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ChatLog - 2018 03 02 - A River Runs Through It- (Formatted)

[Master] ==== Gaming session started: Fri Mar 02 15:41:27 EST 2018 ====

[Master] ==== Gaming session started: Fri Mar 02 18:05:34 EST 2018 ====

mharm-15549 has joined the game on Fri Mar 02 18:59:42 EST 2018

mharm-15549 is receiving the map basic knarr...

mharm-15549 has received the map basic knarr.

[Master] Hello there

[mharm-15549] Hello!

[mharm-15549] And how are you today?

[Master] life is good

[mharm-15549] That's good to hear

[mharm-15549] I was so pumped last week for our game...

[mharm-15549] then i tried to login

[Master] grins

[mharm-15549] and almost died

[Master] adn I was dead

[mharm-15549] :)

[Master] it was a mess

[mharm-15549] It was the first night I wasn't compeltely exhauseted

[Master] but we are all back to normal now

[mharm-15549] And the first night you were :)

[mharm-15549] Yep

MarioCS has joined the game on Fri Mar 02 19:01:50 EST 2018

MarioCS is receiving the map basic knarr...

MarioCS has received the map basic knarr.

[Master] and it looks to be clear sailing right through till the Anniversary game

Carissa has joined the game on Fri Mar 02 19:01:57 EST 2018

Carissa is receiving the map basic knarr...

Carissa has received the map basic knarr.

[Master] and thank you Mario

[mharm-15549] Hey mario!

[Master] and hello Carissa

[Master] and thank you too

[mharm-15549] Hey Carissa!

[Master] Michael did you read the posts the last couple of days?

[Master] great stuff there

[Carissa] Hi all!

[MarioCS] Hello Hello!

[Carissa] And awesome job Mario!

[mharm-15549] Unfortunately not. Right now I'm working two 40 hour week jobs and my masters. I ahven't had time to sleep

[mharm-15549] I just put in my two weeks at one

[mharm-15549] so I should have some more time soon

[MarioCS] nah, your letter inspired me

[mharm-15549] *hopefully*

[MarioCS] i have been sp sytressed from work, i needed something different. an hour later, it was posted.

[Master] go read Michael

[MarioCS] Wu seems very observant, and wise in the ways of life

[Master] smile

[Master] Spring will be in, but late

[Master] Lisa will be

[Master] I presume John and TMO also

[Carissa] (Sorry one sec)

[Carissa] I am away from the keyboard.

Lisa has joined the game on Fri Mar 02 19:05:23 EST 2018

Lisa is receiving the map basic knarr...

Lisa has received the map basic knarr.

[Master] hello

[MarioCS] Hi Lisa

[Lisa] Hello! :)

[Lisa] Great writing on the site from everyone!

TMO has joined the game on Fri Mar 02 19:06:54 EST 2018

TMO is receiving the map basic knarr...

TMO has received the map basic knarr.

[MarioCS] thanks for making order from it. The page def needed it

[MarioCS] Hey TMO

[TMO] hola

[Lisa] Hi TMO

[Carissa] I am back at the keyboard.

[Carissa] Hi Lisa and TMO!

[Carissa] Unrelated, but if you're curious, the big chair of Bennington recieved a big donation and might not be auctioned off.

[Carissa] Nice change of news story from all the snow.

[Lisa] That is a very good thing!

[MarioCS] if i had space in my backyard...

[Lisa] Was a fun story

[Carissa] Haha might still be auctioned, never know :)

[MarioCS] brilliant adaptation

[Carissa] Thanks. I was in a writing mood. Except Divaekah founding. Pretty sure that story is cursed.

[MarioCS] lol, tell me about it

[Master] Just post what you have

[Master] no worries

[MarioCS] bleh

[Carissa] Nope too late. It need to be perfected.

[Master] and I was tempted to say that the chair belonged to a cloud giant

[MarioCS] thats what I was thinking!!

[MarioCS] he left it after a day of drinking

[Carissa] Ha! Go for it! Adaptions are welcomed :)

[MarioCS] no way its sweet just how it is

[Carissa] Could be the other rumor of it's true orgins but the carpteners want to claim they made it because they're awesome...

[MarioCS] he lost it in a card game to the town folk, who knows, he may be back for it

[Carissa] See? Exactly. That town needs a little more mystery to it.

[Carissa] Or maybe I just need to make one more town with cloud giant furniture or something...

[Master] so that is the map of the extent of The Mist

[Carissa] The blue?

[Lisa] That's what I thought

[Master] HAH

[Master] man

[Master] the three lines

[Lisa] No blue is swamp

[Master] thick medium and light

[Lisa] because mist looks like thin black lines

[Carissa] Oh the very obvious lines I still missed (mist?)? Got it.

[Master] you can see where the mist is spreading out

[Master] grins

[MarioCS] lol

[TMO] So our home base is the bright red Mosskin Estates on the top left?

[Master] no

[TMO] no, Jistille

[Master] right

[Master] yes

[Lisa] that is the "other" Mosskin

[Master] and Carissa can see the other Drake estates in the north where she is writing about

[Master] and teh Ghostwood Domain with is deep in The Mist

[Carissa] Yup this is much more helpful.

[mharm-15549] BRB

[TMO] wait, the Count was outside the Mist?

[Master] you can see about a third of Drillian is uncovered

[Master] and not that is the Northern Drake line

[Lisa] No - that is the "other" Drake estate

[Lisa] sigh

[Master] grins

[Lisa] :)

[Master] family are big and move around

[MarioCS] (sorry, i dont see Jistille)


[Lisa] next to Born in Fire?

[Carissa] And under Skull Church

[MarioCS] yes! thank y ou!

[TMO] where is Vilmar Estates?

[Master] south of FInefur

[Master] does not show on the map here

[TMO] ok

[Master] NO sorry

[Master] wrong estate

[Master] Vilmar is ehere Desperate Old Men is

[Master] they are outside of The Mist

[Master] just north of heavenring Villiage

[MarioCS] we should saty utside the Mist, like in Gatorhole. Whatcould go wrong there?

[Master] I think that every estate taht has provided a Queen is listed on the map now

[Master] and most of the places that provided a Consort

[Master] and you can also see how many adventures you have had in that areas

[TMO] what was the adventure around Cowles Estate? Was that the book/tulip theft?

[Master] no that was the Everyone KNows

[Lisa] No that was say it with flowers - tulip

[Master] when Branwyn created Count Drake

[Carissa] No adventures in the dense mist?

[Master] adn that was over to the west at the LYon Estates

[Master] so far they have stayed out of there

[TMO] I haven't gotten very far in building my notepad yet. ;)

[Lisa] Cowles Estates is where the Royal Palace is?

[Master] HAH that is a great tool

[Master] and yes to Lisa

[TMO] something I should have done from the beginning, but I'm not used to needing to.

[Lisa] it is very good tmo

[TMO] notice I'm not notating current games yet. :)

[Carissa] Waiting for that one

[Lisa] I am tuning in to your updates for refreshers :)

[Master] and John will not be in

[Master] just texted

[mharm-15549] Back

[Lisa] brb

[Master] so sailing across the lake

[Lisa] b

[TMO] sailing sailing across the bounding main

[Carissa] (Did shopping go well and did they find berries?)

[Master] yes to both

[Master] and Mario not pushing in new map yet

[MarioCS] your choice

[Master] as we move forward will

[Master] I hope

[Lisa (to GM only)] Character sheet for Howard Plum modified: Spells - CHANGED: Glitterdust -- # Memorized: 1 (+0),

[Master] actually that loaded quickly

[MarioCS] there it is!

[Carissa] How many? For goodberries later or will Shi have to wrestle Jilly?

[MarioCS] we must row FAST!! look at that wake!!

Lisa is receiving the map basic knarr...

Lisa has received the map basic knarr.

[mharm-15549] lol

[MarioCS] who's up for water skiing?

Carissa is receiving the map basic knarr...

Carissa has received the map basic knarr.

[Master] [Shurkural]] moved 4'03".

[Master] Fete moved 4'07".

[Indigo (Lisa)] Hmmm... the ship looks different this morning.

[Indigo (Lisa)] Can't place it

[TMO] Has our ride been jacked?

[Indigo (Lisa)] Too much ale last night?

[TMO] wait, wrong show. Has our ride been pimped?

[Master] [Hoffman]] moved 51'05".

[Carissa] Ooooh pretty!

[Indigo (Lisa)] Someone swabbed the decks last night

TMO hides the Q-tips

[MarioCS] i started this when I was at Bob's house fo rthbonus game last year. I fanally got arouind to finishing the water

[TMO] looks good!

[Indigo (Lisa)] (you made this? it looks fantastic!)

[Master] I thoguth it might not load quickly so was hesitating

[Master] but looks good

[Master] and loads fine

[Carissa] Awesome!

[MarioCS] thank you. i love to dabble in Photoshop

[Carissa] Can I give you my town maps so you can make them prettier? ;P

[MarioCS] The maps of Divaekah were hand made originals, too

[TMO] been a long time since I've done any PS

[MarioCS] Yes, pls Carissa!

[Carissa] PS doesn't care for me. Doesn't hate me or love me.

[MarioCS] i was going to ask yuou if you had maps yet...

[Carissa] Yesssss. Otherwise they'll be boring black and white. I'll email them to you later!

[Carissa] And you can adjust to your liking :)

[MarioCS] i'll take very little artistic license

[Master] so it is morning

[Master] on the 10th

[Master] all the interactions on the site are now up to speed

[Master] you know two days across the lake is the most direct fastest way to Rivers Bend


[Master] as you make your prep will walk the dog then be back for all the chaos

[Master] I am away from the keyboard.

[Carissa] Bet we could make water skis with the broken oars...

[Indigo (Lisa)] (lol)

[mharm-15549] i'll be right back as well. good opportunity to let me dog out

[mharm-15549] :)

[mharm-15549] But i'm glad to see you all again in case I didn't say hi earlier :)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa) (to GM only)] Character sheet for Shi'Nynze modified: Notes - CHANGED.

[Carissa] I am back at the keyboard.

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] How was your dinner, Indigo?

[Indigo (Lisa)] It was wonderful! Food at home is always best.

[Indigo (Lisa)] I think everyone had a good time. I'm sorry you didn't come too.

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] It's okay. We got to visit the markets earlier. They were quite nice.

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] A bit more to what I'm used to, at least.

[TMO] just as an fyi, I've been noting parts that I or one of my characters would find significant. Not necessarily *everything* significant. Offhand I don't know of anything I've skipped, but it could have definitely happened.

[Indigo (Lisa)] (lol to tmo)

[MarioCS] Admiral Indigo, what did the priestess mean when she asked how long she could 'keep' me?

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Not sure you'd count it, but don't forget that time Ilero died ;) )

[MarioCS] I am back at the keyboard.

[Kel (MarioCS)] Admiral Indigo, what did the priestess mean when she asked how long she could 'keep' me?

[TMO] (:P haven't reached it yet)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Haha)

[Indigo (Lisa)] She liked you is all. She wanted you to stay.

[Kel (MarioCS)] sorry, too many places i have to be

[Indigo (Lisa)] Between you and me, Hin women are very ...

Kel (MarioCS) glances at Shi, then looks away quickly

[Indigo (Lisa)] forward when they like someone

[Kel (MarioCS)] oh, yes??

[Kel (MarioCS)] oh, i see

[Kel (MarioCS)] maybe I shall return when I have more time

[mharm-15549] Back :)

Indigo (Lisa) laughs

Kel (MarioCS) smiles

[Indigo (Lisa)] She would like that. Just not sure about her husband

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) secretly rolling her eyes and goes to watch the surf

[Kel (MarioCS)] (do coupples wear wedding rings?)

[Indigo (Lisa)] (no clue)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Up to whoevers town that is! :)

[Kel (MarioCS)] I could have gotten us in a lot of trouble. How do you know who's available?

[Indigo (Lisa)] They will let you know soon enough

[Kel (MarioCS)] thank goodness you were there, and knew her

[Master] I am back at the keyboard.

[Kel (MarioCS)] hmm, rather not get the message from a sword in my ribs though

[Indigo (Lisa)] I think there are more Hin women than men

[Master] (see this is how world building is done :) )

[Indigo (Lisa)] It always seems like you have three or four swarming around you

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Starting to get the hang of it - so fun)

[Indigo (Lisa)] You're an elf so you are exotic

Kel (MarioCS) smiles " its a curse. I dont know how i do it, i just do it"

[Kel (MarioCS)] ah, yes, i can wear a stocking cap to hide the ears, but the other features are quite obvious

[Kel (MarioCS)] trust me, i dont mind the attention

Kel (MarioCS) glances at Shi's back

[Master] By the way Lisa I moved Branwyn and Tiberius to the Rivers Bend map

[Indigo (Lisa)] probably the men would have been all around Shi if she had gone

Kel (MarioCS) turns red " im sure they would..."

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Shi'Nynze: APR check: (d20) [1d20=13] 13 - ROLL FAILED against 9!!

[Master] anyone with navigation?

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) mutters "Probably wouldn't today. I think I need to wash my hair..."

[Kel (MarioCS)] (lol)

[TMO] (orienteering, sorry)

[Indigo (Lisa)] I think people like people who are different than they are

[TMO] (and direction sense)

[Master] that will help

[TMO (to GM only)] [Ilero]]: Direction Sense check: (d20) [1d20=10] 10 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 12!!

[TMO (to GM only)] [Ilero]]: Orienteering check: (d20) [1d20=4] 4 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 11!!

[mharm-15549] better than nothing

[TMO] rolled hidden, to preserve the mystery

[Master] and yes I got both of those

Kel (MarioCS) thinks ' not always'

[Indigo (Lisa)] Like me and Penelope for instance

[mharm-15549] Are you sure that's so we cannot blame you ;)

[mharm-15549] hiding rolls

[mharm-15549] pff

[Indigo (Lisa)] And Branwyn and Branadarus

[Indigo (Lisa)] Who'd have thought she'd like some fighting guy who can't even read?

[Kel (MarioCS)] hey! theres nothign wrong with a fighting guy who cant read!

[Master (to TMO only)] that is Shur's opening

[Indigo (Lisa)] Shur's all friendly and dances and Ilero hides in the corners

[Indigo (Lisa)] No Kel. Didn't mean it like that! Just Branwyn's so ... bookish.

[Master] Howard Plum moved 3'05".

[TMO] I am back at the keyboard.

[Master] Johan the Apprentice moved 1'10".

Kel (MarioCS) smiles through his prused lips

[Kel (MarioCS)] pursed*

Shurkural (TMO)] Everybody's got their weakness. Big and dumb, short and quiet, sexy accents...

[Kel (MarioCS)] yes she is, one of the most knowledgeabe people i know

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Is a sexy accent a weakness?

Shurkural (TMO)] (sry, was adding linkages on the notepad page)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (lol)

[Shurkural]] (TMO) winks.

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) laughs

Shurkural (TMO)] (he's got an Appearance of 8, he's got to have *something* going for him. Besides the 'Prince' thing, which no one talked about)

[mharm-15549] lol

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Well he kind of tries to avoid talking about it, too. At least in terms of a prophecy)

[Master] this is true, Shur just picked him at random when Ilero and Indigo went to a gambling den

[Indigo (Lisa)] (that was fun - Shur was over him!)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (lol)

Shurkural (TMO)] (and Ilero doesn't talk about it because he'd rather not be one. ;) )

[Master] who is goign to make the encounter rolls for the day?

Shurkural (TMO)] (1d20) [1d20=7] 7

[mharm-15549] I am back at the keyboard.

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] WOW on the ball TMO!

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] :)

[Master] and another

Shurkural (TMO)] (1d20) [1d20=9] 9

Shurkural (TMO)] (No Fear)

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] That was like instantaneously

[Master] and one more

Shurkural (TMO)] (1d20) [1d20=19] 19

[Master] Time of Day: 06:35 PM. Day 10 Fin ___ de, Bel {Mid Fall} 10th, 1267 TGR.

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Shi'Nynze moved 4'04".

Shurkural (TMO)] (k, I'm done)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Not paranoid. Nope)

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] Lol

[Master] and evenign comes while you are out on the lake

[Kel (MarioCS)] do you need ny boot again?

[Master] nothing but water as far as the eye can see

[Kel (MarioCS)] (can we have acquired a bone scroll case while in town?)

[Master] yes

[Kel (MarioCS)] with a screw on lid?

[Master] they are not water proof

[Kel (MarioCS)] and a lanyard?

[Master] and no to screws

[Master] screw threads

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Bone scroll case?)

Shurkural (TMO)] (I think Marisu has a waterproof case)

[Master] yes she does

[Master] for her spell scrolls

[Kel (MarioCS)] hollow bone, to fit a scroll into it to protect the scroll

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Ahhh got it thanks)

[Master] cork in one end

[Master] or both

[Master] so what are you going to do over night ?

[Master] rowing? sailing? water anchor?

[Master] watches?

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] Try not to die

Shurkural (TMO)] (rent a hotel room)

Shurkural (TMO)] (Admiral, your orders?)

[Kel (MarioCS)] lol michael

[Kel (MarioCS)] Kel si good for one

[Master] everyone is at full spells

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Shi wherever if needed)

[Indigo (Lisa)] (we are in the middle of the lake?)

[Master] yes

Shurkural (TMO)] (checking Marisu's spells)

Shurkural (TMO)] (k, she's fine)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Jilly? Do you have those berries we bought earlier at the market?

[MarioCS] I am away from the keyboard.

[Jilly (Master)] I have some of them

[Jilly (Master)] Fete liked them

[Indigo (Lisa)] (I'm in favor of trying to dock and rest - we will roll encounters whether we sail all night or not)

[Jilly (Master)] so I gave him some

[Indigo (Lisa)] (anchor not dock)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] I...hmm....I wanted to use them for a spell, but if Fete liked them...

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Er, you didn't feed all of them to him, did you?

Jilly (Master) hands over 4 berries

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Oh perfect. Thank you!

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] I'm certain Fete thanks you as well if he hasn't told you yet.

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Marisu? Do you mind if I ask you for a few more?

[Jilly (Master)] I think Fete is glad that Tinu does not eat him

[Jilly (Master)] but then he is not more than a quick bite

Marisu (TMO)] Of course not.

[Jilly (Master)] so if I fatten him up

[Jilly (Master)] then maybe they will wait some more

[Marisu]] (TMO) closes her hands together, then opens them to show some berries.

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Ahh um, but if he gets too fat it'll be hard for him to fly and escape.

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (1d4)

Marisu (TMO)] (I don't remember how many)

Marisu (TMO)] (1d4) [1d4=4] 4

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] And he really loves grasshoppers, if you were curious. Fete, I mean.

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) smiles, "Thank you, Marisu."

[Jilly (Master)] I have crickets

[Jilly (Master)] Branwyn likes crickets

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Er, she does?

Marisu (TMO)] Glad I could help.

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Fete would but...why do you have crickets?

[Jilly (Master)] she always has two or three in her pockets

[MarioCS] I am back at the keyboard.

[Jilly (Master)] so I keep some around for her

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] I never knew. I guess I thought the crickets I heard were elsewhere...

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Shi'Nynze casts a spell against : Goodberry: I turn (2d4) [2d4=1,2] 3 fresh berries into magical berries that keep me fed and heal 1 point of damage each. They stay good for (6+1) 7 days.

[Jilly (Master)] (and the things that peopel say abotu mages behind their back)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa) (to GM only)] Character sheet for Shi'Nynze modified: Notes - CHANGED.

[Indigo (Lisa)] (marisu doesn't want branwyn's stash?)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa) (to GM only)] Character sheet for Shi'Nynze modified: Notes - CHANGED.

Marisu (TMO)] (stash of what?)

[Indigo (Lisa)] (crickets)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Shi will take first watch to change all those berries afterwards)

[Indigo (Lisa)] (Jilly's holding)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa) (to GM only)] Character sheet for Shi'Nynze modified: Notes - CHANGED.

Marisu (TMO)] (no, I don't think Marisu knows that spell)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Um, why does Branwyn need crickets anyways? To eat?

[Indigo (Lisa)] (sleep?)

[Jilly (Master)] (crickets) -1

Marisu (TMO)] (is that sleep? Oh, I guess she does know it. I'm not very good at tracking components)

[Jilly (Master)] so watches are?

[Jilly (Master)] who is goign to eat?

[Jilly (Master)] who is goign to sleep?

[Jilly (Master)] where are you sleeping?

[Jilly (Master)] I do not want to be tripping over people

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Preferrably below dock still...the wolves are quite comfortable...

[Jilly (Master)] and if someone kicks Anor again she might eat yoru foot

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) grins, "True."

[Howard Plum (Lisa)] Johan can stay below and watch the books and I will volunteer to sleep on deck.

Marisu (TMO)] I would prefer to sleep below, if there's room.

[Indigo (Lisa)] I'll take 2nd watch and sleep on deck

[Kel (MarioCS)] I'll stay topside. i dont want to miss any o f the action

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] I'm happy to take a watch, but I'm not going to be isolated

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] Remember those damn bugs

Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549) shudders

[Ilero]] (TMO) loops a rope around his waist and the mast.

[Indigo (Lisa)] (can we move John & Spring's chars below deck somewhere?)

[Master] sure

[Master] [Hoffman]] moved 67'04".

[Master] [Miranda Paige]] moved 61'05".

[Master] [QuiFon Ruminell]] moved 65'01".

[Indigo (Lisa)] (easier to see what we are dealing with)

[Master] Brother Fotopoulos moved 54'01".

[Indigo (Lisa)] (thx)

[Master] Kenna Westfoot moved 70'02".

Kel (MarioCS) puts his feet up on the now empty bench in front of him

[Master] (OH and Carissa tell your brother that Spring might have someone for the game, if he wants to be #51...... )

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Pfff he hasn't even replied to my email about getting a ticket yet, but will pass on the word. Maybe he'll reply to that one :P)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (So Shi first, Indigo second, others up for grabs)

[Kel (MarioCS)] (should kel and shi do one together, to get the awkwardness out of the way?)

[Master] yes

[Indigo (Lisa)] (howard will take 3rd)

[Master] and if no one is alive to wake Indigo we will know how that conversation went

[Indigo (Lisa)] (lol)

[Kel (MarioCS)] lolol

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (LOL)

[Indigo (Lisa)] (michael and TMO - pick your slots)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Hmm, Ilero and Indigo do lots watches together. I vote Shur or Hugh for 2nd)

Ilero (TMO)] (typically Ilero 2, Shur 3)

Ilero (TMO)] (whichever - Ilero has night vision, and Indigo has infravision, that's why they're typically 2nd together)

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] I'll go first

[Master] Hugh would be on second

[Master] with Indiog

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] kk

[Master] and Howard and Shur on third

[Master] with Ilero tied to the mast so you can wake him if needed

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Shoot. One second. Switched to right-to-left again) Brb)

Carissa has left the game on Fri Mar 02 20:13:15 EST 2018

Ilero (TMO)] (Shur is sleeping next to Ilero on deck)

[Master] yes to Carissa that is so damn annoying no clue how I fixed it

[Master] has been a couple of years

[Indigo (Lisa)] (johan and marisu are below deck)

Carissa has joined the game on Fri Mar 02 20:13:55 EST 2018

Carissa is receiving the map knarr unpainted...

Carissa has received the map knarr unpainted.

[Indigo (Lisa)] (Wu Sen below?)

[Kel (MarioCS)] where?

[Indigo (Lisa)] (I can't move npcs)

[Master] He typically sleeps up on the desk near the rudder

[Master] Wu Sen Cho moved 8'01".

Spring has joined the game on Fri Mar 02 20:14:38 EST 2018

Spring is receiving the map knarr unpainted...

Ilero (TMO)] [Ilero]] moved 19'07".

Spring has received the map knarr unpainted.

[Master] Kenna Westfoot moved 66'00".

Ilero (TMO)] [Shurkural]] moved 17'09".

Ilero (TMO)] [Ilero]] moved 3'10".

Ilero (TMO)] [Shurkural]] moved 19'05".

[Indigo (Lisa)] (Spring! Hello! :) )

Kel (MarioCS) takes his feet off the bench in front of him

[Kel (MarioCS)] Hi Spring

[Spring] hi Lisa

[Carissa] (Hi Spring!)

[Spring] Hi Mario

[Spring] HI Carissa

[Carissa] (And I know I hit two keys to the left - possibly shift or ctrl, not sure what, but might try to figure it out later so I can undo without relogging in)

[Carissa] I am back at the keyboard.

[Master] so first watch is up

[Master] Spring did you get a chance to read the site today?

[Spring] nope

[Master] LOTS of good postings over the last week or two

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Setting watches. Kel and Shi first. Indigo/Ilero second because lake, Hugh and Shur third, I think? If Kenna or Snee wants in)

[Master] today was a nice cumlination

[Spring] i saw a lot of stuff the other day about Himn2

[Master] so you will see what lead up to the two of them talking

[Master] right NOW

[Spring] Hin2

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Sorry Indigo/Hugh)

[Master] and Shi with Kel and Teb on watch

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Right forgot to say: yay return of Teb!)

[Kel (MarioCS)] (its been too long. Whoi knew he had normal people experiences?)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (And the ability to give advice in not story form AND stay quiet?)

[Kel (MarioCS)] ( mind blown)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Also don't forget he owes Jilly a song ;) )

[Kel (MarioCS)] (ugh)

[Kel (MarioCS)] Im going to patrol up front for a bit. Call me if you need me

Kel (MarioCS) moves forward, but keeps Shi in sight

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) looks around and see everyone else is asleep.

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Er, sure. Nothing to sneak up on us. Surrounded by all this water...

[Master] (Patrol? the entire knarr is about 70 foot long)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (He's got big boots)

[Kel (MarioCS)] (hey, go with it!)

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (i apologize in advance. i am grumpy and disoriented. lot of pain. hopefully medication kicks in soon)

[Master] grins

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Stole them froma cloud giant)

[Master] and yes to Spring you still have two ears!

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (but please set the bar low for me today heheh)

[Indigo (Lisa)] (so sorry Spring)

Kel (MarioCS) does his best to fidget, but to no avail

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (i do have two ears, and mostly whole too)

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) sits on the edge of the bench near the center, humming

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Ears are good, pain is bad)

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (it's my ankle right now that i want to amputate)

[Master] eh you have two of those

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (but then i'd have ghost pain, so that wouldn't help either)

Kel (MarioCS) sighs loudly, and walks over to Shi

[Kel (MarioCS)] may i sit?

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) glances at the empty bench and shrugs

[Jilly (Master)] (quietly) shhhh

[Kel (MarioCS)] /parks it on the same bench

[Kel (MarioCS)] Jilly, why arent you in bed?

[Master] crickets

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Probably feeding Fete.

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] ...crickets....

[Kel (MarioCS)] that girl needs a bell

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) shakes head, "But then others would hear her, too, and she couldn't save us.

Kel (MarioCS) thinks ' maybe a swan does know a bit of wolfing..."

[Kel (MarioCS)] Shi, lets talk

[Kel (MarioCS)] i did a lot of thinking last night

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Oh?

[Kel (MarioCS)] i realize that despite all that was going on,

Kel (MarioCS) gets nervous, thinking of how to phrase the words

[Kel (MarioCS)] you were in need of my help

Kel (MarioCS) gulping to keep from screaming

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) turns to look at him, raising an brow in surprise, and waiting.

[Kel (MarioCS)] all you knew was how badly you were injured, and then saw me leave you

[Kel (MarioCS)] if i saw that, i would be furious as well

Kel (MarioCS) breating deeply

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) nodding slowly

[Kel (MarioCS)] But i just...

Kel (MarioCS) stops short

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) realizing she hasn't said anything

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Just?

[Kel (MarioCS)] look, we have known each other for a long time, longer than most of the others have been breathing

[Kel (MarioCS)] you are my first concern. always

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) mutters, "Almost an understatement..."

[Kel (MarioCS)] just never forget that

[Kel (MarioCS)] dont be mad. dont lose faith in me

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] That's what I thought, but...

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) shakes head, "It's hard not to. I want to believe you, but..."

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Gods, Kel. I almost died! And then you...

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] I just...I don't know. I don't want that again. The trolls were one thing but...can you imagine? Dying? Drowning? Alone?

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Yes, Aravaith is there, but...aren't there better ways?

Kel (MarioCS) fights the urge to explain what really happened

[Kel (MarioCS)] shi, i know you couldnt see the Admiral, just below the surface, struggling to not make his last gulp lake water.

[Kel (MarioCS)] it was a split second decision to save him. I didnt choose him over you . i wouldnt ever choose any of these fine folk over you

[Kel (MarioCS)] youare all that atters, and i hope to prove that to you. again. some day

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] I want to believe you, Kel. I really do...

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) sighs

[Master] you hear that? Kel is hoping or an almost party kill to prove his love for Shi

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (LOL)

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] :)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Well...I have no intention of returning home yet. You can chose to do so, and if you stay...maybe you can prove you speak the truth.

Kel (MarioCS) frustrated

[Kel (MarioCS)] sorry, you really believe, in the deepest part of your heart, that i would EVER leave you in peril to save another?

[Kel (MarioCS)] is that what you think of me? that lowly? like im some nobay?

[Kel (MarioCS)] nobody*

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] I...I know what I saw and experienced only days ago. Right now, I'm still trying to make sense of it.

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] I...I just don't know still.

Kel (MarioCS) sits in silence, looking at the deck

[Kel (MarioCS)] wow

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)]

Kel (MarioCS) gets up slowly

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] I don't think you'd want me to die. You'd never want that.

[Master] I think this means that Mario has to make the encounter roll

[Kel (MarioCS)] (1d20) [1d20=5] 5

[Master] ok

[Kel (MarioCS)] of course i wouldnt

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Kel? Can you just tell me one thing?

[Master] Shi? Kel? alterness? observation?

Kel (MarioCS) looks at Shi and nods

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Shi'Nynze: Observation check: (d20) [1d20=13] 13 - ROLL FAILED against 12!!

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Nope she's too emotional)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Are you...and, nevermind.

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) blushes

[Master] Mario ? anything?

[Kel (MarioCS)] the panel opened, but i acnt find it on any monitor

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Right click ascend to find it?)

[Kel (MarioCS)] found it!

[Kel (MarioCS)] Kel: Observation check: (d20) [1d20=13] 13 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 14!!

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Whew)

[Kel (MarioCS)] (see Shi? Kel saves the day AGAIN!!)

[Kel (MarioCS)] rofl

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (lmao)

[Master (to MarioCS only)] Kel hears women voices singing out on the lake

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Aww give the poor swan a break. Or some bread. Might alos make her happy)

Kel (MarioCS) stupified

[Kel (MarioCS)] what?! Me and...Jenn?! are you daft?

[Master] (I really want to see Kel follow up on the whole ugly duckling theme)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Well you did save her...and then asked her to dinner...

[Kel (MarioCS)] wow, now i KNOW you're mad as a rabid ferret

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] A rabid ferret??

[Master] Ilero can make a save versus charm

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] I mean yes I need to brush my hair but still.

[Master] so can Indigo

[Kel (MarioCS)] i saved her? of course i did! as I saved you and Indigo, and Wu, and all the others

[Kel (MarioCS)] am I supposed to let her die because you...

[Kel (MarioCS)] ahh...

[Master] Wu Sen Cho: Magical Spell save: (d20) [1d20=12] 12 - ROLL FAILED against 19!!

[Kel (MarioCS)] you're jealous of her.

[Master] Wu Sen Cho moved 4'00".

[Master] Wu Sen Cho moved 26'05".

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Um, no. No. Not jealous just...worried?

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Wait.

Ilero (TMO)] (heeheehee)

[Kel (MarioCS)] oh my Solonor, how could even think she is in the same league (?) as you?

[Master] Kel and Shi can make observation checks

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Did you hear a splash?

[Indigo (Lisa)] (how can they get charmed in their sleep?)

[Kel (MarioCS)] Wha..?

[Kel (MarioCS)] )freddy Kruger style)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Shi'Nynze: Observation check: (d20) [1d20=9] 9 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 12!!

[Kel (MarioCS)] Kel: Observation check: (d20) [1d20=10] 10 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 14!!

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (who got charmed?)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Where's Wu?

[Kel (MarioCS)] WHo?

[Indigo (Lisa)] Indigo: Magical Spell save: (d20) [1d20=9] 9 - ROLL FAILED against 10!!

[Master] Shi and Kel notice that A - Wu is gone B - that singing seems to be getting closer

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Oh Solonor! Did he fall overboard?

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] And that song...

[Master] and now C - Indigo is getting up and moving towards the edge of the deck

[Kel (MarioCS)] A bit off key, but getting closer

[Indigo (Lisa)] Howard Plum: Magical Spell save: (d20) [1d20=17] 17 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 12!!

[Master] Combat has begun!

[Master] ROUND: 0

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Shi'Nynze: Initiative: (d10+10+) [1d10=4] 14

[Master] no need for Inti

[Kel (MarioCS)] Kel: Initiative: (d10+10+-2) [1d10=4] 12

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Oh well then.

[Master] just keeping track of rounds

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (does the singing wake up the sleeping people?)

[Kel (MarioCS)] (Kell stills wins)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Can Shi cast?

[Master] as they only have so long to breathe

[Master] right now you have Wu in the water, Indigo heading towards it

[Kel (MarioCS)] Wake the others, we cant swim

[Master] Howard is stiring and moving

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Shi'Nynze casts a spell against : Water Walk: I can allow (6-5) 1 other creatures as well as myself to be able to walk on water for (6+1) 7 turns.

Kel (MarioCS) grabs the bone light and opens it, searches the water

[Master] they are almost sleep walking

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] I can wake the others. Go grab Wu!

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Cast on herself and Kel)

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) runs to try to grab Indigo

[Howard Plum (Lisa)] What? What is happening?

[Kel (MarioCS)] (kel moves to te rail and searches the water for any sings of ...anyting

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Howard! Sirens! Keep the others from jumping deck!

[Kel (MarioCS)] Wu is missing!

[Master] there are bubbles wehre Wu went under

[Master] this is round one

[Kel (MarioCS)] Howard, can you swim??

[Howard Plum (Lisa)] Howard Plum: Initiative: (d10+10+) [1d10=10] 20

[Master] Howard feels the full

[Master] pull

[Master] Ilero can make his check now

[Master] along with Hugh

Ilero (TMO)] (con?)

[Kel (MarioCS)] Shi! Grab Howard!

[Master] save v spell

Ilero (TMO)] (Shur is on deck too)

[Master] only men

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] I'm trying to grab Indigo. He's closer.

[Howard Plum (Lisa)] (are we going in Init? and should Indigo roll Init?)

Ilero (TMO) (to GM only)] [Ilero]]: Magical Spell save: (d20) [1d20=1] 1 - ROLL FAILED against 13!!

[Master] ROUND: 1

[Indigo (Lisa)] Indigo: Initiative: (d10+10+-2) [1d10=7] 15

[Master] we are not going by Init, because this is just to track rounds, on round 1 Wu is gone

[Indigo (Lisa)] (hi Init is still screwed up)

[Master] on round 2 Indigo will be in the water

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] What am I rolling? I was unaware that I was awake

[Master] Hugh is not awake

[Master] is a save v spell

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] Ah

[Indigo (Lisa)] (so Howard can go jump in a lake?)

[Master] on round 2 Howard is goign to go try to jump in the lake yes

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Kel and Shi water walk. Howard can try to save Wu who is under now)

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] :-(

[Indigo (Lisa)] (to save Wu Sen)

[Master] Howard is charmed

Ilero (TMO)] (Howard isn't going to save anyone)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (I thought he saved?)

[Indigo (Lisa)] (he made his save!)

[Master] OH sorry

[Master] then yes he can help

[Indigo (Lisa)] (what kind of crappy charm school is this?)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Brief heart attack there)

[Master] LOL

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] Hugh D'Ambray: Magical Spell save: (d20) [1d20=20] 20 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 13!!

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (lol)

[Indigo (Lisa)] :D

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] Hugh can swim

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Wanna be Hogwarts?)

[Master] so Ilero is struggling in his ropes

[Master] he failed

[Kel (MarioCS)] Howard, you can swim, help find Wu, right around here

[Kel (MarioCS)] hands him th light an dpints

[Master] so on round 2

[Master] ROUND: 2

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) trying to tackle Indigo

[Master] Wu has been under one full round

[Kel (MarioCS)] ok, can we pause to recap?)

[Kel (MarioCS)] thanks!

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (WAIT not that)

[Master] and Shi needs to try to grab Indigo

[Master] and or what she does

[Kel (MarioCS)] is Hugh charmed? is he moving to the edge?

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] made a natural save

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Hmm, what would tackling roll be? Str?)

[Kel (MarioCS)] anyone else we see?

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] so I would hope not

[Master] Hugh is not charmed but not awake either

Indigo (Lisa) follows where Kel was pointing and jumps overboard

[Master] Howard is awake only because I screwed up

[Indigo (Lisa)] (drat)

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] lol

[Master] Indigo is awkae and trying to get to the water

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Shh he heard the elves yelling loudly)

[Master] if the elves yell loudly then on this round people can make Con checks to wake up

Ilero (TMO)] (does Shur wake up from Ilero's struggles?)

[Howard Plum (Lisa)] follows where Kel was pointing and jumps overboard

[Kel (MarioCS)] HELP!!!!!

[Master] Shur can make that check too because of that

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Can Shi yell while she tackles?)

[Master] yes to Carissa

[Kel (MarioCS)] HUgh! Shiur! all yuou peeps on deck!

[Master] yes to Howard

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) yellows, "INDIGO!"

Ilero (TMO)] [Shurkural]]: CON check: (d20) [1d20=7] 7 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 15!!

[Master] Howard Plum moved 59'00".

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Shi'Nynze moved 11'05".

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) tries to tackle him

[Kel (MarioCS)] (can we let Jenn sleep?)

[Kel (MarioCS)] (pls?)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Yellow? Eh, close enough?)

[Master] Penelope: CON check: (d20) [1d20=2] 2 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 10!!

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] Kenna Westfoot: CON check: (d20) [1d20=8] 8 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 13!!

[Kel (MarioCS)] (lol)

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] Snezana: CON check: (d20) [1d20=16] 16 - ROLL FAILED against 13!!

[Howard Plum (Lisa)] (let me know when it is time how much Howard can do this round)

[Penelope (Master)] wha... what.. HEY YOU BITCH GET AWAY FROM HIM

[Penelope (Master)] Howard is in the water


[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (you have to fail CON to wake up right?)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Sirens!

[Penelope (Master)] can see Wu sinking

[Penelope (Master)] make the Con check to wake

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] OR save Wu who's already JUMPED

Howard Plum (Lisa) tries to grab Wu

[Master] Penelope moved 50'04".

[Master] Penelope targets Shi'Nynze. Distance: 0'02"

[Lisa] Howard Plum targets Wu Sen Cho. Distance: 0'01"

[Master] Shi'Nynze moved 1'00".

[Kel (MarioCS)] (can Kel toos his lasso to Howard?

[Master] Penelope targets Indigo. Distance: 2'00"

[Penelope (Master)] yes that would be his only actoin this round

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Thought she was about to tackle Shi...)

[Penelope (Master)] to try to lasso howard

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] i made the check, but back in the olden days, succedding meant staying asleep

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] unless i mis-remember

[Kel (MarioCS)] Kel and Tebhoundrin moved 25'09".

[Master] Penelope: Attack: Dagger/Dirk: (20-(d20+0)) [1d20=19] 1. HITS Indigo (AC FINAL: 1)!!!

[Howard Plum (Lisa)] Howard Plum: Attack: Khopesh: ((20-(d20+0))+5) [1d20=15] 10 [MODIFIED (+5)]. HITS Wu Sen Cho (AC FINAL: 10)!!!

[MarioCS] Kel targets Howard Plum. Distance: 18'05"

Penelope (Master) STABS her dagger into Indigo's boot to PIN it to the deck

[Howard Plum (Lisa)] (Mage hit? Yay!)

[Kel (MarioCS)] Attack: Lasso, no WP, Called Shot:: is now ARMED.

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (haha)

[Kel (MarioCS)] Kel: Attack: Lasso, no WP, Called Shot: ((15-(d20-2))-2+2+4) [1d20=17] 4 [MODIFIED (+4)]. HITS Howard Plum (AC FINAL: 10)!!!

[Master] and yes Howard hit WU

[Master] and yes Kel hit Howard

[Kel (MarioCS)] Howard, Grab that rope!

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) checks to see if anyone else is trying to jump

[Master] it is right around Howard

Indigo (Lisa) yells as Penelope stabs his foot

[Indigo (Lisa)] ARGHHHHH!

[Master] Indigo's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 46 (-2) - Lightly Wounded

[Indigo (Lisa)] LET ME GO!

[Kel (MarioCS)] (if it is a called shot, can i call to toss it next to him?)

[Master] ROUND: 3

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Thank you, Penelope. Erm, I think.

[Master] so before anyone does anything a quick round up

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] Kenna Westfoot moved 35'07".

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Please)

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] Kenna Westfoot moved 12'09".

[Master] at the beginning of round 3 Wu has been underwater now for 3 rounds

[Master] Howard has a hold of Wu

[Master] Kel has a lasso around Howard

[Master] Indigo is trying to get over the edge

[Master] Penelope has stabbed a dagger into his foot pinning his foot to the deck

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (At least it's effective?)

Ilero (TMO)] (that doesn't wake him or give him another check?)

[Master] Shi has tried to grab Indigo but failed

[Indigo (Lisa)] (Was hoping that would snap him out of it)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (She didn't roll anything...was that still a fail? Oops)

[Master] Ilero is struggling against his ropes to get free and head to the railing

[Master] Shur is keeping him pinned down still

[Kel (MarioCS)] (remeber to not use his boot for a light, its got a hole in it)

[Master] Hugh and Kenna are awake

Ilero (TMO)] (oh, she woke up?)

[Master] and able to do things this round

Ilero (TMO)] (I didn't see you say she woke up)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Wouldn't that make it a holy light, though?)

[Master] groan

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] :D

[Indigo (Lisa)] (hugh is awake too)

[Kel (MarioCS)] (brilliant!)

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] no

[Master] yes

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] I am?

[Kel (MarioCS)] maybe

[Master] and double groan

[Master] yes Hugh is awake

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] Cool

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] awesome :)

[Master] and so far Hugh is the only male that has made his save other than Howard

[Master] Kel does not count

[Kel (MarioCS)] Kel: MUSC check: (d20) [1d20=5] 5 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 18!!

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] so are we like losing sailors left and right or are they all below deck?

[Kel (MarioCS)] Howard! Hold on! ill pull you in!

Ilero (TMO)] (somehow he never does)

[Kel (MarioCS)] (lolol)

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) hands Penelope a handful of wolf fur and gauze.

[Master] and to remind everyone

[Master] Under normal circumstances (with a good gulp of air and not performing strenuous feats) a character can hold his breath up to one third his constitution score in rounds (rounded up). If the character is exerting himself (i.e. swimming) this time is halved (again rounded up). Characters reduced to one third or less or normal movement because of encumbrance are always considered to be exerting themselves. If unable to get a good gulp these times are reduced by one half. All characters are able to hold their breath for one round, regardless of the circumstances. While attempting to hold his breath beyond this time, the character must roll a constitution check at the beginning of each round. The first check has no modifiers, but each subsequent check suffers a negative two cumulative penalty. Once a check is failed the character must breathe (if he cannot reach the surface that round he drowns).

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Try stuffing this in his ears!

Indigo (Lisa) tries to pull Wu up to the surface

[Indigo (Lisa)] (grrr)

[Master] there are no sailors you are the entire crew

[Howard Plum (Lisa)] tries to pull Wu up to the surface

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) slightly afraid to touch Indigo now

[Howard Plum (Lisa)] (roll for that or just pull and swim upwards?)

[Master] so Howard's Con score is ....a 15 so he can hold his breath for 3 rounds

[Master] and he is now on round 2

[Master] Wu is now on round three

Ilero (TMO)] (anybody belowdeck get rolls?)

[Master] and Howard already made the to hit roll on Wu and make it

[Master] just has to swim up

Howard Plum (Lisa) swims up with Wu Sen

[Master] and Kel made his Musucle check to help him pull him

[Kel (MarioCS)] (Kel is pulling him as well, with the lasso)

[Master] No one below deck needs a roll

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) runs over to hand Shur something to stuff Ilero's ears with

[Shurkural]] (TMO) grabs them and starts forcing them in

Penelope (Master) screaming out over the water

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Might be itchy, but should work.

[Penelope (Master)] NOT TODAY BITCH

Indigo (Lisa) yanks dagger out of his boot

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] WOW


[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] Penelope's Angry! [Master] Penelope: Attack: Dagger/Dirk: (20-(d20+0)) [1d20=20] 0. HITS Indigo (AC FINAL: 1)!!! [CRITICAL HIT_(Roll Again)_]

Shurkural (TMO)]

[Master] Penelope: Attack: Dagger/Dirk: (20-(d20+0)) [1d20=1] 19. MISSES Indigo (AC FINAL: 1).

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Wow very angry)

[Master] damn

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] Yikes

[Master] those are awesome rolls

[Master] 20 and a 1

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Should have saved them for someone

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Was waiting for that song)


[Master] and

Indigo (Lisa) howls in pain

[Master] Indigo takes a dagger hilt to the side of the head

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] knocked unconsiou?

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Conscious?)

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] Kenna Westfoot casts a spell against : Dispel Magic - Priest: I dispel (11-(1d20)+6) [1d20=5] 12 level magic.

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (took me a while to find something, sorry)

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (i thought i had something to make silence)

[Master] Penelope: (d100) [1d100=9] 9

[Penelope (Master)] and yes

[Penelope (Master)] wow

[Penelope (Master)] She is on a roll tonight

[Penelope (Master)] Indigo is out cold

[Penelope (Master)] checking for how long

[Indigo (Lisa)] (LOL)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Haha!)

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] Remind me not to piss Penelope off

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Might need someone else second watch)

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) flinches

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] That' way to do it.

[Penelope (Master)] Indigo needs a system shock roll

Indigo (Lisa) falls to the deck

[Indigo (Lisa)] Indigo: System Shock check: (d100) [1d100=27] 27 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 80!!

[Penelope (Master)] and 2d6 please

[Indigo (Lisa)] Roll #1: (d6) [1d6=6] 6, Roll #2: (d6) [1d6=4] 4

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Didn't know that was a roll)

[Penelope (Master)] so Indigo is knocked out for the next 10 rounds

[Penelope (Master)] uncouncous

[Master] and then back to Howard and Kel

[Kel (MarioCS)] pulls Howard to the railing

[Master] make that Muscle check again

[Kel (MarioCS)] Kel: MUSC check: (d20) [1d20=16] 16 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 18!!

[Master] andyes

[Master] Howard is hauled up over the railing holding on to Wu

Kenna Westfoot (Spring) glares at penelope

[Kel (MarioCS)] (one in each hand. See that, Shi??)

[Indigo (Lisa)] Howard Plum moved 13'10".

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] you better not have concussed him!

[Master] who needs a con check

[Master] to see if he drowned

[Master] when you get to check on him

[Master] that leaves Ilero still charmed

[Master] but tied to the mast

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (dispel magic didn't work?)

Shurkural (TMO)]

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Shi gave Shur stuffing which was stuffed in his ears)

[Master] still charmed

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (if it works it's supposed to uncharm the victims)

[Master] just cannot hear

Shurkural (TMO)] (the charm still took effect)

[Shurkural]] (TMO) tries slapping him across the face.

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Oh darn)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Does Kenna have command by chance?)

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring) (to GM only)] Character sheet for Kenna Westfoot modified: Notes - CHANGED.

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] ( think so, checking)

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (n0, it must be Snee)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Hmm it did break Shi's charm before. Might be worth trying it slapping doesn't work)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Althogh Snee is asleep...)

Shurkural (TMO)] (umm... how smart is a charmed person? will they use skills to try and do what they're told?)

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (dispecl magic should have done it)

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] Note that thisspell, if successful, will release charmed and similarly beguiled creatures.

Shurkural (TMO)] (in this particular case - not sure how smart the charm effect is)

[Master] yes to TMO

[Master] the charm effect here is to lure you into the water

[Master] where they can have their way

Shurkural (TMO)] (if it's just sleepwalk to the side it's not a problem, but if Ilero has to use his skills...)

[Master] so far right now everyone is back on deck

[Howard Plum (Lisa)] Howard Plum moved 10'03".

[Master] and is aware of what is happening

[Kel (MarioCS)] How is Wu?

Shurkural (TMO)] (ok, first of all, Shur is using muscle to try and keep Ilero down)

[Master] you have Indigo laying on the deck

Shurkural (TMO)] [Shurkural]]: MUSC check: (d20) [1d20=1] 1 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 13!!

[MarioCS] Kel no longer targets Howard Plum.

[Master] Ilero tied to the mast

[Master] and Wu.......

[Howard Plum (Lisa)] (can't move Wu)

[Master] Wu Sen Cho moved 21'09".

[Master] Wu Sen Cho: CON check: (d20) [1d20=11] 11 - ROLL FAILED against 10!!

[Lisa] Howard Plum no longer targets Wu Sen Cho.

[Spring] Kenna Westfoot targets [Ilero]]. Distance: 25'10"

[Howard Plum (Lisa)] Priestesses! Master Wu Sen needs you!

[TMO] (I can't pull up the dice panel)

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] Kenna Westfoot casts a spell against [Ilero]]: Remove Curse - Priest: I remove a curse.

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Wu??

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Shi'Nynze moved 23'02".

[Howard Plum (Lisa)] He won't wake

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] Is he drowned or charmed?

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Not sure what to do...)

[Kel (MarioCS)] Kel and Tebhoundrin moved 9'06".

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] ah

[Master] that works Kenna

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] one moment

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring) (to GM only)] Character sheet for Kenna Westfoot modified: Notes - CHANGED.

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Shi'Nynze: Healing check: (d20) [1d20=7] 7 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 14!!

[Master] not breathing

Kenna Westfoot (Spring) turns to Howard

Ilero (TMO)] [Ilero]]: Thief ability - Escaping bonds* check:(d100) [1d100=68] 68 - ROLL FAILED against 25!!

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] I'm not sure Neith can do anything for not breating

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] Try CPR?

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] He's not breathing!

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (do we have CPR?!)

Ilero (TMO)] [Ilero]]: MUSC check: (d20) [1d20=1] 1 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 9!!

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] quick, get him on his side!

[Carissa] Shi'Nynze targets Wu Sen Cho. Distance: 0'08"

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Shi'Nynze casts a spell against Wu Sen Cho: Cure Light Wounds: You're healed (-1d8) [1d8=7] -7 points.

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (there you go!)

[Master (to GM only)] Wu Sen Cho: No adjustments made.

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (/me shrugs)

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] does that count?

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] I hope so

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] cause I got nothing

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (fingers crossed)

[Master] Wu Sen Cho's Current Hit Points: adjusted to 1 (-17) - Massively Wounded

Ilero (TMO)] (slap him!)

Master coughs

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (we can do what people did before CPR. pound on his back)

Wu Sen Cho (Master) coughs

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Oh thank goodness...

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] there we go!

Wu Sen Cho (Master) coughs

Wu Sen Cho (Master) coughs

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] get it all out

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Maybe Wu should stay below deck now....)

[Master] Combat has finished.

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) awkwardly patting his back

[Spring] Kenna Westfoot no longer targets [Ilero]].

[Wu Sen Cho (Master)] and Ilero is still struggling

[Master] and Ilero is still struggling

Ilero (TMO)] [Ilero]]: Thief ability - Escaping bonds* check:(d100) [1d100=17] 17 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 25!!

[Master] but Shur has him pinned

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Stab him. Seemed to work aearlier)

[Master] Indigo is still charmed just knocked out

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (he should be de-charmed now)

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (he=ilero)

[Master] and I will let anyone make a wisdom check

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa) (to GM only)] Character sheet for Shi'Nynze modified: Notes - CHANGED.

[Master] DOH and yes to SPring you did break the charm on Ilero

[Kel (MarioCS)] Kel: WIS check: (d20) [1d20=17] 17 - ROLL FAILED against 10!!

[Master] sorry

Ilero (TMO)] [Shurkural]]: WIS check: (d20) [1d20=4] 4 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 14!!

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Shi'Nynze: WIS check: (d20) [1d20=12] 12 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 16!!

[Kel (MarioCS)] i no smaht

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] Neith of Inholt: WIS check: (d20) [1d20=5] 5 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 17!!

Ilero (TMO)] (sorry, I thought she was targeting someone else)

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (i figured Ilero just wanted untied on principle)

[Master] Shi and Ilero can both come to the same conclusion

[Ilero]] (TMO) politely gets back in his rope.

[Master] you are still hearing the song of the sirens, you are at anchor

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Um, maybe we should get moving?

Ilero (TMO)] (that was Shur)

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] I agree

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] That song is still going...

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] We should leave this place

Shurkural (TMO)] We need to hit the oars!

Shurkural (TMO)] We got any fish to throw overboard, so maybe they don't follow us?

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) helps Wu up and to cargo

Kel (MarioCS) runs to the oars, and passes Shi

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) "You need to rest. And maybe not sleep on the deck."

[Kel (MarioCS)] we arent done speaking, missy

[Kel (MarioCS)] /grabs an oar

[Shurkural]] (TMO) pats Ilero on the cheek. "Stay here, loverboy."

Kenna Westfoot (Spring) grabs an oar

[Kel (MarioCS)] Kel and Tebhoundrin moved 11'09".

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) nods, "I know, but you know I'm useless at rowing."

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) weak smile

[Shurkural]] (TMO) goes to the anchor and starts winching.

Shurkural (TMO)] [Shurkural]]: MUSC check: (d20) [1d20=1] 1 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 13!!

Howard Plum (Lisa) takes an oar and starts to row with others happily

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] Hugh D'Ambray: MUSC check: (d20) [1d20=6] 6 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 18!!

[Howard Plum (Lisa)] Howard Plum moved 26'08".

Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549) Heaves

[Howard Plum (Lisa)] Howard Plum: Whistling/humming check: (d20) [1d20=8] 8 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 14!!

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] Kenna Westfoot: MUSC check: (d20) [1d20=17] 17 - ROLL FAILED against 9!!

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Can't move Wu, he should be below now)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Shi returned to deck)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Shi'Nynze moved 18'03".

[Master] Wu Sen Cho moved 74'00".

[Carissa] Shi'Nynze no longer targets Wu Sen Cho.

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Thanks)

[Master] Time of Day: 01:38 AM. Day 11 Trall ___ tre, Bel {Mid Fall} 11th, 1267 TGR.

Howard Plum (Lisa) murmurs to himself "Did it right this time"

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Who is holding the light?)

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (maybe it's on the deck)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (If we're rowing through second watch, Shi will need sleep for spells)

[Kel (MarioCS)] Kel can row through the next shift

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Shi'Nynze casts a spell against : Goodberry: I turn (2d4) [2d4=4,2] 6 fresh berries into magical berries that keep me fed and heal 1 point of damage each. They stay good for (6+1) 7 days.

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa) (to GM only)] Character sheet for Shi'Nynze modified: Notes - CHANGED.

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Before she sleeps)

[Kel (MarioCS)] .

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (well i bet we don't get anywhere fast with so few rowers and Kenne didn't even make her MUSC check)

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (maybe we should have let out a sail)

[Master] Penelope moved 48'11".

Penelope (Master) BANG BANG BANG on a drum

[Penelope (Master)] Indigo is tied up next to her

[Master] Indigo moved 52'06".

Kenna Westfoot (Spring) sighs


[Penelope (Master)] BANG BANG BANG

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) snuck back below deck

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Shi'Nynze moved 68'05".

[Penelope (Master)] Heave Ho

[Penelope (Master)] Heave Ho

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] Kenna Westfoot: Diagnostics check: (d20) [1d20=15] 15 - ROLL FAILED against 12!!

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] well crap

[Penelope (Master)] Move it now

[Kel (MarioCS)] Kenna, why dont you go below and rest. We can pull these oars

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Diagnostics?)

[Penelope (Master)] Before I have a cow

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] i cannot tell whether he has a concussion or not

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Ahhh)

Kenna Westfoot (Spring) sighs

[Penelope (Master)] Get yoru ass on deck

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] i may as well, Kell, i am useless here

[Penelope (Master)] Or I will stabe you in the dick

[Kel (MarioCS)] not useless, you are better esting than rowing

Kenna Westfoot (Spring) nodding whatever

[Penelope (Master)] Row for your life

Marisu (TMO)] Huh?

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] (If there isn't any sailiors, then technically isn't everyone already on deck rowing?)

[Marisu]] (TMO) yawns.

[Penelope (Master)] Or you will not have a wife

Marisu (TMO)] What's going on?

[Penelope (Master)] (you were anchored)

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] Oh, apparently except for Marisu ;)

Kenna Westfoot (Spring) goes downstairs and tries to wake up Snee

Kel (MarioCS) thinks " I odnt have a wife..."

Marisu (TMO)] (Shur raised the anchor)

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] Snezana: CON check: (d20) [1d20=17] 17 - ROLL FAILED against 13!!

[Penelope (Master)] Do your best

[Penelope (Master)] Or I will stab you in teh chest

Marisu (TMO)] (or at least made her MUSC check)

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (oh ffs, heh)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Pretty sure I'd take that threat serious after Indigo...)

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] NO Kdiing

[Penelope (Master)] Make for the shore

[Penelope (Master)] You bleeding whores

[Penelope (Master)] PULL

[Howard Plum (Lisa)] (letting loose with Indigo unconscious is she now?)

[Penelope (Master)] PULL

[Penelope (Master)] PULL

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] lol

[Howard Plum (Lisa)] Howard Plum: Whistling/humming check: (d20) [1d20=15] 15 - ROLL FAILED against 14!!

[Master] so second watch

[Master] anyone who is not rowing or helping?

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Shi is below sleeping)

[Master] trying to sleep

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (both Snee and Kenna are asleep)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Ears stuffed with wolf fur?)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (:P)

[Marisu]] (TMO) walks around bringing water to the rowers.

[Master] so Marisu on second watch?

[Master] to make the roll?

Marisu (TMO)] (1d20) [1d20=17] 17

[Master] and then third watch?

[Master] and Indigo is awake part way into the second watch also

[Master] for when he wants to wake and find out he is tied up

Marisu (TMO)] (family home - brb)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (And with a hole in his foot)

Indigo (Lisa) wakes and tries to stretch and feels the pull of the ropes and the pain in his head and foot

[Indigo (Lisa)] Owwww! What happened?

[Kel (MarioCS)] (if you thoght Penelope was mad,...)

[Indigo (Lisa)] My head!

[Indigo (Lisa)] Why am I tied up?

[Penelope (Master)] One of the stupid lake witches tried to steal you away from me

[Penelope (Master)] we dealt with them

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (FWIW Kenna would never do that to you, man)

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (just sayin')

[Indigo (Lisa)] Lake witches?

[Indigo (Lisa)] (lol to Spring!)

[Penelope (Master)] Sirens of the Lake

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (all you gotta do is convert hehehe)

[Indigo (Lisa)] I don't remember ...

Indigo (Lisa) looks up at her

[Penelope (Master)] Good

[Indigo (Lisa)] You saved me?

[Penelope (Master)] you are safe

[Penelope (Master)] of course

Indigo (Lisa) smiles

[Penelope (Master)] Shi grabbed you

[Penelope (Master)] I stabbed you

[Indigo (Lisa)] Huh?

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Haha)

[Penelope (Master)] You went under

[Penelope (Master)] and we cleared the wonder

[Indigo (Lisa)] You stabbed me?

[Indigo (Lisa)] In the foot?

[Penelope (Master)] and I hit you upside the head too

[Penelope (Master)] you were being stubborn

[Kel (MarioCS)] (youl def be black and blue)

[Indigo (Lisa)] Ummm ... okay

[Penelope (Master)] I was not goign to let them steal you away

Indigo (Lisa) stretches out his leg and looks at the gash in his boot

Penelope (Master) looks down

[Penelope (Master)] yeah you will need a new boot

[Penelope (Master)] We can get you ones in red

[Indigo (Lisa)] I'm glad you didn't let them take me

[Kel (MarioCS)] We thought ther was a snake in it

[Penelope (Master)] easy to clean

[Penelope (Master)] less noticable

Penelope (Master) smiles

[Penelope (Master)] No one gets to take you from me

[Penelope (Master)] not without a fight

[Kel (MarioCS)] brb

[MarioCS] I am away from the keyboard.

Indigo (Lisa) smiles and squeezes her hand

Penelope (Master) leans down adn kiss him lightly

[Penelope (Master)] the ruffles his hair

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Sooo glad Shi didn't try to counter charm with charm. Pretty sure Penelope would have killed her)

[Penelope (Master)] I will wake you in the morning Admiral

[Indigo (Lisa)] Yeah maybe I should get some rest

[Master] and so watch number three

[Master] who makes that roll and who is on it

[Master] Ilero and Hugh I think?

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Believe so)

[Master] so TMO and Michael

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] one moment

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (So Hugh/

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] pjhone

[Master] you have some things to discuss

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (*/Michael roll)

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring) (to GM only)] Character sheet for Kenna Westfoot modified: Notes - CHANGED.

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] Back

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] okay whats what now?

[Master] Hugh and Ilero are up and on watch

[Master] discussing what happened

[Master] and what to do going forward

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] test

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] okay

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] so

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] Was illero the one so affected by the sirens?

[Master] yes he was tied to the mast

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (yup)

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] Perhaps he should stay there?

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] No offesne to Illero

[Master] who do you want on watch with you?

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] Neighth can join for the night

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] If Illero doesn't feel any effects, he's wlecome to join :)

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] The mroe the merrier

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] I jsut don't want anyone (msefly included) jumping off the boat

[Master] or Johan he has not been too active tonight

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] Alright

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] So

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] /rowing along

Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549) rowing along

Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549) checks surroundings

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] we are all up here still rowing right?

[Master] dark water as far as the eye can see

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] Hugh is just taking the watch part

[Master] that is up to the group

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] AH

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] my mistake

[Master] anchor again or rowing

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] I thought we had decided to keep rowing my bad

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] That's why I was confused

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] So, you all want to go back to bed? Or put some distance between us and those ...things?

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Um, anchor? Maybe? We put distance between us last round and rowers need sleep)_

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] Alright

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (*one watch of distance between us)

Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549) To neigth. "Would you mind keeping me and Johan company tonight?"

Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549) "I don't particularly want to jump overboard and be eaten"

Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549) Snorts

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] "I suppose"

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] "Hopefully none of us will go swimming"

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] Hugh D'Ambray moved 9'01".

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] Neith of Inholt moved 2'05".

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] Alright

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] We'll do rounds between the three of us around the deck

[MarioCS] I am back at the keyboard.

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] Stay within raised voice distance

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] And within sight of each other

[Master] whole ship is 70 foot long

Marisu (TMO)] (back)

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] That's not too big if you think about it bob

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] but alright

[Master] I know

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] Oh, sorry

[Master] but that is what they are

[Master] grins

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] nonetheless

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] Within sight and raised voices :)

[Master] the stories of ships being swallowed whole for a reason

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (So station one each 23 ft apart? :P)

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] And patrolling in an oval like pattern

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] covers all basis

Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549) Johan?

Johan the Apprentice (Master) coughs Yes?

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] Do you feel comfortable joining us tongiht?

[Johan the Apprentice (Master)] No

[Johan the Apprentice (Master)] But I will

Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549) Slaps him on the back

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] Good Man

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] Stay close to Neith

[Johan the Apprentice (Master)] I am hoping we get to dry land soon

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] She'll make sure you don't hop overboard

Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549) Grins

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] Me too

[Johan the Apprentice (Master)] I have not eaten much with all this rocking

[Johan the Apprentice (Master)] back and forth

Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549) Gives considering look

[Johan the Apprentice (Master)] swaying

[Johan the Apprentice (Master)] up and down

Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549) I'll bet if you asked for some berries, those will stay down

[Johan the Apprentice (Master)] back and forth

[Johan the Apprentice (Master)] rocking

Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549) Stares

Johan the Apprentice (Master) closes his eyes

Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549) You look a little pale

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] If you decide to vomit, do it quickly overboard and then move back to the safety of the deck

[Johan the Apprentice (Master)] Do you have a bucket?

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] We want some distance between you and the water

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] Hm

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] No

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] But I'll bet there is one around

[Penelope (Master)] He is useless

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] Why don't we start our rounds, and I'll keep a look out for one. In the mean time, vomit overboard

[Johan the Apprentice (Master)] No that is Howard

Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549) Gives warning glance at Penelope

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] Please don't work up our watchman for the night.

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] Please?

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] I don't fancy swimming with the fangs tonight

[Master] and Michael can make that encounter roll d20

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] Oh no conversations?

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] Alright

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] (1d20) [1d20=6] 6

[Master] and continue

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] Shoot

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] Wait really?

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] Isn't that an encounter?

Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549) Looks for bucket

Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549) Patrolls

[Master] Johan the Apprentice moved 13'10".

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Probably going to spring upon you....might jump out of the buket)

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (don't push, it mibht become one heheh)

Johan the Apprentice (Master) leans over the edge

[Marisu]] (TMO) smacks each wave with an oar, just in case it's a monster. (j/k)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Uh oh there goes Johan)

Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549) mutter tohimself

Johan the Apprentice (Master) points

[Johan the Apprentice (Master)] look

[Johan the Apprentice (Master)] there is a seal

[Johan the Apprentice (Master)] and more

Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549) Glances up from looking for a bucket

Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549) Follows Johan's gaze

Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549) Squints

Johan the Apprentice (Master) points to a pack of seals swiming along side the knarr

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] Is that what that is?

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (What? Seal?? Wake Shi! She needs more animal friends! Unless they try to each people)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] *eat

Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549) Cautionsly approaches railing

Marisu (TMO)] ... a kiss from a rose on the grave..

Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549) Calls to Neith

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] (NO TMO)

Marisu (TMO)] (lol)

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] Don't even think about the Youtube link bob/carissa/lisa

[Johan the Apprentice (Master)] lol

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (........fine)

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] lol

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (But it's still going on the song list)

Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549) Streches

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] (lol)

[Johan the Apprentice (Master)] laughs

Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549) Wanders over grumbeling softly to herself

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] Whats going on now?

[Johan the Apprentice (Master)] Seals

Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549) Points

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] See?

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] Huh

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] Usually don't see them this far into water

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] They tend to stick to the shore

Marisu (TMO)] (kids ready for bed. bbs)

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] Are we near the shore?

Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549) Last I checked we weren't

Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549) Looks

Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549) Johan? You see the shore?

[Johan the Apprentice (Master)] No

[Johan the Apprentice (Master)] Penelope?

Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549) Why would they be this far into the lake?

Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549) looks concerned

[Penelope (Master)] we are at least a dozen hours from the edge of the lake

Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549) Muses

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Hunting....)

Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549) Penelope?

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] Don't seals tend to the shore? Certainly not hours away from it?

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] What would cause them to go this far out?

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] They're seals Neith, not sharks

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (ok i'm not keeping up. i need to go, sorry)

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] Why do you care?

Penelope (Master) shrugs, maybe they got blown off by a storm?

[Penelope (Master)] (night Spring!)

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] (See ya Spring!)

[Kenna Westfoot (Spring)] (have a lovely night!)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Night Spring!)

Spring has left the game on Fri Mar 02 22:07:19 EST 2018

Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549) Glares at Hugh

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] I'm just saying

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] It's odd

Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549) Studies Neiths face

Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549) quickly backpeddles

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] Sure

[Penelope (Master)] Can you talk to them like Shi can?

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] Didn't mean anything by it

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] I dn't go around talkign to animals Penelope :)

Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549) Grins at Penelope

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] I usually spend my time hunting them

Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549) Glances at Johan

Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549) Backs away at hsi green face

Johan the Apprentice (Master) awhahhhhkkkk

[Johan the Apprentice (Master)] bleeaaaach

Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549) Leaps back as vomit sprays

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] Jimminy Johan!

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] I told you overboard!

Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549) Rubs teh side of hsi face tiredly

Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549) You blew it, so you go clean it up

Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549) Glances at him

Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549) Sighs

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] I'll do it

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] Why don't you turn in for the night? Eh?

Johan the Apprentice (Master) holds his stomach

Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549) Turns to Penelope

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] Is there a bucket we can assign him?

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] Around here somewhere?

Penelope (Master) points to one by the mast

[Penelope (Master)] He will be fine

Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549) Neith, I'll grab it and take Johan Down

Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549) Shout if anything. I'll be listening

Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549) Escorts Johan Down

[Penelope (Master)] Are you going to talk to the seals?

Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549) Pretends not to hear Penelope

Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549) Laughs

[Master] Time of Day: 08:29 AM. Day 11 Trall ___ tre, Bel {Mid Fall} 11th, 1267 TGR.

[Kel (MarioCS)] ( be sure to get their approval...)

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] Shouldn't you be tucked away Penelope? It's going to be a long day tomorrow

[Master] and morning slowing brightens your sky

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] Do you want me to roll?

[Master] as people start to move around

[Master] nope

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] kk

[Master] everyone is up

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa) (to GM only)] Character sheet for Shi'Nynze modified: Notes - CHANGED.

[Master] no one gets any more spells

[Master] as non one got a full night's sleep

[Master] but you are less than a day from Rivers Bend

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Awww what? Wolf fur didn't work for earplugs?)

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] Lol

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa) (to GM only)] Character sheet for Shi'Nynze modified: Notes - CHANGED.

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Ugh are the seals at least still there?)

[Master] no

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (sigh)

[Master] but you could ask

[Master] to know that they were there

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) walks up to the deck and stretches

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) yawning, "How was watch?"

[Master] INdigo is up too

Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549) Smiles

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] Oh you know

[Master] Howard

[Master] etc

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Hopefully better than me sleep...

Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549) Beams

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] Saw some seals last night!

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Seals? Out here?

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] Neith got all worked up about them for some reason or other

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] Yep, Johan and I saw them. Neith thought it was odd

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] Said it wasn't right for them to be this far out to water

Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549) Shrugs

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Seals in a lake alone is, well, uncommon.

Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549) As if to say "I'm not an expert"

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] I jsut kill stuff Shi and try to help my friends. I got nothing on the ways of the world

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) smiles, "Understandable."

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] They were beautiful though

[Indigo (Lisa)] (brb)

[Lisa] I am away from the keyboard.

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Probably pursuiting something. Or fleeing something...

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] Johan got a good look before he upchucked all over the deck

Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549) Pauses

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Oh...lovely....

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] Come again?

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) steps a little away from the edge

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Seals. Out in the water. Either chasing prey or escaping becoming prey. My guess, at least.

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] It's been too long since I talked to one to know

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) shrugs

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] Well, there is probably plenty of fish near the shore. Which would mean that they are fleeing from the shore

Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549) Pauses

Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549) Is there any large pretedors on the shore near these areas?

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] If you have an ambassador fishing at this shore, the fish might be fleeing it, too...

Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549) Maybe it is safer anchored in the lake

Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549) Gins

Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549) Possibly

Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549) Stretches

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] I would agree if we didn't have half the crew try to jump deck last night.

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) smiles

Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549) Grin fades

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] Yes well

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] Lets not do that again if possible

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Agreed.

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] (Is illero still tied up?)

[Master] yes

Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549) Walks over

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] (I know he's not here yet but just looking)

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] Illero!

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] You seem alright now buddy?

Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549) Peers at Illero

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] (Can I get a look to see if he looks dazed still?)

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] test

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Yes

Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549) Eerie silence from Illero

Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549) Shrugs

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] Welp, better to keep him tied up for now eh?

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Shi'Nynze: Healing check: (d20) [1d20=9] 9 - ROLL SUCCEEDED against 14!!

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] I'm going to check on teh others

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] I think he looks okay...besides he could escape those ropes if he wanted.

Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549) Glances appraisingly at Illero

Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549) looks at Shi

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] Tell you what

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] I'll loosen him

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] You get ready to tackle him if he makes a break for it. Sound good?

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Um, I'll try my best.

Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549) Grins

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] Jokig with you Shi

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] You untie him

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] I'll get ready to tackle him

Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549) Chortles to himself

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Probably a better idea....

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) unties Ilero from the mast

Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549) Braces himself to stop Illero

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Believe he's afk though)

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] I think almost everyone is :)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (lol)

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] For now, why don't we just uh, get ready for the day

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] He'll hold for a little while longer

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] But he should probably take a nap

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] And rest his joints

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] That rope couldn't have been comfortable

[Master] Mario?

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Probably as stiff as Indigo's foot. And then poor Wu. What a night...

Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549) Walks up

[Master] Lisa and TMo are afk

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] I agree

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Overnight healing?)

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] Poor Wu

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] He should be resting today as well

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (And can Wu be healed?)

Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549) Shakes her head

Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549) Smiles at Shi

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] Ready to reach dry land Shi?

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] I think I was ready three days ago.

Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549) Snickers

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] Me too

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] It was fun the first day. I appreciate land far more now.

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] And trees.

Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549) Sighs

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] Yes

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] The trees

[Lisa] I am back at the keyboard.

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] and the grass

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) nods

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] even the marshes must be better than this constant water

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] I liked wading into the lake at home. This is a little much.

Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549) Nods

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Oh certainly. Wetlands are fun. So much to do there. But in short trips.

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] The lake near you home probably didn't have Sirens ready to eat you

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] This lake...

Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549) Shrugs

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) laughs

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] True. Or at least none we ever found.

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] I don't know what to think anymore about this lake

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Not sure sirens would find use living near elves.

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) nods, "Agreed."

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] But hopefully we'll be at Rivers Bend soon, I think.

Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549) Nods

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] /startles as if remembering somethign

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] We saw some Seals last night!

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] Don't know what they were doing this far from the shore, but I would have killed for you to ask them

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Oh, yes, Hugh was just telling me that.

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Ummmm, thank you, but I prefer befriending animals...

Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549) Smiles

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] Isn't a seal an animal?

[Hugh D'Ambray (mharm-15549)] Just water based?

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Wish I could have talked to them. See what they were doing. Running from shore or searching for pray...

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) nods

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] I've some water-based friends back home.

Marisu (TMO)] (back)

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] I would have liked to have known

Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549) look stroubled

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Shi'Nynze: Observation check: (d20) [1d20=13] 13 - ROLL FAILED against 12!!

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Looks like they're long gone...

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] I sincerely hope they just were going on an extended hunt away from teh shore

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] If they were running from it, well. I don't know what I want to think about that

Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549) shudders

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] Maybe the lake is the better option when we rest

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] We unfortunately might find out.

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] despite all the issues we face

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] I certainly get better rest when we aren't moving...

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] (Alright I really need to use the BR, can TMO or Lisa take up some Convo?)

Marisu (TMO)] (which character? what's the situation?)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] How are you feeling, Indigo? Um, how's your foot?

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Morning. Everyone awake. Nothing happened. Yet.)

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] (We need to free Illero from his spot)

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] (BRB)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Oh and Ilero was untied)

Indigo (Lisa) shakes his foot a bit

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Shi untie, Hugh ready to tackle)

[Indigo (Lisa)] It's a little sore but it'll be okay

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Sorry about that. Um, probably wasn't the best situation but....

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) shrugs

[Indigo (Lisa)] Never been stabbed in the foot before

Indigo (Lisa) grins

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Looked like it hurt. But it did work...

[Indigo (Lisa)] See! And you can see how you don't have to worry about Penelope

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Er, I should worry less since she stabbed you?

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] I was worried enough she was going to stab me.

[Indigo (Lisa)] She protects me ... us.

[Indigo (Lisa)] She wouldn't stab you.

[Indigo (Lisa)] Unless stabbing you would help you.

[Indigo (Lisa)] Like me.

Shurkural (TMO)] (you beat me to it. ;) )

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] ...uh, I that help I want? I mean, if there are other options, wouldn't those be better than being stabbed?

[Indigo (Lisa)] It was just my foot

[Shurkural]] (TMO) pulls out her knife and starts looking closely at Shi's feet.

[Indigo (Lisa)] Not like she stabbed me in the chest or anything

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) shuffles her feet away from Shur

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Well she did threaten that when we rowed away...

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] And I did believe her...

[Kel (MarioCS)] While you all 'keep watch' up here, ill go below and see the wolves

[Shurkural]] (TMO) leans in and reaches out to run one finger across the top of her shoe, feeling for vulnerable spots.

[Indigo (Lisa)] Huh? To the sirens

[Kel (MarioCS)] Kel and Tebhoundrin moved 58'11".

[Kel (MarioCS) (to mharm-15549 only)] me looks at shi as he heads down below

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Don't take their breakfast! I just fed them.

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] No...she threatened the crew to row or she'd stab them...

Kel (MarioCS) looks at Shi as he heads down below

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Er, although I was heading below deck so maybe I misunderstood?

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] I hope I did...

Indigo (Lisa) laughs "That's just Penelope trying to be a sailor"

[Indigo (Lisa)] She is a good sailor too.

Shi'Nynze (Carissa) nods slowly, "Well it was quite motivation from what I saw. Maybe that chant after having stabbed you was good motivation..."

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Yes, I do believe that. She did keep you onboard. I'm not sure I could have without her help

[Indigo (Lisa)] That's all I'm saying. You don't have to worry.

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] She did threat me intially but...ah, yes. Okay. I'll not worry. Um, or try not to.

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] As long as I remember to let her know the situation as quickly as possible to stop misunderstandings.

[Shurkural]] (TMO) rolls back into a sitting roll and giggles quietly to herself.

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Imagingin Shur fake stabbing her foot while she giggles for some reason)

Shurkural (TMO)] *sitting pose

[Master] encounter check please

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (d20) [1d20=17] 17

[Master] and again

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Oh damn

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (d20) [1d20=10] 10

[Master] and one more please

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (d20) [1d20=17] 17

[Master] Time of Day: 05:52 PM. Day 11 Trall ___ tre, Bel {Mid Fall} 11th, 1267 TGR.

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Phew

[Master] and there up ahead

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Shi'Nynze moved 67'08".

[Master] the light from the harbor at Rivers Bend

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] Land!


Indigo (Lisa) points "We're almost there!"

Shurkural (TMO)] (and then the meteor hits)

[Master] grins

[Kel (MarioCS)] Thank goodness

[Master] sorry guys having a coughing fit again

[Master] hard to type

[Master] thank you for continuing

Shurkural (TMO)] (well... don't)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Breathing is important)

[Master] grins, the breathing is harder than typing right now

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Oooh use word-to-text!)

[Kel (MarioCS)] (just ask Indigo and Jenn, Shi..)

[Master] in fact I think we should pause here

[Master] sorry

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (:P)

[Master] unless LIsa can keep it up

[Master] for matching where Branwyn is in the city

[Master] and where Indigo will look for her

[Master] etc.

[Master] she knows the city the best

[Shurkural]] (TMO) points. "There she is!"

[Master] TMO and Lisa

[Lisa] lol

[Master] have been here before the rest have not

Shurkural (TMO)] (oh lordy... you think I remember anything about it?)

[Master] you did solve a murder

Shurkural (TMO)] (.. O_O )

[Master] and won a regatta

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (And suddenly TMO remembers!....nothing based on that face)

Shurkural (TMO)] (right!)

[Lisa] chased pirate ladies

[Lisa] found bowl of wind

Shurkural (TMO)] (some time here something will ring a bell)

[Master] pirate ships hidden inside of warehouses

Shurkural (TMO)] (bowl of wind rings something!)

[Lisa] where we got the spyglass

Shurkural (TMO)] (pardon, I need to go take my Alzheimer's medicine...)

[Master] the choice of stealign a magic bow or the spyglass

Shurkural (TMO)] (wow. I *really* need to speed up the Notepad)

[Master] lol

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (lol)

[Master] Pirate Queens is the story arc

[Master] and then the Six Griffons Lodge

[Lisa] the big regatta and pirate/bowl of wind thing was on a birthday game marathon


[Master] to be fair to TMO this was back in 2011

[Lisa] 6 griffons was the John guest DM - which he did a great job!

Shurkural (TMO)] yeah, I didn't join until 2012

[Lisa] was supposed to be one night and we pushed Bob aside for about 3 weeks I think

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Speaking of, still waiting for Roomba)

[Lisa] lol

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] ;)

[Lisa] I think I would be a horrible DM

[Master] HAH

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Never know until you try, right?)

[Shi'Nynze (Carissa)] (Unless you kill us all. That'd be bad)

[Master] I think that Lisa and Carissa and TMO would all be good guest DM's

[Master] Mario with a little bit of planning

[Carissa] And time for him to make maps for it.

[TMO] if I had a story already.

[Master] easy

[Carissa] Returning the giant chair to the cloud giant.

[TMO] without one I don't know how I'd do. too nervous to make up Canon things

[Master] there are a thousand stories in this town

[Master] and she had to walk into mine

[Carissa] Haha

[TMO] I need to get back to my rpg. I've et it seit for over a week

[Master] no cannons, catapults

[TMO] *let it sit

[Carissa] With cows.

[Master] Branwyn hit a couple of cows with hers

[Carissa] Make it extraorin-dairy.

[Kel (MarioCS)] bing!

[Lisa] cows won't fit up the stairs in her tower

[Kel (MarioCS)] does that make them ground beff then?

[Carissa] Ha!

[Lisa] lol

[Master] down range cattle

[Carissa] And suddenly I want a cow-themed town

[Carissa] With a catapult.

[Lisa] LOL

[Carissa] And for Branwyn to visit. Should be fun, right?

[Kel (MarioCS)] elmer and Elsie, the founding family

[Carissa] Welp, this will now be a thing.

[Lisa] Deep in the heart of Bovine Valley

[Master] you can shoe horn it in

[Carissa] You have to hoof it to get there.

[Kel (MarioCS)] thats is Bobby, Milk it for all its worth!

[Master] don't go sour on the idea now

[Lisa] this is udderly ridiculous

[Master] and you cannot keep buttering me up

[Carissa] Hahaha

[Master] or you will get creamed

[Carissa] Win.

[TMO] Mooving on

[Kel (MarioCS)] if you live in the pasture not going to get ahead

[Carissa] I'll try not to butcher it.

[Kel (MarioCS)] think about it while on vaca-tion

[Carissa] Ooooh and there's the actual win!

[Kel (MarioCS)] (and there's the foriegn language!

[Lisa] very nice

[Carissa] Man this is twice I've failed on that front. I'm getting rusty.

[Master] and so did that give Lisa enough time to plot something out?

[Lisa] well we know first steps

[Kel (MarioCS)] doubt it, she was participatiing!

[Lisa] berth the knarr, pay docking fees and see the harbormaster

[Carissa] She had a steak in this planning.

[Lisa] Branwyn said that she would leave a note

[Lisa] now whether any of the group can figure out how to get there without getting lost

[Lisa] or whether we can walk around a big city with 4 wolves is another story

[Lisa] do you have leashes?

[Carissa] Oooh...forget about the wolves sometimes.

[TMO] muzzles

[Carissa] Well Kel has rope?

[TMO] yes, they'll sit still for that...

[Carissa] And if Shi has animal handling she knows how to harness a horse. Similar, right?

[Kel (MarioCS)] four nooses, coming up!

[Lisa] lol

[Kel (MarioCS)] (and let's get a seal, too, they said...)

[TMO] Bob - did you get my email about the dragon hide the other week?

[Carissa] If only...

[Master] yes to TMO

[Master] not quite to Carissa

[Carissa] Oh! Put the wolves in a wagon and drag them around?

[Master] Animal Handling covers basic cows, horses, mules

[TMO] cool. I'm not sure if it's possible to make armor he can wear out of it, so wanted to give you time to do any research necessary

[Lisa] we should arrange for a guard for the knarr as well

[Carissa] (As the show on TV is pulling a wagon full of puppies around - also similar, right?)

[Kel (MarioCS)] Jilly can get us a wagon in no time!

[TMO] Jilly, master of the black market

[Lisa] bob's cough cleared at the onset of puns

[Carissa] lol

[Master] no I just walked over to get a drink

[Master] right now i get dizzy when I cough

[TMO] dat's not gud

[Master] so not able to keep things quite straight, just able to react

[Master] I am much much better

[Master] was on bed rest for four days

[Lisa] doesn't sound like it

[Master] the Dr thouth I might get a colapsed lung

[Carissa] Ouch

[Kel (MarioCS)] serious?

[Master] but I made it throught the last four days of work

[TMO] my father-in-law and brother-in-law have both had pneumonia

[Master] today I did walk almost 9 miles

[TMO] the crud is going around

[Master] so that might have put a little extra pressure on things

[Kel (MarioCS)] couldnt do ten, huh?

[Kel (MarioCS)] rofl

[Lisa] lol

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] lol

[Carissa] Pneumonia is harsh. Kicks you down fast.

[Carissa] lol

[Lisa] ok - you should sleep then

[Lisa] and we get to start in rivers bend next week!

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] Yay!

[Carissa] Agreed

[Master] fair enough

[Kel (MarioCS)] (Carissa, if you want to email the maps, i can have a look)

[Lisa] feel better - get rest

[Lisa] see you all next week!

[TMO] yep. I'll try to get more notepad entries done too. Only one more to this era

[Carissa] (Will do. Actually have to finish the second one tomorrow so aiming for then)

[Master] only working 2 hours tomorrow

[TMO] g'night all!

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] Later All!

[Master] then off till Monday

Lisa has left the game on Fri Mar 02 23:08:20 EST 2018

[TMO] feel better Bob

[Kel (MarioCS)] cool

[Master] thnaks

[Neith of Inholt (mharm-15549)] Yeah Bob

[Kel (MarioCS)] bye all!

mharm-15549 has left the game on Fri Mar 02 23:08:27 EST 2018

[Carissa] Sleep!

TMO has left the game on Fri Mar 02 23:08:31 EST 2018

[Carissa] Night all!

Carissa has left the game on Fri Mar 02 23:08:39 EST 2018

MarioCS has left the game on Fri Mar 02 23:08:50 EST 2018