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Dragonslayer-Games / Welcome

Dragonslayers Games

This is an old project that I am not currently exploring. The links and info here are archived just in case.

BOB's comments

Notes on mobile lab

Notes on a Class

Notes on a story

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Adventure Package Setup

>>Format for distribution would normally be expensive, as most users are expecting a PDF with indexing, etc. However, I happen to own Adobe Acrobat Professional as part of the Adobe CS Suite. So converting something from a page layout program to PDF and then adding PDF power features is not too difficult.

I was thinking along those lines also that the most versatile things to sell would be maps with descriptions. For a Klooge product having the map with the text for each room already in note format would be a good start.

I do think that the pdf route is the way to go, with the map and adventure notes included perhaps?

Have either of you looked at the 0onegames site and or products they sell? I use quite a few of them and like them a lot. ( these links here )



I had mentioned to BOB that I liked the idea of creating adventures that were generic enough in format that they could be employed in any virtual tabletop game system. Essentially, one would need maps, keys and written descriptions of the keyed areas. Simple to get started.

Format for distribution would normally be expensive, as most users are expecting a PDF with indexing, etc. However, I happen to own Adobe Acrobat Professional as part of the Adobe CS Suite. So converting something from a page layout program to PDF and then adding PDF power features is not too difficult. I don't have a lot of experience at it, but it's not rocket science. And I am a rocket scientist, so I have a leg up.

Assuming you went on the cheap to create and sell, one could get away with minimalism and just provide maps, keys and the story text. Let the GM flesh out artwork. The touchy parts come with creating maps as one needs to ensure they are using open source and free artwork. The users at Dundjinni post free artwork to the community for general use, so I use that. But I am not certain how much love would be shared if they started seeing their creations being sold for profit. Even if the creation was only something like a table image, etc.

Like BOB, I pay a host (BlueHost) to maintain a set of web tools. Currently, I use the site for my web page, a development environment for the 4E Definition File, a blog and the KloogeInfo website. It could be used for a sales front end and connected to either a purchased domain name or I could create a sub-domain. The host provides corporate solutions, so I have 2,500 available e-mail accounts, some free sales front ends using php, some free purchasing services, etc. I'm going to be continuing paying for the host, so using it comes at no cost.


I don't think this is necessary or advantageous at all. The site never got any footing and does not have an existing base of users. KloogeInfo has around 150 registered users, though they do not provide any content, etc. They simply registered to be able to access the file storage system.


I would think that making adventures that are tool-agnostic would be better. My experience with the KloogeWerks community is that it is small and remains isolated except for a few users. Most users buy it and then never do anything with the community at all. Many end up using one of the other virtual table top programs because KloogeWerks is too complicated to employ without an integrated DEF file and does not provide a "pretty" GUI.


I would be interested in creating adventures. It would be nice to sell them. I would be interested in providing support files for the virtual table top games that utilize own creations (like monster tokens and stats, items, etc). Count me in for the work.

This is the first rough draft of the new Dragonslayers-Games section of the wiki.

We are hashing out ideas on what the actual site will look like when we do the full unveil to the public.

  • Keep this section for the ? commentaries etc? or keep them all over on .com and put in a small Message Board? (similar to what Oonegames did recently)

Sections to discuss:

  • maps and what to include
  • what each package should include
  • alternative sources
  • where to sell
  • getting permission

Dragonslayer Games

  • This is a new project for me to sell "kloogified" adventures and such we will see exactly when this gets off the ground.
    • klooge adventures for sale
    • coupled with a def file or not?
    • pdf adventures

Initial email to first participants.

Hello everyone.

I am following through on a thought from GenCon last summer. I think there is a small market for KloOgified adventures that DMs would pay for.

GMJames (James) has been running Kloogeinfo and done a great job at helping everyone out. There are a couple of adventures there for free download, and he and I talked at GenCon about this topic. Grimslade (James also) and I have been talking about the possibility of selling adventures also.

Now the person behind is looking to sell that name.

Kurris I included you in this because the three of us obviously want you to know what is happening with your product.

The questions/comments I have and want everyone's opinions on are: (my initial comments in orange afterwards)

  • Is it worth purchasing the rights to the name? (yes but only for a minimal ammount $20)
  • Should we attempt to include a copy of Klooge with the adventures? (no, only a link to
  • Should DEF files be included? able to purchase seperately? (not sure, optional to include? sell DEF file no but it might inspire others to really work on good versions)
  • Does Kurris/Klooge want to be included in any agreement with other RPG companies for converting those adventures into a KloOgified format? (as long as we don't include a copy of the program do not see a need, but want to keep him in the loop)

I have already purchased the domain /org with the goal of setting up a small store there to sell things. Would that be more acceptable to Kurris to use as a store? rather than the kloogewerkshop to reduce confusion on trademark?

I know that GMJames and I are both busy with life issues, work and such. Grimslade has some free time and we could take advantage of that (and his experience) to get this project up and running.

I do not anticipate selling many of these types of adventures. I would guess 4 or 5 of each one a year is a good first starting point. It would depend on how many active DMs using Klooge there are out there.

I know we need to talk with the adventure publishers if we re-create existing modules or use previously published maps. I think having one or two done to show as examples would help in that cause.

I started up a page on my wiki for us all to contribute and hash out ideas also incase email is not easily accessable to everyone. Use which ever name you wish as an author and the password of ****** to make edits to the pages.

So overall what do the three of you think about this idea?

I can fund the cost of the domain name and hosting, with the idea that this is not a money making venture to start off and I am only really looking to make back part of the hosting costs. Others who contribute ideas and labor would make the bulk of any actual income.

Work Issues

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