carissa] Why??

[TMO] howdy

[TMO] aww

[Master] cowards and idiots

[Carissa] Tha's a hit at all libraries I've been to

[Carissa] Hi TMO!

[Spring] oh they are afraid of the gun thing

[Master] they are saying that we cannot tell someone that we cannot print a gun

[Carissa] they know how 3D printers work?

[Master] because that would violate 2 amendment protection laws in FL

[Carissa] Ahh FL thing. That's stupid.

[Master] even though we have had policies etc. for the last 4 plus years

[JohnAA] Yea FL !?

[Master] We are working on work arounds

[Master] or at least some people are

[TMO] can't buy a gun without a license, can't print a gun without a license.

[Carissa] Good luck. State laws can be a mess.

[Master] cannot have a gun in a school

[Master] can in a library

[Carissa] NY and TX are allowed to deny printing guns by library policy.

[TMO] yay for TX being a role model?

[Spring] :-(

[Master] so I am attempting to see how we are potentially getting some if not most libraries declared schools

[Carissa] Good. That's too valuable to lose.

[Spring] there is an awful lot of educating going on there

[Master] yeap

[Master] going to let it be for the weekend

[Master] and tackle it on Monday

[Carissa] Good plan.

[Master] this was my first week of working a Monday through Friday 9-5 type job in over 30 years

[TMO] guns are allowed on university grounds here, but individual offices can declare themselves no gun zones. For some reason, we in Financial Aid have declared FinAid is a no-gun zone.

[Carissa] Or if you can declare just the room the printer is in a school...homeschool room or something?

[Spring] well, outside the gun printing thing, how did you like being 9 to 5?

[Master] it is really weird

[Master] over the next few weeks I will work out how this is going to work for me

[Spring] what did you find the weirdest aspect?

[Master] getting off every night

[Master] not having mornings off

[Master] did not do laundry or dishes this week

[Master] like I normally have

[Master] etc.

[Spring] so rhythm things rather than culture things

[Master] nods

[Master] some people at work are happy about it

[Master] they will see me more

[Spring] because you are so likeable!

[Master] HAH

[Master] SO

[Master] This adventure

[Master] I have the theme

mharm-15549 has joined the game on Fri Aug 10 19:20:45 EDT 2018

mharm-15549 is receiving the map ground floor...

[Master] and the plan

mharm-15549 has received the map ground floor.

[Master] and now everyone is mostly here

[Master] except Mario

[mharm-15549] yo

[Spring] hi Michael!

[Master] no Lisa tonight

[JohnAA] Hello Michael

[Master] so Indigo will be off gambling with the castle guards

[mharm-15549] Hey all!

[mharm-15549] What is this her first missed in like 5 years?

[Master] chuckles no

[Master] just she only misses one or two a year at the most lately

[Master] the only people with 100% attendance are Lisa, Lorie, John and Marco

[TMO] never me. :)

[Spring] nor me

[Carissa] I'm trying to give her a run for her money this year.

[Master] will be good

[Master] it is always good to have people

[Spring] I tried to for a while but kind of blew it

[Master] who want to be here

[Carissa] Also hi Michael!

[mharm-15549] Hey Carissa :)

[Master] I am never upset by those who can't because of other events

[mharm-15549] thank god

[Master] everyone is important

[mharm-15549] cause work sucks

[Carissa] You mean we're allowed to have lives?

[mharm-15549] :)

[Spring] the fact that I get up at 4 AM is my biggest enemy

[Master] I did not say that

[Carissa] Ha!

[mharm-15549] LOL

[Spring] hehehe

[Master] and yes I did post out through the 30th anniversary game

[Master] but tonight is more immediate

[Carissa] You are definitely not an optimistic person.

[Master] you have finished breakfast

[Master] and seen the rest of the group off

[JohnAA] WOO HOO Breakfast

[Master] and are there in your large hall



[Master] with no plans

[Carissa] First breakfast or second?

[Master] and nothing to do

[Master] you can have a second breakfast if you wish

[Carissa] Indigo probably would be he's apparently gambling so...

[Spring] Kenna definitely

[Carissa] I am back at the keyboard.

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Did Indigo really leave to grab more food with the guards?

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] I'm surprised you didn't follow Kenna.

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] He is not eating

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] He has his wild side

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] pfft boys

[TMO] I am back at the keyboard.

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Er, what else do you do with food?

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] He's goona eat but that is not why he left

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] I would rather spend second breakfast eating, not gambling and bragging and telling tall tales

[Ilero]] (TMO) grabs a couple small things and snacks.

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] or short ones

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Oh....

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] with improbable facts in them

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) nods

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] will you have some? I have been offered the loveliest sausages

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] someone left a note in the kitchen

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Er, so what do we do?

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] A note?

[Shurkural]] (TMO) kicks back on a lounge chair and sighs contentedly.

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] "please enjoy these sausages"

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] We should just rest

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Sorry for lag, computer doesn't like one of the programs running)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Um, you can have them.

Knave (Master) whistling

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (uhm painted myself into a corner, since Kenna can't read)

[Knave (Master)] Shatter your illusions of love. And is it over now, do you know how, Pick up the pieces and go home.

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (I wonder who read the note to Kenna)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] I've never been a fan, especially mysterious sausages.

Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA) looks to Knave

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (right)

[Ilero]] (TMO) looks confusedly at Knave.

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) trying to figure out if Knave was attempting to sing

[Knave (Master)] Was there anything that you needed?

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] Love of sausages?

[Knave (Master)] What?

[Knave (Master)] OH

[Knave (Master)] sorry was a thought tumbling in my mind for the morning

Shurkural (TMO)] You've got some strange stuff in your head, sugar.

[Knave (Master)] I think it was from the wedding that The Life Giver is going to

[Knave (Master)] and the Princess

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] Understandable

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] A song? Poem? Or just...thoughts?

[Knave (Master)] is there a difference?

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Well technically yes...

[Knave (Master)] the Gypsies always seem to have poems and songs intermixed

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] are you a seer?

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] songs have music in

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] poems leave music out

[Knave (Master)] I see? yes?

Ilero (TMO)] Aways t'ought music make song. No music, is poem.

[Knave (Master)] I thought it was the clothing makes the man?

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] pptest

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] sometimes

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Before I forget it, another song for the wedding party:

[mharm-15549] I am back at the keyboard.

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] nah

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)]

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] :)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Er, well, anyways, um, what do we do while we wait for the others?

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] Well I do not wish to impose any more then we have

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] I know Indigo mentioned seeing the gypsies, but I don't know where he went.

[Knave (Master)] how long will they be gone?

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) shrugs

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] Who knows for sure

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] We hope a week or less

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] I'm certain they do not plan to be gone longer than needed.

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] But distances here do not make sense to me. I don't know how long it'll take them to get there.

[Knave (Master)] I cannot say

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] Do we have a time limit?

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] Will the Count want us to leave?

[Knave (Master)] I do not know when he will be returning

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] that was what I was wondering

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] (will he be counting the days?)

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (ah ah ah)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Count on it)

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] Does the Count have an Hammer and Anvil we could use?

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) looks at Foto with confusion

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] For blacksmithing

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] To blacksmith what?

Robwill has joined the game on Fri Aug 10 19:40:37 EDT 2018

Robwill is receiving the map ground floor...

Robwill has received the map ground floor.

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] just maintaining thing, not a lot of time

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Oh, um, right.

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] (Hello ROBWIL)

[Knave (Master)] (Hey there)

[Robwill] hello hello!

[Knave (Master)] I can find where something would be that you could use

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] well hi there

[Knave (Master)] I think out in the village would be your first place to check

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Hello Rob!)

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] Out in the public

[MarioVacation] (so what's the skinny? TL:DR?)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Hahaha I did wonder if it was you)

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] (OH Hi Mario)

[MarioVacation] ("Hello Hello" should have don eit :0))

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] LOL

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (hi Mario)

[MarioVacation] Hello Hello!

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] (coal says Hi)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Yeah but could have been wrong so....)

[MarioVacation] Howís my boy?

Ilero (TMO)] (afk to pick up dinner)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Uh, short story shorter: we're at breakfast and don't know what to do)

[TMO] I am away from the keyboard.

[MarioVacation] (Thanks!)

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] (Good, cept for the rain)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (And Indigo is off gambling with the guards and Knave is singing more Fleetwood Mac)

[MarioVacation] (Iím on a small laptop, tiny screen)

[Knave (Master)] Have a good day if you need just call

Knave (Master) leaves you alone in the chamber

[Master] Knave moved 55'07".

[Master] Knave moved 104'07".

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Er, to the village? The wolves might like a walk.

[Kel (MarioVacation)] (should we be able to see ourselves

[Kel (MarioVacation)] ( I see a big black dot

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Overrated)

[Master] Penelope moved 2'07".

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnAA)] I would like to go

[Master] Did that fix it Mario?

[Kel (MarioVacation)] I could get out a bit

[Kel (MarioVacation)] (it did)

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnAA)] but let's not bring an army

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Anywhere away from a vampire's castle is good to me...

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] fresh air and exercise would do us all good

[Kel (MarioVacation)] I thought it was just me, but Iíve been feeling eerie since we got here

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Oh. I thought it was this sickness.

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] Exercise? Didn't we just finish tromping and dragging through the swamp

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] yes

[Kel (MarioVacation)] Well, letís get going, we can find something to do when we get outside

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] if we now lie about all day it will be bad for the humors

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] Just let me work out my frustrations on a piece of metal, you all have fun

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] that is still exercise! and it sounds productive too

[Kel (MarioVacation)] we may need your expertise, Bro Fo, why donít you join?

Miranda Paige (JohnAA)] huh.. what.. You don't mind if I keep reading

[Master] Heartless Challenge, Pick your Path and I'll pray

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] In the shadows.

[Kel (MarioVacation)] (lol, I just took a look at ow many peeps we have in the dining room. Wow, we ARE a small army!)

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] Join talking to Gypsies? Walking around a village of people who live in the castle of spook?

[Kel (MarioVacation)] yes! what could go wrong?1

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] The gypsies could be fun.

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Or at least walking.

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] Didn't you question why some live in the Mist, how about the mist around a haunted castle

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] I would be curious to see what the gypsies are like

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Psst, remember it's Neith not Hugh here :) )

[Kel (MarioVacation)] um, I told that in confidence to Shi.

[Kel (MarioVacation)] have you been eavesdropping? or reading the website?

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) frowning

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (lol)

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] (Thanks I forgot! Let me switch)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Unless Foto overheard the conversation between Shi and Branwyn)

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] Maybe that was Miranda

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (...or Miranda relayed it later, yes that could work :) )

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnAA)] I often wonder but in my travels I have seen worse

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Worse?

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnAA)] Living just outside your mortal enemies land

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnAA)] That is no way to live

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnAA)] unless you like war

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] It seems like some do...

[Kel (MarioVacation)] I certainly hope no one likes war, for war's sake

[QuiFon Ruminell]] (JohnAA) hangs head

[Kel (MarioVacation)] sometimes itís a necessary evil

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnAA)] it seems there are all kinds

[Kel (MarioVacation)] done for purpose, not for sport

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] We can debate this while we walk, right? I'm tired of sitting in this dust room.

Kel (MarioVacation) nods in agreement

[QuiFon Ruminell]] (JohnAA) perks up heading for the door

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Let me just go get the wolves...

[Master] which one? there are three?

[Master] The one opposite the fireplace

[Master] the one by the dining table

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] I will come, Shi

Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA) dragging feet, not feeling hopeful

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Hmm, well they weren't through that door. And that one was the cellar, right?

[Master] the other on the opposite side of the room

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Uh...Knave?

[Master] the door where Ilero is was the cellar and Knave is gone

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Did we see what door he went through?)

[Master] no

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] (the exit, the way we came in?)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] I hate this castle....

[Master] you came in two different doors

[Master] one by Ilero

[Master] the other by Wu

[Kel (MarioVacation)] where?

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Shi'Nynze: Observation check: (d20) [1d20=10] 10 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 12!!

[Master] (have to laugh at both Lisa and TMO are not here who know the castle best)

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] (originally we came in via Wu's door)

[Kel (MarioVacation)] Which?

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (anything to notice to help door opening decision)

[mharm-15549] I am back at the keyboard.

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] (AH)

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] (it is pretty funny :) )

[Master] Shi knows that there was a breeze from the door by Ilero

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (shoot, I didn't pay adequate attention)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Wu's door lead to locked front door, door leading upstairs, and throne room)

[Master] that is closer to the outside

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnAA)] [QuiFon Ruminell]] moved 66'04".

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Well there's a breeze near Ilero. That must lead outside, right?

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) cautiously walks over to attempt to open it.

[QuiFon Ruminell]] (JohnAA) but the main entrance towards the village is this way

[Master] Shi'Nynze moved 50'11".

[Master] Shi'Nynze moved 6'01".

[Kel (MarioVacation)] Hey! Wait up!

[Kel (MarioVacation)] Kel and Tebhoundrin moved 31'00".

[QuiFon Ruminell]] (JohnAA) checks the door he is at

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) tries to open door

[Master] [QuiFon Ruminell]] moved 15'04".

Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549) Puzzled and Amused

[Master] Shi'Nynze moved 3'06".

Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA) looks left than right

[Kel (MarioVacation)] Kel and Tebhoundrin moved 13'06".

[QuiFon Ruminell]] (JohnAA) holds door open

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Sorry didn't notice it opened)

Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA) shakes head

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Er well this isn't outside exactly...

[Spring] Kenna Westfoot follows [QuiFon Ruminell]].

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] What we have here is a lack of leadership or communication

[Master] Kenna Westfoot moved 63'07".

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] or memory

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Shi'Nynze moved 13'04".

[Kel (MarioVacation)] (lol)

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] Brother Fotopoulos moved 21'08".

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Anything of interest?)

[Master] Shi'Nynze moved 11'07".

[Kel (MarioVacation)] Shi, where you going?

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] Miranda, Here's your chance

[Master] Shi'Nynze moved 2'08".

[Kel (MarioVacation)] Kel and Tebhoundrin moved 15'11".

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Just trying to see how to get outside.

Miranda Paige (JohnAA)] without looking up

[Master] Shi can peer out the arrow slit and see the dim daylight

Miranda Paige (JohnAA)] No you go ahead, I'll be here

[Master] breathe the air

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) sighs happily

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Well that's slightly better.

[Master] see the courtyard before the tall outer wall

[Kel (MarioVacation)] Kel and Tebhoundrin moved 34'06".

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Oh! There's the courtyard! The wolves should be down there.

[Kel (MarioVacation)] ya, but this place is creepy, letís keep close

[Kel (MarioVacation)] I donít know why they didnít offer this area last night for them

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] Lord Branadarus, will you be joining one of the two parties?

[Master] He does not seem to be around

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] I don't know, but I do wish they wouldn't just leave us in a room.

[Master] perhaps he left with Indigo?

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] Lord Branadarus moved 28'00".

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Probably....)

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] (We arenít here for one week and all memory goes down the toilet :) )

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] Marisu, Will you be joining us?

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] Don't you speak Gypsie?

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] no offense

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Marisu is not there)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (She went to the party)

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] Hahahaha

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] (sorry that is Jon the Sailor)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] So where is everyone?

[Kel (MarioVacation)] they must have stayed behind

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) continues slowly walking down the hallway

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] Shur, Are going to explore the great out doors

[Kel (MarioVacation)] we should go back

[Kel (MarioVacation)] ...or keep going, of course, I with you

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] No I mean the servants and knave. Is the castle really this empty?

[TMO] I am back at the keyboard.

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] Like we don't know what's out there

Kel (MarioVacation) giggles

[TMO] I am back at the keyboard.

Shurkural (TMO)] I'm game for a little wandering if anyone wants to go.

[Kel (MarioVacation)] seems odd this huge place and not a sound or peep from anyone. We may as well be alone

[Master] Shi'Nynze moved 18'04".

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (We already are :) )

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] I'll go with you

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] :)

[Kel (MarioVacation)] which is ok with me

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnAA)] It a village just down the path, come on Brother, we can make it

Ilero (TMO)] Had more last time.

Kel (MarioVacation) winks

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Shi/Kel went one way, Foto and Kenna the other)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Choose your side!)

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] heads up. A client is calling me. I'll be here, but may not immediately answer

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] sorry

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] hmmmm I thought Shi was coming with us

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Shi'Nynze moved 6'03".

Ilero (TMO)] (Ilero to village, Shur to wilderness)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Oh what's this?

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnAA)] (

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (We haven't found out how to get out of the castle yet...)

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (Kenna thought Qui knew what he was doing and followed him)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Whereas Shi already forgot Ilero's warning to not wander the castle)

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] Ok, thanks Shur

[Kel (MarioVacation)] Kel and Tebhoundrin moved 76'10".

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] Helps to have a human explain the while Dwarfs are real thing

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] Brother Fotopoulos moved 58'09".

[Kel (MarioVacation)] did you check this door?

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] [Shurkural]] moved 66'08".

[Kel (MarioVacation)] Kel and Tebhoundrin moved 1'07".

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnAA)] Anyone else?

[Kel (MarioVacation)] Kel: Observation check: (d20) [1d20=20] 20 - ROLL FAILED against 14!!

[Miranda Paige]] (JohnAA) waves

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Shi'Nynze: Observation check: (d20) [1d20=13] 13 - ROLL FAILED against 12!!

[Kel (MarioVacation)] wait, where did the door go?

[Kel (MarioVacation)] Kel and Tebhoundrin moved 1'04".

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] No. I was busy looking outside.

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] If only I could just go out the window.

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] (you could always jump)

[Kel (MarioVacation)] find one, and Iíll give you a boost

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnAA)] Final call

[Master] Ok so Shi is in the entrance to one of the guard towers, while Kel fumbles with a locked door

Ilero (TMO)] (how many are staying in the castle?)

[Master] anyone else following them?

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] I am

[Master] before we jump back over to Qui and Foto

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] not staying

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) smiles, "Tempting, but I can't cast to save myself at the moment from that fall."

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] (still on phone)

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnAA)] (my characters are clear)

[Kel (MarioVacation)] I have a rope! I could lower you down

Ilero (TMO)] Hokay, anybody want go to village? Hye take group if want.

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Um, that's a bit far. We can find someone to lead us outside.

[Master] The arrow slits are too narrow for anyone to squeeze out

[Kel (MarioVacation)] find someone? I think we're alone now

[Master] there are no stairs up

[Kel (MarioVacation)] (insert YouTube link here...)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Perhaps we should head back? Maybe Qui found the way?

[Master] just the way you came in and the arrow slits looking out on the grounds

[Kel (MarioVacation)] you lead, dear, I follow

[Master] Shi'Nynze moved 41'09".

[Master] Galad, Eddie, Anor and Ithil moved 124'01".

[Master] Galad moved 138'05".

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnAA)]

[Galad (Master)] Hummm Hummm Hummm

Ilero (TMO)] (sounds like Ilero will stay with those staying in the castle then, as the nominal head of the party

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Oh! Galad! Anor! Ithil!

[Kel (MarioVacation)] what? the wolves are here?!

[Kel (MarioVacation)] Kel and Tebhoundrin moved 39'06".

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (can she fit her hand through to pet them?)

[Master] [Shurkural]], [QuiFon Ruminell]], Kenna Westfoot and Brother Fotopoulos moved 11'11".

[Galad (Master)] no

[Kel (MarioVacation)] oh,... out there...

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Okay well if they're there....

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnAA)] Ok, letís go

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Let's see if we can go back out the way we came in? At least theyíre safe.

[Kel (MarioVacation)] wow, we walked quite a ways , right back to the entrance of the castle

[Master] and Qui's group is

[Master] heading out those doors? or across the throne room to the other doors?

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnAA)] (walking down the hall when....)

[Shurkural]] (TMO) pushes at the doors to the north

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnAA)] right

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnAA)] (That's what she said)

[Master] [Shurkural]], [QuiFon Ruminell]], Kenna Westfoot and Brother Fotopoulos moved 29'00".

[Master] The room where Hugh said there should be murder holes

Shurkural (TMO)] What are murder holes, anyways?

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnAA)] (thank you for the sweet reminder)

[Shurkural]] (TMO) looks around.

[Master] so we have Qui Kenna and Foto and Shur

[Master] Kenna Westfoot moved 4'10".

[Master] Brother Fotopoulos moved 1'01".

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnAA)] seems obvious but holes for attacking from above

[Shurkural]] (TMO) looks at the ceiling for any murder holes.

[Master] Michael which group is Neith with?

Shurkural (TMO)] [Shurkural]]: INU check: (d20) [1d20=2] 2 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 13!!

Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA) walks faster

[Master] Shur can see if there ever were any there they are long gone

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] out of castle group

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] sorry phone

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] Iím hurrying

[Master] chuckles at Michael, which out of castle group they are both trying

[Master] Qui or Shi

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] which one do you think will succeed?

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] that one

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] :)

[Master] LOL

[Kel (MarioVacation)] (rofl)

[Master] Indigo

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] through the murder holes one

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] lol

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] leads to gate

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] (the big question is Mercy coming?)

[Master] if Neith is then yes

[Master] Neith of Inholt moved 5'09".

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnAA)] It should be right this was

[Master] Mercy follows Neith of Inholt.

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnAA)] Neith of Inholt and Mercy moved 14'00".

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnAA)] Brother Fotopoulos moved 13'01".

[Master] [QuiFon Ruminell]] and Kenna Westfoot moved 7'04".

[Master] Kenna Westfoot, Neith of Inholt, [Shurkural]], [QuiFon Ruminell]], Mercy and Brother Fotopoulos moved 56'01".

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnAA)] (no issue with the doors?)

[Guard #5 (Master)] Can I help you?

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnAA)] We were just gonna take a little walk

Kenna Westfoot (Spring) waves cheerfully

Shurkural (TMO)] Hey, sweetie. S'okay if we go wander around?

[Guard #5 (Master)] Of course

[Guard #5 (Master)] you are guests of the Count

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnAA)] Do we need anything to get back in, so you know who we are?

[Guard #5 (Master)] All of the guards will know who you are

[Kel (MarioVacation)] (get a hand stamp, or no re-entry)

[QuiFon Ruminell]] (JohnAA) nods

Shurkural (TMO)] Where is everyone, anyways? Seems pretty empty this time.

[Guard #5 (Master)] There was an incident in the forest

[Guard #5 (Master)] we lost a group of guards

[Guard #5 (Master)] and the Count is away

[Guard #5 (Master)] so some of the staff is in the village

Shurkural (TMO)] Aww, I'm sorry to hear that.

[Kel (MarioVacation)] Kel: Observation check: (d20) [1d20=1] 1 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 14!!

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] (we should help them!)

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] (Investigate)

[Kel (MarioVacation)] ( Can Kel hear the party out front?)

[Guard #5 (Master)] Yes to Maro [Kel (MarioVacation)] (extreme rolls tonight)

[Kel (MarioVacation)] Shi! I hear Shur, I know that voice anywhere

[Kel (MarioVacation)] they must be out front, by the wolves

[Kel (MarioVacation)] call to them!

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] We are NOT looking to solve any problems

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Shur? Oh! Shur!

Shurkural (TMO)] [Shurkural]]: INU check: (d20) [1d20=7] 7 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 13!!

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] (Better than causing problems :) )

[Shurkural]] (TMO) looks around for the source of the voices.

[Kel (MarioVacation)] (Michael on fire tonight)

[Guard #5 (Master)] Shur cannot spot anyone

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Hello? Shur?

Shurkural (TMO)] Did you hear that?

[Master] [Shurkural]], Neith of Inholt, [QuiFon Ruminell]], Mercy, Kenna Westfoot and Brother Fotopoulos moved 20'00".

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Uh how did you get outside?

[Guard #5 (Master)] But as you go out further onto the steps you do spot the wolves to the right

[Shurkural]] (TMO) whistles and calls to them.

[Master] Eddie moved 9'03".

[Master] Eddie moved 59'06".

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Shur??

[Kel (MarioVacation)] SHUR!

[Shurkural]] (TMO) looks around again. "Who said that? Where are you?"

[Eddie (JohnAA)] sniffs around party looking for something or someone

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Shi and Kel! We took a wrong turn somewhere?

[Shurkural]] (TMO) pets Eddie.

[Guard #5 (Master)] Don't worry the castle is haunted

Shurkural (TMO)] Well then come out here!

[Guard #5 (Master)] but no one ever or well rarely gets hurt

Shurkural (TMO)] Oh, great. Haunted by who?

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] I'm sorry, does that make sense to

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] SHUR IT'S SHI

Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA) looking at guard

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (don't worry, the castle is haunted. that's a quote for the night)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (lol)

Shurkural (TMO)] Hi Shi! Where are you?

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] Don't worry and the castle is haunted are two diffent conversations

[Shurkural]] (TMO) scratches Eddie behind the ears.

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] We don't know? Near the arrow slits?

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (oh good, I was so concerned it might not be haunted. that would be a disaster)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] How did you get outside?

Eddie (JohnAA) shakes rear leg

Shurkural (TMO)] Oh! That must be why the wolves are over there.

[Shurkural]] (TMO) walks over to the wolf pack.

Eddie (JohnAA) sniffs Brother Foto

[Shurkural]] (TMO) tries to peer into the arrow slit.

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) waves

Shurkural (TMO)] What are you doing back there? Fooling around?

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] No. Trying to get outside.

[Kel (MarioVacation)] I wish!

Shurkural (TMO)] Oh. Door's over there. (points)

[Eddie (JohnAA)] (hee hee)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Oh. The way we came in? It wasn't locked?

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] (Okay Iím back, but they will be calling back soon. So Iím good for now_

Shurkural (TMO)] It opened when I pushed it.

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Oh, er, right. Um, give us a second. We'll go that way.

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnAA)] SHOULD WE WAIT FOR YOU?

[Kel (MarioVacation)] are thee murder holes there now?

Shurkural (TMO)] I dunno... I think Kel likes it right there.

[Shurkural]] (TMO) winks.

Shurkural (TMO)] Maybe have a little fun first?

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) embarrassed laughter

Shurkural (TMO)] Looks nice and private.

Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA) sits down to wait

[Kel (MarioVacation)] give us three hours for a quickie!

[Kel (MarioVacation)] (we're elves!!!!)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Um, well we don't want to hold you up. Uh, we'll be there. Er, we can find it later if we wanted...

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] Eddie moved 14'06".

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] Brother Fotopoulos moved 25'11".

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) hurries off to the proper door

[Shurkural]] (TMO) shrugs. "Whatever, honey. We'll wait for you, I guess."

Shurkural (TMO)] Sorry Kel.

Kenna Westfoot (Spring) smiles

Kel (MarioVacation) loud sigh

Shurkural (TMO)] I tried.

[Master] Kel, Tebhoundrin and Shi'Nynze moved 157'07".

[Master] The door is locked

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Er...wasn't it just unlocked?

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] (Plot twist)

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) starts knocking on the door

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Maybe Miranda is still reading and will hear us?

[Ilero]] (TMO) tries to open the door. "What?"

[Kel (MarioVacation)] Kel: Open Locks check:(d100) [1d100=51] 51 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 80!!

Miranda Paige (JohnAA)] Come in

[Master] the door opens for Ilero

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Ilero? It's locked.

[Master] Shi'Nynze moved 3'03".

[Master] [Ilero]] moved 4'02".

[Master] Ilero opens the door to see Kel bent over peering into the lock

Miranda Paige (JohnAA)] (or did it open for Miranda?)

[Ilero]] (TMO) looks at the door knob in his hand.

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) hurries past him before it shuts

Ilero (TMO)] Seem unlocked.

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] It wasn't a second ago.

Ilero (TMO)] Huh.

[Ilero]] (TMO) shrugs and moves back to let them in.

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Thank you.

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] You're waiting here?

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] We were going to join Shur and the others.

Ilero (TMO)] Hokay.

mharm-15549 has left the game on Fri Aug 10 20:37:19 EDT 2018

Ilero (TMO)] Hye stay wit' t'is group, in case needed.

Miranda Paige (JohnAA)] (that is how we handle the Mercy issue)

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) nods

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Don't get locked away somewhere.

[Ilero]] (TMO) grins.

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) smiles and continues to head towards outside group


[Master] Tebhoundrin, Shi'Nynze and Kel moved 155'09".

[Master] Tebhoundrin, [Shurkural]], Shi'Nynze and Kel moved 42'01".

[Master] Galad, Anor and Ithil moved 70'09".

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnAA)] How long are we waiting for the elves?

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) hugs the wolves and makes sure they're okay

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Shi'Nynze: Observation check: (d20) [1d20=2] 2 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 12!!

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnAA)] Oh good, this won't take long

Shurkural (TMO)] About this long.

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnAA)] now just for the inspection

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Um, thank you for waiting.

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnAA)] (picking a lock is still a turn right?)

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnAA)] (or do you have speed picking?)

[Master] yes

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (lol)

[Shurkural]] (TMO) pats Kel on the shoulder sympathetically.

[Kel (MarioVacation)] We elves donít do anything quick

[Master] do you have magic grits? is your stove magic? or did you use instant grits?

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Grits are delicious, yes)

[Kel (MarioVacation)] (wow, where do I know that from?)

[Master] I want him for my lawyer!

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Cousin Vinny apparently - I had to look)

[Kel (MarioVacation)] (yes!!)

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnAA)] ( great movie)

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (love it)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Never seen it...)

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (these two yoots)

[Kel (MarioVacation)] (oh, Carissa)

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (these what?)

[Kel (MarioVacation)] (lol)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (I don't really watch movies :P)

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (sorry, your honor, yoooooouuuuutttttthhhhhhzzzzzz)


Shurkural (TMO)] Are you two going with us, or your own way?

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Er, well this place creeps me out. Might not be bad to stay together.

[Kel (MarioVacation)] which way yooz guys goin'??

[Shurkural]] (TMO) looks at Qui. "Where were you wanting to go, sweetie"

mharm-15549 has joined the game on Fri Aug 10 20:46:44 EDT 2018

mharm-15549 is receiving the map ground floor...

mharm-15549 has received the map ground floor.

[mharm-15549] (Sorry klooge gave me a hard time

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (is it obvious which way town is?)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Down the path, yes?)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (We went through it going to the castle)

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (are we going to town? I got the feeling we were)

[Kel (MarioVacation)] (we were supposed to stay away from anything w a blood reference in the name)

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (thanks for that)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (And Moon)

[JohnAA] I am back at the keyboard.

[Kel (MarioVacation)] (Crimson something sanguine something)

Shurkural (TMO)] Well, I guess we're going to town. This way.

JohnAA has left the game on Fri Aug 10 20:49:46 EDT 2018

[Shurkural]] (TMO) heads out.

JohnAA has joined the game on Fri Aug 10 20:49:51 EDT 2018

JohnAA is receiving the map ground floor...

JohnAA has received the map ground floor.

[JohnAA] I am back at the keyboard.

JohnAA has left the game on Fri Aug 10 20:50:31 EDT 2018

JohnAA has joined the game on Fri Aug 10 20:50:53 EDT 2018

JohnAA is receiving the map ground floor...

JohnAA has received the map ground floor.

[Master] chuckles as John jumps in and out

Shurkural (TMO)] (TMO puts his left foot in)

[JohnAA] hello

[JohnAA] now I can talk, wow

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnAA)] to the village!

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Anywhere but here.

[QuiFon Ruminell]] (JohnAA) starts walking down path

[Kel (MarioVacation)] Are you bringing toe wolves?

Eddie (JohnAA) looks at door then to party and trots on with Brother Foto

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (they walk on their tiptoes?)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Of course! They need a good walk.

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] And you know I'd hate to leave them.

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] mutters oh no, this is not an army

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] maybe a squad

[Kel (MarioVacation)] light the torches and raise the pitchforks!

Shurkural (TMO)] I bet you won't be able to take 'em into the village.

Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA) falls back to the end of the group

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] Eddie moved 11'01".

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] [QuiFon Ruminell]] and Kenna Westfoot moved 46'11".

[Kel (MarioVacation)] I just fear someone will mistake them for other kinds of wolves

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Um, well, maybe if they think they're just big wolfhounds? We'll take them as far as we can.

[Master] you are going down that switchback path

[Master] then you can cross the river directly to the village

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] I'll stay with them if we must stay behind.

[Master] and back up those switch backs

[Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA)] (do we see where the forest is?

[Kel (MarioVacation)] letís bring them, theyíre too uncomfortable already

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnAA)] remember no peeing in the river!

[Kel (MarioVacation)] was that a rule?

[Kel (MarioVacation)] or just good manners?

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnAA)] It is now

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnAA)] seems like barley manners but sure

[Kel (MarioVacation)] letís get a drink at the tavern

[Kel (MarioVacation)] its already 230

[JohnAA] I am back at the keyboard.

Eddie (JohnAA) looks at Brother Foto falling behind and runs up to Kenna

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] hi Eddie

Kenna Westfoot (Spring) pats

[Eddie (JohnAA)] Woof

Eddie (JohnAA) wags tail

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] such a good boy!

[Eddie (JohnAA)] woof

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] if you find a good stick I will throw it for you

[Eddie (JohnAA)] woof

Kenna Westfoot (Spring) scratches

Eddie (JohnAA) turns head

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (omfg it is so hot in here, apropos nothing)

QuiFon Ruminell (JohnAA)] We are guests so no running up and down the hills like children

[JohnAA] brb

[Master] and putting Tiberius on the main Village map for you

[Master] Lord Branadarus moved 28'03".

[mharm-15549] test

[mharm-15549] okay

[Master] You came up the Drakes Road running into the center of the town

[mharm-15549] I am back at the keyboard.

[Master] to the left (the SW corner of the map)

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] and rice hit us

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (I might have to go away and get ice cream)

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] (LOL)

[Master] no to Hugh

[Master] that is in a different Estate later on today on a different timeline

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (turns out I have enough calories left and it's 94 degrees out and it's 97 degrees in)

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] (Someone punch me)

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (despite the fan and the wet sponges)

[Master] Hugh is far away and we will go back to that group in a few weeks

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Neith still)

[QuiFon Ruminell]] (JohnAA) lets the animals drink from river

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] (Sorry, sorry, mixed up characters)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Sorry dinner not settling. Okay so village)

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] :-(

[Master] and you are there in the center of town

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] :(

[Master] you wanted a bar

Eddie (JohnAA) sniffs water

[Master] there is a place to buy wine and spirits

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Guess so, Shi just wanted outside so she's tagging along)

Eddie (JohnAA) thinks about jumping in

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Spirits or spirit spirits?)

[Kel (MarioVacation)] (lol)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Eddie, I wouldn't. It might have leeches.

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (castle is already haunted)

Shurkural (TMO)] So what do ya want?

[JohnAA] I am back at the keyboard.

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) shrugs

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] I'm outside and away from the castle. I'm good. I think Kel wanted the drink.

Eddie (JohnAA) looks at Shi with interest

[Kel (MarioVacation)] letís go in

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) watches Eddie as if challenging him to disagree

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Come here, boy.

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Behave like the wolves are.

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Er, wolfhounds. Hounds. Yeah.

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Go ahead. I'll wait outside and keep an eye on the pups.

[Kel (MarioVacation)] you sure youíll be ok out here alone?

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) smiles You'll only be feet away. I'll be fine.

[Kel (MarioVacation)] want something?

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] And I doubt they'd want dogs or wolves inside...

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) shakes head

[Kel (MarioVacation)] I doubt theyíll have fey wine, and if they did,..

Kel (MarioVacation) shudders

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Exactly. I'm fine. I don't need anything.

[Kel (MarioVacation)] Iíll find a snack for the pups

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] They'd appreciate it!

[Eddie (JohnAA)]

[Eddie (JohnAA)] (little late, issues)

[Shurkural]] (TMO) leads the way into the bar.

barkeep (Master) looks up a bit startled

Brother Fotopoulos (JohnAA) hangs with Eddie and Shi

[barkeep (Master)] Hello there

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] (General Kenobi!)

Shurkural (TMO)] Hi, sugar. You open for a bit of business?

[QuiFon Ruminell]] (JohnAA) waits to follow someone in who is not imaginary

barkeep (Master) raises an eyebrow

[barkeep (Master)] Can I afford your business?

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] wouldn't we be the ones who need to afford?

[barkeep (Master)]

[Kel (MarioVacation)] why? we are good for our debts

[Shurkural]] (TMO) looks confused and scratches her neck. "Do you serve drinks?"

[barkeep (Master)] I suppose that someone like you would be more likely to cost me then to make me money

[Kel (MarioVacation)] like who?

Kenna Westfoot (Spring) shocked

Kenna Westfoot (Spring) looking us all over to see what could be objectionable

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)]

Shurkural (TMO)] (does this look decently 'foreign' as a baseline for Ilero's father in his prime? ?dl=0)

[barkeep (Master)] I think that you cost a great deal of men a great deal of money

[Shurkural]] (TMO) laughs as she gets what he was saying.

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (oh singular you)

Kenna Westfoot (Spring) eyeroll

Shurkural (TMO)] Sweet talker.

[Shurkural]] (TMO) finds a place to sit.

[Kel (MarioVacation)] did he just,..did you jus think Shur...?

Shurkural (TMO)] How's the beer?

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] (Oh I get it. I'm slow tonight. Jeez)

[barkeep (Master)] better than the wine

[Kel (MarioVacation)] oh, he was flirting!

[Kel (MarioVacation)] right?

Shurkural (TMO)] Bring us a round, and if you've got time, grab one for you too and come sit with us a bit. Tell us about this place. Been a few years since I was here, and it was only for a couple days.

Kel (MarioVacation) daft as a door

[barkeep (Master)] I have nothing but time

[Shurkural]] (TMO) looks at the others standing around.

[barkeep (Master)] Come and sit

[barkeep (Master)] relax

[Kel (MarioVacation)] I hope they have jerky for the pups. Eddie and the hounds could use a treat

Kenna Westfoot (Spring) looks for something short enough to sit on

barkeep (Master) brings over a tray of steins

barkeep (Master) bends down and LIFTs Kenna up to a stool

[barkeep (Master)] then he reaches over and LIFTS up Shur to another stool

[Kel (MarioVacation)] I can seat myself thank you

Kenna Westfoot (Spring) murderous look

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (always ask before lifting a halfling. I saw that on Facebook)

[Shurkural]] (TMO) slaps at the back of his hand and smiles. "Fresh."

[Kel (MarioVacation)] rofl

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (lol)

Kel (MarioVacation) whispers " keep this up and we'll drink for free today"

[Shurkural]] (TMO) takes a taste of her beer.

[Shurkural]] (TMO) gently elbows Kel in the ribs.

[Master] beer is barely decent

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (It's beerable)

[Kel (MarioVacation)] (ha!)

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] LOL

Shurkural (TMO)] (barley decent)

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] I love it!

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (ha!)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Not hoppin)

[Kel (MarioVacation)] (2 for 2)

[Kel (MarioVacation)] (what the ale do you know about beer?)

Shurkural (TMO)] Got any bread to go with it?

[Master] Do you have a good head for it?

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (My knowledge pales in comparison)

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (stout counts as bread)

[barkeep (Master)] Do you have a good head for it?

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Be sure to draft a good response)

barkeep (Master) brings over a tray of biscuits and sausage

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Sausages again?)

barkeep (Master) hands to Sur

Shurkural (TMO)] Great!

[barkeep (Master)] I knew you liked a good sausage

[Kel (MarioVacation)] quickly pockets a sausage for the pups later

[Shurkural]] (TMO) grabs a biscuit and tears it apart and dunks a piece into her beer.

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Was waiting for that)

[Kel (MarioVacation)] um, itís for a friend?

[Shurkural]] (TMO) picks up one of the sausages and looks at it critically. "Some sausages are better than others, y'know."

[barkeep (Master)] The trick is to not let them get dry

Shurkural (TMO)] Or shriveled.

[barkeep (Master)] Spicy is the best

[Shurkural]] (TMO) grins and takes a bite of the sausage.

[Kel (MarioVacation)] um,..

[Kel (MarioVacation)] I feel dirty inside

[barkeep (Master)] I have plenty more for you

Shurkural (TMO)] We'll see. We're good for now. Sit, talk.

[barkeep (Master)] What is a dangerous woman like you doing around here

[Shurkural]] (TMO) grins. "Travelling with really dangerous men."

Kel (MarioVacation) glares at bartender

[Shurkural]] (TMO) pats Kel on the back. "Nice try, sugar."

[barkeep (Master)] Breaking hearts

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (are these biscuits as in scones or biscuits as in cookies?)

[barkeep (Master)] (as in dry hard tack)

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (oh dog biscuits)

[barkeep (Master)] why would you come around these parts?

Kenna Westfoot (Spring) crunch crunch crunch

Shurkural (TMO)] Going where we're told, mostly.

[barkeep (Master)] Who would dare tell you what to do?

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (cat is indicating it's supper time. it's actually late)

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (BRB)

[Spring] I am away from the keyboard.

Shurkural (TMO)] Oh, lots of folks. But we're stuck waiting here for a while while some of them go off somewhere else. So we've gotta fill the time somehow.

[barkeep (Master)] Well I am glad to have you spend time here with me

[barkeep (Master)] better than disappearing into the forest

Shurkural (TMO)] Is the forest dangerous?

Kel (MarioVacation) trying not to be obvious that he's listening intently

[barkeep (Master)] always

[barkeep (Master)] but lately seems more

Shurkural (TMO)] What kind of stuff? I heard a bunch of guards got it a while ago?

[Kel (MarioVacation)] I used to live in a forest theyíre not that dangerous, what is special about these?

[barkeep (Master)] A couple of guards went after some gypsies

[barkeep (Master)] no one saw either again

Shurkural (TMO)] They attacked the gypsies?!

[Shurkural]] (TMO) is shocked.

[barkeep (Master)] They went after some into the forest

barkeep (Master) shrugs

Shurkural (TMO)] Oh man, I hope Bran doesn't hear about that.

[barkeep (Master)] Since the Count's wife died

[barkeep (Master)] seems like lots of things have been darker

Shurkural (TMO)] I don't think he was married when I was here last time.

Shurkural (TMO)] Don't recall seeing her.

[barkeep (Master)] I never saw her

[barkeep (Master)] just hear things

Shurkural (TMO)] How'd she die?

[Shurkural]] (TMO) takes a drink

[barkeep (Master)] no one knows

[Kel (MarioVacation)] (if she fell off a horse, Iím out)

Shurkural (TMO)] Huh.

Shurkural (TMO)] Weird.

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (lol)

barkeep (Master) shrugs

[barkeep (Master)] But things are looking better now

barkeep (Master) looks Shur up and down

Kel (MarioVacation) rolls eyes

[Kel (MarioVacation)] talk about dark...

[Shurkural]] (TMO) chuckles. "Put your eyeballs back in, sugar." She bounces a piece of bread off his forehead.

[barkeep (Master)] Oh I would be glad to put .....

[JohnAA] sorry foke, I am done. Enjoy all

Shurkural (TMO)] (night)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Night John!)

[Kel (MarioVacation)] bye John, good night Coal!!

JohnAA has left the game on Fri Aug 10 21:44:07 EDT 2018

[Shurkural]] (TMO) cucks her tongue. "Down boy. Don't embarrass me in front of the dwarf."

[barkeep (Master)] Rulers make bad lovers You better put your kingdom up for sale Up for sale

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] (Sometimes I laugh at these conversations... :) )

[barkeep (Master)] He can't really be a dwarf

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Is she making you cry?)

Shurkural (TMO)] (conversation distraction: LOOK! A DWARF!)

[barkeep (Master)] (right on cue as John leaves)

Shurkural (TMO)] (change it to Elf)

[barkeep (Master)] You do not like the pretty boys like him

barkeep (Master) nods at Kel

Kel (MarioVacation) glares again

[barkeep (Master)] You like it more than that

Shurkural (TMO)] Nah, not really. My man is more than pretty.

barkeep (Master) grins

[barkeep (Master)] See pretty boy, she is not into you

Kel (MarioVacation) wide grin

[Kel (MarioVacation)] you have no idea

Shurkural (TMO)] His heart's on someone else anyways.

[barkeep (Master)] OH?

[barkeep (Master)] Owner of a lonely heart?

[Kel (MarioVacation)] (insert YouTube link here)

Shurkural (TMO)] (he's should be a bard, so he could be a jukebox hero)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Here ya go:

[barkeep (Master)] Don't stop believing hold on to that feeling

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (And again:

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Okay no. No I draw the line there)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Way too over-karaokee'd)

[Kel (MarioVacation)] (whatís wrong w Journey? one of my favorite songs!!)

[Kel (MarioVacation)] (ah, agreed)

[barkeep (Master)]

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Haha better)

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)]

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] :)

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] I prefer Journey

[barkeep (Master)]

[Kel (MarioVacation)] (yes Michael)

[barkeep (Master)] so Shall we go somewhere and

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) sitting outside playing with the wolves while she waits

Shurkural (TMO)] I 'ppreciate the offer, sugar. But you really don't wanna get my man upset. He's not the friendly type.

[barkeep (Master)] I thought you were not with the pretty one

[Shurkural]] (TMO) laughs at the thought of Kel being her man.

[Kel (MarioVacation)] you would only embarrass yourself, old man

[Kel (MarioVacation)] .

[barkeep (Master)] It would be interesting

[Spring] I am back at the keyboard.

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (there's a monster truck thing going on in the rodeo arena across the canal)

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (I can hear them going)

[Shurkural]] (TMO) reaches over and pats the man consolingly on the shoulder. "You're sweet, but don't get carried away."

[barkeep (Master)]

[barkeep (Master)] Well you can never say that I did not try

[Kel (MarioVacation)] aint that the truth

[Kel (MarioVacation)] you did everything but pick her up and carry her away

[Kel (MarioVacation)] shameless

[Shurkural]] (TMO) chuckles. "Shows confidence."

[barkeep (Master)] You have to treat a woman right

[Kel (MarioVacation)] exactly

[barkeep (Master)] that is your problem pretty boy

[Kel (MarioVacation)] right, not like property

[barkeep (Master)] do more and you might get somewhere

[Kel (MarioVacation)] or made for you

Shurkural (TMO)] Actually, his situation ain't quite the same. He's got a skittish target, not like me.

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] it is destiny

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] she's just not in acceptance

Kenna Westfoot (Spring) embarrassed, didn't meant to say that out loud

[barkeep (Master)]

Kenna Westfoot (Spring) examines the beer suspiciously

[Shurkural]] (TMO) chuckles. "Destiny sometimes needs help, sugar."

[barkeep (Master)] So you are saying I should go after this other young pretty thing?

[Shurkural]] (TMO) watches Kel to watch his reaction and interfere if necessary.

[barkeep (Master)]

[Kel (MarioVacation)] sorry, are there women in this town?

[Kel (MarioVacation)] or just randy men?

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) happily oblivious

barkeep (Master) yes there are, smiles at Shur

[barkeep (Master)] I thought you wanted to sit drink beer and talk

Shurkural (TMO)] We do. Tell us about the place and the people. Has the civil war been near here? What is the Count like? You know, gossip.

[Shurkural]] (TMO) leans forward with interest.

[barkeep (Master)] The civil war has not come near here

[barkeep (Master)] The Count has been openly loyal to the rightful Queen Willimina

[barkeep (Master)] and has kept the roads open for trade

[barkeep (Master)] What has brought you here? to avoid the war?

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] trade is good

Shurkural (TMO)] Nah, we're here from Jistille, protecting a couple folks on their way elsewhere.

[barkeep (Master)] What is Jistille?

Shurkural (TMO)] An estate up north, near the edge of the swamps.

[Kel (MarioVacation)] wow, a world traveler

[barkeep (Master)] I have only been out of the valley once

[barkeep (Master)] when my previous master needed me to fetch a shipment

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Dun dun dun? Master in what form?)

[Kel (MarioVacation)] ever been in the dangerous woods?

[barkeep (Master)] of course

[barkeep (Master)] where else would we get our wood?

Shurkural (TMO)] You have trouble getting wood? And here I thought you said it'd be exciting.

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (LOL)

barkeep (Master) LAUGHS

[Kel (MarioVacation)] told you he was all talk

[barkeep (Master)] I am certain that you can help me with that

[Kel (MarioVacation)] (nice!)

Shurkural (TMO)] If you want a lumberjack, I think you need to look somewhere else.

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (heh)

[barkeep (Master)] I bet you would be good at climbing

Shurkural (TMO)] The elf is better at it though.

[barkeep (Master)] keeping it spinning

[Shurkural]] (TMO) grins at Kel.

[barkeep (Master)] OH really?

Shurkural (TMO)] Yep. He's a great climber.

Shurkural (TMO)] Loves to climb.

[Kel (MarioVacation)] Iíve gotten to the top of a lot

Shurkural (TMO)] Hard to get him to get down.

[Kel (MarioVacation)] never says timber

[Kel (MarioVacation)] always in the air

[barkeep (Master)] See if you won't go down that will not get the girl either

[Kel (MarioVacation)] (wow, went there, huh?)

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (right there)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Are we surprised at this point?)

Shurkural (TMO)] Well, you know elves. Complete vegetarians. Never eat meat.

[barkeep (Master)] so sad

Shurkural (TMO)] Yep.

[Kel (MarioVacation)] (literally speechless now)

[barkeep (Master)] but I thought they were into nuts?

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Haha they both went there)

[Kel (MarioVacation)] hey! I only gave Kenna's away once, but she said they were for everyone

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] well they were

[Kel (MarioVacation)] and how did you know that?

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (lol!)

Shurkural (TMO)] Y'know, that's what the stories say. Maybe they just suck on 'em for a while, then spit 'em out?

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (How much time has passed?)

[Kel (MarioVacation)] 4 minutes

[barkeep (Master)] (an hour or more)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Ouch)

barkeep (Master) opens his mouth and then letís that whole opportunity slip on by

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Not sure if she'd see if they're still alive or safer to just....not)

[Shurkural]] (TMO) hides her grin behind taking another drink.

Kel (MarioVacation) trying not to make it obvious that he has a sausage in his pocket

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Oh so you went there, too, now?)

[Kel (MarioVacation)] (Kel pocketed one for the pups)

Shurkural (TMO)] Are there any interesting shops in town? Any special craftsmen? Besides you, of course.

Kenna Westfoot (Spring) drinks faster

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Hahaha I know but for some odd reason my mind is elsewhere)

[barkeep (Master)] The druggist, the glass maker

Shurkural (TMO)] (can't imagine why)

Shurkural (TMO)] (somebody let Shur control the conversation)

[Kel (MarioVacation)] ( wo really went there then?..!)

[barkeep (Master)] wood worker leather maker, etc.

Shurkural (TMO)] They're all good? Make good stuff worth looking at?

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] ( :D )

[Kel (MarioVacation)] is there a fletcher? making killing sticks from your wood?

[barkeep (Master)] The Count seems to appreciate it when he visits

[barkeep (Master)] no fletcher down here in town, the castle has their own

Shurkural (TMO)] How much do we owe you for this stuff?

[Kel (MarioVacation)] a hug from you is all

[barkeep (Master)] For you?

[barkeep (Master)] nothing

[Kel (MarioVacation)] good, letís go

[Kel (MarioVacation)] I need a shower

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) cracks door open to see if everyone is still alive

[Kel (MarioVacation)] Shi! I have your sausage!

[Kel (MarioVacation)] come get it!

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Oh! Um, thanks? For the wolves, you mean?

[Shurkural]] (TMO) laughs. "Thank you, sweetie. I'll make sure we come back some time before we leave."

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] I was wondering what took you so long.

[Kel (MarioVacation)] what you do with it, is your business. I have only one, so be choosy

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) shakes head before going back outside

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (still going there, it seems)

[Kel (MarioVacation)] what? is it something I said?

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Yep)

Kenna Westfoot (Spring) carefully climbs off the stool and out

[Shurkural]] (TMO) shakes her head. "See what he's up against? Poor boy needs help," she whispers to the barkeep.

[Kel (MarioVacation)] Bye good Barman, thanks for the entertainment

Kel (MarioVacation) heads out

Kel (MarioVacation) hands Shi his meat

[Kel (MarioVacation)] give this to the wolves. I could only get my hands on one

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Well it's something at least. I know they'll appreciate it.

[Shurkural]] (TMO) gives the barkeep a small kiss on the cheek. "Thanks, sugar. See you later."

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) whistles to the wolves before breaking it apart to feed them.

[Shurkural]] (TMO) walks out the door.

[Kel (MarioVacation)] Donít forget eddy

[Kel (MarioVacation)] and Eddie too

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) hold sup small piece she had before giving it to Eddie

Kel (MarioVacation) smiles warmly

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] He really needs to be a little more...aggressive? The wolves will push him around if he's not careful.

[Kel (MarioVacation)] good thing you werenít in there, very rude bar keep

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Oh?

[Kel (MarioVacation)] ya, seems like a shortage f attractive women in this town

Kel (MarioVacation) looks down then at Shi

[Kel (MarioVacation)] So stay close, OK?

Kel (MarioVacation) smiles again

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Or is it just a shortage of people?


[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Oh. Wait you, okay.

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) blushes and nods

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] or maybe that person is just rude

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] There does seem to be many of them in our travels.

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Anywhere else someone felt a need to go?

Shurkural (TMO)] He said a bunch of the shops here do good work. Leather, wood, glass, drugs.

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] That's good. Not sure I need anything right now though personally.

Shurkural (TMO)] Do we want to check any of them out?

[Kel (MarioVacation)] well, good for The Mist

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) shrugs

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] I'm just here for the fresh air. Er, or as fresh as you can get here.

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] we could stroll about in a circle and then go back

[Kel (MarioVacation)] I can use more arrows, but apparently the castle has a cache

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] we do not have to actually go TO anywhere

[Kel (MarioVacation)] lets peruse. we never know what we need until we see it

Kel (MarioVacation) looks at Shi

Kenna Westfoot (Spring) nodding

Shurkural (TMO)] Let's start with the leather shop. Maybe they've got some nice armor or something.

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Sure.

[Shurkural]] (TMO) looks around for any of the shops in sight.

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Shi'Nynze: Observation check: (d20) [1d20=12] 12 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 12!!

[Kel (MarioVacation)] (can we see Ty from here?)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Anything of interest?)

[Master] from the center there

[Master] Tiberius in the center

[Master] the lower left of the town center is the bar you were just in

[Kel (MarioVacation)] and we are?

Shurkural (TMO)] (is he just pretending to be a statue again?)

[Master] there is the leather shop to the upper left

[Shurkural]] (TMO) leads the way.

[Kel (MarioVacation)] so yes or no?

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] I hate hard choices!@

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] let us go

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] wander wander

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Imagine we'd go through the center of town, right?)

[Master] 11 is the leather worker

[Master] 15 is the glass maker

[Master] 13 is a locksmith

[Kel (MarioVacation)] which one is Tiberius?

[Master] he is back in the center overall map for ease of loading that for you

[Kel (MarioVacation)] did we run into him? are we together? did we see him to call to him?

[Master] he is not there

[Master] you have not seen him since Branwyn left

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (And no sign of him or Treble?)

[Master] correct or Indigo

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] Well knowing him he's off getting into trouble

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Well at least that one I expected...unless they went to the gypsies)

Shurkural (TMO)] (oo, a locksmith. Shi want a chastity belt?)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] I wonder where the gypsies are? I did hope to see them before we left.

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Ha! Who is to say nothing's happened in her 100+ years?)

[Kel (MarioVacation)] she doesnít need it. She's pretty good without mechanics

Shurkural (TMO)] (Kel probably wants one for his ears after that conversation)

[Kel (MarioVacation)] ok, so shop shop?

Shurkural (TMO)] (til you drop drop)

[Kel (MarioVacation)] do we to converse with these folk

[Kel (MarioVacation)] *like can Kel ask the locksmith about local locks, and if they are different than normal, or they need a different tool to pick?)

[Master] of course he can ask

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (I thought walking around would give us plenty of chances to meet people)

[Master] an ask how in the world this place of a dozen buildings can have XXX shop

Kel (MarioVacation) enters the locksmith shop

[Kel (MarioVacation)] ho young Smithy!

Shurkural (TMO)] (XXX shop? Is that what's in the leather shop?)

Locksmith (Master) growls, who you calling young?

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Bet that's where the barkeep goes at night)

[Kel (MarioVacation)] well, to me, all persons are young

[Kel (MarioVacation)] and you look wonderful for your age

[Kel (MarioVacation)] are you even 25?

Locksmith (Master) grunts

[Kel (MarioVacation)] (flattery, elf style)

[Locksmith (Master)] Save your pretty talk pretty boy

Kel (MarioVacation) beams

[Kel (MarioVacation)] thank you!

[Kel (MarioVacation)] everyone thinks Iím pretty. I should move here

[Kel (MarioVacation)] anyway

[Kel (MarioVacation)] I have been commissioned to work in the Count's Castle, oiling and fixing all the doors

[Locksmith (Master)] Give you a set of heals and a dress and someone might keep you

[Kel (MarioVacation)] do you have that special tool for the local locks here? mine broke

Locksmith (Master) SNORTS

[Locksmith (Master)] You want me to turn you into the steward pretty boy?

[Kel (MarioVacation)] hey< I only did that once, and I blame the fey wine

[Kel (MarioVacation)] I didnít even like it, much

[Kel (MarioVacation)] so do you have that special tool?

[Locksmith (Master)] You have been spending too much time at the bar pretty boy

[Locksmith (Master)] you think lines like that work on me?

[Kel (MarioVacation)] wow, news travels fast

[Kel (MarioVacation)] is the barkeep your kin?

Locksmith (Master) snorts,

[Kel (MarioVacation)] I noticed the low sloping forehead, but...

[Locksmith (Master)] Trink?

[Kel (MarioVacation)] yes! a trink! Iíll take one

[Locksmith (Master)] You think he would be worth a

[Kel (MarioVacation)] oh, Trink is his name, Iíll pass on one of those

[Kel (MarioVacation)] but that tool, the lock tool

[Kel (MarioVacation)] not the Trink tool

[Locksmith (Master)] You are daft aren't you

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (ask his name!)

[Locksmith (Master)] (her)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (......)

[Kel (MarioVacation)] * I know it, itís Trink)

[Kel (MarioVacation)] (omg, itís a her?)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (I thought Trink was barkeep? What's locksmith? Dink?)

[Kel (MarioVacation)] ( I will comment on the webpage about basic observation, look for it...)

Shurkural (TMO)] (Tonight, Kel is Dink)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Yup)

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] BRB

[Kel (MarioVacation)] (ok, letís start the convo here. it doesnít take a roll to see the basics of any person: race height, weight, gender. this should be presented to us when we meet a new character. we shouldnít have to ask for this)

[Locksmith (Master)] (why would you treat them differently if they are a man or a woman? :) )

[Kel (MarioVacation)] why would you not tell us the basics of someone?

[Locksmith (Master)] (moving on)

[Kel (MarioVacation)] if youíre introducing the new person, a basic description would be expected

[Kel (MarioVacation)] so, fair maiden, do you have tool or not?

[Locksmith (Master)] /snorts

[Locksmith (Master)] Again you think I am stupid?

[Locksmith (Master)] I will be sure to tell the Steward you were here looking for such a thing

[Kel (MarioVacation)] I sure donít. thanks! see you an Trinks! Iíll buy you an ale

Kel (MarioVacation) leaves

[Kel (MarioVacation)] wow lots of grumpy people here

[Kel (MarioVacation)] must be the lack of vitamin D

Shurkural (TMO)] You bring out the best in people.

[Kel (MarioVacation)] I know, right? and they treat me like this! so rude!

Kel (MarioVacation) shakes head

Shurkural (TMO)] On to the leather shop?

[Kel (MarioVacation)] Iím sure youíll find something there

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Leather shop might be more interesting.

[Leatherworker (Master)] (who is visiting?)

Shurkural (TMO)] (Shur)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Shi)

[Kel (MarioVacation)] (Kel can stay w the pups outside)

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (Kenna)

[Leatherworker (Master)] Hello my ladies

Kenna Westfoot (Spring) slowly and discreetly smelling everything

[Shurkural]] (TMO) looks around the shop. "Hi. Looking for anything interesting or a bargain."

[Leatherworker (Master)] Always a bargain

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] back

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Or something to treat worn leather.

[Leatherworker (Master)] we have not had anything interesting

[Leatherworker (Master)] not since that giant snail hide came in two weeks ago

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Giant snail hide?

Shurkural (TMO)] What do you do with that?

[Leatherworker (Master)] I have never seen one before, maybe my master has

[Leatherworker (Master)] He has that curing in the shed

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] How do you...that's got to be slimy work.

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Your master?

Leatherworker (Master) nods, ICK ICK ICK

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Does it lose the slime after it's treated?

Kenna Westfoot (Spring) wow face

[Leatherworker (Master)] I takes forever

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) shudders

Shurkural (TMO)] What is he going to make out of it?

[Leatherworker (Master)] I had to take two baths

[Leatherworker (Master)] I do not know

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Only two?

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) smiles

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Anything else interesting come through?

Leatherworker (Master) shakes her head

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] I heard something about there are not a lot of horses around here?

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] would that be true? you would be the provider of tack, right?

[Leatherworker (Master)] I see horses a lot

[Leatherworker (Master)] We fix things for people

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] I am thinking of some other place probably

[Leatherworker (Master)] we don't make much of it

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Do you keep busy here?

[Leatherworker (Master)] no one has a horse here that I know of

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] I am in the repair business myself

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] There are many shops for such a small town...

Kenna Westfoot (Spring) smiles

[Leatherworker (Master)] we are mostly busy

[Leatherworker (Master)] people from the castle come

[Leatherworker (Master)] visitors

[Leatherworker (Master)] those traveling through

[Leatherworker (Master)] not many stay

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) nods, "I can see why..."

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Is the castle really haunted?

[Kel (MarioVacation)] (lol, hey, I would like to interject a line way up there: "That explains a lot!". That is all.)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Huh was waiting for that...)

[Kel (MarioVacation)] (lolol, daft for sure tonight)

[Leatherworker (Master)] I thought all castles were haunted?

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Oh, um, maybe. I don't know much about castles.

[Leatherworker (Master)] I have never seen any other ones

[Leatherworker (Master)] are there a lot of them out there?

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) shakes head, "I don't know. Not where I'm from."

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] I don't see much here I need, but if I may ask, have you seen a man, a halfling, and an otter around?

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (A man, a halfling, and an otter walk into a bar...)

Shurkural (TMO)] (sounds like they entered a bar)

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] all together

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (lol)

[Leatherworker (Master)] I have seen men and otters

[Leatherworker (Master)] but she is the only halfling

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] That's fine. They probably are off gambling or visiting the gypsies.

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] We'll find them, er, soon, I bet.

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Thank you.

[Kel (MarioVacation)] (other otters?)

[Kel (MarioVacation)] ("not that one, the otter one)

Shurkural (TMO)] (time to put kids to bed. bbs, if you're still on)

[TMO] I am away from the keyboard.

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] We'll be on our way then.

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] thank you! nice shop!

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Well...any other shops anyone wants to visit?

[Leatherworker (Master)] Thank you

[Kel (MarioVacation)] (Kel is good) [Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (just along for the walk)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] I did hope to see if we can find the gypsies before we head back. I wonder if Indigo is there?

[TMO] I am back at the keyboard.

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] So many shops :)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] I think they were to the south? Unless we should wait?

Shurkural (TMO)] (kids aren't ready for me yet)

Shurkural (TMO)] Glass, or medical?

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Oh! We could stop by the medicinal shop first.

[Kel (MarioVacation)] get some berries?

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Or just see what they have, at least.

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] could do

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] I am fully supplied but they may have something unusual

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) nods in agreement

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] magical healing potions would be nice for when we need them.


Shurkural (TMO)] (look into some healing potions or something if they have any. or unique components)

[TMO] I am away from the keyboard.

[TMO] Kenna Westfoot no longer follows [QuiFon Ruminell]].

[mharm-15549] Kenna Westfoot follows [QuiFon Ruminell]].

[Carissa] Kenna Westfoot no longer follows [QuiFon Ruminell]].

[MarioVacation] Kenna Westfoot follows [QuiFon Ruminell]].

[Spring] Kenna Westfoot no longer follows [QuiFon Ruminell]].

[TMO] Tebhoundrin no longer follows Kel.

[mharm-15549] Tebhoundrin follows Kel.

[MarioVacation] Tebhoundrin no longer follows Kel.

[Spring] Tebhoundrin follows Kel.

[Carissa] Tebhoundrin no longer follows Kel.

[TMO] Mercy no longer follows Neith of Inholt.

[mharm-15549] Mercy follows Neith of Inholt.

[Spring] Mercy no longer follows Neith of Inholt.

[MarioVacation] Mercy follows Neith of Inholt.

[Carissa] Mercy no longer follows Neith of Inholt.

[Master] so right next to the jail and the sheriffs house

[Master] is the druggist

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Er, be sure to stay out of trouble while you watch the pups

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] I wonder if anyone is in jail

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] funny if it was someone we knew.. :)

[Kel (MarioVacation)] so Iím on dog doody now?

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] I can do that Mario

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] :)

[Master] last time it was Indigo and Marco's and Guy's characters

[Master] they broke Indigo's arm

[Master] they cut off Marco's gnome illusionist's right hand

[Master] and cut off Guy's characters ear

[Kel (MarioVacation)] (wow, for what?)

[Master] they broke into the mayor's house

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] Sounds like Guy

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] :)

[Kel (MarioVacation)] (well, kinda hard to not defend that)

[Master] Ilero stood guard outside

[Master] and was not caught

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Uhhh so let

[Kel (MarioVacation)] (so he remained intact. nice)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (*let's not do that)

[Master] just mentioning so when TMO is here

[Master] .......

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Well you went to your shops so I'll go to mine.

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) goes to legally enter the druggist shop

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] HAHA!

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (legally)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Definitely making sure it's legal and not breaking and entering)

Kenna Westfoot (Spring) coming in also

[Old man (Master)] What the hell do you want?

[Kel (MarioVacation)] youíre so cute when youíre all huffy

Kel (MarioVacation) pets pups

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Um, to see what you might have in your shop?

[Old man (Master)] We don'[t serve your kind here

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] What's wrong with my kind?

[Kel (MarioVacation)] (women??)

[Spring] I am back at the keyboard.

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] our money spends

[Old man (Master)] I don't need money that badly

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] What do you mean my kind?

Old man (Master) sneers

[Old man (Master)] less than human

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] he is not worth it. he probably does not have anything more than willow bark

[Kel (MarioVacation)] (Kel canít hear this, right?)

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) snorts, "Better than fully human."

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] and snail mud. my kit bag is better supplied. we should go

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) nods at Kenna, "You're right. Someone like him wouldn't know a stick from a branch."

[Master] He lets you leave without a word

[Kel (MarioVacation)] did you get some berries?

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (if it werenít an alignment chan ge, Iíd leave him some badberries)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Mudslop doesn't like elves apparently.

Kel (MarioVacation) furls brow

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] I do not know now what Shi said, but I probably agree

[Kel (MarioVacation)] I suppose we canít be the pretty ones to everyone

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] he was horrible

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] That's he's full of mud and doesnít' like elves.

[Kel (MarioVacation)] we donít anything from these folk anyway

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) nods in agreement.

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Pretty ones? To who?

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] well other than being grotesquely tall, you two are kind of pretty

[Kel (MarioVacation)] oh, you werenít there

Girl (Master) comes running around the corner of the shop

[Girl (Master)] Can I help you?

[Kel (MarioVacation)] EVERYONE keeps calling me pretty boy

Kel (MarioVacation) sadly

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) smiles, "Thank you Kenna."

[Kel (MarioVacation)] except you, the only one who matters

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Who are you?

[Girl (Master)] You wanted something in the shop

[Girl (Master)] I can help you with that

[Girl (Master)] what did you need?

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] I want nothing from that shop

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) shakes head, "He isn't worth our business."

Kenna Westfoot (Spring) spits

Girl (Master) sad smile and nods

[Girl (Master)] Have a good day

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] You too!!

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] Thank you for your kindness

Girl (Master) turns and walks around the corner again

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] you too. thanks anyway

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Left before I could find obs...)

[Kel (MarioVacation)] check your pockets, ladies

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Shi'Nynze: Observation check: (d20) [1d20=8] 8 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 12!!

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] (lets burn the shop down...(

[Master] LOL

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) checks pockets

[Master] both at checking pockets and at burning the shop down that is right next to the sheriff and jail

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] I never said it was a smart plan

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] :)

[Kel (MarioVacation)] those who do wrong usually have the same return to them

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Shi likes keeping her arms whole, hands on, and ears pointy. She'll skip the burning)

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] that is true, sooner or later

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] I don't know. Sometimes I feel like bob screws with me. :(

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] :_)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] I think I'm good for shopping today. Not much worthwhile in this town.

[Kel (MarioVacation)] (paranoia much, Michael?! :0))

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] we did get some fresh air, we may as well head back

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] you have no idea Mario :_

[Kel (MarioVacation)] the pups could use another snack, one sausage divided wonít be enough for tonight

[Kel (MarioVacation)] (oh, but I do!)

[Kel (MarioVacation)] is there a staples store?

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Should we save the gypsies for later? I still wonder where Indigo and Tiberius went.

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] They did eat a bit of the giant before we got here. They're probably still full.

[Kel (MarioVacation)] ok, I just think they wouldnít turn down giant snail meat, or whatever passes as cuisine around here

[Master] so you start to make your way out of town

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] I think if you suggested giant snail meat to them Anor might take your hand off...

[Master] back south

[Master] as you come around the church

[Kel (MarioVacation)] I like both of them, so Iíll keep quiet

[Gypsy Male (Master)] Hello

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (haunted)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Oh, um, hello?

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] oh hi

Gypsy Male (Master) warm charming smile

[Gypsy Male (Master)] How are you ladies this evening

[Kel (MarioVacation)] um, Iím right here

[Gypsy Male (Master)] would you like to join us in camp

Gypsy Male (Master) glances over at Kel

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) shrugs, "We've been better. And worse."

[Gypsy Male (Master)] Can you dance?

[Kel (MarioVacation)] although pretty, I am still very much a male

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] I just died

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Oh! You have dancing?

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] Nice Mario

[Gypsy Male (Master)] looks at Shur, Kenna, Neith, Shi and then Kel

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (

[Gypsy Male (Master)] They keep you here for a reason I am guessing you can dance?

[Kel (MarioVacation)] see no,.. these

Kel (MarioVacation) points at chest

[Gypsy Male (Master)]

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (

[Gypsy Male (Master)] Well I would enjoy showing you lovely ladies a firelit dinner and dancing

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] To be fair, you do dance pretty well.

[Gypsy Male (Master)] Dinner under the sky instead of inside

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Oh I would love dancing. Um, may my wolves come?

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Er, wolfhounds?

[Kel (MarioVacation)] pretty good, look at these calves

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) sighs, "That sounds wonderful."

[Gypsy Male (Master)] The wolves are welcome

[Gypsy Male (Master)] you have kept them calm

[Kel (MarioVacation)] um, Shi...youíre going dinner and dancing with a strange man? just like that?

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] arenít we all going?

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) nods and smiles

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] in a group, yes

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] why not

[Kel (MarioVacation)] um, donít you think that would be something youíd like to discuss...?

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] dancing is good for you

[Kel (MarioVacation)] agreed, miss Kenna

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] dancing in groups is generally safe too

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] y other option is a stranger vampire's castle? This sounds better.

[TMO] I am back at the keyboard.

[Kel (MarioVacation)] I donít see our 'friend' invited anyone else but you two

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] He invited you if you dance.

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] And you do.

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] it sounded like a group invitation to me, but if there is an objection we can object right back

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] May we all come Sir?

Kel (MarioVacation) looks stoically at gypsy make

[Kel (MarioVacation)] sure I love to dance

Kel (MarioVacation) straight faced at gypsy

[Gypsy Male (Master)] we will be glad to have you all

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] The wolves will be there, too. It'll be fine.

[Kel (MarioVacation)] oh, your not having anyone, good sir! get that straight

[Kel (MarioVacation)] WE...WE will be fine

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) rolls eyes

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Shall we get going then?

[Kel (MarioVacation)] Iíll dance, but I wonít like it

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Even if it's with me?

[Shurkural]] (TMO) whispers, "I bet we can make you like it."

[Master] Time of Day: 07:30 PM. Day 12 Lad ___ tre, Eap {Late Fall} 12th, 345 SKR.

[Kel (MarioVacation)] only with you, my dear

[Master] Dinner around the campfire

Kel (MarioVacation) deep deep smile

[Master] and we pick up in the gypsy camp next week

[Master] let's see if you put all the pieces together for your talk

[Master] grins

[Spring] whee!

[Kel (MarioVacation)] what?! what a cliffhanger!!!

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] Yay!

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (

[Kel (MarioVacation)] it better be a :

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (I figure it'll come up sooon enough but...)

Shurkural (TMO)] (JTom is thinking about joining again next Friday He was busy playing tonight)

[Master] chuckles

[Kel (MarioVacation)]

[Master] glad to have him

[Spring] yup!

[Carissa] On one hand, cliffhanger, on the other hand, shouldn't we play just a little longer? I mean what if Lisa pops in those last 5 minutes?

[Carissa] ;)

[TMO] btw, did anyone look at the image I posted a link to earlier? Trying to get feedback - it's the first draft of a bust of Ilero's father in his prime. Will age him after the baseline is set.

[Kel (MarioVacation)] I didnít see the link, but I DO DO DO like the 3D imaging

[Spring] I did not see

[Carissa] Hmm, missed that one.

[Kel (MarioVacation)] love to have a few done for my characters

[Carissa] I did see Mara's portrait, though. That was nicely done!

[TMO] ?dl=0

[Spring] hmmm so serious

[Carissa] Oooh link in chat. I usually follow non-music ones in morning. One sec.

[Master] [Ilero]] XP award: 150. Next level in 135557.

[Master] [Miranda Paige]] XP award: 150. Next level in 9449.

[Master] Brother Fotopoulos XP award: 150. Next level in 8068.

[Master] [QuiFon Ruminell]] XP award: 150. Next level in 14630.

[Master] Neith of Inholt XP award: 150. Next level in 20742.

[Master] Kel XP award: 250. Next level in 59987.

[Master] Kenna Westfoot XP award: 250. Level-up!

[Master] [Shurkural]] XP award: 250. Next level in 72041.

[Master] Shi'Nynze XP award: 250. Next level in 110027.

[Kel (MarioVacation)] thanks! a conglomeration of MANY pics and inspirations

[TMO] I can change expressions, but serious fits Ilero's father.

[Kel (MarioVacation)] I think the one in the email is perfect for him! I could totally see Ilero's dad look like that

[Spring] very nice

[Spring] ok taking my headache to bed

[Spring] nitey nite!

[TMO] I'm starting out with him about 30. Will do one for his wife as well, then melding them for the boys.

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] Night@

Spring has left the game on Fri Aug 10 23:51:15 EDT 2018

[TMO] night!

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] I think Iíll turn in as well guys. I had fun!

[Carissa] Will be interested to see finished! Will he remain bald?

[TMO] btw, Bob - these can be exported to 3D printer format. ;)

[TMO] no, he'll have hair. but the hair will be added to the final version.

[Master] sigh

mharm-15549 has left the game on Fri Aug 10 23:51:52 EDT 2018

[TMO] lol

[Carissa] Awww

[Kel (MarioVacation)] NO! broward libraries will no longer do 3D printing. why Bobby?

[Carissa] At least it's not a gun?

[Kel (MarioVacation)] just caught the headline

[Master] because they do not listen to me

[Master] where did you see that?

[Kel (MarioVacation)] after 20+ years, they still donít know better

[Kel (MarioVacation)] you posted on FB, I think

[TMO] print a gun and dump the pieces in front of them and challenge them to assemble it.

[Master] I did not

[TMO] I read an article last week about how hard it actually was to do.

[Carissa] Florida is a confusing state.

[Master] will go check in a bit after I save all of this

[Kel (MarioVacation)] oh, let me check my wall, ill text you w the source

[Kel (MarioVacation)] I KNOW I saw something about that

[Master] up here at the top of chat

[Kel (MarioVacation)] oh!!! yes, there!!!

[Kel (MarioVacation)] sorry, yes, there

[Carissa] Hahahaha

[Carissa] Yeah that might be a good sign to go to sleep


[MarioVacation] I was reading super quick, still didnít get it all

[MarioVacation] wowTMO brilliant!

[MarioVacation] Iím in Clearwater, just outside Tampa, and WOW how the clime is SO different than East Coast FLA

[MarioVacation] the political ads

[Carissa] Grabbing Thistle's sheet before I get off so please don't kick me off yet :)

[MarioVacation] thanks Bobby...LOVE these role playing sessions

[TMO] agreed

[TMO] been awhile since Shur had the focus

[MarioVacation] Iíve said it before, it was always roll and kill, nothing more

[Master] smile

[MarioVacation] refreshing, and so much fun

[MarioVacation] thanks

[Master] always fun

[MarioVacation] true, but

[Carissa] Bah I don't remember how. Guess that's what print screen is for

[Carissa] Also agreed. Nice to take a break from combat

[Carissa] All righty. I'm off. Night all!

[TMO] (edit character sheet, Save)

[MarioVacation] in the map, I see wagons, but no horses...hmmmm....

[Carissa] ....I did and it said there wasn't a style sheet?

[MarioVacation] bye Carissa

[Carissa] I thought I was leaving. One second now...

[TMO] its xml, so just open it in Notepad

[MarioVacation] last message: rescinded

[Carissa] Ahh I kept trying to save it as html out of habit

[TMO] it's a bit difficult finding stuff in there, but the tags are readable if you give it time

[Carissa] She actually has stats worth knowing for whenever I build her up

[MarioVacation] Iíll see if I can fix/finish the calendar this week

[MarioVacation] if I have the brain power

[Carissa] Yeah that's why I don't usually do XML :)

[MarioVacation] TMO, I may ask you to try the #D for Kel and Mara

[MarioVacation] 3D

[TMO (to GM only)] Character sheet for [Shurkural]] modified:

[MarioVacation] if you have the time

[TMO] of course

[MarioVacation] seems very cool

[Carissa] Success!

[Carissa] Okay goodnight for real!

[MarioVacation] Iíll send an email, or you can try a few, since you know both the characters faces

[TMO] I just got the program earlier this week, so I've got a lot of learning to do

Carissa has left the game on Sat Aug 11 00:00:23 EDT 2018

[MarioVacation] I bet!

[MarioVacation] bye Carissa

[TMO] and the more faces I play with, the better I'll get

[TMO] I thought it might be nice to give Bob a set of his characters heads. :)

[Master] chuckles

[Master] we shall see

[Master] have a great night guys

[MarioVacation] bye guys!!

[TMO] hey, you give nice gifts. we might return the favor.

[TMO] thanks for the game!

[TMO] cya next week

[Master] smiles

MarioVacation has left the game on Sat Aug 11 00:01:44 EDT 2018

TMO has left the game on Sat Aug 11 00:01:47 EDT 2018

XP awarded